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How Many Hours a Day Are You Actually Working?

Take into consideration toilet breaks and smoke breaks etc,how many hours a day are you actually working?

Driving 30,000km a Year, Would You Buy a 2016 Mitsubishi Outlander for $25k or an Audi Q5 2010 for $20k?

Just working out which is a better move. The Audi is a diesel and the Mitsi is a Petrol. Just worried about the age of the Audi and the costs to service. Any one here have any experience with either …

How Do You Compare with Your Friends and Family?

Just checking how you compare,financially,with your friends and family? All comments will be noted. Thanks

Is It Worth Getting Personalised Number Plates?

At a cost of $200 plus $105 a year,is it worth getting personalised number plates?

Transfered Money into Incorrect Persons Account. Bank Can't Help!

I owed a bloke $250 or thereabout. I transferred the money but missed a last digit in the account number. He never got the money and hence I retransferred. In that time I made an enquiry thru Comm …

Looking at Selling Items Platform Recommendation Please?

I am looking at selling some items online. I have an account with ebay. Can u guys recommend any other platforms etc They would be new and old items too Thanks

How Much Does It Cost You to Go to Work Daily and How Long Does It Take You?

Doing some research. How much does it cost you to go to work daily and how long does it take you? Your input will be appreciated. Thanks MOD: For commute time, please refer to previous poll. …

I Bought Some $30 Telstra Sim Kits.what Can I Do with Them?

I have bought approx. 30 x $30 Telstra Sim Kits. They were really cheap. Other than sell them online,what can I do with them? All advice will be appreciated. Thanks

When Do You Anticipate You Would Have Paid Your Home Mortgage off Completely?

Just wondering when you think you would be debt free from paying off your home mortgage.Personally I have another 15 years to go.

Should I buy an iPhone 8+ or wait for the iPhone X?

Dilemma I need to upgrade my work mobile and I have the option of changing it to an iPhone 8 plus or wait for the X? What would u do?

Help Buying a Vacuum Cleaner

I need to buy a vacuum. Should I be spending $600 on a Dyson that would last 5 years or buy a $100 every 2 years? It is for home.Reasonable traffic area.

Looking for the best rewards Credit card with no annual fee

I am looking to cancel my CBA Credit card because they have cut the points scheme down by 67%. shame on u CBA. I am on the search for a new credit card with the best possible rewards points. I was …

At What Stage Can You Go to Get a Car Wash Financially?

Just wondering how much should u earn,before u think it is ok to go for a car wash? Running a tight ship here and crunching the numbers.

What Age Is Ok to Start Leaving Kids at Home?

Just wondering what age is ok to start leaving my kid at home alone? Mobile phone…check Ipad with facetime…check And for how long too? TIA

Buying a newsagency business.Your input please.

I have a friend wanting to buy a newsagency. I have told him that I don't really like it for a few reasons. 1.No family time. 2.Dying trend. 3.Hard work 4.Long hours. Can you guys offer your …

Should We Sell and Build Bigger or Just Stay as Is?

As it stands,our house is worth $550k. There is a large influx of money in the town and we know that the house prices are going to increase. Should we sell now and build a bigger house or just stay …

Just How Much Is Enough to Have?

Just wondering where we would all like to be at the age of 60 financially? How much are you hoping to have in terms of assets etc? Thanks PS I am planning to retire in the next 10 years hence the …

LED Round Headlight or LED Bar for The SUV? Help Me Decide Please

I need some help deciding whether to buy a LED Bar approx 20 inches or 2 x round LED Head lights. For some reason the headlights are more expensive,I was also told that they are more powerfull. The …

How Much Is Your Electricity Bill and How Many of You at Home?

As the topic suggest. Thanks Just getting an idea for the moment.

Build on Existing Property or Buy?

My dad lives in a old house(Rents) and has a corner shop and a decent size block at the back. They are considering building a granny flat at the back for approx. $100k. I said to them to go out and …

Should I get a German Shepherd dog and prepare for the bills or just not get a dog?

I am a looking at getting a german shepherd dog. What scares me are the bills that will follow. I like to have a dog for the companionship,security etc Your views please and how much should I save …

Australia Post

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour resigns.Your thoughts please?

Will we finally get our parcels delivery? and in 1 piece too?

Working As A Contractor Vs Working for a Boss

Advice needed pls. I have a decent job and earn ok money. Should I take the challenge to earn more money and leave my current ok paying job? My current job is reasonably easy but the money is not …

Went on Holiday and My Cousin Whose Husband Is a Doctor, Gave Me an Embroidered Toliet Roll Holder

So we went on a trip and my cousin whose husband is a specialist gave us a material embroided toilet roll holder. I don't know what to make of it. We gave them decent gifts worth $25 each. Is …

Pay off Mortgage or Keep It?

Hi there I have a mortgage on my primary residence and have a small amount in there owing. I can pay it off now but I have equity in there. Should I pay the loan off and save the %1500 a month? If I …

What to buy from Los Angeles?

Travelling to Los Angeles this week and want to know what is cheap there to buy? Not in the market for anything at the moment but if it is at the right price,why not?

Buying a Property 400m from a Train Station but The Strata Is $1900 a Quarter-Castle Hill

Hi all. We are looking at buying an apartment for $750k in Castle Hill. It is literally 3 mintues walk from the train station. Small set of apartments. 3 Bed 2 bath and 2 car garage. Rent would be …

Buy Apartment for $600K in Liverpool 2170 or a House for $700K in Camden?

Would you buy an apartment in Liverpool 2170 3bed 2 bath and 2 garage for $600 or a 4 bedder house in Camden for $700K? I can afford both but the apartment seems like less work and is closer to the …

Buying an investment property thru super. Need a decent accountant. Have you done this before?

We are consolidating our superannuation and are looking at buying an investment property. Our usual accountant is charging approx. $3000 to set this up which I believe is too expensive. Then we also …

What Would You Do-Move Back to The City or Stay in The Suburbs?

We live a distance away from the city. the schools are not bad but being private,the fees are approx. $12k a year. The school is rated 150 with regards to ATAR. We both work and have stable …

Superannuation-Leave It as It Is 6% PA or Invest It in Property Maybe?

Just wondering if we should leave our super at 6% per annum or buy a property with the money we have? The costs for the accountant and auditor are approx. $5000 per annum. I realise that if we buy a …

I helped find a guys lotto ticket. He is not talking about a reward for me. What should I do?

I helped an old boy find his lotto ticket. Located it and he got paid $101 000.00 I even mentioned to him that if I help him out,is there a cut for me. He got the cheque and cashed it. He is not …

Which BMW To Buy? 2004 M3 or 3005 X5?

As I get to the end of my life,I am looking to buy a car that I could never afford. Mind you,it will be a 2nd hand unit. I am looking at a 2004 M3 or an X5 2004 Price is approx. 20 to 30k I am happy …

Buying an Investment Apartment.which One Would You Choose?

we are looking at buying an investment apartment. One is 590k and has a train station 5 min away and has things like pool and gym etc Strata is $1500 a quarter. We would get approx $550 a week …

Best Way To Get Credit Card Points

Just wondering what is the best way to get some credit card points without it costing the earth?

I have a lot of time on my hands. I earn decently. Should I look for more things to do or just bludge?

So I work a 40 hour week. Earn decent money. The thing is that I have approx. 15 hours of the 40 hours free. Most of the time I check facebook etc and just bludge. Should I be looking for more things …

Agent Lied to Us about Having Another Buyer for Property. Should I Go Direct to The Buyer and Buy The Property?

So I am in the market to buy a property. The day I saw the property the agent told me that there was another buyer. None the less,i made my offer and the agent said that the other buyer had made an …

Tenants Rights after Staying in A Property for 5 Years

So I have this investment house and have a really good tenant. He pays on time etc and fixes the small things himself. This year will be 5 years that he will be staying there. Is there something I …

What Gadget to Buy a 10 Year Old?

So my kid is 10. All he has had is a Wi. I would like him to keep up with the time and am willing to buy him an xbox or something like that for up to $500. Need help please. He has an ipad 2.

What to Do with Business Tax Break of $20000?

Remember the $20 000 tax break there was this year for assets bought until 2017 June? I have the option next year or the year after of using that tax break. Question is,what do I buy? Car would be …

Fuel Consumption Query-Not Getting The Numbers as Expected

So I have a 4 x 4 Car. When I researched the car and even now,the dealers say that I should be getting 8.1l per 100km it is a diesel vehicle. I drive 104km a day. I am extremely carefull and have do …

Take a 2nd job or wait for increase? What would you do?

So here is the scenario. next year I know for sure that I will get an increase of $10k or more.It is in the bag. Question is,should I take a 2nd job or not at nights? We are comfortable at the …

My 10 Year Old Kid Is Being Harassed/Bullied at School. Please Help with All Advice?

Hi there. My daughter is 10 yrs old . Recently there was a kid who pushed her. Being the softy that she is,she did not retaliate or tell the teacher. Recently the same kid has held her throat and …

Sim Card for India

So we are off to India for the first time on holiday. Anyone recommend taking a sim card from here or buy one there? Need data too


ANZ Says That There Wont Be Cash Transactions from 2040. Your Views?

Interesting news. But why no more cash? Cash is king. All views will be accepted and read

How much cash do you keep at home?

So recently I have had to take $2000 home. The first thing I was asked by my mrs was why u carrying so much cash? Is it legal? What will the cops say if they catch you?

Best NBN Deal in Regional NSW

I am with iprimus at the moment and they are pricey. Contract finishes next month. Looking for NBN with approx. 50gb tops of downloads and a tel line. So far I can see activ8me have a deal with 50gb …

Best Way to Earn Points on Credit Card

Any ideas to get more points using my credit card? I pay bills etc using credit card at the moment Any ideas?

Best Value SLR with Full HD Camera under $700 or So?

I am in the market to buy an SLR Camera that does full HD Video and decent photos too. I am no professional but would like something decent. Any ideas? Not too fussed about twin lens etc but would …