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OzBargain Exclusive: MEElectronics Earphones M9P - US$10.99, M6 - US$12.99, M31 - US$12.99 + Shipping


Hi all,
I was looking for a budget earphone and I came across this post.
So I thought I would try my luck and see if Mike can offer another deal. After exchanging few emails with him, he was happy to offer the same deal but this time he added M31 for $12.99.

The prices after coupon are as follows:
M9P: $10.99 Black
M9P: $10.99 Silver
M6: $12.99 All colors
M31: $12.99 All colors

EDIT: Cheapest shipping option is $8.95

Also, Mike created an account today and he will be happy to answer your questions.

offers expires next Tuesday 17/09/13, at midnight PST

Enjoy :)


I just received email from Mike regarding your comments:

I am trying to comment but apparently I can't comment, either. Hopefully after 24 hours I will be able to do so to answer all of the questions.
In the meantime anyone who has questions about the promotion, the products, or any shipping inquiries
for previous purchases from us can email [email protected] or reach me at my direct email
([email protected]).

Really hope I can start replying on the site tomorrow.

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  • +16

    Another great Ozbargainer negotiating deals for us

    Thanks you so much

    +1 for the effort

  • +1

    Thanks for organising this =)

    Code also works for these

  • +1

    I've had the M6 and the M9 headphones before. Amazing sound for the price, can't say anything for the microphones since all of mine have been the models without a mic. They come with a few different silicone tips and a little case. Only had to buy another pair since I lost my other ones haha.

  • Mikey - Please a deal on the S6P with Sport Armband? (for Gym use)

    Thanks to Amir for organizing the deal.

    BTW - I have had the M6 for over an year and paid some $30 from the US and was very happy with it for the price! Highly recommend the multiple tips for perfect fit to your ear too.

    • +1


      Glad you've enjoyed the M6! I'll work something out for the S6P next time. The code provided here does work for the new M6P (Second Generation) as well as the M6.

      • Thanks Mike, ordered the M6P + extra set of the large ear tips. Thanks mate:)

        • Thanks for your order!

  • +1

    I ordered these a few months ago on the last such deal and haven't received anything..

    • +1

      I would email them. I received mine fairly quickly.

    • Please send your purchase details (or just the order number) to [email protected] or [email protected] and let us know you haven't received it. We should be able to help you out.

  • Bought two M11P's when they had the Buy One Get One free sales about two years ago. Sound and build quality are excellent. Only issue I've had is that the earbud covers fell off on a few occasions, good thing the package includes around 10 pairs of those covers.

    Might grab two M6's for when I go running. Thanks OP

  • What is best out of M9P and M11? Would these be better than logitech ue200's?

  • +1

    Hi Mike,

    Can you do a deal for the A151 please!

  • +1

    Please note that prices do not include shipping.

    • Add 12% for AUD conversion via PayPal btw at the moment.

      • Ouch! 28degrees card ftw!

      • +1

        Why the FK would anyone use paypal currency conversion? Short of being really, really out of touch.

  • How much is shipping?

    • You don't have to create an account to check shipping costs. It was $8.95 for me.

    • it seems flat 8.95…. i just ordered 3 pairs and it was still 8.95

  • 8.95 for shipping

  • Good Deal! Got 2x M31's

  • Bought an M11P with them two years ago. Solid build quality used them in gym, its a wonder they are still in perfect condition.

  • M9P vs M31? Which is better?

    • +2

      The M31 uses a larger sound chamber than the M9P and delivers more bass and a warmer, smoother overall sound. If you’re worried that the M9 may not be smooth enough in the treble or may not have enough bass for you, it might be worth it to spring for the M31. Otherwise they are about on-par (and the M9P has a mic).

      • Hi mike,

        After reading your post i would like to chane my order… is it possible to hold off sending and amend my order #43825?

        I would like to change the black m6 to a black m31.


        Actually can i plz cancel my order so i can reorder.. also just read your post about the adapter and now want to change the teal m6 to an m6p

        • Sure thing, but I think that might be your customer number, not your order number. Can you confirm the order number for me so I don't cancel someone else's order by accident?


        • Your right sorry.. that was my cust number.

          Order number is #57184

          Just wanting to confirm that the M6P plug works with a Samsung Galaxy S2 without the adaptor?

        • +3

          That's correct, the M6P works with the S2 and newer without adapter.

          Your pending order (57184) has been canceled and will be refunded within 24 hours. You can place a new order any time.

  • I have a pair of M9P's they have been great leave in the bag buds. Tempted to get another set.

  • 3 m31s and 1 m9p
    Thanks for the headsup

  • I have owned a pair of Meelectronic earphones for a little over a year now and they haven't skipped a beat (so to speak). I cannot remember the model number (they were from the "mystery" deal) but they are super excellent and such a ridiculously good price for this sort of build/sound quality. Good effort, OP!

  • +1

    Bought some M6's last deal, very nice! Very bass heavy which I really like! Obviously they aren't going to be fantastic SQ for this kind of money but they are pretty good! Well worth the money we're paying!

    Also the M6's are great for exercising with, I use mine as my gym pair and they don't ever fall out of my ears! Little tricky to get in the ear sometimes though, especially when you're on the treadmill running and trying to put them in at the same time!

  • Also owned a pair of M9s in the past, can definitely vouch the quality of Meelectronic earphones. One of the best pair of earphones you can get if you don't want to go beyond the $30-40 mark.

    Thanks for the deal OP.

  • Which earphones are best for gym and for jogging around the suburb?

  • +3

    I received a M9P which is faulty right of the box. Contacted Mike and he agreed to send me a new one after a few email, am using the new M9P now. Excellent Customer Serivce, recommended!

  • I've had the HT 21's for a few years now and pretty happy with the sound/portability and they haven't missed a beat. For a little ol' Californian company they have certainly found a little Ozzybargain home.

  • +1

    Got MP9's last time. definitely recommend for this price.

    • +1 for M9 brilliant bang for your buck

  • I have several pairs of Mee phones just bought a pair of the new EDM's very lively treble and bass, they have a great sound and controls work with my iPhone and 2 android phones, these a little move vibrant than my shures and mids not as clean but I prefer their sound and they cost 6 times less

  • I've got a pair of Brainwavz R1 from http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/85752 a while back and I've been pretty happy with them. Does anyone know how the M31s compare? Just kind of trying to justify my 6th headphone purchase thanks to Ozb…

    • I got some of these and a lot of the other headphone deals on ozbargin and nothing can compare to the sound magic e30 that I have. Get some comply tips' they already come with the ear loops. For the price I have tried some $100 earphones that don't even come close

      • Saying that you could probably pick up some klipsch s4 for not much more, and I have only heard positives about these

  • +3

    Nice deal. Ordered 4 sets… more than I need, but I have a headphone fetish. =\

  • Ive used the S6 for cycling for the last 12 months - awesome, great sound and more importantly NEVER fall out.

    Just bought a pair of M6 for the wife thnx OP.

  • I highly recommend these headphones, I bought this during the last promotion. I've been using the M9P's daily on the train. Whilst not noise cancellnig i get a great seal that blocks out most external noise.

  • Bought one of each. Thanks OP.

  • +7

    I got both the M6 and MP9 last time. Great for the price, and well built. I have been through several pairs of canal phones in the past with different parts failing but these seem built to last.

    A word of warning. I bought in haste in the last deal and didn't read through some of the info with the microphone M9P. I use with my Galaxy S1 and the sound was horrible, until I realised that the ground and the mic (I think?) are reversed on the connection, so an ADAPTOR is required.


    They usually charge $9.99 stand alone, but when you buy with a pair of headphones, they only charge $1.99.

    My budget solution is to use a bulldog clip to hold down the microphone button, as this connects the correct lines, but the microphone is useless.

    Otherwise, Enjoy!

    • I tried to add the adapter and it is still $9.99!

      edit: and the shipping cost is more the headphones itself!

      • You have to use the code TRRS_ADAPTER for that.

        • Yes, sorry didn't add that part. Thanks tatasauce!

    • +3

      This is true for the original Galaxy S and a few lower-end Samsung models, as well as some Nokia and Sony phones. Anyone interested in headset compatibility can check our mic and remote info page here: http://www.meelec.com/Articles.asp?ID=155

      The Galaxy S2/S3/S4, Galaxy Note/Note 2, and other newer Samsung phones do not require an adapter.

      • That is why I am not bothering to get the adaptor, will be upgrading phone soon anyway.

        Thanks for the extra clarity for everyone.

  • Good deal, but not a fan of in-ear phones XD

  • +1

    Any chance of a deal on the A161Ps rep?

    • There will be major a promotion on the A161P for the upcoming holiday season. All of the promotions we run on our website are open to international customers so if you are interested in a particular model be sure to sign up for our newsletter (sign up box is at the bottom of our website at www.meelec.com) in case the promotion you want doesn't make it to any deal sites.

  • Just purchased 4, 2 for running and one of each of the other types. Thanks OP and MEElectronics.

  • +5

    Hi all,

    I just received email from Mike regarding your comments:

    I am trying to comment but apparently I can't comment, either. Hopefully after 24 hours I will be able to do so to answer all of the questions.
    In the meantime anyone who has questions about the promotion, the products, or any shipping inquiries
    for previous purchases from us can email [email protected] or reach me at my direct email
    ([email protected]).

    Really hope I can start replying on the site tomorrow.

    • +2

      You're a good man amir

    • What's Mike's account? Can't see any rep commenting here. We have rate limiting for new users or overseas users at maximum 5 comments per 24 hours. However we can set a flag on his account to bypass the limit.

      Edit: Anyway. Found it & updated the flag for his account so throttle should be bypassed now.

      • I'm in Singapore. But I'll be back soon b**ches

      • Thank you, I really appreciate it! The "reply" button was not there on posts when I was trying to comment yesterday.

  • Good work OP. Just ordered 1 x M6 and 1 x M31.

    1 for gym and 1 for work.

    I am preserving my Shure headphone for occasional use now.

  • Ok just got one of each… I'm counting on you ozbargainers!

  • Awesome! Thanks OP.. was spewing when I missed the last one… glad i held off

  • thanks OP ,baught one M9P,one M31

  • v good, I had my M9Ps for ages, even went through the wash and worked haha! tough build quality, great price. may go for the higher end m31s this time…anyone else have recommendations?

    • Sounds like the m31s are more bassey but not so good in the clarity department just from reading. Also a bigger bud and some people have commented on comfort with the M31s. I ended up with the m9ps myself but you already have those. Just buy a pair of both :)

  • Guys how do these compare with the pioneer Nc31 headphones that cotd were selling a while back???

  • good deals!!!!

  • +8

    Thank you everyone for your feedback! Very glad to hear that so many of you have enjoyed our earphones. For a bunch of headphone geeks that spend their afternoons in product development meetings, there's no better feeling than reading these comments.

    If anyone has any questions about this promotion or any of our products in general, please feel free to ask here or shoot me an email at [email protected]

    • +1

      a job well done mike

  • Thanks Amir and Mike - you've solved what to get some tricky family members for Christmas.

    Plus OzBargain makes it look like you spent heaps :)

  • Thank you very much, Mike for fixing my order. The customer service is outstanding

    I got so excited and press the wrong item and purchased it but its fixed now

    • Any time!

  • Dear Mike/rep.

    I submitted "order number 55249, placed 06/22/2013.

    But it hasn't arrived. I tried emailing your support but they did't reply.

    Can you investigate?

  • +1

    I replied to your email on Tuesday of last week (September 3rd). It might have gone into your spam box :(. I'll forward the reply to you again and hopefully it'll get there this time.

  • +3

    Not saying this is a bad deal, but I bought the M9P, less than impressed, sound quality is mediocre, and the fit isn't so great. Bought the VSonics GR06 as a replacement and very happy, though those were $60 so a different league. Just wanting people to know these are cheap for a reason, and I wasted $25 to find that out. Don't think I would pay even $11 due to the fit - they have a very long body which sticks out of your ears a long way and causes them to fall out fairly easily and you can't lie on your side with them in. Also, the cable quality is simply awful, very plastic feel, and the microphonics is terrible.

  • +1

    We've bought a whole 34 M6 earphones before from them for our music team; it's a great earset at that price and we are really happy with the sound quality and the clear, over-the-ear design

  • Bought a 9 and 31. Cheers

  • i love the M6 sets - i used them for running and they never fall out. I also used them on the City2Surf - rock solid all the way.

    Audio quality is also very good, punchy bass without being muddy.

  • Thanks~bought 2 x M6 and 1 x M9P =)

  • Just bought 3! :) 1 of each! Thanks so much Amir Aljaberi! I have lost some earphones and wife has been complaining that the iphone ones fall out of her ear when she runs. Now we can try on 3 delivered for less than $50 :) Cheers!

  • Thanks just ordered! 1xM9P, 1xM6 and 2xM31
    I wonder how these compare with the Logitech UE200

  • OzB!! please help me out since i've just cancelled my order and have the opprtunity to get what i really need…

    I'm getting an M6P for gym/cycling… But i need a decent one for daily commute.

    Was thinking M9 or M31… theres too many mixed reviews about the M31 bass vs clarity… i'm not a basshead but i have a very wide taste in music… M9?

    • +1

      I went for M9 due to many good reviews about them :).

  • Read the reviews elsewhere, and promptly ordered the M31 and M9P.
    Thank you both, Amir and Mike, much appreciated :)

  • Thanks guys, 3 ordered. Nice to get a deal on the HT21 and Airfi's

    • Noted, and thanks for your order!

  • m9ps or original m9ps? help…I had the old one - what's in the newer model besides the price?

    • There are currently two M9P models on the site:
      M9P (black or silver): this is the 2012 revision of the M9P and the one almost all of the reviews out there are based on. It is the one price $10.99 after coupon and linked in the original post at the top of this page.
      M9P Second Generation (gunmetal, red, or pearl): this is a new-for-2013 model that was just released about a month ago. It is based on the M9P but adds features such as a tangle-resistant flat cable, re-designed microphone and remote (now with inline volume control), angled nozzles, and three new color schemes. The driver and sound output are mostly unchanged. The same coupon applies to this model but the initial and final (after coupon) prices are higher.

      • OK thanks :) ordered a gunmetal pair of M9P v2s.

  • Been holding off for an A161P deal for a long time. Just doesnt make sense people buying 5 pairs of their lowender bargains.buy one and move up the scale….why not give your ears a treat…. Beg for the a161p deal….

    • Will plan on an A161P deal before the Holidays :)

  • Had only one ear working with some M31s I ordered after a week. The customer service from Mike was outstanding and they were replaced quickly with no hassles. A great company to deal with. Thanks again Mike.

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