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BigW One Day Sale Sat 9 November - See Bargains in Post


A few of the deals have already been posted ($40 of iTunes cards for $30, Dunlop bikes $58 each and LG Optimus for $29), but there are more worth mentioning:

Emerson womens dresses $5
HotWheels single cars 5 for $5 (usually $2.24 each)
Pepsi 24 pack slabs $10 (42c per can)
Kids character kickboards (for swimming) $5
4 in 1 kitchen set (includes a 2 slice stainless steel Toaster, a stainless steel cordless kettle, a Stick master with copper and a hand mixer) - $40
Boys tees $2
Girls tank tops $2
Allsorts shaping dress or shorts $5
Allsorts mens 2 pack trunks $3

They also advertise instore activities on the day (unspecified) including Santa.

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  • Does anyone know what vita they are selling? The new updated version or the old one?

    • Original, OLED equipped one. 'Vita 2000' doesn't' exist in the wild outside of Japan/importers. PlayAsia have them, for example.

      /edit: $268, save $118? BigW, surely you jest? Catalogue page is correct, page highlight seems to be broken. It's no Walmart sale, but I think I'll cave and grab one at this price.

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    Could one layby now, then cancel on Saturday, then buy outright, ie secure the item?

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      Unlikely. When you cancel a lay-by, they don't give you the item, they keep hold of it, probably until the store closes. It will probably be put back on the racks/shelves overnight, when they re-stock everything.

      If you're the first person there the next morning, you might get it - if a staff member hasn't put it aside to purchase for themselves.

    • Wont work, but if you buy with platinum credit card, or 28 degrees, you could just claim it back.

  • Does anyone know whether these deals will be available online?

    • No idea, but be careful with the online site cause currently BigW is experiencing problems with many online accounts(mine included) making it impossible to log in and purchase products.
      This is the error i get:
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      HTTP Error Code:   500
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  • QV Melbourne were super nice to me! Just picked up a WiFi Vita & the latest Batman game for $188. Didn't need 3G & wasn't keen in Killzone anyway so I'm wrapped! :-) Good luck guys on ur adventures to pick up a Vita…. PS4 here I come!!

  • got one, weren't that many people and more people seemed to be interested in getting an LG phone.