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Investing in Canberra Any Advice ?

Hey guys, I live in sydney but the prices are so high that I am resorting to investing elsewhere. Came across an apartment in Canberra CBD where a 1BR is sold for $390 and Brand new with a rental …


GraysOnline Purchase, Unfairly Treated ?

Hi all, Purchased a vehicle from Graysonline via their auction and picked up the car and noticed there were few features missing from the car. Bluetooth/Manual/Log Books were mentioned in the …

New Audi Q3

Hello OZB, I have been quoted $50k driveaway for Audi Q3 TFSI Sports (2.0 Petrol) with Metallic paint and Teknick package. Anyone found it cheaper than this price ? Jaff

How to pay for gift card purchase from different state?

Buying a gift card from Gumtree from a different state. Seller wants bank deposit and then he can ship it. Are there any other way ? PayPal ?

Need Cheap Soil Removal

Someone dumped 50 tonne of soil on my block and I have to pay for getting removed. Need help with cheap excavation/soil removals. Have advertised on gumtree and Facebook…. Can deliver for …

cruze Sri Z series

Hello, I was hoping if someone has made a purchase of the Holden cruze Sri Z series sedan Automatic with 1.6l turbo engine. The best I could get it $26k driveaway for a 2014 model. Am I getting a …

iPhone 5 local stock for a pickup

Anyone knows any deals floating around ??