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Bargain 4th Place Ribbons, Pk of 20 for $5


28/5: Now $5

So, you think your under-achieving child has everything?

Well, now you can take advantage of this bargain - only 20 "4th Place" ribbons, which you can give them after they come home from school sports carnivals again empty handed. Technically they are better than "Highly Commended" and the dreaded "Participation" ribbons.

Other uses: For giving the fat kids next door that never win anything

Olympics countries - we know your competitors miss out on anything after Bronze, so why not reward your athletes with these great "4th place" ribbons, which are almost as good as winning the Bronze. Kind of like how the Channel 10 Breakfast show was almost as good as the Channel 7 and 9 breakfast shows.

And for the maths-minded, this bargain works out to be approx 35c per act of condescension

And it has (correctly) been pointed out that you have to factor in delivery costs, but I can help with that. If you buy $50 worth of these demoralising items, you can also save yourself from spending on delivery costs, I think.

Edit - best comment post so far (imho) from tonyjzx "send a pack to mark webber"

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