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Coca Cola 24x 375ml Cans Half Price at Woolworths $12.94 ($0.53 per can) ($14.27 in SA/NT)


Coca Cola, Sprite, Lift & Fanta varieties. Limit 6 boxes per customer. Sale starts Wednesday.

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      Sorry jv, tried but couldn't find it. Have the catalogue in my hand and it's on the very front page.

      • Does it say, "while stocks last" like the olive oil promotion a few weeks ago. It it says "while stocks last" then it may be difficult to get rainchecks when the stores run out.

    • What for?

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          jv, that is purely a guideline. I think you need to learn to trust people that what they post is indeed factual. There really is no reason to lie about a bargain, is there?

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          I think you need to learn to trust people that what they post is indeed factual.

          Then no deals would ever be removed…

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      LINK to online catalogue (NSW) for 2 October…


  • Sounds good, I think this is slightly better than the price that Coles had the 24 packs for in early August.

    • If, by slightly better, you mean identical.


      • My brain probably remembers it as being slightly cheaper as I combined the coles purchase with two flybuys points targeted offers which brought the unit price down to about 51 cents a can.

        I don't have any everyday rewards targeted offers at the moment so I can't get the effective price of this deal any lower.

  • Nice one. Impossible to find stock at IGA last week.

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    Thanks Mate, I will be going back 40 times to get 240 boxes….ready for Summer sale for my Fish and Chips Shop.

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      Hello Broden.

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        its CCA's fault that it wholesales to its customers at a higher price than the supermarkets retail. I dont blame small business owners for this at all. Just hope the supermarkets plan for it.

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          Agreed. I was negged twice during the OW deal . CCA have tried to give me their "best price" on multiple occasions and they have tried for years to get me back on board, the amount of reps I have dealt with is staggering and all of them see what's going on. We were their customers for 20+ years paying high prices for "convenience" I guess. Times are tougher now so we need to save every cent. Best price I could get direct from them was 80c per can.

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          as a customer, my advice is make sure it is stored properly and not allowed to get too old though.

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          haha love it… You complain about the best price you can get from CCA is 80 cents a can, so you buy via supermarkets cause its cheaper. Got no problem with that at all. But I bet you slug $2-$2.50 for a can in your shop! Its funny you complain about CCA ripping you off, yet you guys turn around and rip us customers off without a blink of a eye!

        • Yes but what so small business owners turn around and sell the <60 cent can they brought for? $2-2.50 I bet…. so who is really ripping who off here?

        • The issue is CCA sells to consumers cheaper than small businesses, which is stupid. Basic business revolves around buying something and selling it at a profit, and I can't see a corner store being in the wrong doing this, complaining about it is pretty commy.

        • LOL blinkers are on!

        • Level380 has clearly never owned a business, nor does he have even the slightest idea how businesses work.

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          Good on him. Why shouldnt he take advantage of a cheap price and sell it for as much as he possibly can?

        • Isn't fishandchips joking…

        • We get 60c a can which is pretty good, we don't even sell cans of coke in high volume, 1.25L is around 80c-$1 afaik.

          Fast food chain.

    • Wouldn't it cost you more in the long run when you factor in storage, transportation and time costs?

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        based on the comment above, that 80 cents per can was the best a small business could get it for:
        0.80 (CCA price) - 0.53 = 0.27
        0.27 * 24 (cans) x 6 (cartons) = $38.88 saved for each duck in to the shops.
        Assuming they have a van or ute, or some other vehicle with reasonable storage. 60 cartons is not unrealistic, so could easily save $388.80 for a couple of hours effort, and depending on how far their local woolies is, probably about $2 of fuel.
        Do that 4 times (240 cartons), and viola, saved well over $1500 for less than a days work.

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          I like the effort you put in this post :)

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      Does that mean you will sell them back at a fair price or $2 a can for a 400% profit?

  • So when was the last time someone found the magic figure of 50 cents per can. The last time I found this price was Big W in November 2011, if memory serves me correct. It was only on for a couple of days.

    • What size cans? Big W deals sometimes have the smaller 355ml cans rather than the 375ml cans.

      • This was the 375ml can. It was a long time ago, but I would have remembered it if I'd got home and found I had smaller than regular cans.

      • Actually, 330ml instead of 355ml

    • coles were selling packs of 30 375ml Pepsi/Solo can for $13 about 4 weeks ago (normally 24, but were running some kind of promotion)

      • pointscrazy was implying Coke for 50cents per can.
        Pepsi/Schweppes/etc is regularly found for $10 for 24 cans (42c each).

        • Yes, sorry for that, I should have been more specific in my comment. I buy Coke cans when they get to 50 cents a can but I won't buy Pepsi or other varieties until they come down to 40 or 42 cents per can. I bought Coke when it was on special for 54 or close to that from Coles a few weeks ago and I'll be buying some Coke this week from WW if I can find a store with stock.

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    haha GTAV players will be buying this by the trolley load just to keep them up all day and night. good deal

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      They might already be stocked up on the half price red bull that was on this week :P

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    • Classic! We'll done.

    • haha 35 bucks what a ripoff. This would make it what, $12.25 or so?

    • And in the question and answer section someone has asked

      "Is this a 'sale' price or regular price?"

      The officeworks response was

      "This is the regular price. If a competitor has it advertised at a cheaper price it will be matched."

      So there should be no way for OW to reject this price match hopefully !

    • Fairly sure office works don't stock them in stores…

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      Reminds me of this one

      OW have free delivery for orders over $55 placed online, phone and fax.
      So call them to pricematch and put the order in.

      • I think they will only match one pack

        • Why? There were happy to match more than 1 ipad

      • So to get this, place order ≥$61.46 = 0.95 * (12.94 * 5), then it should arrive delivered 45 L../120.
        Fortunate for me I should be able get around it using paywave…. only time I jump for coke is when it's 50¢, or inside %30margin/pepsi like here.
        12.94 / 10.00 = 1.294 ; good enough for me

    • Has anyone tried to price match with OW? What was the reception?

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        I rang them. After directing them to look at the Woolworths online store for the coke varieties, they were happy to take my order at $12.29 per case.

        • How many did you order? Hopefully enough to get free delivery.

        • sorry duplicate comment

        • Yes. Free delivery was the outcome.

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          Do they deliver them inside big officeworks boxes?

        • No. They come in the original packaging.

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    This will be good for my kebab shop

    • Now that we know how much you pay per can, I want a discount on the drink when I come in for a kebab :P

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        I paid $3.50 per can at a Thai restaurant on the weekend… it still irks me!

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          Lol you paid airport prices!

          Have you guys noticed though, when you pay a rip-off price for something like coke, you tend to enjoy and savour the flavour more….or maybe it's just me lol

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          my local fish and chip shop sells them for $1.50 each, which is reasonable IMO. $3.50 in a restaurant is a bit of a rip off.

        • I don't mind paying that. at least you get 75ml more than that 300ml bottles.

        • I take my own coke these days when I go out for dinner.
          They charge too much given I see most restaurant owners in coles etc buying their cans lol

        • How do you take your own cans?
          Smuggle them in hoping they don't see them then grabbing a glass that you usually use for water?

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          Went to an indian restaurant near work. $3.00 per glass of softdrink. Spotted them pouring from an Aldi 2L 'cola' bottle. now THATs a rip! Rather pay $6 for a beer.

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          they deserve no business, name and shame them on review sites

        • I stayed at a city hotel, and they were flogging 375ml coke cans for $5 thru the mini bar.

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    Might as well buy a pack to clean some graffiti of the walls.. And to think we consume this =/

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    Been off the coke for months now.
    Feel better for it.
    Water baby, water.

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      that's equivalent me going to a meat special and writing up a pro vegan rant

    • +4

      Congrats. (Didn't come off as a rant)

      • Was drinking up to 2 litres a day of this crap.
        Now I'm hooked on plain mineral water. Lol.

        • Everyone has their vices and beating them is a genuine achievement.

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      That's good to hear yo!

    • water is in coke

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    Anyway they must weigh you when you buy these as it states on the catalogue -

    Big Family special

  • Is this also for Coke Zero?

    • Coca Cola … varieties.

      • Vanilla coke, Cherry…..i wish :(

        • Those varieties are not available in the Woolworths online store. They do have caffeine free diet though.

        • 'caffeine free diet though.' …… those words sound evil……

        • It can't really be Coke then can it?

          So what is it?

        • Brown fizzy water

  • What's the equivalent deal in SA?
    Also if you want to get Office to Price Match it what office works can you go to? The local one doesn't sell 24 packs from memory??

  • Just went to the local Woolies and they have 24pack coke and varieties pretty much in every free spot possible ready for Wednesday

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    RRP $1.06/can when you buy 24 of them. Is it me or that seem like such a rip off.

  • Well that's why you buy them on special?

  • Coke Zero?

    • No thanks.

  • Very bad for your health.

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      Naaa, not if mixed with spirits.

  • Coke at Costco (Dockslands, at least) is $10.69 for a 20 x 375ML carton. With no limits as to how many you can purchase. Works out to be 53.5 cents per can… cheaper than this deal!

    • +3

      Pricematch at OW and it works out to be cheaper than Costco. Place an order of $55 or more and OW deliver it to your front door.

    • Works out to be 53.5 cents per can… cheaper than this deal!

      0.5392/can Woolworths
      0.5345/can Costco

      Yeah, by 0.0047. Interesting use of an exclamation mark.

  • No probs obtaining ¢51.2 on 1 black 1 red packs sourced local using visaDC 5%. could as otherwise been 48.6¢/50.8 had OW been a ldg. zone or if I registered to some other store.
    BB 13FEB14 18SEP14, & several months.

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    thanks op! :)
    I have just price matched this with 1300 OFFICE over the phone and the lady already new about it so no issues doing it! :)
    she did confirmed they were making a loss for sure! :)
    she did mention that max she could do was 6 cases as woolies had a limit of 6!

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