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Garuda Indonesia Fly from $605* to Bali or Jakarta Return Including All Taxes until Dec 2014


Garuda Indonesia Garuda Indonesia Extends Spring Sale

November 15, 2013 Australia, Aviation News

Fly from $605* to Bali or Jakarta return including all taxes until December 2014

Garuda Indonesia, the airline of Indonesia, has extended the airline’s fantastic Economy and Business Class spring specials from Sydney and Melbourne. Flights to Jakarta and Denpasar start from $605 per person including taxes, and are available for travel during designated periods through until December 2014.

These incomparable fares, available for travel from 13 November 2013, provide a perfect incentive to take a break before or after the Christmas rush. The extended sale also allows passengers to plan their 2014 getaway now, and experience all that Indonesia’s most popular destinations have to offer.

Garuda Indonesia’s newly appointed Vice President for Australia/SWP, Uun Setiawan, commented: “We have extended our spring sale to incorporate dates until the end of 2014 to give passengers a chance to get great deals right now, or far ahead of travel time. While a summer holiday is usually high on the list, we believe Indonesia is a great place to visit no matter what time of the year.”

Effective immediately and for a limited time only the offer includes:

Return Economy Class ex Sydney

Ex Sydney to Denpasar and Jakarta starting from only $640* per person including taxes
Return Business Class ex Sydney

Ex Sydney to Denpasar and Jakarta starting from only $1343* per person including taxes
Return Economy Class ex Melbourne

Ex Melbourne to Denpasar and Jakarta starting from only $605* per person including taxes
Return Business Class ex Melbourne

Ex Melbourne to Denpasar and Jakarta starting from only $1310* per person including taxes

Flying with Australasia’ best regional airline**, passengers will be able to take advantage of Garuda Indonesia’s extensive baggage allowance offering 30kg for Economy and 40kg for Business Class passengers. With Garuda Indonesia‘s complimentary sports equipment allowance of 23kg, passengers are also able to take along any equipment such as surfboards, golfs clubs or diving gear at no extra charge.

The airline, awarded for its revitalised fleet and signature service concept, prides itself in creating the Garuda Indonesia Experience reflected in restaurant style service with a selection of premium beverages and sumptuous meals and warm Indonesian hospitality of its crew. Passengers can also enjoy Garuda Indonesia’s free Video on Demand (VOD) entertainment system which offers a wide range of feature films, games and audio tracks.

For further information, call Garuda Indonesia on 1300 365 330 or contact your preferred AFTA travel agent.

  • Conditions apply. Prices are per person return Business and Economy Class air travel ex specified locations. Taxes and fuel surcharges are included and correct as of 13 November 2013 and are subject to change. All fares valid for departures between 13NOV13-07DEC13, 15JAN14-04APR14, 22APR14-17JUN14, 09JUL14-11SEP14, 04OCT14-1DEC14. Bookings must be paid and ticketed by 31 March 2014. Fares non-refundable. Child/Infant discount not permitted. Stopover not permitted. No date changes after ticketing. Change of return date permitted after departure with AUD250 reissue fee.

    **In 2013, Garuda Indonesia was awarded with the title ‘Best in Region: Asia and Australasia’ by APEX, the Airline Passenger Experience Association.

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  • Please add the airline to the title.

    • why don't you go to thai-land and catch a STD, and complain to SMH after.

  • +1

    I tried to select the dates around Melbourne Cup Day in Nov 2014 but the price is $ 796 so it's not really cheap. Still, it's a good deal because it's a direct flight from a full service airline.
    I remember they used to have a couple of immigration officers on board for inbound flights to Indonesia to assist you with custom clearance. Do they still do that?

    PS: I tried the Easter period (19/4 - 27/4) and the price is $ 1224.

    • +2

      Yeap…they still have a couple of immigration officers on board. This is very useful if you're flying with infants/toddlers as you don't have to queue for immigration clearance once you're there. So once you're landed you just have to wait for your luggage which can sometimes take a while. This is one of the reason we flew with Garuda for the last 3 years…

    • -6

      Garuda is the airline responsible for that horrible crash that killed one Australian journalist and badly burned another, to the point of near death. She survived but with horrible injuries.
      See these links:




      Channel 7 reports of the journalist who survived (after being rushed back to Australia with burns to 60% of her body for treatment by burns specialist Dr Fiona Wood) showed her on a gurney after extinguishing the flames from her own body by rolling in a rice paddy.

      I wouldn't call a flight with them a bargain, even if they paid me to fly with them.

      • +3

        7 years ago - oh pleeease.

      • so you won't fly any airline in the world that ever crash? is it your point? just hope your qantas keep this record, otherwise you won't fly anywhere else

    • +5

      Everyone is negging you, here's why:

      For ~$35 more than Jetstar this price including meals, baggage, entertainment, everything. You'd pay $35 ($17.50 each way) for that every day of the week.


      • Don't forget the service, Garuda's service I found to be really good.

        • +1

          Just service in general, which Jetstar has none.

      • +1

        I grabbed $297.43 return flights last week

  • +6

    The formatting is so misleading. Thought it was cheaper to fly business class for a sec there.

  • Do they have tv on every seat?

    • -1

      They were rated the best airline last year I would hope they have a screen on each seat.

    • +1

      I can confirm on every international flight.

    • If it's their 737-800 plane, TV on every seat and they are touch screen and not the one with a remote. The person sitting in front of you could be annoyed if you keep pressing on the screen and if you press hard. With their other planes, not sure whether there is TV on every seat.

  • +4

    Best airlines.

    Indonesia on the move.

    • hahaha biased much? XD

      but yes, compared to what they used to be, they've stepped up their game big time. Wasn't expecting anything when I flew to Japan using Garuda but heck, that was one of the best flights I've ever been on.

    • -2

      You all gotta be kidding me seriously. Latest major incident in 2007 where 21 died??? Human rights activist poisoned by a pilot in cahoots with the former head of the airline!!! Best airline…right! Maybe if my choice was Russian roulette and this….

  • +6

    Fly to bogan central aka Bali.

    • +2

      only if you depart the plane and head straight to Kuta and stay there…

    • The not so bogans base themselves elsewhere and not Kuta and then explore the entire island and beyond like Gilis.

  • +4

    Flew them to Jakarta - better than Qantas (which is not hard). New plane, great food and service. Jakarta Airport on the other hand :/

    No brainer vs the bogan (Jetstar) express to Bali.

  • It's a pity they are joining SkyTeam.

    • +2

      How is that bad? They are joining Delta, which in turn is partnered with Virgin Australia. It's the best thing they could have done.

  • -6

    Do you have to pay extra for a singing pilot?

    The pilot of an ill-fated Garuda flight which crashed in Indonesia killing 21 people, including five Australians, was singing as he began his descent, a report says

  • -6

    I wouldn't touch this airline with a 10 foot pole.

    • +1

      Why? They are only number 10 on the Top 10 Most Dangerous Airlines list


      • -1

        Over 25 years ago, the ONLY cheap way to Japan was via Indonesia on Garuda.
        The ONLY meal option on the Japan leg with them was 'ox tongue' something.
        I had a bag of peanuts.
        I hope the food is not as 'dangerous' as it was then…

        • What's wrong with ox tongue? When in Rome, do what the Romans do (eat offal).

        • +1

          25 years ago?
          its now 2014.

          for the last 5 years Ive been on garuda, its the usual choice of omelette or their traditional rendang.

          better than jetstar with no food.

          if you're real picky with food try out Singapore/Etihad airline you'd get a 10 course meal of lobster and what not with a premium package. ;)

      • You really should catch up at the back.

        The article you link to is 4 years old - this one gives a contemporary rating:


        But please - for all those nervous ninnies living in the past, please avoid Garuda, and give the rest of us a better chance of getting better seats.

    • why don't you touch qantas with your 1 inch pole?

  • +2

    Vowed never to fly Garuda when their former CEO and a pilot (and probably Indonesia's intelligence agency) conspired to murder a human rights activist on board by slipping arsenic into his drink back in 2004.


    • -4

      are you part of human right activist? you should not be live in Australia then, coz u know Australian history. sorry guys, not to try offend anyone in here.

      • +9

        Cant really offend anyone if we didn't understand a word you said…

        • +3

          Lol I'm Asian and can understand all sorts of broken English from Khartoum to Yangon, but this guy reminds me of the time when a professional interpreter turned to me in frustration and said "I catch bits and pieces but I have no idea what he's talking about!"

    • +2

      And as per WiKi; In 2007, a Jakarta court found that Garuda was negligent in refusing to perform an emergency landing, and ordered the company to pay 600,000,000 rupiah in compensation to Munir's widow. When Garuda appealed this decision, the supreme court increased the compensation to an undisclosed amount.[8] Garuda then failed to pay the compensation.[9]

      I feel like starting a boycott campaign of this corrupt company.

  • +1

    my friend just got back from Indonesia and flew garuda. Said it was the worst airline he has ever flown with. They lost his bag, flight was delayed and the food was terrible.

    • +8

      well my friend just got back from Indonesia and flew garuda. Said it was the best airline he has ever flown with. They didn't lose his bag, flight was on time and the food was great.

    • Sometimes it's just your luck. I flew Singapore Airlines before and they left one of our luggage back at Singapore.

      I just flew with Garuda, food is okay but portion is small. Flight delays can happen to any airline. But with Garuda, I find they do not leave on their schedule time, but the flight time is shorter than what is shown on your schedule, resulting in potentially still reaching on time even though they departed later.

      • +3

        they know some short cuts… :-)

  • +2

    Can't believe all the negativity on this post. Before this I had only heard good things about Garuda. Airport rankings had them in top 10 last year. I think it was even in top 5 for economy seating.
    You don't hear all these complaints on Jetstar postings even though Jetstar is obviously a much worse airline.

    • +1

      Airlines that operate planes which crash usually cause more negativity than the lack of decent meals and poor cabin service.

    • can't believe this poor country only has qantas as their proud national airline. maybe you all can give alan joyce a hug next time qantas sale posted on ozbargain.

  • -1

    Everyone is negging you, here's why: BALI IS A PRETTY DANGEROUS PLACE!! haha

    • That's true - the last 6 times I have been there, I have been in constant fear of my life.

      • +2

        Sounds like a great holiday…
        You went 6 times?
        Obviously chose to stay in the wrong areas every time then…

        • there's always 7th time isn't it? go bogan go…

      • it should be good, you must be an adrenalin junkies :)

  • Never had a nice experience flying with Garuda. They cancelled the flight when the plane has few passengers to fill the seats with 24 hours notice phone call only. On board immigration was wasted services when you have to wait for 45 minutes to get your luggages.

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