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New Super Luigi U Wii U, Pokemon White/BLACK Version 2 DS $10 ea + Other $10 Games @ TGG


Bargain of the morning is here for the gamers (I am not the gamer…hahaha).
I cannot believe it they are so cheap for very good games. delivery is only $2.
Many good quality games to choose from PS3/Xbox/3DS/DS/PS VITA
other bargain games $10 ea

Some highlights include:


Black Ops 2
Medal of Honor
NFS Shift Unleased 2
Batman Arkham City
LA Noire
Halo Reach
Battlefield 3 or the limited edition
Prototype 2
Halo 4
Max Payne 3


Batman Arkham City
Portal 2
Battlefield 3
Black Ops 2
LA Noire
God of War 3
Max Payne 3




Credit: skooter

Edit: Since Lugi U has already sold out, replaced the link to the main promo page.

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    • Hi lukeloop,

      Our first priority is to fulfill all the orders that we can. I have no confirmation that we will be doing any rain-check like scenarios. My answer was in response to your concerns about us stocking titles that we have been unable to fulfill.

      I believe that if we have even the slightest hope of getting a particular title in that you wanted you will be offered an eta to wait, or refund if you prefer, by the Customer Care Team.

      Just to reassure everyone - our aim at the moment is to fulfill as many orders as possible - so please be patient while we work through all the orders.

      Best case scenario is that you get all your games lukeloop - that's our aim.

      Carla DV

  • +15

    The problem here is that people are getting told different things by different people over the phone.

    Customers ringing assigned stores, customer care calling us and the webmaster (team?) appear to be telling everyone different information and it's really starting to get out of hand when we all discuss this sale online.

    I ordered a few games during the afternoon of the sale day and have been checking ozb everyday for updates, waiting to see when GG would actually communicate to me via phone/email. Like you all, I finally received correspondence today regarding the NDS/3DS games that they will stock (for the record i only ordered pokemon black 2 and splinter cell 3ds, would have looked at getting a few more but like i said, i was late to the party).

    The way GG are handling this seems to be really amateur. It's all well and good that they have a rep here talking to us, but what info has they really told us that we didn't already know? It is clear that the best method of communication to handle a mass audience is to contact people via email. It saves time, the effort of calling, and the problem of customers missing calls and having to deal with back and forth phone conversations. Transparency is key in diffusing a situation like this, and because some of us are talking to support staff, webmasters and kids working the retail desk at the stores, we're all being told different stories. Having things in writing also makes it easier to reference in the future.

    If you're trying hard to locate more stock, tell us.

    If you're going to give refunds on certain stock, tell us.

    If you're going to give out gift cards for $x amount, tell us.

    If you don't know what's going on, tell us.

    And when I say tell us, I don't mean here on ozb, but officially via email so we know the information relayed to us is accurate.

    The first mass email today is a step in the right direction but what really needs to happen is getting some clarification on GGs policies and what they're going to do from here. Remember, not everyone reads ozb and every customer deserves to know what is going on with their money.

    And to think all of this could have been avoided if you guys had a more efficient shopping cart and stocktaking system for your stores.

    • +6

      All of this would have been avoided if it was "In store only, while stocks last." I'm surprised they didn't do this, not only would the stock have all be sold, but they wouldn't have oversold, and they would have driven customers into their stores.

      • +1

        Makes complete sense to me. Before even making an order I was thinking of going to my local store to get the games but didn't have the time.

  • +1

    Hey rep, not sure if you're the same Carla who contacted me from Carringbah via email on the 20th to let me know that my order wasn't going to be fulfilled, but the order in question included one of the games which we've subsequently been told you've obtained stock for (LEGO City Undercover on 3DS).

    Just trying to work out which statement carries weight - will I still get that game, or has my entire order already been cancelled - I haven't received a paypal refund yet, so I'm hoping it's not too late.

    Also I placed a second order a few hours later (about 8am on the Tuesday) but I haven't heard anything at all about that one - no calls or emails, but my card was charged. Is it safe to say that one is still pending while you sort this mess out?

    Cheers and appreciate you spending your weekend answering everyone's enquiries!

    • Hi Dominus,

      Different Carla :) - I'm in Melbourne.

      We'll have to check if your entire order has been cancelled.
      Can you send the order and the email from Caringbah through to [email protected] and I'll get it flagged. I'm assuming you would like the order re-instated if possible?

      Carla DV

  • Hi all,

    Heading off soon - from tomorrow our Customer Care Team will be calling to discuss your individual orders in detail and I'll pop back during the day to see how you're all going.

    Good night everyone …

    Carla DV

  • +1

    As TGG are trying to source more games to complete as many orders as possible, are they trying allocate them based on the time ordered or is it just random?

    If an order placed early that could only be partially complete is better than not receiving anything at all (or hearing later orders were successful in receiving the same item).

    • +1

      It seemed to be random depending on if you got a good store or not allocated to you. Who know's what's going on anymore, this whole thing is a mess because different stores are processing things at their own pace. I just feel bad for the people who ordered first early in the morning and got allocated a store which had nothing in stock (probably because some idiot went in store and hoarded everything off the shelves) and may end up getting nothing at all. Unfair and poorly handled.

  • +2

    Hi Carla just one advice maybe Good Guys should specify a limit of the quantity for the items that each customer can buy from this kind of promotion in the future. This would be better for customers and TGG as well since it saves much problem from hoarding and customer disappointment considering this kind of sale draws some of the worst type of customers.

    • HI ikaruga,

      Thanks for the feedback - I am passing it on to the team.

      Carla DV

  • +2

    How many people actually read the terms and conditions before ticking the "I have read and agree to the Terms & Conditions" box when placing their order?

    We reserve the right to reject any order you place with Us for any reason whatsoever. If We reject your order, We will attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you have given Us with the order.

    Your credit or debit card will normally not be charged if We reject an order, but We will process a refund if the charge has been made against your card.

    Stock levels displayed to you are accurate at the last known update, however, stock availability is subject to change. If there are any changes in available inventory at the Store in the time between you view a product, add an item to your Shopping Cart and commit to a purchase, and We are unable to fulfil your order, We will notify you as soon as possible.

    When you placed the order on-line you agreed to the Good Guys potentially cancelling it.

    To those intending of complaining to the ACCC or whatever, don't waste your time - you agreed to these conditions and the good guys are therefore within their rights to cancel the order and give you a refund, nothing more.

    Fortunately now looks like I'll be getting at least one of the two games I ordered.

    • +4

      Not sure they abided by their own T&Cs:

      "We will attempt to notify you using the e-mail address you have given" - Not only did they not attempt to email me, but it has been a run around trying to contact them.

      "Stock levels displayed to you are accurate at the last known update" - Stock levels displayed were not accurate, yet they continued to take payments well after this was known to them.

      "If there are any changes in available inventory at the Store in the time [and when you] commit to a purchase, and we are unable to fulfill your order, we will notify you as soon as possible." - Well it's nearly a week later and I still haven't received a phone call.

    • +7


      Your argument is invalid.

      The law always takes precedence over a company's own terms and conditions. There was a reason these laws were created and that was to protect the consumer.

      If anything, this is another issue to bring up with the ACCC as such terms could be viewed as being unlawful.

    • Did they really 'reject' any orders but? To me it seems like they were all accepted. They even say in those situations they 'typically' wont take money from the credit card, where here it looks like thats happened in 100% of cases.

      In any event, the law supersedes their terms and conditions.

      • Is there a point you are trying to make or are you simply demonstrating your ability to post a link to a 28 page PDF document?

        • I'm not a lawyer so I don't know about "the law"

        • I just hope that the ones making noise and moaning are not the brodens who dont want to miss out profiting at the expense of legit buyers missing out, thus a gift card and refund won't do of course. If the rep can only post stats of buyers getting 20 copies of Luigi U intent on "gifting" their games.

  • when we get our giftcards REP

    • 3-5 business days was what I was told.

  • +3

    Ordered 10 games at 9.30am, still had no phonecall from TGG. Like others i dont want a refund, i want what was ordered. What the hell can you do with a $20 GIFTCARD anyway? TGG only sell old games at full RRP.

    • +4

      I ordered at 7am, no phonecall either (which I don't want anyway thanks). Holding out for games now seems rather futile, they obviously walked out the stores in the shopping bags of in-person customers, instead of being put aside for the online orders placed hours earlier. I'd rather just get a refund now. I doubt any more games are coming, my guess is that they are stalling for time because of logistical reasons of refunding thousands of orders.

      • I believe they are actually trying to source at least some of the titles. I mentioned this earlier already that distribution for all the titles listed in the email they sent out is handled by Nintendo Australia so it's possible they have only secured stock from one distributor so far.

        At the very least anyone who ordered those titles should receive them. That's what the rep said anyway, but currently that list is NDS/3DS titles only so I guess we'll just have to wait and see how things develop.

        Store Rep - TheGoodGuysAU

        Not sure who gave you that information - but my understanding is that if your games are titles that we have coming in from suppliers then there is 100% chance of them being fulfilled.

    • What about their 120% price match guarantee? I saw on the website they have gta 5.

  • +5

    My mate placed his order at 1pm for a few vita games and they were all delivered the next day from Ballarat - He received a call at 5pm the same day to say they were going out.

    I placed my order before 7am and have had the allocation emails but that is all. They may have tried to call me but the wrong phone number was on my order but I did contact them via phone right away to update the phone number. I however have zero confidence in their current system to handle any form of request. Thankfully the main games I want are coming into stock and going out.

    I was at GG Nunawading at about 3pm on the day the sale was on and there were a number of games still on the shelf available. I bought one game for a mate of mine who couldn't get it online as the site was pretty much being hammered. Lucky him! A staff member there told me the first they heard of the sale was when a customer came in and picked up Black Ops and to their surprise it did scan through at $10. I didn't buy anything for myself as I placed my order before 7am so I thought I was all good!!

    6401 orders were received by GG between 7am - 1pm. Just subtracting the invoice numbers.

    I look forward to seeing how it all finally plays out and personally I think going to the ACCC is a bit much as there is nothing they can do that GG's haven't done to themselves already as a result of this botched sale.

    • +1

      How about an official warning or a FINE for their stuff up? It will teach them in the future not to repeat OLD behavior. This isn't the first time they have stuffed up like this.

      • +5

        If TGG get a warning and/or fine for this, what should DSmith get for their repeated infringements with no customer support or communication whatsoever?

        Whilst it shouldn't have happened in the first place, I think the staff who were handballed the problems have done what they can to fix things. If the stock system isn't fixed I'll happily condemn 'em too, but if TGG learn fron this then I'm willing to give them a bit of leeway due to their response.

    • +1

      I ordered a few Vita games early in the morning and i got a call on Saturday saying I won't get anything. I'm glad your friend got his games, but how the hell do they pick who gets the games first, obviously not first come first serve.

    • I think ACCC is rubbish. Just some people sitting in the office do nothing but to waste our tax payer's money. This isn't the first time with oversold, pricing errors on online sales. They should have done an audit to check what safeguard or system controls in place to prevent this just like how our privacy and personal details are protected by those banks etc. Should have shut down those retailers if they are not capable of handling online sales and let them operate with only store fronts business.

  • +5

    I don’t understand why there is any issue “sourcing the titles”. They are all still available…it’s not like they have stopped making them.

    The issue is the Good Guys no longer have excess stock of said games—meaning they’ll have to order more and sell at a loss.

    Seems to me they have a choice to make—cop the loss on the chin and salvage a decent relationship with their customers OR save the cash, refuse to hold up their end of the bargain and put a bitter taste in the customer’s mouths for a long, long time to come. Balls in your court Good Guys.

    • +4

      Looks like they are the second one, but we should also stand our grounds and expect them to send us our goods. After all it is within our consumer rights.

    • +2

      Hi shaun18001,

      It's my understanding that some games are no longer available at the supplier, we are ordering every game that we can that is still available at the supplier to fulfill orders.

      Carla DV

      • +5

        Hi Carla, since the goodguys are legally obligated to provide for all the games people have purchased, how will the goodguys respond to this? I mean by not being able to get other games in, does that mean the business is breaking the law? Doing your best to get some titles is good and all but not being able to provide for the others is the issue. Refunds and gift cards is simply not good enough so please try to view this from our angle as a consumer. Hope you can clear this up for us. Thanks

        • +2

          If we're talking "legalities", they most likely can't buy grey imports from overseas as they weren't what we ordered (amongst other problems with this). Same goes for if they wanted to buy traded-in copies from EB etc. to fill the orders. We bought Aus-region new games (even if they're PAL as well in Europe).

          Most of the older titles (especially DS games) would be out of production for quite a while. If a supplier doesn't have it, they'd have to buy from JB, Target etc. and even then there would most likely only be scattered quantities at any stores, not the numbers as per all the orders they received.

      • +2

        Carla, what is your position in the company?

        • Hi kamoi - I am the Social Media Manager, Marketing.

          Carla DV

        • In other words, in this situation she's "damage control".

      • +7

        Also, you mention that your supplier just simply does not have other games. Since the good guys are at fault here, can't you guys just source the games somewhere else? Making a loss here to provide stock is better than having a bad reputation. Please don't me wrong, I'm just trying to receive what I have paid for, simple as that.

      • +6

        Have you considered overseas suppliers with the games compatible with our aus consoles?

      • +9

        Maybe get another supplier,all those games are available at a variety of stores,big w,target,eb games,jbhifi and are restocked on a regular basis,seems to me this is just another excuse from your company so you don't have to wear the cost of all this.

        • +3

          Yeah I see games like soulsilver and heartgold still available around here but at high prices. Like wtfnodeal said, they can source it overseas, i think uk is fine. They still have it there, edit: correction, sold out ozgameshop :(

      • +5

        You would expect most popular games would still be in supply, i.e. Black Ops 2, Halo 4, New Super Luigi U.

      • +1

        Thanks for the response Carla (I know you're doing your best in a tough situation), and fair enough.

        However, I’m very surprised that the Good Guys will no longer be stocking Halo 4, Little Big Planet Vita or Kid Icarus—all fairly new titles that I have ordered and not received.

        I’d also say if this is the case that a lot of people will be watching the GG very closely to make sure none of the games they've been told can't be sourced ever do in fact come back into stock.

        • Hi Steveau, watty, x-ray, wtfnodeal, kamoi, shaun18001 (… sorry if I've missed anyone from this conversation)

          I have passed on all of these suggestions to the management team.

          Hopefully you will all be getting your call from the Customer Care Team soon, if not already - feel free to also discuss your suggestions with them.

          Carla DV

        • +1

          Ok thanks Carla, would it possible if the management team responds to you and then you post their response on here? I've been waiting for a week for email replies so it would be futile to wait more at this point (god knows when they will reply). Thanks

  • I just got a call from TGG basically explaining what was already explained in the email.

    He stated that I will get my pokemon white 2 hopefully before christmas, and that the other two games I purchased

    will be shipped too if they can find stock.

    If the case is that they can't find any stock, then I will just get a full refund plus a $40 gift card.

    I guess I'm not too fussed. I'm actually quite happy with this and I respect TGG to have at least the decency

    to constantly keep us updated with email/rep etc where other companies sometimes fail to do so.

    • +5

      The problem with the gift card is after this fiasco, are you willing to continue buying from* them? It's like, sorry we failed, please come to buy from us again. A bit lol right? Or am I blinded by consumer anger?

    • "Hopefully before Christmas" ?

    • +2

      The $40 gift card is very nice. Frankly I'd be pretty happy with that.

      • +3

        Same here. Not happy with the situation but I've got no problem going back to spend a gift voucher (if I get one!).

        I'm curious though why some are being promised $20 and others $40.

        • +3

          I was only offered $20. I guess some customers are more important than others :D

        • +2

          For the love of frankfurts, it is a clearance sale guys!!

          I am astonished that so many of you actually expect GG to restock on items you ordered. Sure, GG stuffed up and they should've took down online orders at 9am and there should’ve been more open communication with buyers. However those expecting GG to completely restock on these items to fulfil your orders are in GREAT need of a reality check.

          Here is an estimated calc of what you are proposing below

          1) there were over 6,000 orders taken on Tuesday.

          2) I expect the average order size was at least 5 games.

          3) The cost price to good guys ordering in games is high, say $20 per game. (No retailer makes good profit margins on videogames)

          Using the assumptions above,
          =$6,000 X 5 games X $20cost = $600,000

          They are recovering $10 each from you so on paper that is a $300,000 loss.

          It’s a massive whack. The fact that GG have confirmed via email that they will definitely re-order and supply a number of the 3DS/DS items is already great news for buyers.

          The hypocritical part of this all is that if such a sale was to ever occur again in the future, you would all be back on the boat to make a purchase.

        • +12

          Mate my problem is I ordered at 6am. That makes me one of the first people. Neither of my games will be coming.

          Despite ordering at 6am, my order wasn't assigned to a store until just after 3pm. I went into that store yesterday and they told me I could buy Luigi U for $45!

          I said I ordered online for $10 and my order was cancelled, they said it was a PRICING ERROR!

        • +1

          Yup, just like people crucifying Dick Smith on cancelled orders then rushing to the store or make an online order when a good item goes on sale.

          Some people just don't give a rat's ass if a business loses tens of thousands as long as they get what they want at the price they want.

        • +1

          The buyers didn't determine the price, good guys did. If the good guys just fixed their online system then none of this would have happened. It's not the buyers fault if the business screws up and loses tens of thousands of dollars, it's the business that is responsible for preventing that.

        • +3

          The only item I have not received from the numerous Dick Smith clearance sales was a laptop.

          The store where I intended to pick it up from called me, told me there was a error in their stock system and unfortunately would not be able to supply the laptop. He then offered for me to come in store and he would take 15% off any windows OS laptop in store!

          Compared to the "Good Guys" who have spat in my face and Luigi U and still available at the store that was assigned my order. I have taken photos of this, written down employee names and will be remitting this to ACCC.

        • Well the thing is, the FIRST call I got last week, the staff said that I will be receiving a $20 gift voucher. This time round, I was offered $40. Can't argue with that :/ unless they're just confusing gift vouchers.. which I don't want to settle for $20. THEN i'll probably dissatisfied

        • How is 15% off a laptop different to a $20 giftcard from a game order?

        • The GOOD GUYS is the BAD GUYS. You've to argue with them first, it was happened with me few mths back with Telstra SIM offers. Will see, if I've to argue with them again for this things.

    • +2

      Hi rainfallis,

      I just heard again that they are hoping to send out all orders this week - so should be plenty of time before Christmas. If I hear any different I will pop on hear and let you know.

      Carla DV

      • +2

        Thanks for doing this.

        I know a LOT of people are unhappy and, I guess entitled to their anger, but still nevertheless we should all be thankful for what you're doing

  • -1

    Hi Carla.

    I've just sent you an email. Please do reply asap.

    Time is of the essence. Both your phone staff and store staff has been less than kind towards me on the phone and not to mentioned completely hopeless and clueless when it comes to providing help.

    • Hi lamerthanlam,

      Can you please Ozbargains message me with your name and email?

      I'm concerned that I've been missing your emails, but it might just be that your username here is very different to your real name and what you use as an email address.

      I have been responding to all emails received so far.


      Carla DV

  • +5

    I just received a courtesy call from Good Guys saying my games would arrive in the next 2 weeks. As I hung up the phone there was a courier at the door with a package containing all the games I ordered.

    • +18

      I'll try calling them, hanging up and see if my games arrive!

    • +1

      Interesting? So has anyone received the same order twice? May be some people are getting 2 allocations whilst others are getting none. Any thing is possible.

    • what did you order? how many games?

      • +3

        4 Games:

        Halo 4 (XBOX)
        GOW 3 (XBOX)
        Ridge Racer (Vita)
        Virtua Tennis (Vita)

  • I called them to check the status of my order, all I was told is to leave my contact details for some special department to call me back within 24hours. I cannot speak with them directly and the problem is this is the third time I receive the same promise with no call back at all.

    • I wonder who they decide to call, because I ordered alot of games around the same time as many others so I'm expecting not to get all of them which means I should get a call.

      • Hi Venom_TAG,

        My understanding is that the Customer Care Team is contacting everyone whose order has not already been dispatched.

        Carla DV

  • +3

    I am in the same position, ordered well before 9AM and still no contact by telephone and not one of my games have arrived.

    Would be nice to get a definitive answer, either they can supply or they should process the refund and not drag this out any longer than it has to

    • +1

      I order at just before 8am & still have not received a call…I placed 2 order & one wasn't even allocated to a store.

  • Hi Carla,
    I ordered the games on the 19th and the allocated store was NIDDRIE, why does it say PENRITH now and the order date is 21st and it on backordered…

    • I got Niddrie on one of my games as well, have not heard from them at all.

    • +2

      I think NIDDRIE is a dodgy store that claimed to have lots of stock but turns out they had nothing. Mine started out as NIDDRIE as well, before being re-assigned to Essendon Airport.

    • Hi hailarious,

      Looks like your order has re-allocated to one of our hub stores, set up around Australia to consolidate stock and fulfill orders.

      Carla DV

      • Does that mean my order was processed on the 21/11/12 when I actually ordered and paid by CC around 9am on the 19/11/12.

        At this stage I still haven't receive any phone call or email regarding order besides an allocation email.

        • Hi hailarious,

          My understanding from this is your order was processed on the 19/11. The orders are then transferred to hub stores.

          Did you not get the update email? It was a 'generic' update - but we are trying to keep you up to date with what is going on.

          Carla DV

        • Thank you for the reply and yes I have received the generic email that mention about NDS/3DS games. How long until someone from the customer care team call me as I will be going on holidays soon in 2 weeks.

  • Just got my second order that I made, which was only 1 game (black ops 2). I made this order as a registered user and got email saying item was dispatched last week. The first order I made as a guest" I got allocation email a call from one of the allocated stores saying they are sending items. This was from my local store. So looks like nothing got sent from them and the other half
    Of my order is in limbo with no communications

  • +2

    Hi Carla, are you able to explain why some people are receiving $20 gift cards and others $40? I ordered 3 games and was offered $20, yet another ozbargainer ordered the same amount and has been offered $40. A bit of clarification is in order.

    • +1

      Those get only $20 gift cards are bad guys?

      • :'(

    • I think it depends on how much you have spent. But yeah, wanting to know the exact details of that.

    • +3

      Hi ajax7,

      Trying to get some clarity on this for you …

      Carla DV

      • so… anything?

      • Hi ajax7,

        My understanding is that we're giving gift cards to people whose orders we are unable to fulfil, to be fair - I've heard the gift card value is determined by each order.

        Carla DV

        • But I'm only receiving 1/3 of my games- same as the other user.

  • +1

    Seems like a game on one of my orders says "ready to pick up" which is weird since it's an order to be delivered.

  • +2

    Shouldn't people who ordered first get called first? it seems as though the good guys Are just calling up people at random. it's a bit unfair for the people who order first, maybe getting called last and have a possibility of missing out where Someone who ordered late Gets a call first and possibly getting the last allocation of a game…

  • I'm yet to be contacted about my order, but hopefully something will come good in the next day or so.

    I also purchased an accessory when I bought a few games and even that's back-ordered despite still be available on the website.

    I'm not chasing TGG as I know the allocated store won't have an answer until the process runs it's course.

    I don't envy TGG in this situation - turned out to be a super sale turned mini-crisis - it went wrong on so many levels. Some good learnings to come from this no doubt…

    • I have looked at a couple of 3DS accessories in the last few days myself.

      While they still show up on the web site search and I can add them to my shopping cart on clicking "checkout" it says my shopping cart is empty.

      Probably the same with your "back-ordered" accessory.
      Not really available on the web site.

      • Hi AnophthalmiaCervidae,

        You are right - the games have been removed.
        All current stock has been consolidated to fulfil existing orders.

        Carla DV

  • I do wish I had my games before my operation this Friday. Kinda sucks.

  • Carla, missed call from 0386123900. Is this a GG extension number?

    • It is, yes.

      • +3

        I missed a call from this number 4 days ago, I tried calling back but no response…

        How hard would it be to send me an email??????

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