This was posted 7 years 3 months 20 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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100GB FREE Cloud Storage @ (2GB File Size Limit) or 50GB Encrypted Storage with Mega


Another 100GB storage for your collection

Got account to backup music collection in .zip files.

Speed is pretty top notch

Currently popular on slickdeals so thought id post it here

Things you need to know

  • 2GB file size limit
  • One download at a time is permitted
  • Ad supported (but who cares, it free)
  • No hot linking

Unsure if its NSA friendly :p


Thanks to raven2000 tip, you can also get 50GB from Mega

Link for Mega is

The Service is based in NZ and provide encryption service.

All encryption is end-to-end. Data uploaded is encrypted on the uploading device before it is sent out to the Internet, and data downloaded is decrypted only after it has arrived on the downloading device. The client machines are responsible for generating, exchanging and managing the encryption keys. No usable encryption keys ever leave the client computers (with the exception of RSA public keys).

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  • Why is "direct downloads" marked with a X on free but says "instant" on pro?

    Does that mean we have to wait like on file sharing sites with our OWN files?

    • usually means if someone tries to download your files they will most likely have to enter a code and wait 30secs etc

  • Thanks ec ! single threaded download speeds hit 1~ MBps easily, upload speeds average at about 160-190KB/s, on 100MBps Telstra Cable…

    Test Download - 89MB

  • I'd rather use mega. Granted, it does offer only 50GB, but I can easily download my files (not treated as a "free" user), and it's encrypted.

    Last time I tried mega I got 3-4MB/s iirc.

  • Thanks, got it

    …in case I need it one day :)

  • Signed up just in case. Thanks OP.

  • thanks

  • Top deal, thanks eastern.

  • Always assume the data gets scanned by the NSA or affiliated parties, especially if the data goes to or through the USA to its final destination. Never trust encryption provided by the service. Use your own (Truecrypt, etc). Uploading files without encryption is leaving them to be read and copied by a bored sys admin in some data center.

    • Always assume the data gets scanned by the NSA…

      Or simply hacked, in which case there are three possibilities:

      1. The provider is unaware of the hack.

      2. The provider is aware of the hack, but doesn't tell you.

      3. The provider is aware of the hack, and does tell you (rare).

      I encrypt everything, including my lunch.

      • I wrap my encrypted lunch in tin foil.

        • +1 vote

          I eat my encrypter lunch wrapped in tin foil in an iron mesh cage to stop the radio waves from detecting me/the sandwich.

  • Although these services do offer lots of storage and are deals in their own merit, the 100GB on has always been free and so has the 50GB on
    So this isn't really a "bargain" and should really belong in the forums as these are free services which have always been free.

    The free 50GB was also posted as a deal previously but was moved to the forums:

    Also has had a 1TB promotion for 6 months as a deal in the past:

  • Is there expiry or a forever thing?

  • Never entrust your personal data to Kim Dotcom. But if you can not afford other online storage services, encrypt the files before you upload it.

    Better yet, always encrypt your data before uploading it to any service provider.

    • How has he proved to be untrustworthy?
      Or, are you saying he is a marked man on a FBI hitlist?

    • Read the terms and conditions of the Mega paid service…it's fkn scary.

  • Thanks for this. I realise there are concerns about privacy, but for business documents (that you don't want being made public) is there any real risk?


    Can I use ftp with this? I am getting extremely annoyed with stupid web browser uploads and gimmicky apps that just NEVER seem to work :@ "rage of the day" btw thanks for info even if it doesn't support ftp.