China Southern: Return Fares Brisbane to Europe $987 - $1110 (2x 23kg Bags, 2024 & 2025 Dates) @ Google Flights


More excellent prices to Europe flying out of Brisbane, this time on China Southern via Guangzhou. Dates are October & November 2024; plus more late January to March & May 2025. 2 x 23kg checked bags included.
One thing to note for these, some routes have a super long stop in one direction (12 hours+). You could try to get a free hotel room from China Southern (will depend on the booking class), or book a cheap hotel close to the airport to have a sleep and shower, or else go and explore Guangzhou during your layover.

Brisbane to London $987
Brisbane to Paris $1012
Brisbane to Rome $1110

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    Disappointed google flights now quotes those dodgy travel agents like sky scanner … the prices aren’t realistic .

    • +10

      They are realistic, you can book at that price. If you are uncomfortable using an online travel agent, you can also book directly through the airline for an extra $100 or so. I am showing the lowest possible price, for the real bargain hunters :)

    • +5

      99% agents there are fine. People give low rating because changing tickets via then is very expensive or next to none. As long as as you going to stick to the, it goes through

  • Are China Southern still flying over Russia? It's a hard pass from me on their route to Europe.

    • +1

      Arguably better than flying over Ukraine.

      • Hardly any airline flies over Ukraine. But plenty flies over Iran, Iraq, Persian Gulf, Black Sea, etc. Not particularly safe areas either.

  • -1

    Above Brisbane - London option includes a 18hr+ stop on the way out …….for those who have all the time in the world.

    • 18 hours are not bad. We have 144 visa free, get a hotel, eat street food, walk to downtown and rest.

      If you're flying for business, you won't even look at that price.

  • +3

    The agents are fine till you have a problem….then it’s a nightmare….

  • Wow, this is wonderful news! I must look at it seriously.
    BTW, has anyone been to GuangZhou Airport recently? Heard it's massive like 1-hr to walk from one end to another? Transit will be interesting?

    • i did transit to bkk it was bad disembarking , they keep us on plane for 20mins as ground staff weren't ready and then we had to go through security scanning all bags and take a bus to a new gate. all up about 1 hour. Keep an eye on the tv screens as they changed the gate number at the last minute both ways. Getting the free wifi after scanning passport at kiosk didnt work either. luckily had priority pass to kill the layover time at the lounge but even the wifi there was hard to sign up for. overall good full service cheap airline. considering taking them to London but not sure how or if one can claim the free hotel from bne?

  • +1

    Just know that the fare class you get via these extra cheap tickets do not qualify for the free hotel. My experience.

    • what fare class do you require to get the free hotel? note for Australians you cant check in online and their rewards program doesnt work. i had to give them my Lotus ff no. instead to get points. ref anyone know what the class code for airfare will be? for free hotel it says any cabins of an intercontinental segments except for G so i hope bne to lon isnt G ? i think F/J/C/D/I/O/W/S/Y/P/B/M/H/K/U/A/L/Q/E/V/Z/T is ok

    • A decent 3 stars airport hotel costs me $40 per night, and $2.50 cashback from Agoda + 10% back from CashRewards. No Complaints!

  • ref bne to lon . Cheap Flights | Book online with Aunt Betty!
    Unfortunately that fare is no longer available at that price. Here is an alternative we found. now AUD $1,191.91
    Total (Includes taxes)

  • Australia to London for LESS than $1k, that is amazing!
    Am enjoying seeing long haul international sales coming through.

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