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Charging phone in Romoss causes TV reception to drop out

I bought a Romoss sense charger from Alibaba and connected it to my iPhone 6. I noticed that as soon as I connect my device to the charger it drops the TV connection. I've tested it with the …

Nintendo 3DS XL

Any cheap prices on local 3DS XLs at the moment? Seems like the going price is approximately $240.

Need cheapest PlayStation 3!

Hey guys. I need help finding the cheapest PS3 price at the moment! Slim preferred... no fats due to YLOD! Cheers.

Commonwealth Bank will donate $1 for every vote to charity!

This is via facebook and will only take 20 seconds of youre time! Literally! Here's the direct link to the Commonwealth bank page: …

$5 Donation to Japan = $10 Donation through Jigocity

For every $5 donated through Jigocity, they will match it. Donate as many times as you want. Seems like an awesome deal to me :) LINK Mod: Moved to forums, Charities are suited to forums


Sony Nex3/5 Single or Dual Lens

I'm thinking of getting either the sony nex3/5 with dual or single lens. Theres a $100 cash back going on at the moment so i'm looking for the best deal on this camera with this cashback. Any ideas …