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[New Styles Added!] All Julius Marlow Men's Sale Shoes $40 (Save up to $129)

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All Julius Marlow shoes are $50 each with free shipping and free returns as well.

Register for an account and use code 'JM2013' at the checkout for a further $10 off! credit to leonheart1

UPDATE: Deal extended and new styles added!

This is part of Click Frenzy deals for 2013

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  • Thanks heaps, brought 2 pairs!

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      Where did you bring them too?

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        Too ironic.

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          Come on, man - there trying!

        • Not sure anyone actually noticed it johnno! ;)

        • Off cause we did.

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        Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuu…. if only I could strike down the next person to use "brought" instead of "bought" with some sort of annoying cold for a week.

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          +1 - annoying cold
          and add conjunctivitus for the next person who types "could of", instead of "could have"

        • maybe a bit of sinusitis on the side for 'there' instead of 'their'

        • …or 'then' instead of 'than'.

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    Kaching. Don't forget to use JM2013 and register for their newsletter for another $10 off bringing it down to $40 including shipping.

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      Cheers got to pairs for $90, good deal !

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        Next time do separate orders by making another account and save a further $10.

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          signed in just to say that you sir are a true ozbargainer!

        • Thanks! I would've bought 2 for $90. Lucky I saw your post :)

        • It looks like they only accept two separate accounts with the same card…
          If you use a second card it's fine, though. Three pairs for $120!

    • legend!

    • Thanks, mate! Got two pairs for $80.

  • *All sale shoes, not all shoes.

  • fark i wanna buy a pair… NFI what size i am but :|

    Sports shoes = 9US
    Betts Dress shoes = 7
    Other black shoes = 255
    Loafers = 8UK

    meh - bought a pair, 8UK.

    Thanks OP :)

    PS> ended up getting "Obligate"
    PPS> Missed out on the extra $10 off, doh.

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      from someone who has spent time working in a shoe dept, that might be fairly close. Usually half a size to one size down from your sports shoes is a good bet for these formal shoes :)

  • Thanks! Bought a pair of the Edmonton shoes, down from $149.95 to $40 after the discounts! And the free returns is good in case it doesn't work out :)

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      register first, then you can apply the code.

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      Take caps lock off. Calm down. Then try registering.

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    I actually had to shove paper towel (that's all I could find handy at the time!) into the toe of my 4 year old Julius Marlow work shoes today because they had finally worn through to the point of becoming too painful.

    Huge thanks to zelda707 and leonheart1 :D

    • Yesterday I decided that it was time for new work shoes too, the toes of mine are scuffed and the sole is starting to come away. This deal was perfectly timed.

  • Dang, these are a much better deal than the one from last clickfrenzy.

    Gonna buy some more shoes now (getting to the stage where I've almost got as many as the mrs)

  • Nitro! Why you not on Sale? ><

  • Which of these styles is closest to "Justice"?

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      Justice is in stock at the moment if you want it

      • Thanks, saw them on the second day of the sale and ordered two pairs. Hopefully they arrive and then I can get rid of the Florence UK 11 which I won't need any more.

  • nice thanks. Purchased 2 pairs with the coupon.

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    2 pairs boom.

  • Awesome. Grabbed 2 pairs, used the promo code.

  • Does anyone know who have owned these shoes before, what the size is on the shoe? I have an old pair from them and it says 11, do you think that's already in UK or US?


    • I dare say UK. AU/UK sizing is the same.

    • I have a pair that's size 11 which I purchased from Harris Scarfe. They still have the same shoe on their website and the sizes are in UK. So most likely UK.

    • Thanks guys, I ordered a 12, because my 11 was already slightly tight at the end, so 12 wont be too much harm, I'm usually a US13 in sneakers.

    • I am 10.5 sports shoe and am 8.5 with these shoes. Crazy! I wouldn't buy without knowing your size. I worked mine out in a retail store that stocks them.

      • That's a huge difference… :S

        Well like I said, I have them, same branded ones, but in Size 11 UK, and it fits tightly now, so wouldn't be a huge difference, I'm always a size bigger or smaller give or take.

        Plus free returns!

      • Exactly the same here. 10.5 US for my sports shoes and 8.5 UK/AU for JM shoes.

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    wow, good deal. I love their O2 pad :) very comfortable. The "Florence" one is nice with the padded heel.

    • Thanks! Buying a Florence pair now. Using the code for $40.

  • Thanks OP. $40 inc the $10 off. That is an absolute bargain. And free delivery….sweet

  • Great deal - got two pairs.
    Nice work

  • Great deal. Tempted to buy some more, even without the $10 off it's great for work shoes. I go through a pair every year or so, so I always buy them up when I can from Myer or DJs at $60-ish a pair. This way I avoid the shops!

  • Very comfy pair of shoes, been using one for work for the last year and a half and still in great condition, will buy another at this price!

  • thanks a lot for posting. At times like these remember the old indian saying…I complained I had no shoes till I met a man who had no feet.

    • I thought that saying was Persian, then again India was probably part of Persia at one stage :P

  • code no longer working. still bought a pair

    • +1

      Just bought the Hyper & code worked for me. Did you remember to register?

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        • There's always next time.
          At least you still got a bargain, just not the best bargain

  • +1

    Just bought a pair of Florence using the code for $40 - thanks OP! One of the better "Frenzy" deals around - thanks OP for highlighting it!

  • +1

    Thanks - perfect timing. Most of the black shoes are a bit too detailed - with the brogue-like styling - but can't really go wrong with the Edmonton for general work wear. $40 - shoe magic.

  • got one

  • Thanks heaps. 2 for $90 Bargain.

  • +1

    thanks OP and lionheart…. all my shoes are Julius Marlow brand and couldn't find any cheaper than $100 … got 3 shoes for $120 using different accounts.

    • Which shoes did you get? Which one do you like best?

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    I suspect Julius Marlow is part of the pacific brand group because I found their check out system is the same as the finaldays.

    • Yes, they are.

  • Just brought the HEX brown color, go great with jean.

    The size is a bit headache for me. all my normal shoe is 8UK, however the other 2 leather work shoe is 43, which is 9UK. End up pick size 8.5, hopefully it will fit perfect.

    • if it doesn't fit you can get a free exchange :)

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 for $80!!! Been wearing JM shoes for years.

  • thanks op! bought 2 pairs!

  • Anyone know the deal with Hacker? They look amazing, but do you get multicoloured laces? Can't wear that at work.

    • i looked it up on google. apparently you get black laces and 3 other colours as well.

  • Thanks OP, bought one for $40.

  • Bought the pedestrian as I walk 20 minutes to the station each day and go through a pair of shoes every 3-4 months, hopefully these'll last longer.

  • I've been looking at getting a pair of Julius Marlow boots all week. I've had my eyes on Columbus and Definite but unfortunately neither in the Sales list.

  • Edmonton OR Florence? Which one would you pick and why?

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      i would go the for the Edmonton because i don't really like all the detailing on the Florence

    • Edmonton. I don't like the stitching all over the Florence. The Edmonton looks more professional.

      Personally, I went with the Edinburgh so I don't have to deal with laces.

      • Would you have went with ESSEX instead of the Edmonton though?

        • it all depends on your personal preferences.

          I went with the Edinburgh so I don't have to deal with laces

    • I went with Florence, it is personal preference. The Florence to me looks more new style design rather than Edmonton.

  • I really wanted Sabre Carbon :(

  • Discount code doesn't work anymore?

    • you need to register first

    • Are you logged in?

      • +1

        Ok, So I'm logged in and I've tried applying the code but it doesn't work for me. From other comments on here it seems that it's working for most people.

        Does it only work for the first time you order (or maybe within a day of registering)? I was already registered and may have used the code last time.

  • +4

    Thanks. Got one pair for $40. Nice on OP. Also, site is coping with traffic well. Nice one webmaster.

    • I noticed that too! I didn't expect it to load.

  • man so many good deal tonight.

  • Bought 2 pairs like many above. Best bargain of the 'frenzy'

  • Bought 1 :)

  • Thanks, bought Indiana.

  • so good!!

  • Thanks a lot.

  • What did you guys buy and why?

    • I bought a pair of Julius Marlow shoes. Why? Why not! :)

      • I was more interested to the model people bought but ok

    • Florida for work x2 . Cheaper than from ebay which is typically $60.

      • +1


        Same. Minimal stiching, O2 motion, and a square toe as opposed to round or pointed.

        • -2

          Don't buy square toe, they look horrible.

        • +1

          i agree, but everyone has their own opinions :)

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