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Dell Warning: Desktop orders (RTX builds) delayed again

Received email a few days ago. Aurora 12 with RTX 3080 delayed from mid July until at least mid August. They are making it hard to get a refund. How can such a huge company not know its …

USB Headset?

Dear Ozbargainers, I remember when computer fairs were a thing on the weekends there used to be cheap USB headphones w/ mic (headsets). If my memory serves sometimes they were as little as $15. I …


My wife's workmate swears by it. Occasionally in the Myer sales… Where can one get on the cheap. Thanks!

Bose QC25 any colour for iphone before EOFY

Hi All, I'm really keen for some BOSE QC25 for my wife for our next trip. Any hope of the approx. $320 price soon so we can get the TRS back? Best I can find is Sydney Hifi $338 with free …

Best PVR? Mates' wife just wants to easily record regular TV

Dear Ozbargainers, My friend would like to buy his wife the best PVR (easy to use, best program guide, loads of storage...) for her birthday.

Pepsi Next 24 Cans $2.99 Coles ACT

expired Pepsi Next 24 Cans $2.99 Coles ACT