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1/2 Price Red Rock Deli Potato Chips Varieties $3 Each (was $6) @ Coles


Coupled with this deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/852020
You will be getting 2 bags of chips for $1

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    Already bought and submitted claim yesterday

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      New email, new you


      Max 1 entry per person, phone no. and email address each day. Max 5 entries per person, phone no. and email address in total.

  • How long does it take to receive the $5, submitted last Wednesday night still not approved

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      It takes a minimum of four days.

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      Says in the email after submitting:

      Please allow up to 5 business days to validate your claim. If successful, you will receive an email with information on how to claim your gift card.

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    Max 5 entries

    Do I need 5 seperate receipts?

    Or can buy 10 bags at once

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      separate dockets, have to be bought on different days also

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      Yes. A maximum of five entries is permitted per transaction/receipt. One entry is permitted for every 2 Red Rock Deli® products purchased up to a maximum of one entry per day and 5 entries in total. Each entry must be completed separately.

      • Good work 👍

      • Thank you for this

  • What's everyone's favourite flavour? Keen to try the fancier ones (cheese, rendang, crispy chicken), but can't choose which ones.

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      The Rendang are my favourite flavour wizardry, hands down (as a one-time Lime & Pepper devotee)! 😋

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      The Poh range actually legit tastes like whatever dish they’re meant to be, but I find that you can’t eat a lot of them

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        Thought it was just me. "These are great. No thanks, three was enough."

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      Can’t go wrong with sweet chilli n sour cream

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    • Only buy the rendang if you enjoy meals that contain coconut milk. Horrid stuff, so far its the only variety of RR deli chips that have been thrown away in disgust.

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      Get one of each…

    • The trio of cheeses is crazy addictive and very cheesy, extremely good. Crispy chicken was just a worse version of their honey soy chicken. The rendang was cool and tasted bang on, as a curry lover it was delicious and it made me wish we had more curry flavoured potato chips.

  • Did anyone get an email confirmation? Not sure if my submission went through or not.

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      check your junk mail. there is an automatic email confirmation after you submit. my was in my junk mail

    • @BargainsForAll Yeah thanks. I tried again and noticed it kept say something went wrong. I think the image was too big for it at ~2MB. Resized it to under a megabyte and it seemed to go through.

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    The 1/2 price is how they should actually be priced. It would cost a few cents each packet to make.

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      Half price is actually closer to what the original pre-covid RRP was. And IIRC they've been a victim of shrinkflation too, as the bag size has been reduced.

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        I think we are the victims of shrinkflation, they are the culprits.

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      yeah remember $3 and waiting for $2.25 sale price.

    • Spot on. Also, the 175g packs should be 200g. But still, you do get "bonus air".

      • They're 165g now. The more premium flavours are 150g

  • I accidentally threw away my receipt, boo.

    Can coles reprint? Or send electronic?

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      No x2

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      Did you scan your flybuys card? If so, you can get your electronic receipt on the Coles app.

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        Oh, yes I did. I didn't know about the coles app

      • How do you see the receipt on Coles app, under activity? Couldn't find it. I must be blind.

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      I once lost my receipt for an office party expense claim. The store reprinted for me the following day. They will ask you the date, approx. time and the checkout register (if you can remember). Good luck!

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    Extra good for those who enjoy eating insects https://www.bbc.com/news/business-43786055.amp

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      Nothing wrong with eating insects.

      Have you tried cricket flour or cockroach milk?

      • Nope. Skeletor does not find this appealing

        • You can’t answer for him, Skullytor!

    • good source of protein

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      Cochineal seems to only be present in Red Rock's sweet chilli & sour cream varieties (crackers and potato chips), and probably not in substantial amounts. It's far more relevant to confectionery requiring significant colour coating.

      Either way its use doesn't bother me in the slightest. But vegetarians and vegans may want to put down the Jaffas and red M&Ms.

    • So are you vegan?

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        Skeletor finds eating bugs yucky and leaves these things to Beast Man

  • Thanks OP.

  • Packet size has been reduced again from 165g to 150g.

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      That's only for the new fancy ones isn't it? I bought some Sea Salt ones the other day and they were sitll 165

      • Sorry I was thinking about Kettle chips, I am unsure if Red Rock are they same.

    • Fake news.

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    Kettle is also half price. Which one is better?

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      u ain't getting cashback on Kettle though. So, Red rock is better :D

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    I stopped liking them when they moved from sunflower oil to canola oil. Taste is just not the same.

    • Do any others use the sunflower oil?

  • Credit should go to this comment

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      WOW who cares. Blind FREDDY could see those specials

  • Thanks for posting. Will grab one

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    These are similar to Aldi’s version, and they’re always about $3

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      Aldi shrinkflation from 200g (as late as March 2024) to 175g now. That extra 25g doesn't cost them much at all but it cuts down my transactions.

      • Per packet yes. But times that by a billion.

        • Like 1c each. They can enjoy some lost revenue

    • I found a maggot alive in the Aldi ones. At least it put me off chips for a while.

      • Free protein

  • Went to sign up, a lot of my personal details for a cheap packet of chips…

    • You do know you don't need to give any of your genuine details. You can use an alias, an email address used for this sole purpose and a prepaid mobile phone number used for things like this.

      • Eh, I enjoy a bargain but I’m not in prepaid sim territory just yet. Thanks for the info if that changes!

  • Received their email saying here is your gift card below. But there is no attachment or link to anything. Anyone else have the same thing?

    • I just received my first email last night. There’s a small link below ‘here’s your gift card’ with a link to the prezzee website.

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