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iBethel.tv 25% Discount on Annual Subscription USD $146 Instead of USD $199 Expires 31/12/12


First time I have seen iBethel.tv discount. 25% discount on all annual subscriptions, offer expires 31/12/12.

I bought the Season Pass subscription (Economy: requires 600kbps connection) which was USD199 reduced to USD146. It includes:

  • 1 Worship set a week (included in Free membership anyway)
  • Dozens of Testimonies (included in Free membership anyway)
  • Download of Free Messages (included in Free membership anyway)
  • Sunday Services Morning and Evening services including Worship
  • Friday Services 1-2 a month including Worship
  • BSSM Sessions 1-2 sessions per month
  • Revival Chats with Bethel Senior Staff and Guest Speakers
  • Live & On-Demand Video
  • Media which Never Expires
  • Access to all future Conferences on iBethel.TV, ~ 8 year.
  • Access to all future Special Events on iBethel.TV
  • Access to All Media on iBethel.TV released during your subscription

  • Also note that if you order anything from store.ibethel.org over USD25.00 you will get a gift card for ibethel.tv (minimum USD5.00, depending on how much you spend), so do that first if you are planning to spend the money anyway.

  • As an aside, I can recommend the latest Jesus Culture album from store.ibethel.org: http://store.ibethel.org/p6732/jesus-culture-with-martin-smi...
    If you buy this album on iTunes it will cost you AUD22.99, but if you buy it off ibethel.org it will cost you USD12.99 (can re-download at any time).

  • If you want the previous month of media free on top of this, just get someone with an account at iBethel.tv to refer you. If you want me to refer you then just let me know your email address and I will do that. The referral program is win/win:

    • If your friend creates a paid subscription, they receive the previous month of media for free
    • If you get 5 people with active paid subscriptions from your referrals, you get a $200 credit in your account

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  • +1 vote

    ………….is Bethel.tv a Christian TV channel….??????

  • +2 votes

    Or you could feed three children in Africa for a year with the same amount… http://edition.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/africa/11/26/barrymore.hun...

    • +2 votes

      Feed the children of Africa sounds like a great idea…. but how about OUR backyard instead…?


      • -2 votes

        So some children's lives are more important than others…? Plus, I don't think you could feed three Australian kids for $150 a year… do you?

        • -2 votes

          Read my post very slowly…… You are making up things. I did not say: "So some children's lives are more important than others…?".

        • -1 vote

          Ok I'll read it slowly… firstly, there are no children in my backyard. Only a border collie. Secondly, please tell me one one good reason why you think that Australian children should be fed instead of African children? That is what you said - feeding kids in Africa is good, but we should feed another group of kids instead (the ones in 'our' backyard).

          What you are saying is some children are more deserving of being saved based on their geographical location.


          You idiot. To support feeding children in Australia or wherever in the world is a generous and beautiful thing to do irrespective of the amount. You stated in a post this: "Plus, I don't think you could feed three Australian kids for $150 a year… do you?" So… $150 would stretch out further in Africa? Are you suggesting we should give money to a starving child in Africa than a give $150 to a starving Australian child?

  • +1 vote

    something about paying for religion urks me… just rubs me the wrong way…

    I understand they have costs, I guess it seems to me like they are trying to make a proffit off it…(not saying thats what they are doing or using the money for)

  • +7 votes

    Yet again people are questioning the worthiness of a deal. Whether you think charging for some religious tv is worthwhile, could spend the money better etc is irrelevant. It is clearly a deal on their normal price and this may be helpful to someone. Not to me personally but I don't see why people are negging it.

  • +7 votes

    Heh heh I don't mind the pummelling.

    And regardless of personal opinions about anything in this post, the point of this post is that normally the price is USD199 and now it is USD146 and that's what OzBargain is about. Huzzah!


      Oops dhwes beat me to it lol.

    • +2 votes

      If God has anything to do with this, it would be free. Now that is a bargain.

    • +5 votes

      "and that's what OzBargain is about"
      Yes & No, it's about bargains. Anyone can charge $200 then have it on sale for $150 & call it bargain, but if it's not even worth $150, then it's not a bargain.

      Those who neg'd above haven't given a reason like…
      I can rock up to church once a week (or once a day) and not be charged a cent,
      Or there's a youtube channel. (http://www.youtube.com/channel/HCPSUFrNQVNy0)

      Or that Bethel church is considered by many to be a cult (and/or money making scam) run by Bill Johnson.

      • +1 vote

        Very true brudda. Just because something is cheaper than its normal price, doesnt make it a bargain.


        Yes and no - if you are interested in Bethel stuff, then it is a bargain. If you're not interested in Bethel, then of course it is a complete waste of money. "Worth" is completely a matter of perspective - on any item.

        I could neg a deal for a TV which was $1000 reduced to $500, giving reasons like…
        I can sit out on the street and watch people living there instead
        Or there's youtube
        Or that TV is considered by many to be a mind-control device invented by aliens to take over the world


        • +1 vote

          ""Worth" is completely a matter of perspective - on any item."

          Which is why there is both a +1 and a -1 button, and everyone is able to submit their own vote. It'd be pointless for everyone to vote purely from the perspective of someone else, you'd never end up with anything but positive votes since someone somewhere is likely going to like what's posted.

  • -1 vote

    Scientology gives free personality profiles, I should post that awesome deal too!

    • +2 votes

      Microsoft gives away free demos and I got a free sample sausage at Woolies, my dog chased a cat, and Kevin looked like an idiot on TV this morning….


    Watching god on tv cost money nowadays…^^ just kidding


      I'm pretty sure there is a free online TV resource that you can download podcasts from etc…

  • Please stay on topic. Any personal or religious attacks will not be tolerated per our commenting guidelines. Stick to the deal and follow voting guidelines.


    I'm not sure why this is a surprise.

    I don't go to church but I've heard you are asked to donate, in this instance the church is coming to you so cough up :)

    Even Santa charges $40 for a few photos now days (the pixies don't run on dust any more).


    Hmm… I don't know about this.

    Churches are free.