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OzBargain Christmas Party?

If there was an OzBargain Christmas party in your state would you go?

Citibank Australia

In Minnesota USA with Citibank Card but No ATM

Should I just pay for everything via card? Or should I get cash out via another banks ATM? Whats better value?

What are you getting your Dad for Father’s Day?

Alright, what are you getting your Dad for Father’s Day? OzBargainers respond with the cheapest place to get it :) Mod: Shameless Plug - Father's Day 2019 Deals

Picking up Brand New Car, what are some things we should check and look out for?

First brand new car, what are some things we should check before we drive the car from the dealership lott?

Dashcam Recommendations

There's heaps and heaps on the net! I'm looking for one to cover myself and want to know your recommendations: Preferences: Minimum 1080p, 30fps Can use cord, so battery life not a …

Japan Alpine Route (Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route) Questions

I have asked around my friend circle and it doesn't appear anyone I know has done this just yet. We're planning to go in 2 weeks to the Alpine Route. Sources I have read so far, but not …

Japan JR Pass

Travelling to Japan and will be going all over Japan for 20 days. The first 7 days in Tokyo, the rest all around. Should we get a 14 day JR pass for the trip post Tokyo and onwards, and therefore …

Driving to Sydney Fish Markets - Anywhere Close That Is Free Parking?

Any free parking close to the Sydney Fish Markets? Thank you

Live Stream | IRL Sydney West Meetup in 30 minutes :)

Hi Guys! I'm going to be live streaming the event that's happening in 30minutes in the below URL:

Sky Phonez

eBay Seller listed AU Stock of a Phone, sent me a Grey Import in its place

Hi Gang, Ebay Seller has listed AU Stock of a Phone, sent me a grey import instead. I recorded the unboxing to ensure they can not lie and say they sent me the correct phone and I switched it. With …

Flyscreen Door Cost - Can't believe the Prices we've been quoted

Hi Gang, Moved into new apartment, looking to save on air conditioning cost by getting fly screens on three balcony doors. We do not require anything like a heavy mesh/security style (Crimsafe), …

Off The Plan Apartment Purchase - Settlement/Final Inspection Issue

Hi Gang! Have an Off The Plan Purchase conundrum. The Settlement date was September 2016. Every month it has been delayed till this month where they finally said 24th May 2017 is settlement …

Gold Coast Theme Park Holiday

Hi! Traveling to Gold Coast for 4 nights! What would be the ideal accommodation for two people? Not looking for anything fancy, just something private/cheap but close to the theme parks. Thank …