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50% off Apple Watch 8 Stainless Steel & Ultra (41mm with Cellular $549) + Delivery ($0 C&C/in Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


50% off a range of series 8 stainless steel 41mm and 45mm , and Ultra models. All are with cellular and there is a wide range of colours and band options. Starting at $549 for a 41mm series 8 up to $649 for a 49mm Ultra. Limit of 1 per customer.

I don't expect these will last that long, and as usual price can be reduced further with giftcards.

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  • Wow thanks op

  • +1

    After skipping out on all the refurb deals it's so tempting to get an Ultra, but my S4 is still going strong :/

    • +9

      The next major Apple Watch software update coming later this year is dropping support for the S4 model and a few others. So if you’re interested in the new WatchOS 11 and future updates an upgrade might be the way to go.

      • +2

        Honestly I've been back and forth for the past hour but that just convinced me, cheers

      • Also the 3G network is going away and Series 4 doesn’t seem to support the main 4G bands, so where it used to drop back to 3G it will now have no signal. At least that’s whai Telstra has been telling me, I haven’t verified it myself.

        • +1

          Watch 4 global model is compatible with LTE bands 1 (2100 MHz), 3 (1800 MHz), 5 (850 MHz), 7 (2600 MHz), 8 (900 MHz), 18 (800 MHz), 19 (800 MHz), 20 (800 DD), 26 (800 MHz), and 41 (TD 2500)

          Telstra 4G:
          700MHz (B28)
          900MHz (B8)
          1800MHz (B3)
          2100MHz (B1)
          2600MHz (B7)
          850MHz (B5) will probably be repurposed from 3G to 4g or 5g (n5).

    • +2

      Bro. Do yourself a favour and get the Ultra. At that price it’s objectively the best tech watch out. Insane price.

  • +5

    Damn bargain for the ultra and brand new thanks OP

  • -5

    Bought 2

    • That’s why we can’t have nice things.
      I hope you get scammed or the prices drop.

      • -6

        Haha, I was trying to have fun. Did not buy nothing. Haven’t got that makkhichoos mentality

        • +4

          did not buy nothing aye….. So you bought something?

          • +2

            @scud70: I think it was meant like an old black and white detective film: “I saw nothin’ I tells ya, nothin’”

          • @scud70: English may not be their first language

  • +1

    So these are last gen models right?

    • yes. Ultra 2 is out. but I heard in reviews overall not much difference.
      at least in terms of average battery life I heard Ultra 1 is same as Ultra 2.

      • So it’s now 21 months old.

        • sorry don’t know the details but yeah sounds about right they don’t release their Pro models as often as regular models.

          but what do they say tech moves fast and anything that isn’t the latest model is out of fashion?!

      • +2

        how long is battery life?

        these watches need to improve battery life above everything else..
        otherwise is hard to use sleep tracking

        • +2

          Agreed. Got a Series 7 and battery life is rubbish. Doesn't even get 24 hours.
          Xiaomi can go 3 weeks on a $99 watch. Gotta love how Apple can't go a day without being charged. (Even when new it would go 36~ hours)

  • late night gang! 😈

    still not happy about AW battery life but definitely awesome deal.

    Series 8 is only last gen right? latest is Series 9.

    also ultra for not much more and almost returb price. what is average ultra battery life? 3 days?

    • With normal usage (including 5-6 runs per week, and wearing it to bed), I'm putting it on the charger each time I shower, plus maybe a couple of hours once or twice a week.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Insane value for the Ultra. Don’t really need it but bought one to replace my SE2 that’s still going strong.

  • +22

    Insane prices, OP.

    As someone who just spent a lot of time trying to find JB GCs on the cheap, I recommend:
    Commbank Yelo: $75/$15 back (20%), JB GCs | $150/$15 back (10%) Special GCs (can be spent at JB).
    Amex: $200/$20 back ($10%)
    TCN GCs @ WW: 10% equivalent for the following in any one day, up to 2x $100 TCN "Gift" GCs, and up to 10x other values ($50 "Gift" is the best you will find I think) (up to $500).

    For anything else, check Shopback / Cashrewards / Ozb Giftcard Portal.

    I wouldn't sweat the GCs too much though - I don't think this deal will last long, and you will likely have issues with online redemptions for many of these GCs, particularly if redeeming multiple.

    • Finally I can use those 15% off Ultimate giftcards bought Dec 2022 which were all transferred to JB giftcards

    • Citibank cardholders may also have $50/10 (20%) or $100/$10 (10%).

    • Thanks but I don't have an iPhone. Can I use Apple Watch?

  • No gold 41mm :(((((

  • +1

    Anyone having troubles checking out?

    • +1

      try guest checkout, worked for me, signing in to my account to pay didn't work

    • +1

      It wouldn’t let me pay the first time I tried to checkout so I just started over again and it worked the second time.

  • Great deal thanks! Glad I'm up late tonight, my series 5 has such poor battery now that it runs out by 3pm every day.

    • you should buy the Ultra otherwise you will run into the same issue with Series 9 after a few years.

      Ultra is the best discount and has a larger battery. battery always degrades and lasts shorter and shorter.

      when a brand new smart watch like Apple watch claims 18 hours battery life out of box something is wrong. sorry apple but 18 hours is major fail.

  • +6

    Thanks OP, got one. Now I can track my heartbeat whilst I gorge KFC meals and peruse OzB.

    • +1

      meanwhile me with $80 Xiaomi smart band 8 pro.
      sadge 😭

    • +1

      You mean tracking heart rate when you buy something your partner wouldn’t approve of but bought it anyways cause it was a killer bargain

  • +1

    delivery only? fk i dont want to pay extra 5.99! lol

    • +3

      You realise that JB doesn’t set the RRP right?

    • -5

      I think the joke is on people buying these at RRP, and by the negs I see lots have bought it and are now butt hurt
      In any case paying $600 for a watch that don't last you 24 hrs is dumb
      But apple fan boys pay $6000 for vision pro so they can buy whatever apple puts out

    • +4

      JB RRP is a joke

      RRP is not set by the store, it's set by the manufacturer or distributor.

      No one is selling these watches for $1200

      RRP has never meant as a 'selling price', it's a pure marketing trick used to make the selling price look more attractive

      Hopefully this helps clear up your confusion.

  • +1

    id buy this one rather than latest model

  • +1

    insane price.
    Thanks OP

  • can we pricematch in apple store? any idea?

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2. One wrist each.

    • Can legs be consider wrists ? Tell me they can so I can’t justify buying more

    • -3

      you sold your two wrists for organ donation?
      good for you. got two Apple Watch Ultra, but no wrists. worth it 👍

  • Legend OP.
    Any chance this is a pricing error though?

  • Thanks OP got the Ultra for my other half, I’ve had the same original version since Dec 2022 and it’s been awesome! Amazing prices!

  • Most of them are sold out now lol

    • +1

      That’s expected

  • +2

    Thanks OP. I've been eyeing the ultra for a long time but don't want to purchase it at full price or with a slight discount.

    • Me too! My dream is becoming true today!

      • Are there any updates with yours? I'm still waiting. Missus who got 41mm already have a tracking ID.

        • Oh yes, just checked and I have a tracking id.

          • @fozzie: Just speaking of… I got the email confirmation and tracking ID now. Waiting this long paid off haha!

  • -3

    Orders being cancelled

    • what did you order?

      • -2

        Two separate watches series 8 and ultra in two orders.
        Ultra keeps getting cancelled

        • Damn. I went for the trail loop blue/grey ultra. Hoping it doesn't get cancelled 🤞

    • Edit: it just didn’t like me ordering again via the same card.
      Ordered confirmed when a different card was used.

      • Nice

      • Limit 1 per customer? Maybe they check by the card number?

        • Possibly. But I used it for different models. Anyways, all good now.

  • Just snuck in for an ultra.

        • +8

          why are you getting bothered by negative internet points lol

          • +2

            @Diverse: Lol I negged him but do feel for him … It's Human nature …. I think it bothers everyone (except JV?), including me, but to what extend is the question. It bothers me for about 45second before I go back to life and I don't turn aggressive once / if I get it.

      • +3

        You're getting down voted because you're just not funny mate, no one is offended, no one genuinely thinks you bought 30

  • And just today I paid $650 for an ultra on Facebook :(

    • -3

      at least you have an ultra all I can afford is mi smart band.
      *I also have a Garmin venu SQ though for NFC pay.

  • Thanks op, ordered an ultra with alpine loop. I hope it doesn’t get cancelled. I currently have a stainless steal Apple Watch 6 that I’m passing down to my lucky child who is still rocking a series 3

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I wasn’t even remotely thinking of getting a new watch but this deal is too good to refuse…Have an upcoming trip to North America so will be able to claim GST refund and will look to sell my Garmin 245

    • Lucky! What did you buy? I ordered an ultra

      • +1

        Same here mate! Got the ultra with orange band, not sure about the colour but didn’t want to spew too long in case it sells out!

        • +1

          Yes, in the end I had to pick whatever was available

          • @fozzie: Has your order status progressed? Mines in unfulfilled still, assume they don’t fulfill orders during the weekend?

            • +1

              @Crowing: Not yet, it says:

              Australia Post
              Please allow up to 48 hours for your tracking number to appear here once your order is packed

            • @Crowing: Mine is unfulfilled, too :(
              Ordered the same. Express delivery eta was 26th june

              • +1

                @Arrows: @Arrows - I contacted support and this was the response they provided: "Online Fulfillment Centre and orders aren't processed on weekends. It should start processing next business day (tomorrow)." Seems like those that have had their orders progressed since yesterday are from in store stock whereas those that ordered to Ultra are from fulfilment centre so takes slightly longer. Hopefully we'll get some good news tomorrow that our orders have been processed.

                • @Crowing: Thats assuring. Thanks @Crowing. I am flying overseas on 27th and my express deliver is showing on 26th. Lets see how things go. Cheers.

                  • @Arrows: I just checked and I have a tracking id for mine :)

                    • @fozzie: Same here! Although status is still unfulfilled, but it has been reconfirmed at 6:49am this morning. :)

                      • +1

                        @Crowing: Same, only tracking and confirmed at 6.48

                    • @fozzie: Same here. But no further update or charge on mybpaypal

                      • @Arrows: I paid via gift cards. My order said confirmed when I placed. Then today the tracking number but when I check the number nothing comes up.

                        • +1

                          @fozzie: Talked to support. They confirmed the tracking and said the delivery company will update it after 1 business day and the order is ready for dispatched.

                          • @Arrows: Thanks for the update! Looks like we’ll be getting our ultra watches :)

                            • @Crowing: Hopefully, yes; However my overseas flight is on 27th and express delivery is scheduled on 26th. If all goes right, I’ll be wearing a new watch.

  • +3

    Thanks OP - woke up to pee and checked OzB, glad I did as been eyeing an ultra for a while!
    Ordered one with the starlight alpine loop and got a confirmation. The particular model/strap is no longer searchable - sold out?

  • Thanks OP, snagged a Series 8 and an Ultra for good measure. Have been looking out for a good deal for a while, thank god I decided to stay up tonight!

    • -1

      Edit - the 2nd order for the ultra bounced back and got cancelled.

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