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Telstra $30 Prepaid MicroSIM/Nanosim for $10 @ The Good Guys - in-Store or eBay ($2 Shipping)


Saw the offer in this week's catalogue, seems only available for microsim and nanosim. Better than the Big W deal this week (half price). I'll update the link when the new catalogue is available online. Looks like you can buy multiple items.

Update: price has updated automatically on website, start on Tue 28/05

Mod: According to comments, the item is still available in store.

Update: MicroSim available on eBay from thegoodguysaustralia.

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    Time to get my spare phone unlocked from Telstra for $10 :D

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    Remind me if they do Paywave ?

    • +1

      Unfortunately not, and it seems no one is selling their gift card. I was so desperate trying to find a place that sell these cards using paypass but had to give up when buying the vacuum cleaner from them.

  • When it's starting?

  • So can these give you google play credit?

    • These aren't specific to the ipad, so Yes. Regular credit.

  • Good guys latest catalogue is now on lasso here.
    on the last page (page 28)

    It says 3GB, so dose it come with 3GB or $30 credit or both?


    • 1) Flexible credit in orange, green, pink, pack.
      2) White pack "includes 3GB" only.
      3) Use 1 to select Telstra offer and against Play purchases, except if you use online chat to activate explicitly it as "for the ipad", in which case your 3,000 'cents' = 3,000 megs internet and then doubtful such credit is flexible. & For all practical intents, "for the ipad" = 850MHz.

      • I have been able to purchase from google play using the 3gb plan for ipads not sure if that has change. Last time i used was 8 weeks ago or so

        • How did you get this working? I got a few iPad microsim packs and whenever I put that in my prepaid phone and I select to use my Telstra account for billing it says there is an error.

          Edit: I put the microsim into my prepaid phone after I had activated it

        • first time had lost of issue, so i wiped my 10.1 tablet, and i didnt enable wifi until i bought the first app billing to telstra, after that I can buy them even with wifi enable.

        • If you activate a $30 starter kit (orange, link or green) for iPad you get $30 credit that is equivalent to 3GB or can be used on play ect.

          If you purchase the iPad specific sim pack you get 3GB of "bonus data" that has no $ value.

  • Is there an easier way to add the credit to an existing account apart from porting out for $2 and port back in (I believe you can use the $30 and transfer it slowly to your account, but you wont get the bonuses)

    • How about the other way? I never use all the credit in 30 days and activate a new one each month. Is there a way to transfer the unused part to the new one?

      • +1

        Cant you just activate the sim with a 12 month expiry? Sure you get less call credit but if you are using it to buy applications then you dont need the call credit.

        • I'm using it for the 3Gb data on my ipad mini.

      • Start the new Starter Pack SIM a couple of days before your old SIM expires & Transfer credit from old SIM to new with credit2u ($10/d max 25c fee)

        Better - set up each ($10) $30 Starter Pack SIM initially as Longlife, then change to Simplicity - as Tonester posted
        - 15c/min calls with no flagfall & 10c/MB data, and $30 recharge lasts 6 months!
        ($30 = 3GB - same as iPad SIM without the hassle)

        (Adding $1 credit in last 14 days before expiry keeps SIM active for a further 13-14 days.)

        • 10c/MB data does not equate to $30/3GB of data.

          10c/MB = $100/GB.

        • Doh! Meant to correct that. Yes - my stuff up. Connecting as iPad gives best data (3GB). Rest is correct.

  • Nice. Was waiting for this deal to pop up again, is there any limit on how many can be purchased at once? Might get a few for myself & two for my girlfriends phone.

    Seems you can add as many as you want to your Cart

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    At this price, is this better than the $29 woolies prepaid?

    • Yes. Woolies mobile is more susceptible to some/severe congestion..virtually unusable in afternoon/evenings. But your experience may vary.

      • As with all services, depends on coverage in your area & how many people are using it intensively.

  • Anyone know if these SIMS will do 4G? Would love to give the network a test.

    • +2

      yes they do

      • Any idea how much data this gets you when used ina mobile? Am I correct in saying 3GB is when used in tablets?

        • +1

          $250 (=125Mb)
          +400Mb bonus

          +the following Pre-Paid Plus Packs

          200MB / 30 days
          700MB / 30 days

          = 1425Mb if you do not make any calls or sms other than the free time.

  • I've normally rung up Telstra helpful desk and they have transferred the $30 credit (completely) across to my existing pre-paid SIM. Only downside is I now have a long list of phone numbers linked to my Telstra account!!

    • ask telstra chat to cancel them

  • hi, can anyone confirm if this simcard can be activated on encore prepaid plan with $30 real credit?

    • yes

    • Yes, it can be activated on encore

    • Do you guys mean that if you have encore plan, and you can top up with another $30 real credit onto it?

      What if you never had encore plan, say new customer can you use this to activate a new encore plan with $30?

      If yes then how

      • I meant, new customer can activate it on encore. either by live chat or phone.

  • +2

    Are these the 3GB only variety cards without the $30 credit?
    The given model number 521 seems to indicate this. http://printa.net.au/products/telstra-apple-ipad-sim-30-star...
    But these would be white not pink as advertised.

    • I'm in the same dilemma.. Want to buy a few, but i dont want those 3GB ones.

    • It says $30 and include 3gb. will be both. I haven't use those iPad ones.

  • can i buy it and not activate it until i really need to use it? will the credit expire?

    • +1

      unless it is a very old pack , if not usually expire in 2014 or 2015

  • Good guys Caringbah lying about stock levels - went in and they said no stock, called up and confirmed they have stock, on my way back now :)

  • anyone tried price matching at officeworks?

  • OW generally do not price match on these deals. I tried and the guy just looked at me and said, "Looks like you got a good deal on that"!
    I have used these before, Telstra ports the number across quite promptly. Good deal if you have a telco to 'jump' to cheaply in your non-Telstra months

  • +1

    catalogue/deal expires monday 10th june

    direct link

    auspost has the 3gb ipad sim for $10 until sunday 9th june

    price match at big w :)

  • +4

    Thanks OP, I ordered 5 packs with $2 delivery. It's cheaper to have it delivered than to drive out to where they have them in stock.

    • Good idea. I followed your lead. :)

      • me 2 ;)

        • Same

        • Good luck.

          I ordered for local pick up, when I was there, "ipad sim" is packed instead of the normal micro sim. They were packed and sent from head office.

          I rejected the pack and now waiting for their resolution.

      • They just called and said I needed to collect in person… no way I'm going all the way to Bendigo to get it… so the order got cancelled. Sigh.

  • +3

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  • +1

    I may be a little bit retarded but can someone break it down for me? I have a Telstra Pre-paid 4G wireless hotspot and wondering if i can utilize this deal. Do i put these sims in the device to make use of them or can i transfer the credit from them (3GB?) to my current sim in the device? I only want the data and have no interest in and calls/sms. What is the best plan of attack and will i end up with like 6 mobile numbers under the my account section of my telstra account?

    Hope someone can help, cheers.

    • I doubt you can transfer the data.

    • Buy it, stick it in. Turn it on. You will have immediate access to Telstra website (but not general internet) so can then activate it online.

      Use 3GB (regardless of being an ipad or not..it doesn't matter.)

      Rinse and repeat.

  • can I use this credit for iTunes? similar to the Google Playstore charge account thing? otherwise maybe I can use the new Google Music store? so many questions…

  • +6

    Just a warning to potential buyers, the actual product is the $30 prepaid micro sim for the Ipad (white package version), not the $30 prepaid starter kit (pink package) as advertised.

    I know because I just went to pick up and it was the white package version. And looking at the labels, the Goodguys product code sticker on the back of the ipad microsim has model number 521, as same as the advertised product on the goodguys website, but the picture is wrong on the website is the wrong one.

    • But it can be used in other devices than the iPad right?

      • Yes. Don't know if EVENTUALLY the system twigs that it's not an ipad but meantime the data flows fine.

    • Thanks for clarifying that.

    • I just went down to my local GG (Mandurah) and they have the pink blue pack for $10. Did online chat with Telstra to confirm that one would be ok to use for buying apps on Google Play and they confirmed it will work for that. Off to go buy a few of them!
      Update: Bought the last 2, none left now.

    • online/catalogue is $30 micro/nano sim

  • Nice deal OP, just purchased one, thanks.

  • +1

    Nice - $2 delivery for 3 is awesome.

    • UPDATE: They just sent me a refund - no explanation or anything :(

  • +3

    This product is not available for sale online. It may still be available in store but some products are not available in all stores.


    • The ozbargain effect. its gone.

  • nvm,

    previous similar deal here http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/95610

    I suppose we have to figure out choosing Simplicity or Encore?

    does anyone know if Encore's bonus cap + data does not affect the $30 base credit once you start using?

    • It is confusing whats going here. it has never been explained properly and I have read all the different threads.

      From what I understand - NO you dont need any apple products (just dont get the ipad sim) get the other sims with $30 credit. Good guys seemed to have got it mixed up here and we are not sure which sims they are selling for $10.

      Yes you need the sim in the device. Android phone. You then can buy the app and if you are logged into you gmail account the app will transfer to your account and you can remove the sim and even transfer it to other android devices (tablets)

      Edit: This was a response but the poster removed his questions..

      • +1

        thanks for the response mate, I figured out some answers looking at the march deal so I decided to remove those sort of q's

        also looking at ebay, no big deal converting nano/micro's to normal sims for android for a mere $1


        so yes, currently it's darn confusing I can't even place an order for microsim at GG online, only nano sims, and I don't think they are selling normal sized sims for $10

        and plan options to pro-long the $30, does anyone know if the Long Life option will apply for 6 months duration?


        • I am shortly off to OW to see if they price match.

          Yes I am under the impression that the long life plans work fine so you have 6 months to use your credit.

          You can choose the plan that has $250 call credit and 400 MB (which will still gibe you $30 store credit) but imo the 6 months is better as I dont care about the call credit or data.

      • +1

        It's definitely the ipad ones. The pictures are wrong. I just called up Good guys and they told me it's for ipads only.

        • I took a screenshot just in case. I have been able to activate nano sim on encore or ipad plan. let's wait to see what they send.

        • Yeah I went in store & they're the white iPad ones, the Telstra guy I rang up said they can be activated in a mobile device though.

        • Just activated via online help & the guy was very helpful in getting it activated on the Long Life prepaid thing - will probably do one a month or so (purchased 4).

        • +1

          Just be careful!

          I called Telstra before with regard to using "IPAD Only" sim on other devices, it will work but you may end up with an unexpected bill. I was clearly indicated by the Telstra customer support and they warned me upfront…as a result, I didn't buy any for the previous deal —> Telstra SIM for IPAD Only.

        • I called up as well (twice to make sure - because I ordered four iPad simcards I wanted to make sure) - both times the Telstra phone support people said I could do it. So I'm hoping to try it today.

  • Went to the Penrith store this arvo and could not find any of the micro sim packs. They had three nano sims packs (which I bought at $10 each) and one white iPad starter kit. They had loads of the blue mini sim packs though!

  • Just tried to buy a micro online and no go?

  • Ordered online, paid delivery, and have now been asked to come in store to sign for them.

    • Yep, same here. GG Alexandria were out of stock, so they'll call when new stock arrives to pick up. $2.00 delivery fee refunded.

    • Same here, they emailed me and said to pick up from Caringbah, which is way too far for me. I replied and ask them to order for me at Chatswood store, and I will pick up when that's ready. Still waiting to see what's gonna happen.

  • +1

    I bought 10 of these immediately when this was posted, then 30 minutes later got a call from TGG saying they had no stock and if I saw this sale on OzBargain….THEY ARE ON TO US!!

    • LOL so retailers are now aware of this. Hence they send spys to check us out

  • Damn, looks like I missed out: This product is not available for sale online. It may still be available in store but some products are not available in all stores.

  • Meh Not available for store pickup. Not available to buy online after putting in all your details.
    What a waste.. and of course its us professionals that are to blame!

  • +1

    Is anyone else sick of deals being sold out so quick?

    • +1

      I'm sick of orders being cancelled, JB Hi-Fi, DX.com and now TGG

  • sold out online but available in-store or via price-match at big w with catalogue :)

  • +1

    gah got my order cancelled as well

  • Is there a way to see if the simcard is activated without making a call or downloading data? (I haven't put my sim card in my device yet)

    • +1

      if you activate on long life, make sure data is turned off before you put the simcard in, otherwise it will chew through your $30 in about 2 mins
      if you activate on encore i think you get 200mb so you should be ok.

      but anyhow once data is off you can put the sim in, you can check your balance etc.. for free that will tell you if it is activated or not, you can also go directly to play store and try buy something (via wifi!)

      • Thanks, yeah last time I tried to buy an application via the Playstore but because my simcard wasn't activated fully (left it off for a couple of hours) the transaction wouldn't go through and got an error message and I can never buy that app again (or until they fix the bug that has been around for years).

    • +1

      i receive a "Your Telstra Pre-Paid activation is complete" email :)

  • +4

    Just got one price matched at Big W

  • Called my local GG asked if they had stock, they said had plenty, I went there and they had none.
    Went to Big W and they price matched no prob at Kawana, QLD.


  • Sigh, got some at Target for $15 each, they are half price there till end of June. :) better than nothing!

  • You can still pick up in Perth. Micro and Nano sims for a 10er.

  • Picked up my order of the microsim pack from local goodguys, as someone mentioned in an earlier post. According to their stock code 521, they gave me the one for IPAD ONLY. I showed them the printout of the image I prepared earlier, they indicated there is a problem with the online product image and for the code 521, that is for IPAD Only.

    They were happy to give me a PINK PACK, however not on their shelf. So, I decided to swap with the Nano Sim Pack given that I have the adaptor to fit in a Pocketwifi. I may lost $10 if I opened the pack and it doesn't work!!

    I would like to consult if anyone knows and please confirm the following:

    I have two adapters, one for microsim and one for nanosim, if I put them together and install in my pocketwifi….if this is going to work?

    btw, my local BigW won't price match the PINK PACK for me :(

    Thanks in advance.

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