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Scoopon's Phone number

Does anyone have scoopons phone number? Before I take my case further to ACCC, would like to discuss with them if they will refund me my money or not. Thanks in advance

Always On Sale

Who Got Duped by The Free Maglight Mini Deal? (AlwaysOnSale.com.au)

Hi, there was a free maglight deal, where you get up to free maglites free and you only pay for postage. Postage was $6 for the first, then $3 for each one after that. The great thing was postage was …


EzyDVD in Receivership (was: ezyDVD cancelled the $2.95 bluray order)

anyone else order it and had it cancelled? (Edited by scotty -- EzyDVD has gone in receivership. Please use this thread to discuss.)

microsoft usb key - did anyone receive it?

hi all, just curious if anyone recieved their usb key from microsoft for filling out the survey about 1 or 2 months ago?