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Australian Electronics/TV Prices in 2003 Vs Now!

Back in January 2003 I did a trip to the US and was stunned at how cheap electrical/appliances/TVs were at the time. When I came back to Australia, I did a price comparison with the lowest local …

World of Warcraft Legion is now free!

As of today, Legion is now included for "free" in all accounts. Previously, it required a separate purchase. Interestingly, Legion has now been removed from both EB Games and JB Hifi's …

Does Nike Still Make Clothing in Australia?

I found an old Nike T-Shirt lying around (perhaps 10 years old or more) and looking at the label, I was really surprised to see it said "Made in Australia". I've rarely seen clothing …

More Consumer Protection Needed for Mattress Purchases?

Having had some bad experiences in the past when buying a mattress, I think that consumers need more peace of mind, which is something that the ACCC should look into. For example, if someone …

Any Unlocked Phones under $100?!

Are there any unlocked phones available under $100 these days? I'm looking to buy a 2nd phone to use with amaysim, so I suppose it could be a locked phone as long as it works with them (I can …

Prey (2017) PC Game - JB Hifi - $34

expired Prey (2017) PC Game - JB Hifi - $34


expired Anno 2205 $11.89 AUD @

Retro 2002 Harvey Norman ad - $8999 LG 42" plasma!

Check out this bargain back from 2002, for $8999 you get a 42" LG plasma with stunning 480p resolution, analog TV tuner and component analog input!


Old school 90s bargains - Coles steak @ $5.99/kg!

I was going through an old tape and found an ad from 1998 for Coles, where they were advertising economy porterhouse (i.e. 1kg purchase) for $5.99/kg!

Harvey Norman

Samsung 51" Full HD Plasma - $594 at HN

I was just at HN and they have this TV set on sale for $594. Yes, it's the FULL HD model - I even had to ask the salesman as I couldn't believe the price.


Nokia 110 Dual SIM Unlocked $27 at Coles

This is the cheapest price I've ever seen for an unlocked mobile. It's pretty decent too, with dual SIM, 2G (Edge), and Bluetooth.

Green Man Gaming

Doom 3 BFG 50% off ($14.99) at GreenmanGaming

As per subject, it's 50% off at $14.99. Very good price.


Orange IT Toshiba Satellite C850 dual-core laptop 15.6" $339 with free shipping

Just found a great bargain on Orange IT - Toshiba dual core Celeron with 15.6" display, 320GB HDD:

JB Hi-Fi 2 for $20 PC Games - AOE3/Crysis2/Dragon Age 2 etc

Was just at JB Hifi and noticed they have a whole bunch of PC games at 2 for $20 ($10ea) - incredible value.


20% off Games at WowHD - Pandaria for $35.95!

Just letting people know there's a 20% off games sale over at - Mists of Pandaria is about $35.95 - cheaper than ordering direct through Blizzard!

Got 3 items for the price of 2 due to bug on Big W website - what to do?

Ok so due to some bug on the Big W website at the time of my order, I meant to order 2 of a particular item, but after I pushed the confirm order button, it comes up as showing 3. However, my card …

Harvey Norman 51" Samsung Plasma TV for $698 - Is It Full HD?

I saw a TV ad for a Samsung 51" plasma for $698 from HN. Surely this is only 720p and not full HD? Can anyone confirm?

Just Got Back from The US... Comparison of Food Prices...

Well, I could probably go on forever on this topic. Things that surprised me were the fact that the 2 for the price of 1 deals are still going. Why we don't have these in Australia is beyond me. I …

Buy 1 Get 1 Free - Why Hasn't It Taken off Here in Australia?

When I was in the US 2 years ago (2009) it was during the "recession" and in the supermarkets, it seemed that literally half the items on the shelf had some kind of "buy 1 get 1 free" deal. I'm …