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Western Digital 4TB My Book Essential USB 3.0/2.0 External HardDrive $199 @ OW


I'm not sure this is a pricing error or something, but definitely a bargain, grab one before it's too late.

$239 @ JB: http://www.jbhifionline.com.au/computers-laptops/computer-ac...

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  • Which Officeworks was that at?

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      Brisbane CBD. I bought one, price is $199.

    • FYI. NOT entirely EXPIRED.

      Arathna at Underwood OW - Cnr Kingston and Compton Rds, 4119 - is holding 2 X WD 4TB ($199 each) drives for Mark. So there are at least those 2 available there right now. If you are going for them reply to this so others know and there isn't a flood of Mark's friends trying to pick up his HDD's. :)

      Probably best to ring and confirm too - 07 3809 5600 - I won't ring to cancel so they remain at $199 until closing at 9pm tonight.

      It's a long story but I got my two at a nearer store with some difficulty.

      Not sure what would be best to do here?

      • ok,I never said it was expired…

        • I only put it there so it would be seen, as the thread now reads expired for the deal. Didn't expect you would take it as a response to your post. Apologies …

          I have told them I no longer need them, thought someone would want them, never mind …

  • when i press 'go to deal' it just goes to a jpg?

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      Yea, it's not on the officeworks website. Waiting for OP to tell us which store he saw this at.

      • he said Brisbane CBD in another comment.

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    price error?

    • Even if it is, they can't cancel it once you bought it.

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        Though I am sure that if it was HN, they would try…

    • Actually I don't think it's a price error so much as OW have INCREASED prices since the NY and these are the OLD prices. They were retailing these @ $50 per TB. Reason I say this is I went to OW a fortnight ago and the standard price for the 3TB was $150. I'm just annoyed with myself because there were deals around at Xmas for 3TB for between $100 and $120 elsewhere.

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    If I look at the price, underneath it says $0.04 per GB… Now, I am no math expert… But wouldn't that make it ~$160?

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      if they put 0.05c /gb they would have over charge u by a dollar.

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        This is where unit pricing becomes ridiculous.
        Might go to auburn tomorrow to see if I can get it for $160, based on the unit pricing.
        This would not be a round error,..

        • Tell us how it goes.

        • I've just come back from Auburn where the manager sold it to me for $199 but flat refused to honour unit pricing; said the "extra" cost was for the software!! Pull the other one. I got his name and told him I'll send a query to Consumer Affairs. I'll screech laughing if they force OW to refund me the $40.

          p.s. As I was leaving, I saw him with his calculator, working it out. Guess they didn't teach him times tables at school (4 x 4 = 16). Sad ……

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    i can confirm this at ow auburn.

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      Now I am really interested… Strip it open and use the drive in my NAS…

    • Many left?

      • Saw 3?… Didn't really take that much notice

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    Just bought one from Aspley (North Brisbane). It's marked as $299 on the shelf. I took it too the front counter and it scanned at $199. They said it's a discontinued line or something like that. There are tons of them on the shelf.

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    Whats the chances you can get them to honour the price using the GB Unit price? Is there consumer laws which state they have to? If you use the unit price it is: $163.84…..

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      Surely low. How many decimal points would you need? They should have rounded up though… to round down is dodge in this case.

      • Rounding up will increase the cost for you though!

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      before you can force them to sell it at that price they would have already sold out. Since it has hit the OzBargain's now everyone will be getting them.

    • Unlike groceries, having more space on one drive has it's benefits. If you need a few drives to make a storage array, appropriate controllers are expensive.

  • Marked as $199 on shelf at local OW in Launceston. Purchased!

  • None in Cairns

  • Legend! Love those Ozbargain moments when the staff get concerned about my knowledge of their pricing. Fair number out the back in Prahran.

    • Prahran VIC? There's a few OW, which one did you go to? Thanks

      • *South Yarra, I forgot that Commercial Rd is the border.

  • Anybody know what HDD is inside of these, and if they are hard to open?


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      From memory they're Hitachi 5K4000's


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        Bought some, just cracked one open to find a HGST H3D40003254SE - was hoping to find a WD4001FAEX Caviar Black.

        Not at all hard to open.

        • So a 5400rpm drive then according to the spec sheet for the HGST. Guess you won't have overheating issues then :)

        • Thanks guys!
          5400rpm drive is perfect for my NAS!

        • So is it USB interface internally or SATA?

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          I'm not certain if H3D40003254SE is the part number or if it's actually HDS5C4040ALE630. Doing a search for the former on HGST reveals nothing but the latter returns these results -


          This is a link to the relevant spec sheet … I think.

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          So is it USB interface internally or SATA?

          I haven't gotten that far yet but at a glance it looks like it can be just unplugged from the sata to usb board.

          Ok yep, had to remove 2 screws and then the adaptor board just unplugs, it's a regular sata drive, adaptor not 'welded' to the drive like the elements drives.

          The video that CH linked to above is totally accurate and all you'll need as far as a guide goes.

    • i thought these have WD Green drives inside? Do the 3tb versions have the Green drive inside perhaps?

  • Bought one in east perth for 199 as marked. Last one on the shelf been taken by another guy when I'm still there.

    • If you want more, always ask them to check their stock count. The store I went to had 3 on the shelf and another 4 behind the counter in a sliding cupboard kind of arrangement.

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    i think the seagate 3TB deal $100 better than this?

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      3tb are better $/gb… but for some people that isnt even close to the most important thing.

    • Do you have a link or is it only in store?

    • Who's got that deal? (3TB for $100)

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    Just got the last one off the shelf at Brisbane central officeworks. I asked if they had more as I wanted 2, the guy checked but it was the last one. Although he said more would arrive tomorrow morning.

    Funny to see the 4TB priced at $199, while the 3TB on the shelf below was $239.

  • Mmmm 4 Terras mmm

  • Hmm wonder if i can return my 3tb drives… Still unopened…

    • if u bought it from ow, even it's opened, u can still return it.

  • Got one from Highett, 4 left on the bench.

    • Just got 2 from Highett, one left on the shelf now :P

      Can confirm they are 5400rpm Cool Spins.
      Already opened mine up and got them working inside my MicroServer! :)

      • Thank you you two! You have just freed up my morning as I was going to pop down my local to see what they had. Chances are they have none left.

  • Wooh bought 2 for my hp microserver from the deal the other day. Still 1-2 left in Midland in WA at around 6:20pm no idea if there was any behind the counters though.

    • i went there today.. they had 3 in stock but they were for 250$

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    just priced matched with jb but could only get one.

    http://i47.tinypic.com/bhketx.jpg (WA - Myaree)

    So I went to HN and i got it for $195

    http://i48.tinypic.com/m76q6u.jpg (WA - O'conoor)

    • 2% cheaper with so much more hassling and driving around..

      • +1

        well I wanted more then one and JB hi fi wouldn't sell me more than one, I had to go to drive to HN.

        OW is like a 15 min drive vs JB / HN that is 5 min.

      • Yes, but now the chance to get OW to price beat that by 5% :)

    • DSE may price match

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    i hate dealing with jb hifi staff

    • that's if they know what is "friendly customer services"

      even if they don't/can't beat or price match, they don't have to be so dodgy to refuse the deal!

    • Tell me about it, worst staff bloody hard to deal with, especially Essendon store.

  • Hey guys, is this a good drive to get if I want something that will spin down when not in use?

    I have a wdtv live streaming and I want to be able to access files over wifi on it occasionally when it's in standby mode. The problem is that I have a seagate drive that never spins down when attached and another buffalo drive that does spin down and spin up again when accessed over the network, but stays active indefinitely after that.

    Since I want to save power and the noise annoys me when I sleep, I want a drive that spins down after a certain amount of time of inactivity so it never gets stuck being permanently on (as my current drives do).

    Any suggestions? =]

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    I picked up a 3tb from OW for 107.50 after price match JB and 5% ING discount not a bargain to me

    • +9

      you mean you could NOW still pickup one from OW for $107.50?
      if so, you make an ozbargain post, I'm sure you'll get 100+ positive votes

      if you can't, and it's an expired deal, then don't say it!
      this deal is live and it is the best deal now for 4TB!

    • I thought the ING disount was only on paypass purchases… and I thought paypass purchases were limited to $100

      I have one… so let me know if this is wrong, because I have to take advantage of it!

      • He's wrong. It's 5% off purchases up to and including $99.99 when used via PayPass on your Orange Everyday card, up until the 30th June 2013.

        In addition, the cheapest 3TB external HDD on Static Ice is $149: http://www.staticice.com.au/cgi-bin/search.cgi?q=3tb+hdd+ext...

        There should be a "bullshit" hyperlink in addition to "reply", "votes", "report"

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    awesome, this is perfect for that spare 4TB of files i have lying around.

    • +3

      spare 4TB of files i have lying around.

      i realise your partner dosnt approve… but your dodgy midget donkey porn isnt a waste of 4tb……

      (or was it dodgy donkey midget porn?)

      • lolololololololololololol good one m8

  • many stock in QV 3000 Melbourne OW

  • Good deal. Just got one from OW, castle hill

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    Thanks Op!
    I just picked one up this morning from OW North Sydney. Shelf price was $299, but scanned in at $199.
    Heaps left on the shelf.

  • None in Dee Why office works :(

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    Can someone tell me if these drives have a designated on off switch on the enclosure or is it just on off at the wall?

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      got power button at the back

      • +2

        Thank you! (Not sure why I got a negative vote for that question)

        • +4

          Possibly a mistake, on mobile devices in particular it's very easy to hit - instead of +. If this is the case then the person that did it can revoke their neg within 1 hour by clicking on 'votes'.

          Edit: I see you've gotten another one so it probably wasn't a mistake :)

        • +1

          Cheers, now two positives. Must have been a mistake.

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    Hate to deal with HN as well,

    Just went to HN @Martin Place, they got heaps of stocks. I try every means but they still being very doggy to refuse to match the price, even after confirming the price from OW @Sydney and stock availability in OW @North Sydney, I showed them the HN invoice copy in this post, they said "we dont trust image, someone always amend it."

    Fine!! forget about it, please just dont advertise the PM policy if you doing monkey business.

    • so at the end did you get it?
      can the staff verify HN own receipt to see if the price is legit? i mean there must be store code and cashier code, all must be trackable from their own internal system.

      • very bad!

      • Nah..I didn't get it, was getting mad of their doggy words. Didn't request them to validate the invoice but I am pretty sure even if they can they will tell you they can't!

    • I would complain to head office.

      • Most of HN are franchise business and private owned, I don't think it will be really helpful if I file a complaint agaist them, head office won't take strong action as long as they are paid the franchise fee LOL

    • +2

      the bunch in HN @ Martin Place are totally AxxHoles. (ok, there may be exceptions…at least one guy seemed friendly) there are two OW in city, have you tried both? one on hunter street, the other Clarence street.

      • the hunter one doesnt even have 3TB drives..
        yeah never like the faces of HN MartinPc staffs
        if you really need just go to jbhf there is guy (below post)_ succeeded.

  • Just called OW North Sydney - he knew which WD external hard drive I was after even before I told him and replied with "just sold 6 in the last half hour, I'm completely out of stock!" Great deal OP, hope people can find stock somewhere now :)

    EDIT: Corrected typo

    • Called around and found 1 left at North Mead, and had it put by. Just collected it now and there were another 2 behind the counter for someone else (which of you was it?!). Interestingly the item scanned at $235 (or $239, can't remember) so I told them it was meant to be $199. The other guy behind the counter agreed and so it was put through at $199 with "Price Override-Incorrect Label". Presume therefore the shelf price of $199 is incorrect but they are honouring…?

      Again, thanks OP good deal.

  • +1

    Price matched successfully at JB @ Pitt St Sydney. I mentioned officeworks price match, however i don't think they actually called / physically checked with any Office Works branch - they came back in 30 seconds and agreed sale.

  • if this is 5400, do you think a good idea to mix with other 3x 7200rpm drives inside a NAS?
    will this slower one drag down NAS performance (streaming, copy pasting, etc)

    • If the disks are configured together in a RAID volume then yes, performance would be limited to the slowest disk.

      If the disks appear as separate volumes, or if they are configured together using JBOD, then files on the faster drives should not be impacted.

  • Price has been increased to $239 as of this morning according to OW on Clarence St Sydney.

    Got mine at $199 after making a fuss that I reserved at this price yesterday. The manager was reluctant to sell at $199.

  • Bundaberg store has them marked @$299 rings up @ $235.00, will not discount to $199 despite even looking here, they say it's "here-say" and no real proof! I asked about the posted receipts - still no good!

  • Yeah price went up to $239 but I showed the picture and he said no worries at Aspley store :)


  • Is there a firmware update for these drives?

    • I've had a look and found mention of at least two firmware revisions, but no updates as such.

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