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Acer 7inch Wi-Fi Android Tablet $99 @ Bing Lee Personal Shoppers Only

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The price is advertised in todays Daily Telegraph
as part of a 4 day sale
It came up as $99 on the web, but since it says $149.00 (I spoke with Debbie online and she tells me its $99 and she can put it through at $99 if the website has not been updated)
So please be patient, they seem to have trouble with updating the website so I suggest you ring or visit your local store

Well looks like they finally set the $99 price but now its personal shoppers only
Sorry about that! I have not bothered to ask them why !
So check your local store if you are lucky enough to have one near by

It was always a budget model usually sells for about $150.00 and was released early this year
AT$99 very cheap
unfortunately there's very little detail on the unit on the Acer site
It has Micro SDHC slot for added memory
Good for those who are yet to try a tablet

Model Number: T.L15SA.002




Processor Speed (GHz): 1.2
Operating System: Android Jelly Bean
Network: WLAN, Bluetooth
HDD (GB): 8
RAM (MB): 512
Processor: MTK 8317/T

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  • +2

    Its $149 for me

    • Yeah seems to be having another issue with the prices not being updated
      same as Samsung the other day
      Its in the Daily Telegraph and definitely was on the web after I spoke with someone at Bing lee
      Debbie from there website confirmed its $99 and can be put through at that

      • Price is now updated on site to $99

        • +2

          price match officeworks = $95
          then Pay with ING card 5% off offer = ~$91

        • Has anyone found this at officeworks? I don't see it on their website.

        • Officeworks Braddon ACT hasn't heard of the Acer tablet.

  • +7

    MTK 8317/T dual-core 1.2GHz
    512 MB Memory
    8GB eMMC
    7” WSVGA LCM
    Android Jelly Bean
    Battery life: HD video playback: 3.5 hours (TBC); Standby: 270 hours (TBC)
    Capacity: Li-ion battery, 10 W, 2710 mAh
    CPU: MTK 8317/T, 1.2 GHz dual-core
    RAM/ROM: RAM: DDR3 512 MB; eMMC: 8GB (default) / 16 GB
    Camera: Front camera: 0.3 MP webcam; Video recording: 30 fps at HD - 1280 x 720
    Display: 7” WSVGA LCM, 1024 x 600; Viewing angle 70/70/70/70
    Touch Technology: Capacitive, 5-point touch
    WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n
    Bluetooth: 4.0
    GPS: Yes
    USB: Micro USB 2.0, supporting USB client
    Input / Output
    Sensor: G-sensor
    Audio: 3.5 mm standard audio jack; 1 x mic; 1 x speaker (1 W)
    microSD slot: Up to 32 GB
    Version: Android Jelly Bean
    GMS: Gmail, Google+, Maps, Messenger, Play Store, Talk, YouTube, Currents, Chrome, Google Now

    • Recording at 1280x720 with a 0.3MP Camera? That doesn't quite make sense. Either it is upscaling (which is a pointless waste of space), those specs are wrong or it is hiding a better camera somewhere.

      • Maybe it's 3? I dunno, the camera on my nexus 7 is horrible, clearly not its selling point.

  • Good or not?

    • +7

      Brand name tablet, reputable bricks and mortar outlet, free shipping, reasonable specs, good battery… some may pick it on the camera spec but for the money it is a + from me.

      • maybe at $99, but I can't get that price to come up. (Still showing $149)

      • ' but for the money it is a + from me.'

        and yet you did not + the deal!

        Edit: Thanks! 30 Secs too early

    • +5

      512 MB of RAM is an issue and will slow it down…wont be able to do much at time, or have to many web windows open.

      • +12

        are you trying to detract buyers to hold enough stock for staff? :P

      • It showed

        RAM (GB): 512

        Also is it availible at OW ?

      • HTC's ChaCha mobile also has only 512 MB RAM,
        and the low RAM -limits- its ability to install
        (&, sometimes, even to upgrade/update) app's.

        The trend it to -increase- RAM, ib higher-end
        Android devices, eg, Note II & Note 10.1

        This Acer is "cheap" for a reason…

        PS Its 8 GB storage is also a limitation…

    • +4

      512mb of RAM is pretty poor for any tab these days.
      No mention of a HDMI interface, which limits its usefulness.
      No explicit mention of a rear camera, though one assumes it has one? If not, yuk.

      On the upside, it has GPS and Bluetooth, which you often don't get on a budget tab.

      • no way 512mb ram

  • +1

    Good deal imo mainly due to the local warranty. You can get better specs for the same price from overseas, but if you have a problem with this one just take it back into BL.

    • bing lee dont like honouring warranty. i had to take them to the cttt

  • +1

    On their FB page there is an ad for a 1 day only special starting at midday 12apr (tomrrow).???

  • $50 cheaper than Tab 2 deal but lower specs … can't tell if this is better or worse that that deal?

  • I was told that I should buy it via phone if I want to buy it at $99

    • that would be a -ve for me then … not for you or the deal but for Bing Lee

    • Mobile still show $149

      • Buyning via phone would mean that you will need to call BL to get that price.

  • +5

    If you're getting it for the kids go for it.

    If you're getting it for yourself, get the Tab2. It costs a little more but is worth it.

  • +5

    I think OP need change the RAM in MB not GB otherwise it become 512GB.

    • +4

      512 GB of RAM, lol. What an 'effin beast.

      • +3

        My i7 just doesn't have enough RAM for some of my simulations anymore. I think I'll upgrade my workstation to one of these babies :P.

  • +1

    If you guys want something good for the money, I say spend a little bit extra and get the Nexus 7 for around $180

    • Where?!

      • I recall seeing it around this price on OzBargain, do a search!

        • There is none. The closest is the refurbished one. I even asked the person who said it on the galaxy tab deal and got no reply. I asked you because i know there isn't one. Don't tell me to search for something that's not there

  • Acer or Ainol?
    I am torn between the 2 A's.

    • +1

      i can't say i've ever experienced having my Ainol torn. You should see a doctor

      • +3

        That wasn't even subtle…

  • FWIW my Acer mobile phone broke within 6 months.

    • Lucky you! It gave you the reason to upgrade your mobile within such short time frame.

  • -3

    Possible to use the WELCOME5 coupon when buying online?

    • +1

      Has Hardly Normal bought Bing Lee yet?

    • I thought the code was for HN?

  • any warranty provided?

  • it's $99 for me online with no issue

  • Nice!!! purchased before its ozbargained! good for the train to watch a few series etc… may as well sell my ipad mini now!

    • how much , im interested

      • i'm going to wack it on ebay… msg me and give me an offer if you like its a black 32gb wifi

        • Why would you go from an ipad mini to one of these??? Crazy

    • +1

      What is the world coming to….An Acer product being ozbargained. No seriously it is a good deal, bought one as well.

  • +2

    Ainol is probably better, but riskier. This seems like a safer bet if you are in the market for a tablet around $100. I still prefer to spend extra for a nexus 7. :)

  • How is this compared to. Nexus 7 and ipad 2, and samsung galaxy tab 2, also those $100 Chinese tablets?

    • -1

      A lot worse tbh; I wouldn't buy this.

  • +6

    Anyone noticed below the price in red text

    *Limit of 2 per person. Personal shoppers only

    I think they meant
    *NO Professional Shoppers Welcome. Please stay away Broden

  • x

  • :

  • it has 512GB RAM!!! not 512MB LOL!! (take a look at the spec on Binglee's website…) :P

  • hmm problems with checkout. anyone else having issues?

  • Very tempted… even if I only ever used it as a SONOS controller! Thanks OP.

  • guys is it any good? & worth buying??

      • Not a fair comparison.
        iPad costs a lot more.
        AiPad will be more comparable.

    • +2

      It depends on what you want to do with it, if you just want to read ebooks, listen to music,watch some movies and browse the web etc. Then it'll be fine. The 512 mb of ram though might make it less responsive with a few tabs open. At $99 you ain't going to find anything too much better.

  • thanks guys… looking at the price i myt fall fall it.. lets c..

  • looks like the same model from DSE http://dicksmith.com.au/product/XC8616/acer-b1-a71-touch-7-q… Maybe I'll see if they can price match so I can use the giftcards I got for 10% off earlier.

  • What is a personal shopper?

    • +1

      You can order it and arrange a pickup from your local bing lee
      They wont deliver it..:(

      • Ah thanks. So it is just another way of saying "no delivery". I thought it is some kind of exclusive membership..

        • Ummm I brought it and got free delivery ??

        • *bought

    • +1

      I can't afford to hire one of those! This is OzBargain!

  • -3

    Then this is better than the hp touchpad $99 fire sale at hv a few years ago , in suprised this has not sold out, what's going on ozbargainers! :)

  • -5

    Not worth for 99.00 and don't regret alter :). It has only 512mb ram and 8gb storage.. Games may hangggg :(

    • +2

      What do you mean may? They will.

    • +1

      This is not a game machine. For gamers, of course you have to buy a better one. This one is enough for simple tasks, such as Sudoku, ebook reading, emailing, etc. I am sure some people may only need to do these simple tasks only. You get what you pay for.

      • -1

        i can do those simple things on my telstra uno i got for $29.

  • -3

    8gb of internal space, the screen and 512mb RAM really make it unusable for just about anything frankly. Even 768MB of RAM was quite bad.

    • +7

      Really? A LOT of people use these tablets for checking email, surfing the web, youtube etc and some incidental stuff. For that purpose the specs are more than adequate. Just because it doesn't meet your requirements (whatever you use it for) it doesn't mean it's Unusable. Such a generalised and ignorant statement.

      • +1

        More than adequate? Maybe in 2012 if I was generous.

        My web browser went to 700mb itself yesterday. This device has 512mb in total.

        • +2

          Currently my web-browser (chrome) is using at most 76MB per tab. Android doesn't need to leave applications running in the background in the same way windows does; it is designed to run on very limited devices. A more powerful tablet would be nicer, even for browsing the web, but I can see a lot of people finding this quite usable.

        • Android doesn't need to leave applications running in the background in the same way windows does

          But it does

        • I understand leaves application running till it runs low on ram, then it stops them. In theory Android applications seamlessly restart and the user doesn't even notice they were stopped. In practice, even Google own apps are a bit buggy, it doesn't make too much sense to compare memory use on a desktop to a tablet. Android is designed around you only really using one application at a time, for example you almost never have multiple overlapping application windows like you might have on your Desktop.

  • +7

    In no way is this better than the Touchpad sale.

    From what I've seen of this tablet at work, it's definitely worth $99. Main reason is the screen, which is pretty damn terrible, low res and you have to be dead on in front of it for it to look clear otherwise it dulls dramatically. Pretty slow as well.

    Still, better than buying a no-name Chinese brand if you're concerned with warranty/support issues.

    • +2

      And the Chinese models sending your personal data to the CCP?

      • And the Chinese model would capture and send your photo when u go to those XXX site and then come back to blackmail u after u get famous.

  • +1
    • Thanks! I got one and still don't regret it due to mainly being something for travelling. And with 2 small kids it will not last long anyway :p

  • +2

    Lately Bing Lee has been very aggressive with their tablet prices.

    Based on the recent tablet sales at Bing Lee, I think the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10 will be the next one on sale.

    Hope price match at OW when that sale happens.

  • Specs on Jb Hi Fi website

    1 USB Ports
    USB Version 2.0
    microSDXC Card Reader <_ doe's this mean I can pop in a 8gig microSD and double the storage ?
    512 MB RAM
    7 Inch Screen
    1024 x 600 Screen Resolution

    • I turned my 16GB Galaxy tab 2 to 80GB by adding 64GB microSD. Spec stated it only supported 32GB but worked with 64GB. Just need to format the 64GB microSD to fat32 on a linux box.

  • Good price, but its not that much better than my Nook colour which runs CM10.1 that I got 2 years ago…

    Gonna sit tight for the new Nexus 7 in May..only 4 weeks away!

    • Yeah, for $100 that's going to be an awesome deal, indeed.

  • +1


    Processor Speed (GHz): 1.2
    Operating System: Android Jelly Bean
    Network: WLAN, Bluetooth
    HDD (GB): 8
    > RAM (GB): 512
    Processor: MTK 8317/T


    • +3

      Pretty cheap for a supercomputer eh?

  • Product says it's in stock, but upon clicking 'add to cart' it says it's out?

  • Yes sold out

    • online maybe but try to find a local store

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