expired DEALS DIRECT 50% off + FREE SHIPPING ALL Homewares, Beauty & Grocery (INCLUDING SALE!)


THIS IS INSANE!!!! I just spent $350 on items I don't need because the bargains are HUGE! EVERY SINGLE ITEM is 50% off (and if it was on sale, 50% off the sale price) + FREE SHIPPING, in the above 3 categories.

Excuse my use of capitals but I am super excited, this has got to be the deal of the year!!!

I could post some particular deals here but there are too many to list!!! The 50% off and free shipping applies to the SUPERMARKET, HEALTH & BEAUTY and HOMEWARES categories. I note that some of the Supermarket items aren't 50% off the already reduced price (still bloody good prices though), but everything in the other 2 categories is 50% off the prices that they were this morning!

If it says 'Half Price Shipping', it will be free shipping when added to your cart as long as it's from one of the above 3 categories.

Remember to use Qwibble or another site for a cashback (4% on Qwibble), and for some people the coupon code BUYME10 will give an additional 10% off (this works for some and not others, there doesn't seem to be a rule to it - it doesn't work for me unfortunately!)

Deals Direct

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