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50GB FREE Upgrade of Online Cloud Storage @ AT&T Locker


Dont know how long this will last

This is being offered by AT&T (US Phone Company)

The 50GB is a FREE upgrade from 5GB

iPhone and Android app available

Grab this now and think later before AT&T realize that its also open for international IP addresses and before they start asking for a US Mobile number


  • Sign up with link in post (You only need email, username and password)
  • Confirm your email address via the link sent to your email
  • Login into your account
  • Click "My Plan" under Account Settings
  • Click "Upgrade Plan"
  • Select the 50GB offer and confirm

Now you have 50GB FREE storage from a reputable company

Great for storing those large backup files

Are there limits on the size and type of file I can store in my AT&T Locker?
There are no current limits on the size or type of file you can store in AT&T Locker as long as you don’t exceed your total storage space

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  • +42

    Ha! Nice try, NSA…

    • You could say the same thing about google and amazon online storage.

      Just be smart on what you decide to store on your online storage and keep all your sensitive and confidential data on physical drives

      • +27

        just uploaded a few WikiLeaks docs, lets see what happens…, Ouuu the suspense !

        • +6

          pentagon blue prints?

        • +1

          NSA…. No Strings Attached? :)

        • better check in every 24 hours in case you go missing!

      • and/or use encryption :)

        • +4

          use EncFS. Files available plain on your computer, get sync'd to the cloud encrypted.

          Available for Linux, Mac and if anyone still uses it, Windos

      • +2

        Or just upload it to a cloud service with a Truecrypt volume with a decent passphrase and a keyfile. I do exactly this, but I also utilise a PKI token. My data certainly isn't worth millions of years for them to try accessing.

        • Where'd you get the PKI token?

        • Nice, can you tell us which service do you use/ who do you back up with?

        • How do you get TrueCrypt volumes to work?

          I had one, 500meg. I change a 1KB file in the volume, it re-syncs the ENTIRE 500meg file. No good.

        • That's how TrueCrypt works. If you're going to be modifying or adding data you'd be best off using small containers, only using large ones for storage.

          Otherwise, you might need to find an alternative like 'BoxCryptor'.

    • +9

      The good thing about cloud backup in the USA is when the cloud service goes down you can contact the NSA to retrieve a full backup :-)

    • -3

      second that.

      why would you want to store your personal files on someone else's hard drive which you have no physical access to and no control over. You have no idea who have access to your private files and when.

      IF you really want Cloud service, why not build your own cloud. You store your files in your hard drive and control who have access to them. You also control how much storage space you want.

      • because it gives you no protection from your house being robbed or burnt or natural disasters which could destroy all copies. You can however get together with somebody (or a group for more redundancy) far away and each build a backup server for the others to use so you have offsite backup (or hire a second premises i suppose - a lockup storage with power would do, preferably in another city, if you are really paranoid). Many organizations do indeed take these internal measures, from multinationals down to community groups.
        But of course it wouldnt be cloud, it would be a single server - cloud refers to existing across large multiples of storage units.

  • +1

    Nope its 50GB now…, awesome eastern ! :)

  • The verification email is taking a while…

    • +4

      check your spam filter

  • Windows Phone need not apply: web browser is not supported and there is no alternative browser choice.

    • AT&T are actually supporting Windows Phone with a dedicated app:…

      Not sure if:
      1. It works on non AT&T SIMs and handsets (it should)
      2. It works with Australian IPs (it should)
      3. It works on devices that aren't the 820 or 920 (it should)

      They are also allowing full resolution JPG uploads to be synchronised from the soon to be released Lumia 1020 - which are around 15MB a piece.

  • I just login to say thank.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. ;-)

    • Seems the ios app is only available in the US store, so potentially limiting for some.
  • +1

    Bah. Not compatible with AT&T Locker mobile app on Android or IOS unless you have an AT&T SIM.

    • +1

      I downloaded it using my US iTunes account Abd working perfectly

  • The Second line of the sign up asks for a AT&T Access Code You cant get any further in the process without it
    Or am I missing something?

    • +1

      This is your log in name that you will use to access the service. Create a name that you are comfortable with and away you go. eg Fixit

  • Only gave me 5gb?

  • Thanks OP, works a treat!

  • Got one. Thanks OP.

  • God bless America

  • +9

    Woot, another 50GB online storage locker I'll forget I have :P

    Pity noone has yet managed to do Dropbox as good as Dropbox.

  • Thanks got it. Now to figure out how to get the android app on my phone… using tunnelbear doesn't work from my phone. I can't find the app.

    • I think someone just needs to find the .apk from somewhere and share it.

  • +1

    I got it, but I'm not sure whether I will have a real use for it. I just grab all these free online things as I go.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Got it.

  • hum..upgrade to 50gb

  • where is "account settings" ?
    can not find link to upgrade to 50gb….

  • Thanks

  • I can't seem to find "My plan", where do you guys get the link

    • Click on account settings 'Top right corner.

      • thanks, got it!
        My 5GB doesn't get updated to 50GB even if I do the upgrading many times though

  • Thanks !
    Got the 50GB plan ok - still offering it as of 9:22AEST 17th July.
    Just set up the regular 5GB plan then go the Account Settings/My Plan/Upgrade Plan & select and confirm the change to the limited time offer 50GB plan.
    Many thanks to the OP for this one, nice :-D

    • +3

      log on..where do I find account settings ?

      answer : log on to > Sign up
      Verify email and access
      Select Account settings (right top corner)
      Select My Plan
      You should now see a Upgrade Plan button
      Follow steps to get free 50GB!

    • worked out that you have to verify your email address first via their email to you .From this point you then go back into your 5GB plan and it will let you upgrade it to 50GB.

  • Anyone else able to sign up for the 50GB, but it is still showing as 5GB in account settings?

    • same here

      • need to logon to


        • Yeah, done that. Same issue. 50GB offer is still there, but says current plan is 5GB.

    • worked out that you have to verify your email address via their email to you. From this point you then go back into your plan and it will let you upgrade it.

    • Changed over to Chrome to do the free upgrade and it is now showing correctly. Tried in safari and I couldn't even type in the login details…

  • +1

    Great thanks OP!
    I do get an error when trying to download the AT&T Locker App for Android, says 'not compatible with this device'. I believe it is because we aren't US customers, as I also couldn't find the App searching from my phone…

    • Apparently you need an AT&T sim card in the phone and so be a customer of AT&T.

  • Thanks OP, got it.

  • Many Thanks OP, Those having difficulty upgrading need to log-out & sign-in again to get the 50 upgrade

    • I tried that, still showing as 5 GB

  • Cool, take that CrapBox

  • +1

    seems like no one have found a compatiable phone app, shame, since all i use is my phone so if i can't find a app to use it with it, its useless…

  • Real men dont follow instructions. I finally got it sorted. Thanks for this.

  • Can you do it on a computer and not a mobile device? I get that the site is down for maintenance :(

    • For me it was the opposite. Couldn't do it on my S3 through either the stock browser or Firefox. Desktop Firefox worked fine. Now to find that apk…

    • Ok works now. Thanks :)

  • +2

    dont know why but they asked me to update personal info before continuing, entered everything but keep getting error "Invalid Characters Entered."

    • Same, but it seemed to work from the iOS app so I entered my name there. No option there for the security questions however.

  • +4

    How does one go about making such a crappy website. Looks like a lot of weird technology has been used to make every click take forever to respond, and have the user left wondering what just happened.
    Thumbs up for the free 50gb though ;)

    • "How does one go about making such a crappy website."

      Easy - outsource the development to a bunch of noobs who have inadequate experience and even less common sense.

      Sorry, i work with noobs like this.

      Still, 50 gig is great - thanks eastern!

    • The entire website uses a single adobe flash user interface which makes it lagggy

  • I signed up one account earlier and it worked fine, now it looks like they have removed the 'upgrade plan' link.

    • i just did it now and it worked for me. It's a really shitty UI so perhaps try it again.

    • Yes seems like it's gone now.

    • The "Upgrade Plan" button is back online!

    • no upgrade button on my account, only cancel service

  • Just worked perfectly for me, thanks easternculture

  • thank you

  • Got it via desktop (failed via android phone.


    The connection is painfully slow though!

  • Thank

  • ..hope Google will take a leaf out of AT&T's book & up-size 'drive to that.

  • Easy to apply and upgrade. COnnection is rather slow though

  • +2

    Keep saying "Account creation failed due to a system error" when I try to create a new account. Any ideas?

    • I get the same error.

      • Me too, tried it 5 times with same result.

    • same

  • Anyone been able to find the Android APK file?

  • Works for me. Thanks OP.

  • Got it. Thanks OP

  • Account creation failed due to a system error. Please try again.

    • same message for me

    • same for me, using 2 different browsers as well as US VPN and local ISP. Worked this morning so wanted to go back for 2nd account. I cleared cookies and also used anonymous browsing, still no luck.

      • let me try

        EDIT: Site is not loading, probably being ozbargained or no more storage left

        50GB X 2000 clicks is a lot of tetrabytes

  • broked it is.

  • Hi
    Thanks It worked for me and got 50GB

  • just tried,all good

  • +2

    Does it come with free subscription and access for NSA too???

  • Back online .. go nuts

  • Got the 50GB, thanks for the information

  • Is there a file upload size limit ?

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