This was posted 10 years 9 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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NBA League Pass - 15% off Premium (US $269.99->$229.49) & 10% off Normal (US $219.99->$197.99)


It's that time of the year again ! Looks like they've introduced a new 'premium' package too which has these additional features,

  • Additional NBA content* such as documentaries, studio shows and original programming
  • NBA TV Live subscription*, which brings top highlights and exclusive access to NBA events and press conference
  • Home and away announcers* available

Might be handy to wait for someone to try via another country (Hungary, Spain, Canada ?) to get the price down further.


1) Find country with cheapest plans. Right now (9:27 AEST) it seems to be India with premium being US $139.99 and normal being $99.99. Thank you jayc

2) Go to and search for the country that has the cheapest. Here are the proxies for India, which is the cheapest right now. In your browser, change to a proxy with HTTPS, good connection time and speed preferably. Thank you stinx2001

3) Once you have finished sign up, remove the proxy address and go back to your normal address.

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  • I did it via Spain last season and came down to approx $105 AUD. Def worth trying to change your proxy if you can (No lockouts or anything like that)

  • yeah i did it via Spain last season. Anyone know if Premium is available cheaper via Spain proxy?

  • +1

    it came to USD$169.99 thru hungry proxy for me

    • Recommend a proxy?


  • +7

    I have had a look around and it seems the cheapest place this year is BRAZIL….!!

    They have it for US$119 for Normal which is US$107 with 10% discount….

    The next cheapest is Canada which is C$140.

    EDIT: Just signed up through Brazil with no problems..!! Same as last years Spain deal..

    • how much for the premium pack through Brazil?

      awesome price.. with discount its usually $230 USD

    • +10

      Cheapest I've found is INDIA.
      Premium is US$139.99
      Normal is US$99.99

      • anyone find anything cheaper then india need to make up for last few years at full price lol

      • i cant get a reliable Indian proxy.
        anyone got one that they used?

    • YOUR A CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!

      • YOU'RE A CHAMP!!!!!!!!!!*

        • +1

          YOU ARE A CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!

          Swiftkey keyboard does not require correct grammar :P

        • +1

          YOU'RE ALL CHUMPS!!!!!!!

  • This might sound like a silly comment, but can someone explain how to use another country's proxy & if there any limitations by doing it. i bought my subscription via 'normal' channels last year & really want to get it again…

    • +9

      Go to a wesbite such as, select a country, change the proxy settings on your internet browser to those on the site, then go to the NBA League Pass website. If you have changed your settings properly you should have pricing details for whichever country you are routing through. Please ensure that you don't go via a country which has blackouts. Once you have signed up, change your internet proxy settings back to what they were and you are done!

      Hope that makes sense

      • Thanks a million!

      • are you changing the proxy setting inside the browser, or via internet options in control panel?

      • I think it was mentioned that Spain has some blackouts. Any idea how to check on countries with no blackouts?

        • hmmm once you purchase it and are watching it from Australia (remove the proxy settings)… i dont know if a blackout anyone experienced this last season?

          even then at a $150 cheaper its def not a big deal in my mind :)

        • Ah thanks. Nopp, did not notice any blackouts in Australia but that's because Australia does not show any live NBA games.

      • Must I use a proxy to watch games too? Or just normally?

        • Short answer no.. after you pay remove the proxy :) in your account you'll see the package that you are subscribed to.

      • +2

        Please ensure that you don't go via a country which has blackouts.

        This isn't relevant as once you've signed up and removed the proxy it applies blackouts by what country you are viewing in (Aus has none).

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    Don't suppose any one knows if they do this kind of discount for the NHL service?

    • Anyone know about this?

  • Once you sign up with the proxy you don't have to keep using that proxy to watch it right? stupid question.. but i just wanna make sure

    • yeah i'd like to know this too

    • Correct you can remove the proxy as soon as you have paid

  • anywhere to find what countries have game blackouts?

    • Id like to know this aswell…does india?

    • +1

      Many of the cheapest countries are cheapest because the do have blackouts but as I said above its irrelevant. Once you've signed upyou can remove the proxy and your sub will function like a normal full price aus one as it goes by what ccountryyou are currently viewing in. Source: have done this the last two years

  • Boom $118 US for Premium via India proxy!

    • What proxy did you use? Can you share.

    • How do you pay for the indian proxy league pass? AU credit card?

    • whats a good india proxy mine not working

    • +3

      i used this proxy
      port: 8080

      • Used the same proxy and got Premium for US $118.95 also.

      • Bam! Thanks tomee! Worked with the 15% off code NBALP152013. Got charged USD$118.99.

        • USD$118.99 for me

  • What about using it on xbox and ipad devices? Any issues logging in after buying through a different country?

    • +1

      Nope. Once the subscription is loaded into your account, it's all good. I bought through Hungary last year, and used my Xbox all season.

      • I really hope they've changed the menu music this year for xbox and improved the quality of picture and options.

  • I changed the proxy and get to the India site
    However, when I select NBA League Pass, the package changed back to $219US

    • You will need to make sure that HTTPS Proxy is also set to the foreign proxy server you have chosen, websites switch to HTTPS for secure credit card transfer.

      • ive selected the https proxy.. still doesnt work though??

  • are public foreign proxies safe to use?? =\

    worried using one when entering in my CC details..

    • +2

      It's definitely not safe. If you were to use it, I would recommend you you change the password when you're off the proxy as the information that goes through can be logged. If it's the banks money you don't have to worry because any fraudulent payments would be reversed when you let them know.

      • doesn't the https aspect give you some level of protection though?

  • +1

    What about subscribing monthly? Has anyone tried this?….seeing as the season goes for approx 8 months (Oct - June). For normal it's $8.09 USD (after discount code * 8 mths is $64.72 USD. Wouldn't this be the better option?

    • I am wondering about the same thing.

      Do they require you to pay 12 months despite the games only go for 8 months? Could not find it in the website.

  • +1

    going through India proxy but the website is taking very long to load
    have tried several india proxies already

    you guys must be smashing it. lol

    im on wireless, decent speed going through google chrome

  • Which countries have blackouts ? Oops.. just noticed the answer in a post a few posts above this.

  • great work with this guys. One quick question, would it matter if you've purchased previous seasons in AU$?

    • nope .. i did and this year cuz of the idiotic prices i used the Brazil one :) no issues

  • noob here. When i try to change the proxy in Chrome it takes me to my network settings on my mac. When i enter the details and go back to the browser it won't connect to the proxy and i can't browse

    Am i doing something wrong?

    • Try another proxy. Some of them are no good.

  • so do you always need to use a proxy after sign up to watch? or is it just for the sign up process?

    • Sign up only.

  • +12

    Wow this is really tempting….I have never bought League Pass before.

    As a Celtics fan this season I am going to enjoy watching….the Nets.

    • hahahahahaha good one!

    • LoL Nice! The East is going to be fun to watch this year. I reckon Pacers > Heat > Chicago > Nets > Knicks.

      • No way, I hate all the hype around the Nets this season. They couldn't put it together last year and adding two ancient stars isn't gonna change that. My Knicks are taking the Atlantic division again, hopefully 3rd or 4th in the East

  • Does this include play offs?

  • +1

    I don't know if anyone else is having similar issues but this may help a few.
    1) I couldn't get any India proxies that would pass the secure checkout, I could only find Brazilian ones that were secure.
    2) Make sure you still use the above promo codes as they are valid still (at least for Brazil)
    3) Do not use firefox, it seems once a digital signature is required firefox would use my IP and I would get to cart with AUS prices! Use IE
    4) Don't change your Proxy back until everything is done, if you change before paypal you will be hit with an AUS bill. Wait until all is done.

    I got premium with NBALP152013 at $135 US :)

    • as someone mentioned above..
      by using a public proxy, everything logged through it can be recorded..

      that would mean it would be best practice to change your paypal password after signing up?

      • It can be logged. But when you login, it should be in a https session; so all packets should be encrypted anyway.

        But of course in a best practice scenario, changing passwords sound good.

    • Try this proxy:

  • You guys are genius! save us a lot of time finding the best deal.

  • If I do the sign up on the computer via another proxy, how would that affect me watching it on Apple TV?
    Am I still able to watch it through the NBA app on 'Australia' location settings on the Apple TV?

  • +4

    Got my premium by using India Proxy. End up with $118.99 USD which is $128.28 AUD shown in my debit card account. port:3128 was the proxy I used, very fast.

    • used this one. Very fast and best of all 118USD! Used to pay full price for this before…

    • Awesome, thanks!
      I always feel bad about putting in a fake address though, hah.

    • this worked perfectly! got the regular pass for $100AUD via paypal… thanks!

  • Thanks for the tips team. Got the basic package for $97 via the Indian proxy servers.

    Couldn't stomach paying the extra $30 for premium…..I know there are lots of homer commentators out there (Sean Elliot of the Spurs and Tommy Heinsohn of the Celtics come to mind) and having the choice helps, but really this should be included in the basic service

  • +1

    Just did the monthly on the Indian proxies. I did it monthly using the Hungarian one last year. It does not change you to AUD after you've clicked payment (if you're only watching via Australian IP) so if it's easier for you to do it monthly than it is to do it in one lump sum then you're safe to do so (or at least you were last year).

    Oh and price wise… It was just over $10 per month for the premium service

    • +1

      How many monthly payments are there? Does it end up cheaper than lump sum?

  • Just bought the Premium package through the Indian proxy.

    Keen as for the upcoming season! Go Clips!

  • best news ive had all week !!!

  • can someone link where i can find the 2012/2013 games it says are included?

    • +1

      Watch games from 2012-2013 Season***

      ***Access to previous season available on 9/26/2013.

      • doh, thanks!

    • i think you just use the calender and choose the day the game was on..

      thats how it used to be..

      i havent signed up yet.. gotta do it at home

      • I hope they change the layout for that calendar, it was terrible navigating last season.

  • Premium includes Home & Away Announcers**. Do the regular subscription don't have announcers calling the game? Just like watching charlie chaplin playing basketball.

  • I don't usually comment but IF this works, it would be the best news I've had in a while! Wasn't going to sign up this season because didn't think it was worth $200ish… But $100ish is definitely reasonable!

    • It will work. Just got the Premium subscription. I guess all that Commentators, news, basketball documentaries worth $29 more.

  • +1

    need help. paypal stopped the payment right at the end when i verified and made me change all my details (passwords and security questions) and put a restriction on my account until they can verify me.

    • hey - I didn't know Julian Assange was here on ozBargain?

      Let us know if you can get it working with an Equadorian proxy !!

  • +1

    Awesome!! Works thru Indian proxy, premium + discount = $118.99usd. Got it to continue from my previous account thru Hungarian setup from last season. Thanks for the info

  • Thanks for the post, OP. And thanks to all the comments pointing the proxy stuff. Got the premium package through an Indian proxy for $118.99 USD.

  • Another +1 for working on the Indian Proxy. Paid through paypal for that extra bit of security just in case.
    Had to enter in new details for Paypal and my Gmail when logged into the Indian proxy.

  • +1

    I got it last year via hungarian proxy and got one thru Indian proxy… Premimum not worth it for me as I cant even find time to watch all the games…… :)

    Go Heat :)

  • Does anyone know if I can watch this on my Roku 3?

  • Need help! Initially it shows USD$99 but when I get to the payment page it changes back to USD$219. I'm using an Indian proxy and still doesn't work. Does anyone have the same problem…? Cheers!!

    • +1

      you'll need to find a proxy with https not http, then change it in your browsers proxy settings (I'm using firefox and I also added into SSL and got it working for me.)
      Hope this helps.

      • Thanks! After added the proxy into SSL it worked for me and got premium for $118.9 through India proxy. Cheers mate.

        • I have the same problem, still can't get it to work?

          I'm running google chrome.

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