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PlayStation VR2 $679.95 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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This is a deal on amazon.

cheaper then previous idk.

i need more word for 10


Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    is it better than meta 3, if I don't have a PS?

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    • Only good for Gran Turismo

      • +7

        And No Man's Sky, and Resident Evils, and the rest of my backlog -_-

        • +2

          Rush of blood. That’s the best one I ever played.

        • What about Horizon?

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            @dealsforlife: Never played it. I’m pretty hopeless on games so i try play the easy ones. Rush of blood shoot ‘em up roller coaster style is the go for me.

          • +2

            @dealsforlife: Yeah that was fun, though to be honest felt more like an Uncharted game than a Horizon one with all the climbing.

          • +1

            @dealsforlife: It’s good. Looks amazing
            If you buy Psvr2 it’s a must buy
            It’s $60 in the bundle on Amazon or $110 on ps store or about $50 to buy a code

        • +4

          Unfortunately I cant last more than 5 mins of RE without feeling sick, and I just have no desire to push through.

          GT7 however I can go for hours at a time. Putting on the VR headset for the first time was the most amazing experience. Think I said "jesus f**** christ" about 5 times in row.

          • @Fish and Grits: Before you play RE next time , have a beer. Not joking.

          • @Fish and Grits: What's w the whole motion sickness that like 1/5 people seem to have with VR?

            Maybe you can get used to it slowly if you play 5 to 10 min sessions and do like exposure therapy haha.

            And then eventually it'll click and no motion sickness ?

      • +1

        Star Wars Tales is pretty fun too

      • hogwarts and red dead look sick

    • -8

      Can't use it without the PS5, no

        • +1

          It'll be nerfed on PC. They've said that none of the good stuff like eye tracking will work on PC.

          Not worth it when you can buy a Quest 3.

    • +5

      The PC support was only recently announced and isn't out yet, and requires an adapter. Do not buy this if you don't have a PS5, definitely much better with a Quest.

    • +4

      I have both and have had both since their launch days. MQ3 is better overall by quite a bit, but that's coming from a really high bar as the PSVR2 is very good. I'd you don't care about PlayStation, no need to get it. If you really enjoy your PS5, worthy of consideration. Especially now that the price is around a third off what it was at launch. I'm from the olden days and the MQ3 is the single best piece of tech I've ever owned and I've owned hundreds. Sure beats my Atari and Commodore 64 anyways. 🤣😂

      • +3

        Sacrilege.. Nothing beats the 64…

      • +1

        To each their own, I certainly wouldn’t pay $800 for a HMD with an IPS panel

      • Hmm I hope the quest 3 drops significantly in price and that the quest 4 doesn't come out as soon as I buy it

        • +1

          won't be much and not for awhile
          Quest 4 is a safe bet for a very long time away October 2026 based on the time between the 3 and 2 release.

      • +1

        Do you use your MQ3 wired or wireless? What sort of games do you play on it? in wireless mode, do you notice any latency? Cheers

        • +1

          don't notice any latency.
          Not loyal to any particular game, love me a lucky dip of this current lot:


          10 screenshots
          Spend the most time in SkyBox probably 🤣😂

          • +1

            @seamonkey: Thanks for that. I think im going to pull the trigger on the MQ3!

            • @sloppy sock: Oh boy. You'll have zero regrets. You leaning to the 512? I'd recommend. I have put a ton of stuff on it (actually you can see it all via the Imgur link I sent above). I'm probably around 70% full. I'd be disappointed had I have got the 128. I'd be almost 3 times over theoretical capacity. Yes you can uninstall and reinstall and I guess games via PC etc but yeah, worth the extra $250. I have the elite battery headset, the official case. They are recommended but not essential. There was a facepad replacement recommended here on ozbargain (can get you the details) and that was a game changer in terms of comfort.

              Edit: ignore the Imgur as I hadn't scrolled up. Now realise I'm talking to the same person. 🙂

              • @seamonkey: Yeah I think im going for the 512. I'm a hoarder so definitely would need it.

                Do you use it to play Steam games much? I see that you have SteamLink installed, how's your experience running Steam games wirelessly?

                • @sloppy sock: I'm a fraud. Installed steamlink and never opened it. The content, I'm overwhelmed now. Like all of us life is busy and I wish for the day I can get into even 10% of these games thoroughly. Like most fathers, ithere is always next week.

                  I do have a cable ready to go for when I proceed further. The motivation in filling it up is I'm thinking, oh, Christmas we will fly to our other home overseas, take 2 months off and that's when I'll magically find the time to play a few things through. In the meantime, guess I'm filling it for the kids as well.

                  Best of luck with it all. It's sooo good.

    • +1

      Nope, Meta 3 still one of the best (own the Meta 3, and owned the PSVR2)

      • What kind of $ did you get for your PSVR2. I may follow you as it's getting used less and less.

    • You could wait for 7th August 2024, for the PC adapter, for PC VR, it is one of the best PC VR headset, and also the cheapest:


    • +2

      also don't think any other reply has mentioned it.

      but Quest is like 2 in 1 product. you can link it to PC via wireless AND it fully works on it's own so you can watch movies and stuff without being connected to PC. so less setup required each time if you don't need PC connection and can use it on a plane or in a car etc.

  • +5

    price dropped less than sony's support for this thing

    it'll work on PC soon (for ~$100) because they couldn't be bothered funding decent new games

    the headset itself is fine, mura lottery is pretty bad

  • +5

    Plenty of haters out there but I've had mine since launch and love it, it takes something great to get me playing 'flat' games these days. I've got hundreds of hours in Gran Turismo 7 and No Man's Sky alone, Resident Evil Village and 4 Remake are both great in VR, and a good list of dedicated VR games like Saints & Sinners, Synapse, Legendary Tales on top of staples like Beat Saber and Pistol Whip.
    I will say the recent deals on the Meta Store with games at 80-90% off hurt a bit though!

    • +3

      fully worth it for Gran Turismo the eye tracking support in it makes it insane.

    • +3

      So what happens if you don't like GT7/No Man's Sky, REV/4? there is hardly any games and pretty much zero support from 1st party and is only getting worse than the single VR title that's launched so far.

      • +3

        There are literally hundreds of games on the store, yes there is some shovelware on there like any storefront these days but if you give me a genre I can probably suggest something.
        A lot of games are also available on other headsets but are generally gonna look better on PSVR2 than a Quest headset in standalone, and for less money than a gaming PC and PCVR headset.

      • +1

        207 games now and more coming still. It’s not that bad

        • +1

          207 games now and more coming still. It’s not that bad

          I dunno, I would say that is pretty bad. I was considering buying one whilst taking a shit until I read your comment.

          • +1

            @Lucille Bluth: It’s not amazing but there is plenty of variety and at least a quarter of those really are very good games.
            I’ve played about 20 games and hundreds of hours. It’s heaps for me

            If you are a hard core gamer maybe it’s not for you. If you own a ps5 and want to try vr it’s got more than you need.

            And the pc adapter is coming soon

          • @Lucille Bluth: Nah you are right. It’s over. The PS5 is dead. There is less reasonable future to buy in now. The PC adapter helps but just buy a Quest 3

      • +1

        It's also a cross generation and you can also play older VR1 titles if you buy a used VR1 unit and get a PS5 camera adapter. There are some awesome previous gen titles.

  • Add the cable you need for PC and the box to allow it on PC thats another $150 then it still won't allow it's best features -eg eye tracking, haptic feedback etc.

    Waiting to see if they allow these features in the future when they get poor sales

  • +1

    thats a good price looks like there not selling them if they are dropping the price.

    I would say if they can't shift any more they will be droping it again.

    • Hard to say, with PC support coming they're not going to want to sell them at a loss because then there's a lot less chance of recouping that on game sales - people will be buying through Steam or wherever else.

      • +1

        the device for that isn't going to be released till August 2024 still a while yet.

        • +5

          About a month and a half isn't that long.

          • +1

            @McFodder: I can't wait for that I can finally get rid of my quest 3 lol I just want one headset that does both steam VR and ps vr.

  • Really bad description

    • +2

      updated the description. Happy?

      • -2

        No, its lazy

        • +10

          im lazy. dont get paid to share this

  • -6

    "PlayStation VR2 for $679.95 @ Amazon AU. Immerse yourself in gaming with advanced visuals, haptic feedback, and adaptive triggers. Enjoy precise motion tracking and enhanced comfort. Grab this deal now and upgrade your gaming experience!"

    Here you go OP - 5s of typing Ozbargain style for PlayStation VR2 for $679.95 on Amazon AU on ChatGPT…

    • +2

      updated the description. Happy?

      • +5

        Thanks for the post OP. Not that I will buy it but somebody might benefit

    • AI rider

  • +2

    Under rated, worth every cent.

  • Can I upload video files from questionable sources and play them on this with ps5

    • +1

      No, but it will work on PC soon.

  • -3

    I would avoid buying this, it's going to become a paperweight in 2025 when they're rumoured to drop support

  • +3

    Many on FB marketplace for cheaper. Normally a fad purchase until the buyer gets sick of it, suffers from motion sickness or loses interest. Similarly like home gym sets. Brought mine last week for $400 second hand with original receipt & remaining balance of warranty. Awesome unit and loving it. If you get accept it's a used unit and give a good clean then IMO buy used and save. JB hifi has the mount unit and charger for $40 off @ $49

    • Me got a rowing machine off kogan atleSt 15 mths ago and still gotta set itup lol…

      I wonder if can get quest 3 for same rrp as the quest 2 which i paid $479 for.

    • +1

      Damn! $400. That's an awesome deal. I sold my PSVR1 a couple of years ago before the PSVR2 came out for around $400 with some games and new move controllers.

      I loved my PSVR1 but it didn't get enough play time because I'm a busy dad and hate jump scare games. Favourite game was Saint and Sinners.

      • +1

        That was the second deal as I've missed one previous for the same price. I still have the PSVR1 and i still use it. One thing that i like about the PSV1, you can use the VR as the main screen without the TV. PSVR2 needs the TV to run.

  • +3

    It's a real shame that Sony being Sony they waited so long to announce the PC adapter and start dropping the price. If they'd included that from the start lots of people, including me, would have bought one while the Quest 3 was just a twinkle in Bezos' ratty little eye. Instead many people, including me, now have the arguably superior Quest 3 and won't look at this as an option, and then won't in turn look at picking up a PS5 on the back of it. GG Sony.

    • +1

      yeah not a big VR person here, but was never interested in PSVR2. never considered it. still don't.
      so what you say is true it never registered on most people's interests.

    • You mean Zuckerberg?

  • +2

    Me holding and hoping for quest 3 / ps5vr2 @ $440 price point lol

    • -1

      Just get a slightly used one off Market place like i did for $400

  • no way am i getting this over a Meta 3, even a Meta 2 on a huge discount is better. the PC adapter is nice but virtual desktop on META quest shits on it

    • Do you use a cable or wifi? I have virtual desktop but can't think of a use for it yet

  • The pretty PSVR2 seriously needs to get laid with more first party & exclusives games and supported by her daddy Sony.

  • Just a reminder for those who want to use this on PC. The adapter wont support HDR, headset feedback, eye tracking, adaptive triggers, and haptic feedback other than rumble.

    • Which is the same as every other PC VR headset

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