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APPLE MacBook Air 13.3" $1124 @ DSE Online (Click & Collect Only)


APPLE MacBook Air 13.3" 1.3GHz with TOSHIBA Slim 500GB Silver Portable Hard Drive $1124.10 Delivered Click & Collect Only DSE Online


Offer ends 12-Aug-13

Update: Getting an email from DickSmith saying that it was an error — Toshiba Portable HDD was not meant to be included.

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  • $125 cheaper than the apple store and a bonus hard drive… seems like a good deal… for a mac.

  • Battery life is actually 12 hours, not 9 according to the apple website.

  • good deal´╝îbut I want macbook Pro,not Air. waiting good deal for Pro

    • All Apple computers are 10% off on DSE <_<

    • I'd hold out until the haswell chips are put in, rumours point to october. Either you can then go for the current model discounted or you can get the new model with longer battery life and whatever else they decide to upgrade.

      • They'll no doubt improve the wifi from n to ac so that's a pretty important decision factor for people who want the Pro

  • why would you buy a macbook pro when the air is the same price?
    unless you really need a dvd drive or large amount of storage then i dont see the point of getting the pro =S

    the air has the newer haswell processor and ssd

    • Erm, the pro's have more powerful CPUs? And retina display? And they are no where near the same price? Am I missing something?

      The Airs are great, unless you need the extra CPU grunt or screen res.

      • I was referring to the same price macbook pro not the retina display..
        sorry forgot to mention the faster cpu

        I do believe however the air has a faster gpu and will be faster all around with the ssd

    • IMO right now the biggest difference is the high res display on the pro.
      Most people are waiting for the haswell refreshes to come out for the pro.

    • Because the Pro has a retina display, and once you've used a retina display everything else looks horrible!

    • I don't know why Warwick is getting so many negs, considering he was talking about the pros that are the same price as the airs & have an optical drive he was clearly NOT talking about the far more expensive retina MBP but the standard MBP with the optical drive that have the same screen as the 13" air…its a valid point

      • Must be the MBP fanboi crew. ..

        Warwicks point is valid

      • MBA vs MBP 13":

        1. Low power CPU.
        2. Lack of upgradeability since everything is soldered on.

        1. Long battery life
        2. Low weight
        3. Higher res

        Depending on what you're after MBA may be well suited for some; however for people who don't want to spend oodles on Apple upgrades, it makes sense to buy after-market upgrades elsewhere.

        Full disclosure: I own a MBP and have upgraded my RAM and SSD myself (total cost $300). :)

  • NO!!!!! Just got one in airport with same price and tax refund, but no portable driver included….

  • got one and the hadr drive is so sexy slim ;)

  • Wasn't the free Apple TV a better deal? A 500GB hard drive can be had for not much nowadays…

  • Has anyone managed to click and collect this? Deal has been pulled from the website and when I enquired about my order. They only had it as a macbook without the hdd.

    • Went to Doncaster just now, using C&C. Staff called store manager and confirmed it was for online deliveries only (they only show Macbook in their system)

      No luck with Apple or JBHifi matching the HDD offer. Apple price matched with 10% off though.

  • This is tempting. Been wanting to sell my MBP and get a MBA.

  • highpoint mac store price matched with 5oogb for an extra $10 - they looked up the price of the drive on DSE ($99) and took that of the price of the 500gb they had in stock ($109)

    • Are you able/kind enough to post receipt?
      I recently bought mbp retina, but a Friend of mine is keen on giving the Apple store a go.

  • Is the processor 3rd or 4th Gen?

  • 4th

  • Should I wait for Mavericks? Or will Apple give out free upgrade when it releases?

  • oh,lucky i got the drive with my macbook air instore even the manager resisted at first,opps,seems like i forced him for the hdd :)

  • Seems out of stock everywhere I check

  • Just received an email from DickSmith asking for this to be updated. The 500GB Toshiba Slim Portable Hard Drive is actually not included. It was a content error on the website. It is also now Click & Collect only.

  • What model year is this MBA?

  • Sold my MBP 15" 2009 for $700 and bought a MBA 13" for $1124, happy days!!

    price matched at JBHIFI