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JB Hi-Fi Massive Sale! (30% off Audio, 20% off Many Other Things) Logitech 650 Remote - $31.50 | Samsung 7.1 set - $446


omgomgomgomg and I made this site that shows you all of the daily reductions in price, and it looks like JB HiFi have reduced quite a lot of their stock today. This includes the Seagate 3TB but just having a quick look through this list (ordered from greatest % reduction to the ones that went UP in price) I did find:

Logitech 650 Remote - $31.50 down from $46 -
Samsung 7.1 set - $446 down from $746 -

The list goes on, find yourself a bargain before boxing day!

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    top effort, you should do this for more retailers/sales

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      Yeah, we have it made for JB, Officeworks and Harvey Norman. It's nowhere near ready for the big world yet - just saw all these deals today and thought Id share with you guys. Be ready for a site launch in a month or two, there isn't anything to see from Harvey Norman but a heap of price increases today.

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        FYI, there was a guy that used to do this for MSY for quite a while, until he got a cease and desist letter from them. you will find that retailers do not like people keeping track of there price fluctuations and even less will like that info splattered over the net for everyone to see.

        just something to keep in mind, hope it all works out tho there should be more of this sort of thing available

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          Yup, we follow robots.txt where they offer it :)

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          until he got a cease and desist letter from them

          on what grounds?

          Did MSY try and sue Google too for caching their prices ?

        • @jv
          probably digital trespass. Thats what ebay filed for in the USA, that set a precedent of sorts

        • +7

          probably digital trespass.

          So which Australian Law does it break ?

        • +8

          I think the guy actually got hired by a software company and took it down out of respect of MSY after they overhauled their site to be more user friendly. The only grounds I can see at all is copyright infringement - but what is copyrighted (unless he was using their images on his site)? The name of the item? The price? I don't see it.

          This site is a legitimate web crawler just like Google, shopbot, staticice, lasoo, etc. Nothing different.

        • this. digital trespassing??
          afaik recording the price fluctuations of a store or company is not against the law. it's publically available information to begin with..

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          Be careful. I think jv may actually be Stephen Conroy. Hence the gist of his posts.

        • crawls them all and lets you add to a 'basket' etc based on best price including delivery

        • -2

          There's more to shopping than books and DVDs.

        • +1

          If they were remotely clever, rather than a cease and desist, they would detect what IP addresses you were crawling their site from and block you, meaning your hard work developing the site has gone to waste.

          You never know though, some of them may like the publicity. gets away with it with regard to liquor, although their format is a little different to what yours looks like it's going to be.

        • Where are the prices listed in robots.txt?

        • +1

          robots.txt has nothing to do with prices. It's a file that webmasters etc can put on their site to tell robots not to scan their page.

          More reading:

        • So the software these guys wrote actually visits every items webpage to get it's price? I'm just interested in finding out how it works - because I want to know where Boozle gets it's prices from.

        • MSY web site friendly?! Good prices but terrible web site.

      • Wow, this is amazing! Nice work. GOOD luck.

    • +3

      Looking into rewriting the backend and putting it on amazon EC2. Probably add Dick Smith and the parts of JB that are not covered at the moment (CD's, DVD's). Suggestions for shops is always welcome

      • +2

        not shops but suggestions non the less :)

        price graphing, search options, thumbnails of the product and the ability to change the listing order (looks like I'm after camelcamelcamel for local stores :P)

  • this is amazing, great work

  • Nice work.

  • well done buddy

  • +6

    Bow to you sir from a fellow web developer.

  • Good Effort.

    Sorting Alphabetically and price would be useful I reckon.

  • Great effort

  • Awesome site you made there.

  • Tremendous effort guys, good concept too!

  • I cant buy the items online, so is this going to be boxing day sale prices or????

    • JB site lists info saying pricing listed is as of 25 Dec so no you can not get this price until tomorrow.

      • i bought one of the christmas day only items earlier (the 32" tv)

  • Thanks for info

  • FYI logitech g27 for $240 delivered, not great price but better than the current prices of 300 and actually have stock unlike dicksmith.

  • AWESOME!!!!! I appreciate the time & effort you guys took to compile this. It will definitely be put to use.
    Cheers ;)

  • Love it - well done!

  • +11

    I should add (because I can't seem to edit the OP) that the guy that did most of the work was user omgomgomgomg on this very site! I just made some modifications to the frontend script and got it to show JB HiFi stock only and order from most % to least %!

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      Oh MY God! Thou Hast Not Forsaken Me!

  • +1.

  • +6

    *My friend and I…

  • +1

    fantastic. this is what ozbargain is all about. keep posting buddy

  • I never realised that retailers raise prices on so many products, especially when looking at your side for Jbjifi.

    Wow I wonder what are the main reasons behind raising prices?

    Great work op!

    • +2

      To apply a % discount across a product range?

    • Yeah, there are some pretty major price changes on Harvey Norman and Officeworks today. I'm hesitant on publishing them as it could constitute some kind of negligence to the companies, I am not a lawyer - and before the main site gets published we may need to go see one.

      • unless you have hacked into some source of private data, not sure how publishing price changes is possibly going to be classed as negligence??

        • +4

          Posting rising prices may be considered some form of libel, especially when we mark (currently) price increases in big red bad font - indicating it's a bad thing to rise prices. It's one of those areas I'd much rather get confirmation from a lawyer before proceeding. Do keep an eye out though, as omgomgomgomg and I plan on working on this the next week to get an early site release considering all the interest we've received!

        • +6

          No different than CamelX3. They watch all of Amazon and track price changes.

          If a price increase can't be directly attributed to following a sale, then a 'please explain' should be asked anyway. Most retailers are happy to rip us off, so who cares if they get their panties in a twist??

          Edit: also, are you tracking all previous prices, or just current/last? Being able to graph price history is a cool feature.

        • +6

          We have an alternate site that we aren't prepared to give to people yet with price history information :) Keep your eyes open or visit in a week or two! I'm trying to keep the advertising to a minimum, but it's really not to make money, just to help everyone else out!

          It's been running for a week now, so there isn't any good graphs yet :(

      • +1

        Yes, see a lawyer - it shouldn't cost you much as i'd say you're safer than you think.

        I've mentioned before that generally companies cannot sue for defamation - there are very limited exceptions.

        In terms of negligence, there's a lot of elements that need to be satisfied - including that they have suffered harm due to any negligence that is proved. You would want to be confident about the information you publish: that is get the prices right, and the timeline of price fluctuations right. If you get something wrong, and you are told about it, fix it quickly. Knowingly publishing information that is false is likely to get you stepped on.

        Apart from that you're probably ok, but what would i know?

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      Sale prices are also reverted to standard prices. That's a perfectly valid reason for a price to "rise".

  • +1 on post, great effort

  • +2

    No sale on the super slim ps3, was hoping under $200

  • so is the price diff column since last price or against a historical high?

    A product is $50, used to be $100 therefore is 50% off. Is the $100 the previous price or a historical high etc..

    Mad props for the site dude, keen to see it evolve and improve :)

    • +1

      The price column is the current price, the price diff column indicates what it was before the new price. A good idea is the historical high, I'll write that down for a nice future improvement, as it wouldn't be too hard to do.

      • +3

        A historical low would be mostly interested, just like camelx3!

  • +1 Just for the work done.

  • +3

    Any retailer that puts pressure on you for what you have done is a retailer that I will turn all my non-tech friends away from when they ask for advice. Thankyou for your work.

  • +1


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    Good work on this! Looking forward to a full site with all the big box Australian stores included which will make it even easier for us to comparison shop.

    • How would you have it different to say lassoo, shopbot or staticice?

      • +4

        Pretty good effort !! Appreciate that !!

        Wishful thinking would be to have an option for tagging a particular product and send alert as soon as the price variation happens. It would be very useful as an alert email coz sometimes we get busy and forget to keep track of the prices !!

        • Cheers ozshaz, yeah I think that'll be a great feature - I'll write that in my little book to add :)

        • +1

          Graph of the price change maybe? Like 3xcamel

          Pics would be nice too :D

          Great work btw

        • +3

          this post was negged by gerry harvey

  • +1

  • Does anyone know if the TomTom XL Classic comes with lifetime maps?

    • No

      Participating Products

      GO LIVE 2050 World
      GO LIVE 2050
      GO LIVE 825
      GO LIVE 820
      GO LIVE TopGear Edition
      Via 620
      Via 280
      Via 260
      Via 225
      Via 220
      Via 220 Value Pack
      Via 180
      Via 160

      Via 160 is $99 at dick smith
      Via 260 is $129 at dick smith

      No I don't work for dick smith :)

      • +1

        Thank you very much.

  • +11

    Mate this is really good, has a lot of potential. Add some filters to sort by price change/percentage change, alphabetical order, category (TVs, ipod docks, laptops, cameras etc) and you'll have a really handy website.

    Whack a paypal donation page on there as well and I reckon you'll get a bit of money out of it too! People usually don't mind paying a little extra to the person that has helped them find an awesome bargain. I know that from experience ;)

  • +3

    I would pay for a subscription for this kind of site provided it was accurate.
    Well done guys.

  • +2

    could we get pictures next to descriptions, please. oh and categorised too. possible to sort low to high?

    • +1

      and the possibility to sort by other columns.

    • +1

      I wouldn't really go as far as pictures; but categorising is nice.

      As pictures will just make things really clustered and long

    • +2

      No pics. No fluff. Just data. It's like seeing the Matrix.

  • +4

    dont put pictures..could be dangerous like other op said

  • +1

    Add in a search figure whereby you can take a product number, and it would show a line graph of all major retailers who stock it, with price as the y acid and have a date on the x axis. Also chuck in a linear tend line for good measure.

    If a company wants to get their prices out there, they can provide you the data on a daily basis. And you can add it in. They may even party you for doing so.

    Kind of like a historical static ice.

    Shit… Charge me $2 a month and I will sign up to access for it.

    I've got other ideas to if you want some more Dev suggestions.

    • I believe camelcamelcamel does this; and also Ozbargain has implemented this within the site for the available products(that have those stats)

      See here

      • Similar, but I would tweak a few things to make it far better.

        Happy to write out some suggestions if the devs are interested.

      • Anyone seen a camel^3 for eBay?

    • +5

      Send as many ideas as you can come up with! If we integrate them, I'm sure we can put a nice little page in thanking OzBargain + the specific members who came up with some cool ideas.

      We are looking at doing a camelX3 for some Australian retailers, because us Aussies get shafted enough as it is - best to turn the table back in our favour I think!

      • How about also showing how the store compares with the best prices in lasoo and getprice on each product? It may have lowered its price but from a highly overpriced level to start with.

    • better to not have a linear trend line IMO. it's not going to be correct very often for a start (which might cause unhappiness) and secondly I don't think that linear regression would be appropriate for this sort of data.

      • +3

        Am I paying more or less than what it averages over a 2 month period and what is the overall terms in pricing… I would find that handy. Make the tend line optional at least.

        If you have the tech, make the line graph pinch able for date ranges like Google finance.

        Have the ability to block certain sellers if you have had negative experiences with them.

        Depending on how good your community is… Allow people to add tags on the graphs to notify if it was a pricing error, or closure of a store etc…

        Have your current front-page the way it is, but have settings.. Eye..
        - list these sellers
        - only list discounts above x %
        - only list discounts above x $
        - only list top 10/30/50 deals each day
        - about to select one/multiple/none of these parameters.

        Have an oz bargain feed of top deals…

        Set alerts like has.. E.g notify me on x product falling below $y.

        Have items categorised if possible.

        Add as category parameter to go with the ones I listed for the front page.

        Chuck in a Facebook share button with a thumb nail of the savings on the graph…

        Hang on a sec… I am working for free in my spare time…

      • Problem is most brains are predominantly linear.

        My advice is to keep it simple in the first instance - you might want to get more funky later on for people like me (& chansthename) who can deal with more complicated stats & plots.

        One of the key challenges of a project like this is keeping it within certain bounds/scope - start with a robust scalable design, and limit the "once-offs" or "specials" that will eventually break it if you're not careful. Note the OB community is probably a little more sophisticated than your airfridge mob in the street.

  • Far Cry 3 Insane Edition for PS3 $59 + 0.99 shipping fee. limited stock now.

  • +1

    Can't really find anything I want off the list.
    But +1 for the awesome website.

  • Would this be the post-Christmas markdown just in time for end of year?

    • +1

      Most likely. On Boxing Day we'll try run the scripts necessary before 8am and during business hours to see what happens…

    • +7

      Both omgomgomgomg and I have real-world professions (well, omgomgomgomg will in 2 weeks) and did this site so we can get our own bargains, heh. In the future I do not plan to make any kind of website like this "a living" and simply wish to maybe have any future proceeds from the site pay off the hosting costs.

      Also, I get the hint that some people think we're manually doing this stuff - if there's something I've learnt it's to get computers to do all the work for you ;)

      • +1

        Absolutely get computers to do the work for you - boring repetitive crap like this is what they were invented for.

        You may find you'll still need to intervene in a very small minority of cases that may be difficult to detect automagically.

        BTW if this kicks off there's no sin in making a dollar from it - tis what makes the world go 'round.

        Just a couple of minor suggestions to kick things off:
        1. Get rid of the dark background.
        2. More spacing between items.
        3. Right justify prices.
        4. Get rid of everything after the decimal point on the % figures.
        5. Show the current price, 'normal' price, then discount as $ & %.

        • Just checked your site again - looking good!

  • awesome work!

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