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MS Office Pro Plus 2013 or Office Mac 2011 for $15 or $30 with Hotmail Email @ MS HUP

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Grab your copy of Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013 or Mac office 2011 for $8 - $15 depending on what country you choose($8 for NZ, $10 for USA and $15 for Australia.
This pricing is only for eligible email accounts with company/education emails.

Also works with hotmail accounts but will cost you $30, because you will have to buy both the DVD backup copy and then add the license (as per ozbargainers comments, plz read thread page 4 and after).
From teh comments, MS charges $15 for the Licence first and possibly charges the $15 for the DVD later after its shipped. It is possible then to contact Microsoft and cancel the DVD to save $15 as per here.
Also note that when using a hotmail email, you can only purchase MS Office for Windows. Not sure why they dont allow to buy MS Office Mac when using hotmail

To Use with Hotmail:

Use any @hotmail.com address and then Program code 05383F4FAC.
But you better be quick before they fix the hotmail bug
Please all thank methos for the tip

If anyone is interested in the pricing of Office 2013, i got it from here

So, how about the rest of the Office SKU's? For starters, the traditional Office Standard will cost $369, while Office Professional Plus 2013 is priced at $499. Undergrads and doctoral students may want to check out Office Home & Student 2013 for $139.99. Meanwhile, Home and Business is priced at $219.99, and Office Professional 2013 runs $399.99.

Similiar to the deal i posted here that was for the 2010 edition
Let me know what domains work and ill update the post

Works with the following domains (updated 19/01/2013 @ 2100 hrs)

  • @unimelb.edu.au
  • @sswahs.nsw.gov.au
  • @mfb.vic.gov.au
  • @mmi.gov.au
  • @dell.com
  • @rch.org.au
  • @nt.gov.au
  • @curtin.edu.au
  • @anz.com
  • @une.edu.au
  • @dhs.vic.gov.au
  • @curtin.edu.au
  • @riotinto.com
  • @bayside.Vic.gov.au
  • @dpc.wa.gov.au
  • @riotinto.com
  • @pacificaluminium.com.au
  • @au.pwc.com
  • @us.pwc.com
  • @ghd.com
  • @utas.edu.au
  • @ptv.vic.gov.au
  • @transport.vic.gov.au
  • @roads.vic.gov.au
  • @westpac.com.au works
  • @urbanutilities.com.au
  • @tabcorp.com.au
  • @globalskm.com
  • @canberra.edu.au
  • @ecu.edu.au
  • @kpmg.com.au
  • @sa.gov.au
  • @boral.com.au
  • @exxonmobil.com
  • @easternhealth.org.au
  • @health.wa.gov.au
  • @housing.wa.gov.au
  • @team.telstra.com
  • @adelaide.edu.au
  • @hsf.com

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      stop being a hater

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          That's not a nice thing to call someone who is trying to help others

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          no you dont … go back and read
          You click "Don't Know Your Program Code? Click Here"

          Now im wasting my negative votes on you … only 3 left for today "sigh", 2 wasted on you

    • +1

      I didn't know about it, and I have a .edu address, I already get it included by my school anyway :)

      It is an excellent price! +1 for the deal from me!!

      -1 for your comment.

        • +2

          hahaha very funny.

        • ill plus one you for stating the obvious

        • I think what I did wrong was I replied to the wrong person…

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      wow ozdesi…. you are approaching 100 votes mate!
      thats more votes than most deals on their own get, congrats :).
      (oh wait, thats a negative in front)

      • I made it 101, impressive.

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          Will that make him the most negatived comment ever ?

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          we are geting their
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        • To be honest, I'd rather Broden keep the record. He was a douchebag whose actions went against the spirit of OzBargain, to the point where the community has adopted his name as a verb for buying up all available stock of a great bargain, and selling it for a profit. Ozdesi, on the other hand, just negged a deal for a dumb reason — something which happens every day. Out of those two, who deserves the record more?

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          wow usually deals dont get so many votes
          in ozdesi'scase, he got more votes (negative) than what alot of deals never get

          But i agree ,Broden should keep the record , as id imagine that ozbargains foundation is built on that comment lol

        • +1 for using douchebag

        • @Gilbarc,

          You do know he (Broden) was trolling right?

          He was a douchebag whose actions went against the spirit of OzBargain

          His actions were buying one thing that other OzB members didn't manage to get, then trolling with "I bought them all"
          Holy cow some OzB members have way too much sexual tension..

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          ozdesi, you going to be famous and known for breaking brodens record of negative votes

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      Let's aim for 200 votes and see if we get anywhere.

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          Please all join me in congratulating ozdesi.

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      This is now the most disliked comment on Ozbargain :)


  • +6

    Most folks here are parents who will have children with school edu.gov accounts. :)
    Great bargain, thanks.

    • +3

      Doesn't work with all institutions, eg. UQ doesn't work :(

      • Try your s number @student.uq.edu.au?

        Edit: nevermind saw your follow up post below.

      • You should also check your corporate email
        Microsoft HUP works with pretty much any major corporate bank/business that has a microsoft subscription

  • +1
    • +3

      myspace.com doesn't work anymore

    • +57

      and then nobody would have an idea about it if i just updated the post , as it was a long time ago

      • +14

        True :) so here's my +

  • +7

    Yeah, this is only eliglbe to a select few. My parents purchase these because they work for Newscorp. But this is such a select few people. Also, if your company/workplace is eligible there is most likely posters advertising it, or you will be notified. My family knows from personal experience.

  • +5

    Good deal, too bad it doesn't work for my work email address and Microsoft is our parent company

  • Doesn't work for UWA student email :(

    • I'm thinking only staff can access this, with students having to go for the University Office package…which although not as cheap as this, is still cheaper than the normal packages.

  • I have a child starting year 8 next year and she would love to have this on her laptop. Any assistance in getting this for her would be much appreciated as I'm totally lost here. Hah, hah, hah!

    • Educational emails don't work. :( (tafe and nsw edu)

    • Add UQ, UWA, victorian schools…

    • -6

      Do what I do; Just torrent a copy when it comes out. Donate the money to charity.

      • +1

        And donate some more money and time to the courts

      • +1

        Do what I do…Donate the money to charity.

        I call shenanigans.

        Show me one tax receipt from a charity, in your name, and I will match your donation.

        **(*)Limited to $100, just incase ;-)

  • On the old post, emails with @unimelb.edu.au work, so…I wonder if other university emails work.

  • works with .nsw.gov.au :)

  • tried my old CQU email address, it doesn't work. Will be at Melbourne uni in July, is it likely this will still exist then?

  • +1

    Doesn't work for my edumail.vic.gov.au address.

  • mfb.vic.gov.au works

    • Oh snap, wonder if other emergency service emails work

  • -1

    thanks my work email worked. +1

  • +2

    Has been around for ages, but I suppose a dupe every now and then keeps people informed.

  • Many thanks for this. I've been waiting for this to become available.

  • It works with my work email (immi.gov.au)


  • my work email works dell.com

  • +2

    @anu.edu.au does not work :(

    • +1

      I was disappointed when I read your comment, then weirdly excited when I realised you were another ANU OzBargainer!

      • Woo! Starting next year at anu, thought I'd say hello!

        • +3

          Shall we all sing the school song?

        • +1


        • do we have a school song?

    • It's so disappointing too, because ANU is migrating emails to Microsoft (as opposed to Google).

      • Victoria University already use outlook but @live.vu.edu.au is a no go (

  • do myspace work? worked for me last time

  • +1

    Does not work for UQ students :( tried both @uqconnect.edu.au, and @student.uq.edu.au. Unfortunately we can no longer buy discounted software from UQConnect, as it was discontinued, and is only available for staff…

  • +1

    My firm works but no point in me posting that up seeing you'll need an email from here to access it.

    • +2

      May help those working for your firm, that way the OP can add it to the list up the top.

  • works on @nt.gov.au

  • anyone tried QUT email yet?

    • Previous offer had comments saying that it does not work with QUT. you can try putting someone@… into the field, and it will tell you whether or not the email will work.

  • +3

    According to Microsoft we're in the South Pacific

    I feel like a grass skirt clad extra in one of Elvis's many terrible movies

  • [email protected] a no go…

    • even s#######@student.rmit.edu.au?

      • That didn't work either.

  • +2

    monash.edu.au not working either

  • @rch.org.au - working.

    My partner works at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne and the work email allowed a purchase. Cheers OP, wouldn't have known without a post.

  • does not work on @student.uts.edu.au

  • it works using @hnehealth.nsw

    I guess that it will apply to all NSW health email id


    • I suspect it will work for all [email protected] email addresses.

      • Nope, my Local Government nsw.gov.au email address doesnt work

        • +1

          May be its the issue with the local govt ;-)

    • I got it a couple of years ago via hnehealth, and today, its working with my hotmail (no longer in work) but NOT for the mac version… which is what I wanted. Oh well.

  • Small tip - if you work for a global company, American prices are cheaper.

    • +17

      More info:

      If your address works (i.e. the agreement that your employer has with Micro$oft enables you to participate in the Home Use Program) you can buy the software from another region where the pricing is cheaper than the HUP price for Australia. (It's the same digital download irrespective of how you buy it, you just get emailed an activation key).

      For example, when I bought MS Office Pro 2010, it was A$15 here, but it was NZ$10 across the Tasman. With the A$/NZ$ exchange rate that prevailed and the FX fee on my CC, I ended up paying about A$8.60 for it.

      I assume that the same 'trick' will work again, although I've not tried it - yet…

      That's gotta be worth a + vote!

      • -1

        but we cant change the country address? It wont allow us to change it to any other country. It seems that we can leave it as it is and still get the product though but I just dont feel right doing so

        • Changes for me:

          NZ$10 here: http://www.microsofthup.com/hupnz/home.aspx ; or
          GBP8.95 here: http://www.microsofthup.com/hupuk/home.aspx

          Your choice…

        • just one question in the billing its asking for address… what should we fill? will they use it to confirm our CC payment details? Will it work with AU CC?

        • I mean the billing address..

        • When I bought a copy of Office 2010 pro using his method, I entered the biling address for the CC I used to pay for the software. Otherwise there's no way that my CC company would validate the sale. (And I wouldn't want them to validate a sale without providing all the correct info).

          What's to say that you're not in NZ buying this s/w using your (valid) Aussie CC? Most folk have been OS and bought something locally using their Aussie card!

          Nothing illegal with that…

        • (And I wouldn't want them to validate a sale without providing all the correct info)

          So, you managed to put "Australia" as your billing address for the credit card then? Otherwise it wouldn't be a correct address? Please tell us how

        • I did last year when I bought Office 2010 Pro. Like I said above, I haven't tried it on his offer - yet…

        • +1

          It's OK. It's discriminatory to charge depending on where you live. We all live on the same happy planet!

  • +1

    does not work with @anu.edu.au

    • looks like ANU is not related any benifits posted on ozbargain.

    • It some how worked today when i tried it…
      it didn't work before when i tried it last time…

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