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eBay Protecting Sellers Who Combine Shipping and Don't Ship

i'm having a 'discussion' with eBay at the moment and keen to hear others stories or advice. i used buy it now for a bunch of items on eBay, not realising that two of them were from …

Voting on Forum Thread / Original Post

Would the community consider it to be beneficial if you could vote on a forum thread? I don't know what rules would be used, but sometimes I've missed forum posts because of posts created …

2x FREE Good Food and Wine Show 2015 Tickets (Sydney)

out of stock 2x FREE Good Food and Wine Show 2015 Tickets (Sydney)

Any predictions about Ipad 4 pricing after 22nd Oct event?

Hi all, Looking to buy an ipad, but knowing of the 22nd october event, with the expected release of the ipad 5, does anyone have any thoughts about if the pricing will come down? like the 16gb wifi …

Mariah Carey Ticketek presales password?

Can anyone share the ticketek presales password for Mariah Carey? I cant believe I didn't receive the password... if i dont get these tickets my gf will kill me. :)


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