PlayStation 4 Slim 500GB Console Black $239 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Part of the upcoming JB catalogue, beats the Big W deal by $10!

No doubt that Amazon and Gerry (didn’t follow the sales price, currently at $278) will follow similar pricing during the sale period, enjoy :)

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  • +26

    Where are all these PS4s coming from

    • +17

      when scalpers were selling ps5 at over $1000 , Sony made more of these.

      • +4

        They could have used the materials to make more ps5 instead of this thing

        • +1

          Not the Liquid Metal processor

        • +1

          They probably couldn't buy enough of the factory space to make the chips that go into the PS5 and were reserved for more important and higher margin stuff. Also, Sony is losing money on each PS5 that they make so that they can make money off of you with PS+ subscriptions.

        • +1

          That’s not how it works.

        • yeah right, Sony will just call the factories and tell them that they'll be using completely different tooling and parts next week

    • +5

      Probably from the 2022 manufacturing batch.…

      • Does that mean they're all below FW 11.0 out of the box?

        • It's a possibility.

    • Last i heard they were still manufacturing PS4s in 2023.
      Its probably like the PS3 era where the PS2 kept selling decent numbers after the PS3 launched because the PS3 was so much more expensive for a while.

      • Think the last I saw from a couple of years back, they were selling like 100,000 a year of PS4, if that.

    • +8

      They figured out if nintendo is able to profit from the switch with 10 year old hardware, so can they.

      Its just a wise businsess decision.

      • +9

        The difference is there is no switch 2 and its Nintendo.

  • +18

    We need PS5 at this price.

    • +28

      PS5 Pro at this price with bonus Switch 2.

      • +11

        Bonus vr2

        • hmm. gonna need a bit more thrown in or a lower price for me to buy one

    • +11

      These are brand new, not slapped on as “brand new” with those refurb stock

  • +62

    Ill get downvoted but $239 gets you a 1080p/30 for a lot of great first party games.

    and 1080p/60 for fortnite, apex, warzone, Halo, overwatch etc etc. (all without the need for an online subscription)

    When you compare that to a PC

    Checks notes

    gets you a case and a 550W Corsair power supply

    • +20


      Even if Halo goes multi plat I doubt the PS4 will get the port.

    • +3

      Your best bet with ultra low budget in the PC space is to upgrade one of those refurbished office PCs.
      But even then you'll have trouble getting anything good for $239.
      Plus thats used vs new which isn't fair, im sure a used PS4 is even cheaper

    • +4

      its true, but its also hard to go back to playing those games on a ps4 pro let alone a base ps4, once you've played them in 4k and higher fps on a ps5…

      it'd be a different story if the ps5 had solid next-gen games and most people weren't just playing ps4 games on it, but smoother. its largely just been a ps4-pro-plus…

      the ps4 is largely hacked under firmware v11.0 as well. so theres two solid reasons to spend the little bit extra on whichever route…

    • +6

      This is true, but it also got you this 5 years ago.

      It definitely still has its place, but I would've expected under $200 by now considering we saw that in 2019.

    • +4

      Halo? lol

    • It's not native 1080p

    • +1

      have you actually played fortnite on a ps4. it runs and looks like an absolute dogs breakfast lol.

    • No need for online subscription? I'm super OOTL regarding consoles

      • An online subscription is needed for most paid games on PS4/5, but F2P games (e.g. Fortnite) as well as those with a subscription (e.g. FFXIV) don't.

  • +15

    The PS4 is still a great gaming system - so many great titles and given it has an optical drive, it makes an attractive proposition for people to pick up cheap 2nd hand games.

    • +2

      cheap way to get a blu ray player

      it'd be awesome if you could install windows on it

      or even linux

      • windows never, ive never tried but i think theres always been way to run linux on it. you can definitely do it now firmware v11 and below is jailbroken.

        • +3

          The jailbreak on PS4 is pathetic compared to what we saw on PS3.

      • You can get a Blu-ray player for as little as $129, why would you want to ruin a perfectly good PS4 by putting Windows on it?

  • +1

    Isn't this like over 10 years old…?

    • Yes well the PS4 originally released in Nov 2013 so over 10 years old tech.

    • +1

      They figured out if nintendo is able to profit from the switch with 10 year old hardware, so can they.

      Its just a wise businsess decision.

      • +1

        And there I was in 2019 thinking Nintendo will surely discount the mediocre-specced Switch to compete with the XB1/PS4

        • +2

          They're not directly competing (Sony's releasing Lego Horizon on it after all, yet not the PS4), and given Nintendo is selling bucketloads of Switches every year without discounting, why discount at all? The most they do are the yearly October-November bundles with Mario Kart and again, big sales success. Specs have never decided sales after all.

      • +2

        Not so sure brah, there's like still 60 million active PS4 monthly active users (don't quote me on PSN, other half is PS5, with like one million PS3.

        Plenty of people haven't even moved over to PS5, so plenty of business to be had and made..

  • +1

    hopefully 11.00 or lower.

    • +5

      These are likely from the 2022 batch. And PS4 System Update 11 only came out in Sep 2023 so it's got to be lower than version 11. It's likely 9.5 or 10.0 or there abouts.

      • Good to know.

      • +2


        • +3

          Lol jailbreak and free games 👌

    • +8

      I traded in my old PS4 for a PS5 3 years ago. But always wanted to get a PS4 for preservation purposes.

      got this one from JB in the morning already, The firmware is 10.1 for this particular PS4

    • +3

      I just bought one from Mornongton store.
      It came with System software 10.01

      • 10.5

  • +3

    Would buy this just to play Bloodborne, since the PC port is apparently never coming.

    • hodl my friend

      • yo, can you check the firmware or manufacturing date for us? :D

        • All i can see is that this exact model started being sold 18 july, 2018. So likely that its sold with whatever firmware it was back then. Hope that was helpful

          • -7

            @despavr: Doesnt really help but thanks for checking the computer. It should say something on the box but yould need to physically access it.

      • Do you know something that I don't?

  • Waiting for a Ps4 pro deal with low FW!

    • +4

      Goot luck trying to get a brand new PS4 Pro. Sony stopped making new PS4 Pro consoles years ago.

    • +1

      no more brand new ps4 pro from retailers. only slim

    • +27

      Not all kids are ungrateful entitled turds.

      Before I got my SNES I played my families old Atari 2600 and got games from Cash Converters.

      • +2

        I know shit's different these days with the micro transactions and shit, but same boat here, I was a PS2/PSP kid until late August 2011 when I bought a pre-owned Wii at Cashies, if the Wii is a generational leap for you, and it's been out for 5 years at that, well shit.

        Kids just need to go back to bringing their consoles around to their mates' place. I didn't have a PS3 until what felt like forever, but you better believe I played the shit out of GTA4 on various mates' 360s and PS3s.

      • Same, cash converters was good 30+ years ago. The prices were reasonably. I don't know how they're still around today

    • +2

      What pubs have a games room anymore? (or if they have one, it hasn't had working hardware since 2009.)

      Kids have iPads these days, no need.

  • Stupid question but any reason to get one if you already have a PS5? Trying to talk myself out of bargain spending again

    • talking about bargain, better buy a ps4 pro used with FW 11.00 or below.

    • +6

      Super niche, but if you buy this and get a PS VR1 you can use it as a 3D Blu Ray player to watch 3D movies.

      • Interesting. I'm over here still planning to fix the led backlighting on my old 3D TV.

      • The 3d is ok with the PSVR, it however doesn't compare to my old plasma panny which I keep around just for this ability. Though once that goes yes I'll fall back to the PSVR

        • I’ve recently started collecting 3D blu rays. At the moment the only 3D compatible display I have is an old DLP Benq projector it works well enough but the glasses make the image quite dark and contrast isn’t amazing. I’ve read online that that the experience using the VR1 is really good. So I’m tempted to buy one and try. What makes it just “okay” not enough resolution etc?

          • @Ipodisclassic: I'm guessing what makes it just okay is that you have to watch movies by yourself

  • No OW price beat?

    • amazon may price match,

    • Stock?

  • Wouldn't mind one of these to play PlayStation exclusives.

  • +18

    A lot of people will say that you can buy a PS4 on FB marketplace for around $150 so this is not a deal. But all of them will have worn out controllers with sloppy thumb sticks. Given that a DualShock 4 costs around $100 you may as well spend the difference and get this.

    These will have a warranty, fresh thermal paste and no clogged up dusty fans so it will run quieter. I still have friends on ps4 and we play Fortnite together. Their games are slow to load in. But once you’re playing it’s okay. It will do 1080p 60fps. Since they are super casual the ps4 works good enough for them and they don’t care to upgrade given that a ps5 is like 3x the price. This probably still an okay option for kids who just want to play Warzone, Fortnite, fall guys etc.

    • +2

      i have an original 2013 spec PS4 classic and its faillng apart

      you do not want it

      the ethernet is buggered, the case is trashed, its been thru 2 house moves and its been with me on some work trips

      original hdd got screwed so now its runs an ssd

      its been cycled every day or so and really, its ready for the trash can once it truly kicks the bucket

      i wouldnt even bother with any 2nd hand ps4 unless it was free

      • +9

        So you’ve abused the hell out of it for 10+ years and it still runs? Sounds like a great system

        • +1

          Ha I thought the same! :)

  • +9

    Might buy it and open it 10 years later for that unboxing smell.

    • +8


    • +6

      Maybe the deal will start tomorrow when the deal starts tomorrow?

      • maybe it says 'later on today' as in today 10th of July..

  • +1

    does anyone know why a ps4 controller is still around $100?

    • In Xbox's case, I'd assume bc it's as good as a current genner due to it working on every game, but since PS4 controllers can only be used on PS4 back compat games on PS5 (there might be a few exceptions, don't @ me lol), it's pretty baffling to me too.

    • They’re great for PC, Steam Deck, etc. The built-in touchpad is really convenient. I bought a keyboard attachment for mine to make it the whole package lol

    • PS and retail won't have sales as a loss leader anymore.

  • +2

    Any 10% off gift cards at the moment

  • Can somebody buy it and report back what’s the firmware version out of the box?

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