[PRICE ERROR] Samsung Galaxy S4 4G i9505 Black $431.99 Delivered from Kogan!

Moved to Forum: Original Link. It has been confirmed by Kogan that it is a price error. See email confirmation. Some stats before this post got moved to forum:

  • +593 / -22 votes with 45 voted revoked
  • 18,199 clicks

Looks like Kogan just had another price drop on this, at this price it won't last!
Be quick guys!

Credit goes to OzBargain user: tongyun for telling us about it :)

Update: Kogan has tweeted that this was not a price error, however this has since been quickly removed and it is unknown if orders will be honoured.

Picture of tweet here thanks to Gackt

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  • +2

    What… 10 dollars more than the s3

    • +219

      Don't want any bill.zheng comment. Have one above, a piece of crap.

      • LOL!

        • +40

          Glad you realised.

        • +4

          lol. so slack guys he was just voicing his opinion

        • +9

          To be fair, the S3 mini is a lower end phone and has been priced as such. You might sing a different tune if you tried the S3 or heck, even the S2.

        • +15

          You are comparing a 1GHz dual core phone with a 480 x 800 pixel screen to a phone with Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 with a 1080 x 1920 pixel screen.

          Yeah… we won't listen

        • +1

          It's not been safe to post negative comments about a popular phone on ozbargain for a while lol

        • +16

          Hey bill.zheng, if you're not a kid then don't say ALL samsung products are crap based on your experience of one phone. Understand how manufacturing works much???

        • +7

          I logged in just to neg since you asked nicely bill.zheng :)

    • Hey look! It's JV the second!

      • +1

        JV actually has interesting stuff to say.

  • cheaper than the s4 mini and s3!

  • Not Aus stock, But still.

    Cant Resist. Thanks OP and Tongyun

  • +40

    Just finished checkout, it worked! Now to just wait for the refund email…

  • +8

    I wouldn't go selling your current phone after jumping on this one, Kogan were selling this for $589+shipping earlier today. Likely that someone has either adjusted the wrong product price or that this is just a complete cock up.

    Worth the risk, but don't hold your breath.

  • +2

    Must resist…waiting to see what Apple has to offer tomorrow morning…

    • +3

      it could just be some pre-emptive selling from Kogan to get some units moved immediately before the new apple products are announced/released

    • Lipstick on a pig.. iPhone 5c = iphone 5 with a plastic case but just as expensive (ie. Price increase). iPhone 5s is $869.. twice the price of this offer (if it is legit) and arguably any faster or not. Benchmarks over the next couple of days will tell.

      • +1

        You need a smartphone that proofreads your posts before submitting.

    • +40

      why neg me? I bought one even I don't need one.

      • +70

        Here you get negged by just mentioning the word 'Apple' :p

        • +11

          thanks for sacrificing to prove this lol

        • +23

          I come for the bargains and stay for the laughs

        • -1


        • don't worry. I + you = :) (But what about the square root?)

      • +2

        Must be kogan people negging all the facts

        • shh.. we don't want them to know about this until the phones are shipped. ;)

    • +15

      Wow, people negging you for that? Is this site that damn in one corner that any opinion against Android will see a waterfall of downvotes?

      I too am both an Android and iOS user (also Mac and PC) and have no allegiance to any product/brand. I personally won't be going back to iOS any time soon for my daily driver as I try and hang onto phones for at least 2 years, and I really like my Note II.

      iOS 7 does look like a step in the right direction after many stagnant years, OS wise. Will be interesting to see what kind of hardware Apple match it too. I think there could be a big up in the camera department which could sway a lot of the Windows Mobile crew over to Apple.

      • +1

        Fanbois are idiots, who would've thought it.

    • +1

      we are all entitled to opinions here. But I, and im sure most of the people who negged this does not see the logic in jumping back to apple.

      I have a S2, and I wouldnt jump back, I use ipads/iphones at work everyday at work and its a struggle. I could not imagine myself using a s3 and a note 2 and switching back..

  • Wow.. price error maybe?

    • +5

      Doubt it!

      $409 + Delivery
      Was $769 Save $360

      Make sense!

  • +4

    Will Kogan do what they did with their mugs to this phone?

    • Please do tell more about the mug

  • not sure if real but I just bought one anyway.

  • I can't see an option to ship express? Is this not an option for the phone?

  • Bought great price but must be a pricing error seems far too low.

  • +5

    I was holding out for a Nexus 5…. now what?!

    • +1

      So was I…. But its sooo cheap! So now it looks like I'm getting an S4. Thanks OzBargain

  • +3

    Bought one too. Will they do their "we're out of stock trick"?

    And to be safe, checked out with PayPal in case I need to raise a dispute.

  • Wow, cheaper than the Note II even though the III will hit our shores any day now.
    Agree that it must be a pricing error.

  • Purchased!

    Thanks OP & tongyun

  • How is kogan handle price error did they honour before?

    • +9

      It's happened to me once before. It was infact for the S4 itself. Saw it advertised for a similar super special. Bought it straight away, didn't have to think twice. They emailed me 3 days later saying it was a pricing error and asked me to pay another $150 if I still wanted the phone.
      It's called bait-and-switch advertising and Kogan is a pro at it.
      Just look at how much attention it's getting here!

      • Bait and switch is a BRICKS AND MORTAR store concept of DELIBERATELY advertising something you dont have stock of and then once the 'bait' brings people IN STORE saying 'we have run out of this but we have another model, since you are here' - the switch. It kind of relies on people not being able to go next door to get it too. It is VERY illegal, but also kind of hard to make a profit from these days unless you are in the middle of bloody nowhere - people get pissed off and just go next door instead. On the internet it is near impossible - you just click away. Being found out for doing this is generally very damaging to a business reputation, and can bring penalties severe enough that it just isn't worth trying in Australia, even if you could manage it.

        A pricing error (what these cases obviously are) is of course COMPLETELY legal, and a mistake that is incredibly easy to make. It WILL happen to EVERY store at some point and requiring stores to honor them could drive good stores to the wall, especially small businesses, and seriously damage competition. While it might benefit us for one purchase it could seriously harm us in the long term as it would reduce competition and require stores to have sufficient profit margin on ALL merchandise to survive WHEN the next price error arose, and would require online stores to limit stock available to avoid massive runs of people swooping on price errors.

        The weirdest thing is that 'victims' of a pricing error behave almost like the mistake was a gross negligence that had cost them their first born child, rather than a typo that had cost them a few minutes and at worst a couple of days interest. They also seem to feel 'entitled' to some form of large compensation, seemingly even moreso when they KNOW they are most likely trying to take advantage of an error. The more obvious the mistake it seems, the greater the outrage.

    • Once I made an order with Kogan (it was Canon 650D with massive discount about 50%). The order passed all the stages but last. And after a week (and asking where's my order on their twitter) they sent me an email that it was a price error and gave me a $25 voucher. Which I haven't used.

  • +10

    As with all things on ozbargain, buy now ask questions later!

    • +5

      or explain to wife later.

  • What was the original price guys? Cheers.

    • $611 on special

  • I don't believe its a pricing error (there is a banner says: On Sale)

    Maybe Kogan knows something that we don't know? They want to clear their stocks?

    • +1

      It was on sale at 500 and something before this from memory

    • +2

      a few hundred? 100? 200? 300? 400? might aswell buy two of these :D

      • +4

        Limit 1 per customer

    • geeeesh, tks for the negs. I had already +ve the deal.

      • You got off light compared to some lol

  • +17

    man can control spending just bought nexus 4 now S4 what am I doing ?

    • +12

      You're Ozbargaining

    • +4

      the right thing :)

    • +1

      You are doing very well. :-)

  • Now this is a bargain price for the S4. Thanks OP.

  • just signed up with virgin for the z1 plan, so tempted with this one too….

    …. buckled and bought 1

  • peer pressure… peer pressure..

    I am able to hold off buying nexus 4… but with this.. can I resist?


    • Better deal than a nexus 4 i reckon! If it actually goes through….

    • do it do it

    • +3

      The hesitation is because I have already owned a white S4.. :)

      • +1

        lol, fully understand your position there, i am about to hit pay now :)

        …. buckled n bought one

    • +2

      gave up.. cant resist further.. bought one :hammer

  • Bought one anyway, waiting for shipping in 2-3 weeks…

  • +3

    Got one for the the wife, upgrading from a iPhone 4.
    She wants a change from Apple and for this price I can always sell it for more if she decides to go back to Apple.

  • nice one. i was thinking of getting htc one second hand but this is way better

  • +2

    Question: WHy did the price drop so quickly? in my opinion mobile phones are way overpriced and some of the features aren't that necessary anyways.

    • +2

      In the end they are worth what their materials are. So it's about ~$300 overpriced even on this discount. However to make the phone in the first place you need R&D, plant & equipment, marketing, wages for staff. So for what they actually are and how much money goes into making a device then the pieces fall into place.

      • Samsung Galaxy's and iPhones normally have around $150-$200 worth of materials plus $40-$50 of overheads. This is according to journalists and industry experts.

        Phones are big money buisness but they need to be because they have such a limited life span.

    • +2

      in my opinion mobile phones are way overpriced and some of the features aren't that necessary anyways.

      Many things are overpriced. Petrol, private schooling, iFruits, leather handbags. It's a fact of life.

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