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Tiger Airways Domestic AU RETURN Flights (Return for $1)


Here we go again!
Dont forget, Jetstar can pricematch these prices!


"Tiger Raw Return $1.00 Fares" are only available for the return sector for two-way travel on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Outward bound trips are additional fares.

The return trip must be for travel between 23/07/2013 and 18/09/2013. All other usual Tiger Raw terms and conditions* apply - see below.

*"Raw" domestic fares are the lowest available single price fares from Tiger Airways Australia for one-way travel with hand luggage and are fully inclusive of all taxes and charges. "Raw" domestic fares must be purchased online using a MasterCard debit card issued by an Australian financial institution. The "Raw" domestic fare does not incur the AUD8.50 convenience fee or AUD9.00 for international for credit card purchases (per flight, per sector). Click here for details.

Travel periods vary by route, please click here for details.

Buy between 23/01/2013 and 28/01/2013, or until seats sell out. Seats are limited and may not be available during peak periods or on all flights, public holidays or certain blackout periods.

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  • According to Jetstar's price matching policy they do not have to match these prices and infact turned me and others down last time. Apparently some others were lucky, and others hung up and called back and were lucky. Jetstar policy is to match the best price of one leg, not a return trip. Credit to Tiger for the deal - no credit to Jetstar for not price matching fight deals that are available.

  • Can't price match.

    The comparable fare must be for a one way direct flight on the same route at a comparable time.

    You need to book a return flight to have access to the $1 fare.

  • Great deal, just bear in mind the $1 is for the return flight only, you still have to pay full price for the outgoing flight.

    Having to return on a Tuesday or Wednesday might be a little problematic.

    Also, the $1 does not include a credit card charge (which I'm not sure is meant to be $7.50 or $9)

  • +9 votes

    Why are airline sites so hard to understand?

    • What is so different about "Master Debit Card" that it doesn't attract a fee? Don't the merchants pay the same commission to the banks regardless of the type of the mastercard (credit or debit)?

  • awesome ill book a ticket this week :)

  • +5 votes

    Melb-Sydney $41 before fees is good for a day trip.

    EDIT: Melb-Perth RT is $111

  • 17 dollar booking fee is abit high

  • ugh only tues-wed

  • Return trip for $1 and must be on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Must be booked with a mastercard according to the T&C. Tiger nearly had their licence revoked by the AFD and is the worst when it comes to being on time. Good deal but they are so unpredictable.

    • …what is the AFD? It was CASA that SUSPENDED their license, and they have now got new management and better pilot training. They are currently the best in Australia for on time performance due to having a couple of spare aircraft.

  • Could fly Syd-Adl rtn (with a wait & changeover in Mlb) for $81.90, normally that price 1-way.
    Of course if the flight's delayed or something then I wouldn't want to fight with tiger over it…

  • Heard on the news this morning a passenger on a Tiger Air flight to Singapore swore at another passenger and was arrested at the airport. He now faces the possibility of prison or getting the cane across his back.

    Not sure an airline that effectively endorses corporal punishment and doesn't protect its passengers is worth supporting. Story up on The Age website for those interested. I'm sure it's on other Fairfax sites too for those who read other papers around the country.

    No wonder they are offering $1 tickets.

    • I want to know the full story, this is what his mate said, half the story must be missing, to instantly piss of an aisle seat passenger…

      "Quoting a colleague of Mr Griffiths who did not want to be named, the newspaper said the argument broke out when Mr Griffiths got out of his middle seat to let a female passenger go the toilet.

      This disturbed a male passenger in an aisle seat, who swore at Mr Griffiths. It is reported that he returned the abuse and the cabin crew became involved."

      Read more: The Age

    • The media has inflated the story to the point where headlines (especially news.com.au) suggest the alleged offender will be caned. The truth is he has the possibility of receiving a caning if he is found guilty.

      Airline security is taken very seriously and disruptive passengers on any flight can expect harsh treatment from the law. Usually dealing with the situation requires a flight diversion, inconveniencing hundreds of other passengers, and thousands of dollars in costs to the airline.

    • Not sure an airline that effectively endorses corporal punishment and doesn't protect its passengers is worth supporting.

      If they were in Singaporean territory/airspace they need to obey Singaporean laws. This has nothing to do with the airline.

      • Would the man have known which airspace he was in when he swore?!

        That would suggest you have to obey the customs and laws of every country you fly over on a journey!

        If there's more to the story and the passenger was possibly violent or endangered the welfare of staff or other passengers then I absolutely agree that the police should be considered.

        If he just swore then I think the airline were maybe a little too eager given the seriousness of how that's received in Singapore.

        Apparently, police have now advised that he is not facing charges that are punishable by caning.


    Booking fee: 51.00AUD
    for 3 person


    Total Price AUD 218.85
    for 3 person

  • I've flow Tiger once and once only no matter how cheap the fare is will NEVER travel again with them

    • Woah, what's with all the hate guys?

      I just booked in a return flight from sydney for $51…

    • Agree. You can have my $1 considering people above don't like me burning it.

    • I have to agree with this statement. I've only flown with Tiger on one occasion. On the departing trip, my flight was delayed by over 3 hours. On the return trip, my flight was cancelled and the next flight was 10 hours later. I had to buy another ticket from a competing airline. I grant that Tiger are cheap but like most things, you get what you pay for.

    • My first booking with tiger, paid full fare for a flight about $280 Adel>Melb for 2 job interviews (1pm and 3pm). Get to the ticketing counter with 6 others (had to check in 2 hrs early on domestic WTF?) and was told that the last 6 of us had no seats, and we would not get a boarding pass! They admitted the flight was oversold! WTH?

      One guy did a runner as he was mad as hell and tried to get through security to board the plane, security dragged him back.

      Manager came to us a few mins before plane departed to explain
      a) we could get a refund?
      b) we could take the 6pm flight to Melb instead (This was a 8am flight). This was Friday! - I had a 1pm Job Interview, getting their for Saturday was pointless for me!

      I bought a ticket with Qantas for $400 cash instead, it was a 1pm scheduled flight, but I was able to go on standby - 9am, no seats to Melb, 10am WOOHOO - 2 seats free!

      I was saved by Qantas (who'd have thought) and for the record made the interview time (other side of melbourne) by 15 mins - early! And I got my job!!!

      I spent the next 4 months trying to get my refund off Tiger, was faxing, phoning, mailing and emailing them, eventually I got it… never, never, never again.

      Only thing u get is a raw deal.

      • Thanks for sharing!

      • I think it should also be pointed out in this case that it is not just Tiger that over sells their seats. This is standard practice across all airlines international and domestic. This is to account for any last minute no showsor cancellations that they might make extra money on. I always advise everyone for peak times and peak hours to arrive extra early so you don't get bumped off. It sounds like you had an awful experience but unfortunately this happens quite regularly.

  • Firstly I want to point out this is a bargain site and if you want to have a punt at an airline or even a country its probably not the place…
    I'm not an advocate for Tiger in fact I've never even considered flying with them.
    I'm not from Singapore; I'm an Aussie - but the point is if you are intending on flying to Singapore then you need to understand their customs and respect their laws.
    Choosing to fly Tiger to Singapore then criticising them for supporting corp punishment is wrong. The airline is governed by Singapore Laws. As soon as you step onto the plane and the plane departs you are governed by Singapore law not Austalian Law.

    Similarly flying any other airline around the world you are governed by their respective laws.

    There is no common international air space law for what is acceptable behaviour on a plane and despite common red neck belief that tourists aren't welcome in this country but they themselves are somehow free to troll the world always amazes me. Australia doesn't own the air. It is shared and as such choose the airline and your destination carefully.

    For a country that is so clean and doesn't even permit chewing gum - why should they (Singapore) tolerate abuse. You can abuse, mistreat anyone you want in Australia and it is ok - it's just accepted! Bullying is and has been accepted for many years. Maybe the guy deserves the spanking his parents never gave him?

    I'm not a supporter for corp punishment nor am I aware of the specifics of this case but somewhere in between is where Australia should be. It's always ok and it's always the Aussie way until its your son or daughter who is the one being abused or mistreated. Laws are too relaxed!

    My 2 cents!

    • Maybe the guy deserves the spanking his parents never gave him?

      I wanted to say the same…

      besides, part of this "story" is missing, and I wouldn't want 2 d*heads fighting on a tiny A320…

      • My reading of the story was that he abused/swore at the air stewardess, that was what got him into trouble with the authorities.

    • Laws are too relaxed! couldn't agree more about this. look at those culprits who steal stuffs from supermarket. felt no shame at all, just grab it and walk away. when asked to check the bag they bluffing about privacy policy or humiliation or discrimination. what a joke!

      if you steal nothing why you so worry??!!

      even this 'stealing culture' affects international tourists and students too. back in their own countries, especially asian one, they will be scare to death to do this coz this will bring big shame to family.

      • Many foreign students come here to learn english but don't seem to do very well!
        perhaps stay on topic too!

        Tips for tiger airlines:
        1 get there early for your flight - less chance of being bumped
        2 if you have a flight earlier in the day and flight is cancelled then you have a chance of getting on a later flight. if its their last flight u may b stuck.
        3 its a gamble. sometimes theres no problem but other times its awful so take your chances…

        personally if i have an important interstate appointment i fly jetstar/qantas or virgin (soon to be merged with tiger? i hope not).

  • The return trip must be for travel between 23/07/2013 and 18/09/2013

    I was booking from Mel-Sydney travel in March.

  • +1 vote

    I've flown with them heaps and had no major problems, just trying to decide now if I want to go to Melbourne ;0)

    • I've flown with them heaps and had no major problems

      Lol, so what were the minor problems?

      • no, other than a slight delay for a Melbourne trip but I've had longer delays with Jetstar ;0)

  • Just booked syd-melbs return for $40.95. Guys use a mastercard debit and you'll escape the $17 per person booking fee.

    I can understand the hate, I've flown with tiger and have had late planes and cancellations. But for 41 bucks, I'd fly with them again - it's for pleasure anyway so I wouldn't really care if I was late or not. What I don't understand is people who pay budget airline prices and expect 5-star service… If you want to be able to change your flight, have great food, lotsa luggage allowance, etc, then pay a couple hundred more for that. And then blow a gasket when something goes wrong. Otherwise, pay cheap for a cheap service, and don't expect much. My 2 cents. :P

    P.S. Has anyone tried matching with Jetstar? Surely if it's a return trip total, they can match both? Like I understand why they won't match just the $1 flights, but if I say, hey from XXX to XXX at these times is a hundred bucks, won't they match it?

  • How do you get this to work? I've tried flights MEL -> MKY and I am always paying for the return on the few dates I tried between the July - Sep window.

    • The return has to be on either Tuesday or Wednesday

      • Yeah that is what I was doing but I was still getting charged $100 for the return leg.

        • I found the only date Avaiable for a return from MKY was the 27th August, had no luck on other dates.


        • It states limited seats. Either people bought it already or they have allocated a few $1 seats.

        • Thanks for that, at least I wasn't doing something wrong and it was just very limited. I've missed out thanks to work getting in the way… I guess I'm not a true OzBargainer, haha.

  • Just make sure you don't get in a fight with some one and start yelling and swearing mid air on a tiger airways flight or you might get arrested and caned under Singaporian law.


  • How do you remove the 20kg baggage fee each way? I tried 3 times without selecting any baggage and eventually just paid for the tickets with the $40 special services fee.

  • Travel for July-Sept!

    Tiger sales used to be for travel within a few weeks - since the Virgin 'takeover' the sale fares have blown out to the normal 'you must plan half-a-year in advance'…sad.

  • they charge infant for $30. No deal for me..

  • Trying to get around this $17 Card Fee Charge, What places offer Pre Paid Debit MasterCards that I can get easily any SuperMarkets?

    • Try the post office?

    • Woolworths sell pre paid Mastercards while Coles sell pre paid Visa cards as far as I know.

      Not sure if these cards would get around the charge.

    • On the very off chance you have a 28degrees credit card others have posted that you can use this and not pay the surcharge. Am not sure if it still works though.

      • Just to confirm that 28Degrees Mastercard does work I just booked using mine. That is such an awesome card.

  • This is just sneaky advertising in my opinion. Although the half price flight is still a good deal if you're not afraid of dealing with tiger airlines.

    • Yeah, it's super sneaky. People are going to be so surprised after they go through Tiger's website and book a flight with Tiger that they have then booked a flight with Tiger.

  • $125 return melbourne to perth with all fee's ,

    Tiger or not who cares if I get to perth and back for this I will be happy if I get a refund because tiger mess up oh well.

  • My luck, going to Cairns 11-15 July…. Can't postpone a footy game :(