expired TCL L39E5000F3DE 38.5inch/98cm 3D Full HD LED Smart TV - $629 - Free Next Day Delivery*

TCL L39E5000F3DE 38.5inch/98cm 3D Full HD LED Smart TV - $629 - Free Next Day Delivery*Affiliate

*Check your postcode on our site to see if you qualify for free, next day delivery as well as free installation! (Most metro areas)

Model Number L39E5000F3DE
Brand TCL
Energy Consumption(kWh/annum) 175
Screen Type LED LCD
3D Type Active
Contrast Ratio 30,000:1
Horizontal Resolution (pixels) 1920
Hz Technology 100 Hz
Vertical Resolution (pixels) 1080
Wall Mountable Yes
3D Yes
3D Glasses Included 1 Pair
Full HD Yes
Smart TV Yes
Remote Control Yes
Colour Black / Silver

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    seems expensive for a 38" no-name brand. What am I missing here ?


      Probably just the 3D.


    TCL… not exactly reknown for quality?? TCL 3d 40" set including delivery… would expect around $400? Compare with kogan, dse, and chung ho type sets.

    For similar money I would prefer something like this.. TOSHIBA 40" FULL HD ACTIVE 3D LED LCD TV
    @ $648 …could be negotiated lower surely?


    ..or this 42" Hisense 100hz 3d for $596

    or this 42" LG 100hz 3d for $699 (best bang for the buck?)

    I wont neg the post as I am a big fan of Appliance Online A+ :-)

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    Does this TV come with a hidden time travel feature not listed in the specs? It better if they want $600+ for a 39inch TCL.

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    Not saying this is a great deal but I have bought TCL monitors and they are of good build quality,


    "TCL Corporation is a Chinese multinational electronics company headquartered in Huizhou, Guangdong, China. In 2010 it was the world's 25th-largest consumer electronics producer and sixth-largest television producer (after Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and Sharp).,[2] and at the end of 2012, raised to 4th, just after Samsung, LG, Sony"

    Funny that the image of the TV on the Appliances Online website has been stolen from Big Brown Box


      They are the same company, probably why same image.. Appliances online recently announced they would be selling electrical goods to compliment their appliance range.

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    If you don't want 3D or smart -
    Toshiba 39AL900 39" Full HD LED LCD TV $395 delivered.
    BBB also have Toshiba 39AL900A 39 inch 99cm Full HD LED LCD TV $395


      I do know some people don't want smart. LOL


    nothing special here, move on.
    You can turn any TV into smart TV by adding a HD media player that costs around $100.

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    $629 for under 40 inches? tell em there dreamin.

    rep in case you missed it this is OzBargain not OzFreeAdvertising if you want to advertise your overpriced crud take it elsewhere, your only going to lose customers by abusing this place in this way…..


    Changhong deal was much better.


    doesnt 100hz make all the difference?


      nah, its only once you get into the 1.21 gigahertz range that things really start to get exciting


    I have a TCL 42inch and wouldn't buy again. Picture quality is not good at all. Switching HDMI inputs often doesn't detect device, speakers are terrible so tried plugging in powered PC speakers but you can't change the volume with the remote as the sound still comes out of the inbuilt speakers rather than silencing like every other TV I have ever had. There is no way at all to control the volume of the headphone port, it is fixed and that's all there is to it. Huge amount of hum not experienced with same speakers on Samsung TV. Had a minor lightening storm which blew it up while my Samsung 50inch on same circuit was fine(maybe they cheap out on protection devices on the circuit boards. You have burnt me once TCL, never again.


    Cheaper here(with a small wait)

    And your price is the same as BBB. So nothing here at all. Spam.

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