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24” 2ms HDMI WS Acer P244WB($270 after $79 cash rebate) at MSY


24” 2ms HDMI WS Acer P244WB($270 after $79 cash rebate), was $349.


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  • ppl already buying it from OW resulting ~$250, read the comments:

    This monitor has FullHD resolution 1920x1080 in comparison to traditional 24" 1920x1200.

  • does any 1 have the cash back link confirming that is a $79 cash back not a $49 cash back

  • +1


  • Beautiful, got it price matched at OW!

  • Duplicate. Admittedly the OP of the other deal hasn't updated the heading to reflect the $79 cashback, but it's the same item from the same retailer.


  • Can anyone tell me whether this comes with a remote control? I need a second tv for my bedroom and this looks to be a great size. If I attached a hdmi dvd player and set top box, would it have the same functionability as an LCD TV?

  • There is no remote and no speakers. So not really ideal unless you also have a stereo connected to your setup.

    • thanks, will have to spend a little more then I guess.

  • The current issue of choice has an article on cashbacks with particular attention being given to Acer for being particulary dodgy, from memory they mentioned Acer has 50 complaints last year for saying things like they didn't get your mail, it took too long etc. i.e. I won't rely on an Acer cashback.

    • One tip is to use registered post when you send your claims in. I got my cash back no problems last time.

  • i just got 1 ITS AWESOME

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