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[Click Frenzy] 50% off Superdry Giftcards For Use In Store Only


Just saw this on via Click Frenzy link. Looks to be a good deal, buy your gift cards at half price @ finaldays.com.au, then use your gift cards in any of the seven stores listed in Sydney/Melbourne. (Details on the site)

Shame there are no stores in QLD otherwise I would have been on this.

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This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2013

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  • the site's loading very slowly… i'm refreshing a second times as we speak.

  • Would've been on this if it was 75% off…

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      If you wait for a 50% off sale then the discount would work out as 75% off :)

  • page loading is fine, hold on to buying full price item and wait till theres a sale to use it

  • Expiry date?

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    You'd hope these gift cards were super dry otherwise the ink would be washed out.

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    • I see what you did there ;)

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    6 months expiration

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      Maybe they're not expecting to have any sales at all over the next 6 months

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    The Galleries Victoria, Shop RG 5 & 6,
    500 George Street,
    Sydney, NSW, 2000
    (02) 9267 6555

    Westfield Sydney City Plaza

    Shop 1008,
    188 Pitt Street,
    Sydney, NSW, 2000
    (02) 9232 1719

    World Square Shopping Centre

    Shop 10.16,
    644 George Street,
    Sydney, NSW, 2000
    (02) 9283 6604

    Westfield Chatswood

    Shop 388,
    1 Anderson Street,
    Chatswood,, NSW, 2067
    (02) 9410 2030

    Westfield Parramatta

    Shop 2110/1,
    159-175 Church Street,
    Parramatta, NSW, 2150
    (02) 9633 2374

    Chadstone Shopping Centre

    Shop 145A,
    1341 Dandenong Road,
    Chadstone, VIC, 3148
    (03) 9530 9505

    Melbourne Central

    Shop GD 031,
    211 Latrobe Street,
    Melbourne, VIC, 3000
    (03) 9663 8140
  • I think superdry currently have up to 50% off on selected items instore as well… not sure when it ends though, I saw it last weekend at Parramatta Westfield store.

  • good deal if they have some good sale items at the moment. need a jacket for winter but dont like the huge branding they put on everything they make

  • Cheers op, grabbed a $50 for the heck of it.

  • can you only use one gift card a time?

    • You can use as many giftcards as you like on one purchase.

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    Uhhh I just bought 2 giftcards as guest and all i got were two giftcard voucher codes… do I just bring these into the store to get my giftcards?

    • The email is your giftvoucher. Print the email with the codes on it and use them to pay for your purchase in store.

  • so how do we use the card? does it get sent in the mail or we use the code in store?

    • The giftvoucher codes are emailed. Print out the email and use the codes to pay for your purchase in store.

      • So can this be used on sale items? Or is it a special offer that can't be used in conjunction with any other special offers?

        • I'd like to know this too!

          Thanks Rep!

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          Yes, giftcards can be used on sale items & on special offers.

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          I Heart you!

  • When will this deal expired?

    • We will stop selling 50% off giftcards on Sunday 30th June. You have 6 months from the date of purchase to use your giftcards.

      • Date of purchase or date of receipt? I still haven't received mine despite getting an order number confirmation.

      • I'd like to know this too. thanks!

        • The gift voucher code is emailed on the same day as you purchased it through the site. If you have not received your email with your gift voucher codes on it please email [email protected] with your name & order number and we'll resend it.

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        Hi Rep,

        Are you sure that the gift card only valid for 6 months? when I check the balance of the gift card from your website, mine expires on June 2014. please provide clarification regarding this matter.


        • that would be nice if it expires in next june. i bought $900 value and will check out the shop in city today (sydney)

      • Link not working??????

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    QLD dont have stores there coz they're Wet n Wild to be Super Dry.

  • Do you have to use the whole value in one purchase? How do they give you the remainder if it's an email print out?

    • No, you do not have to spend the whole value of the gift card in one go. If there is a balance left, it will be given to you in another giftcard or credit note.

  • Gift card is like cash. You can use it with any offer and you don't have to use it all. 6 months expiration

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      ??? How is it like cash? The last time I used cash it didn't suddenly disappear after 6 months & wouldn't chuck a tantrum when I tried to use it in a different store.

      • haha!

  • Great find. Purchased a voucher, will try make use of it today since I'm heading into the city. Hopefully they have some hoodies discounted to make the trip even more worthwhile.

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    iheartmooks, when will this deal expire?

  • +1

    Considering purchasing now and then holding out for xmas or boxing day sales

  • Off topic… but what happened to the mooks brand…

    • Mooks kids clothing is sold at Target now.

  • link doesnt work anymore

  • Rep I selected a $150 worth voucher but nothings showing up in my email?

  • Link Not working??

    • the link does not exist anymore to buy the giftcard…does anyone know if there is an updated link??

  • where is the link to buy? the guy said it expires until sunday?

  • lame:(

  • Awww that sucks, missed it. :<

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    This was an excellent deal rep. For those of us that missed it any chance your getting more allocation?

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    i think the rep should try to get more giftcards if possible.
    This sale is part of click frenzy, and I reckon FinalDays should have been more prepared for this event and the massive response. There are still 7 hours til Click-Frenzy ends, and this deal is already expired.

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    Man, was going to buy a gift card, but held off because rep said it would expire on the 30th of June! I hope that we can get some more!!

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      Me too… I was planning on popping into a store after work to try a few things on and then buying a few hundred dollars worth of giftcards.

      Disappointing that the rep said 30/6 but then it's been removed.

      Can you update, rep?

  • Only if G-star had this deal farrrr..

  • I was dreaming about a SALE like this!! S#!T Man… I logged in at around 10.20 and it was all sold out… I even called the finaldays.com.au 's 1800 number… It was all gone!! I will wait for something like this…
    Does anyone in this forum know if there are any other SUPERDRY offers like this please?

    • Ask the rep you can always rely on his info.

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    No indication that this was limited - in fact it was explicitly stated that it would go until Sunday. Pretty disappointing.

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      Everything has a limit

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        If you're going to have a sale on gift cards until Sunday, then I would argue there is no limit unless stated. It's not like they've run out of codes to generate.

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    Lame, was holding out on buying since rep said we had till the 30th June to buy it, and its expired now.

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    Well, I'll just take my beautiful $$$ and spent it else where.

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    Yes very lame when the rep said till 30/6. so here is a neg from me because of the misleading rep.

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    Came back to buy some cards and none available.
    Poor form rep - either its available til 30/6 or declare the number of cards available at the start

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    This shows how some companies are jumping on the ClickFrenzy bandwagon, in many cases totally unprepared for the demand of the event, or in other cases uses the opportunity to get rid of the few remaining stock of whatever product they have.

    I think ClickFrenzy organisers should make it a requirement that companies who participate in such events have enough stock on hand to last until the end of said event.

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    Poor form, I also held off purchasing as the rep said the deal expires on Sunday.

    Came back tonight after checking out the store too :(

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    if they are only e-vouchers how hard is it for them to authorise and request a new batch of voucher numbers?

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    Misleading info from REP about expiry date. Missed out on the deal because of it.

  • Was gonna get one, but my gf doesn't like superdry and convinced me not to :(

  • +4

    expected the deal to run till the 30th…not happy

  • I was also waiting to but giftcards today based on what rep said. Feeling cheated.

  • Used my gift voucher on Thursday on a jacket on sale.

    T'was easy, the guy keyed the code in and voila!
    The sale ends 30th of June and the discounted items can be found on their Facebook.

    Thanks, final days rep! :-)

  • +2

    So angry I was so close to buying a $300 giftcard on the night of the sale, was ready to checkout and everything. Then the rep comes out with the completely misleading statement that they would sell till Sunday so I decided to hold off to see if I wanted to get more. Now I'm so disillusioned by this poor customer service experience I will not be shopping at superdry or their other associated brands in future. It's obvious they only care about profits and not the promises they make to their customers.

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