firedragon » posts - Are The Shoes Fakes?

I was googling some shoes, when I came across this site. The prices seem to be too good to be true. Has anyone come across this site before? Thanks!

Washed My Car Key, Will It Be Ok?

Hi guys. Just found out I accidentally washed my spare car key in the washing machine on a cold wash. It's just a key for a 2000 Toyota Corolla. So no remote, just a key. It can central …

What is this tape, and where I can buy some?

Hi all, Does anyone know what tape this is? It was used to stick a plastic casing to the wall (encasing the TV antenna neatly along the wall). I tried replacing it with standard double sided tape …

How do I upload a photo in a forum post?

I feel silly asking this, but how do I upload photos in a forum post? I know how to upload for deals… Thanks!

28 Degrees Card

28 Deg Credit Card Minimum Credit Limit

Hey fellow OzBargainers, Was just asking my Mum if she'd got a 28 Degrees credit card yet, and she said she hadn't because the minimum credit limit is $6000! She doesn't need such a …

Bridge cameras?

Hi guys, I want to get more serious about photography (I mean, do better than crappy snaps on my phone or old, old point and shoot). Do you think I should consider a bridge camera? I like the idea …

Dick Smith - $20 off $89 - $299, $50 off $300- $499, $85 off $500- $999 & $110 off $1000+

expired Dick Smith - $20 off $89 - $299, $50 off $300- $499, $85 off $500- $999 & $110 off $1000+


SUPER20, SUPER50, SUPER85, SUPER110 More discounts from DSE….really? I couldn't find it on the website, saw it in my email.


closed Win a Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop (Valued at $2,199ea) from Lenovo

  • Prize pool $4,398.00
  • Australia-wide
  • Website
  • Recruit/Referral
Eastbay 20% off Orders $99 or more

expired Eastbay 20% off Orders $99 or more


Woohoo my favourite sports store! 20% off your $99 order *To save 20%, order must total $99 or more before services, taxes, shipping, and handling. Use promotion code IPEB4V77.

Red Rooster BOGOF Fish and Chips $9

expired Red Rooster BOGOF Fish and Chips $9

Red rooster buy one ($9) get one free fish and chips


Thanks to highwind for introducing me to Ingress!

I'm just curious as to how many people started playing Ingress after they read the post by highwind a while back. I'd never heard of the game before that. I'm having way too much fun …

The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (Hardcover Illustrated Edition) $4.99 at QBD

expired The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown (Hardcover Illustrated Edition) $4.99 at QBD

Saw this at QBD Blacktown today. It's advertised at the same price online (free standard Australia Post delivery), and likely available at most of their retail stores.

What did you think of the Matilda Bay beers? Specifically taste comparison between the four.

I hope this is the correct forum to be discussing this in. I've only tried the Redback and the Fat Yak so far. I don't mind the Redback but I find the Fat Yak too floral.


expired Pizza Hut Upgrade to Cheese Stuffed Crust $1 (Classics & Legends)

Just got this in my email. Upgrade to cheese stuffed crust for Classics and Legends pizzas, from 8 Jan to 14 Jan. You don't seem to need a coupon code. Online only.

Top Gear Challenges & Top Gear Adventures $49.99 each @ Borders Parra (clearance, ?other locs)

expired Top Gear Challenges & Top Gear Adventures $49.99 each @ Borders Parra (clearance, ?other locs)

Walked into Borders Parra today and saw these two dvd collections - Top Gear Challenges Collection (stig bust)and Top Gear Great Adventures Collection (stig helmet). Asked the salesperson if there …