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$17 4GB Laptop RAM (Sold Out) $19 DIR-600 with Bonus Antenna - Flingshot End of Month Slashathon

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    Dyson… computer stuff??

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      Dyson use state of the art micro-computer robotic technology to enhance the vortexular alignment and increase suction in their products. Hence the inclusion in this sale. Hope that clear it up for you ;)

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        Dyson use state of the art micro-computer related technology jargon to enhance the reality distortion vortex and increase the hype and perceived value in their products. Hence the inclusion of high prices.

        Having said that, flingshot does good deals :)

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          While Dyson promote expensive product you don't need (some of which are a horrible waste of money IMO), you cannot be argue that they don't use high technologies to develop those products because they do.

        • is the Dyson DC34 any good? does it come with the extension stick bit and other accessories?

        • yes, it is not completely unreasonable to disbelieve that by not failing to utilize high technology in product development won't therefore result in unsuccessful product success.

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        Great, makes perfect sense now…

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        Sucked in!

      • Like Dyson off of Terminator 2?

  • just checking…
    will the 4gb ddr3 RAM fit a late 2011 macbook pro?


    • check the specs of the laptop for compatibility.. getting it to upgrade my Samsung 3series

      • it says I need PC3-10600, 204pin, 1333MHz.
        I assume these will still be fine, just underclocked?

        • ask a geek

        • it will run for a bit then crash. you need a 1333mhz :(

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          will it suit a late 2012 27inch imac?

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    Thank you Flingshot. I been looking online and in stores for a 4gb ram 1600 mhz and it's more than double the price of this. Very much appreciate free shipping and your competitive prices. Will definitely buy from again. How long will it take for shipping now I just bought it today.

    • Everything from the sale today should be shipped out by Thursday. It would usually ship tomorrow but we have like 250 music orders that were delayed arriving so it will most likely not happen until after AUS Post picks up for the day.

      • Are you sure? I ordered 2 items from you including an DIR-825 on the 21st of last month. Almost 2 weeks on neither item has shipped. Both were in stock. 1 had 4-5 day eta the other had 5-7. Whats worse is this sale had the DIR-825 $7 cheaper than what I paid. What can we do about my double frowny face? ;-((

        • If you just emailed us about this issue I am getting the warehouse to look into it, because there is no reason you should not have received them by now.

        • Yes I had just emailed through. Seemed odd cause last time I ordered it was shipped within 3 days and I was wrapped with the service. I'll wait for a direct email reply then. Can we do anything about the $7

        • We can definitely do something about it!

          Will email back once we figure out what happened.

  • is this RAM SODIMM? says DIMM but also says (laptop) which would be SODIMM! please confirm

    • Definitely SODIMM.

  • Please please please do a deal on mSATA SSDs'.

    • You should probably just find some liteon OEM SSDs they used to be pretty cheap and u just open them up and it's a msata ssd in an adapter.

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    Why is the 2Gb Latop so-dimm $4 but the iMac 2gb so-dimm is $15? Are they not the same chips?

    • A lot of macbooks (especially the newer ones) use lower voltage chips that the normal SODIMMs.

  • Any chance on a discount for the fitbit scale as well?

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      Send us an email and we will work out a deal for you

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        I can confirm that they have done this multiple times for me when I sent them email to do a deal for me.

        • How much were the discounts?

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          Hahah I think multiple emails is not doing it justice your current email count is at 206, which includes emails going both ways :)

        • Discounts were significant.

        • +1

          If you said that to me Rep, I will try to minimise my emails to you to save you time :) Good sense of humor by the way.

        • +4

          We live for emails, if we didn't get 100 emails a day we would go home feeling lonely and unloved ;)

          As long as you email us for pricing and we can work out a deal you can email us every day, you are one of our best and most consistent customers and very easy to deal with!

        • Thank you, Rep :)

          I will very soon be buying a brand new AC Modem Router or Router only about which I enquired a week before for a friend who is currently overseas. I will let you know beforehand so that you can organize stock in time for me.

          Like I have said many times before, I like your warranty policy and excellent customer service very much. You are very easy to deal with while returning or exchanging. To make it even better you guys are available almost round the clock on emails and all 365 days a year for warehouse pick up which includes all weekends and public holidays. Keep up your hard work and excellent customer service guys. Keep these great deals coming on Ozbargain and by email.

        • +1


          Examples of significant savings: for a portable DVD burner product which was on sale for $48 everywhere else, I got it from Flingshot for $36, another SSD product that was selling for $108 everywhere else, I got it for $90 by sending them email to work out a deal for me.

          Flingshot worked out two laptop deals for my friend, and one of the laptops would have cost us nearly $2000+ anywhere else, we got it for $1500 with 3 years replacement warranty. Second laptop would have cost us around $1000+ and we got it for under $800 with 3 years replacement warranty.

          I believe there is no harm in sending an email with your price and giving them a chance to work out a deal for you. They are a small company but provide an excellent customer service and try to accommodate as much as they can. They are very easy to deal with.

  • Any 8G DDR3 RAM?

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      I'm also looking for an 8GB 1600Mhz Laptop RAM. Any deal for this rep :)

  • +4

    Keep up the good work guys. I am impressed with your customer service.

  • Does anybody know if the 4gb 1600mhz RAM will fit into a HP DM1? Cheers guys

    • We have upgraded dm1's before with this RAM but without knowing the exact model I am going to have to say yes.

  • Hi FS Rep, does is the 4GB has this specs ? 1600MHz DDR3L SO-DIMM PC12800 204 Pin ?


    • That is correct.

  • Hi Rep, does the 2GB come with Hynix brand? Do you know the product code or some specific details?

    • We have some hynix chips left, if you order just ask for those.

      • Hi Rep,
        Can u plz provide some details about the hynix chip? I meed to upgrade my macbook to 4GB and i believe it takes PC3-8500-DDR3 106Mhz…

  • Is the DIR-825 better than a netgear wnr3500l?

    • +1

      With DD-WRT most definitely yes.

  • +3

    "It is that time of month again where we get out the old 'red texta' and start slashing."

    Ye gods, you get a + for the most visceral menstrual metaphor I've ever read.

  • +ve for the flingshot rep again.
    Just unfortunate though that I had ordered 4 X 2GB SO-DIMMs and 1 of the sticks was 1GB. Just noticed it now. Will need to contact the rep and I am sure he will help out.

    • +7

      We throw them in every once in a while just to make sure you are paying attention ;

      Apologies for the error, email us the order number and we will get it swapped out.

    • Strangely, I also ordered 4 x 2GB sodimms and ended up with 1 stick of 1GB, no joke! Disappointingly, I was also expecting them all to be samsung but only 2 are. The other 2 are an unknown/generic brand & of course the 1GB stick is Samsung so I really only got one of what I wanted. Sorry, that's my sad story for the day. Not the end of the world of course but not exactly perfect either.

      • +2

        Did you specify that you wanted Samsung in the order notes? You definitely should not have got a 1GB unfortunately no matter what we do a few seem to creep in overnight though.

        Shoot us an email and we will fix it up.

        • Can't recall if I specified or not, I may have just been going off the picture on your website, not sure now. Will email, thank you, always great service from Flingshot :-)

  • Hi Flingshot,

    I am looking for 4Gb DDR3 ram for my sony viao t13 i think i have DDR3 PC3-10600, DDR3 PC3-12800 according to the crucial memory scanner. Would the 4GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM MODULE (laptop) work with my current installed DIMM?

    • This RAM is backwards compatible but there are people who would suggest mixing different speed RAM is a bad idea. If you bought two then no issue, realistically I think it would be fine myself.

  • How much is the postage for 1 or 2 modules of laptop RAM to Sydney?

  • Sorry it's said free shipping.

  • great…. only recently (last week i think) did i just buy the D-Link Wireless N 150 Home Router (DIR-600) for $17 and now the sell it for $19 which includes the bonus antenna. so if i waited a few more days lately i coudl have paid $2 more to have the bonus antenna.

    • Send us an email and we will work out something for you if you want the antenna.

  • Hey OP, I have an ASUS PRO55 Series laptop, and intend to upgrade it's memory. The motherboard version is F5SR.

    Do you have anything compatible?

    • Your best bet is as some people have suggested use the crucial memory scanner, unless we have actually upgraded a machine and tested it ourselves I don't like to say that a random machine I have never seen will or won't work. If it takes DDR3 then most likely yes though.

  • 2gb ram is sold out. what a pity! want to get one for my first generation i3 laptop before upgrade to a 13inch ultra book.

  • guys, to see what ram you need go to crucial.com and use the system scanner.

  • 4gb also sold out.

  • Any deals on RAM for a late 2012 Mac Mini? Maybe 2x4GB or 2x8GB kits?

  • Bought the 4gb memory 4 days ago for $26…
    Now it's $17 … should have waited :)

    Good bargain flingshot.

  • what about some desktop ram?

  • Hi OP, any deal possible on Samsung SSD PRO 840 Series 256GB?

    • What constitutes a deal on a 256Gb these days?

      We have about 10-20 sitting in the warehouse which were for upgrades that did not happen so we could definitely work something out for you.

      • I would also be interested! :D
        Umm.. It's $244 at Greenboxit at the moment and in the past it's been $238 delivered on Ozbargain

        • I am also interested in this

      • Sorry I missed the PRO part of the request.

        We have the standards in stock. As for the price $239 is the current amazon price so that is pretty impressive for shipped and including GST.

        • Still interested in the non-pros. What can you do for the non-pros? Greenboxit have it for $175 at the moment

  • do we need a special usb adapter for DIR-825?

  • need the 4GB sodimm (1600MHz) :-(

    how about some 8GB sodimm (1600MHz)? :-)

  • thanks for the ipod. now child 4 will have theirs and the fights will stop.

    • and the edifier for $42 - nice buy for a rechargable.

  • Aw man, my fitbit shipped from you yesterday and now it's $10 cheaper?? :(

    • Send us an email and we will sort it out for you.

      • Thanks!

  • Will the 2GB sticks work in a Mid 2010 Macbook? It says it requires 1066Mhz.

  • +1

    Good deals! Just bought the Edifier 350e portable ipod dock.

  • Hi Rep,

    I was wondering if you are able to offer the HP DV7-7304TX for $1398 like your last deal a couple of weeks ago?

    • I take it that's a no then?! ;)

    • Send us an email and we'll see what we can do :)

  • Rep, bring back 4GB RAM's pls. Got your reply on the specs but missed out getting them arghhh…

    • me tooo… pleeease

    • +4

      Unfortunately we need to grow them in a petri dish. This takes time, if we rush it they may turn out as an sd card, which wouldn't really work too well!

      • Rep,

         you really got me cracking up. Good one mate :)
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