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Amazon AU

Amazon International Swiching from FEDEX to Fastway?

Just wondering if anyone else has bought stuff in the last 2/3 weeks from the US using Amazon Australia's International Delivery (Spend $49 to get free international delivery). I frequently buy …

eBay Australia

[Resolved] Anyone Know How to Cancel eBay Plus?

Hopefully not a silly question, but does anyone know how to cancel eBay plus? According to their FAQ section, it's as simple as clicking the CANCEL button on the landing page …

Replacement time for laptops

Hey guys, Just wondering if you guys can give me feedback as to how long a manufacturer should take to replace a laptop. My laptop had some problems so I sent it back to the manufacturer. After …

Cheap C5 Dog Vaccination for dogs in Sydney

Hi guys, I'm hoping someone can help me out with a vet that doesn't overcharge for vaccinations of dogs in the northern suburbs area in Sydney. My local vet currently charges 74 dollars, …


Officeworks refusing to price match based on Colour?

Hi everyone,


Possible Issue with Gravatar

Well, I think this *may* be a bug, however, I'm no computer guru so I'll just ask for help here.

Creating a poll for the forums

Hi there,

Anyone know much about exercise bikes?

Hi guys, Just in the market for a decent exercise bike to shed the 'holiday weight'. I was thinking around 200+ or so, something that's durable with a heart monitor or something... and anyway I came …

Black Ops PS3/XBOX Only ~ $41.50 Delivered

expired Black Ops PS3/XBOX Only ~ $41.50 Delivered

Playstation Move for 74 at Harvey Norman

Not sure if this qualifies as a bargain since it's not an advertised price. But if you call up Harvey Norman Auburn, they are selling the Playstation Move for only 74 dollars (if you talk to one of …

Which Electronic store actually BEATS prices rather than match it?

G'day guys, I was wondering which stores (or local stores that you know of) that actually beats a competitor's price for electronic goods? I'm personally after a Playstation 3, the cheapest that I …

Ladakh October Warehouse Sale

expired Ladakh October Warehouse Sale

Incu warehouse Sale (NSW)

expired Incu warehouse Sale (NSW)