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Melb-Tokyo Return $544, Osaka Return ex Melb $502, Syd $481, Adel $447, Perth $418 with Air Asia


Found more incredible deals with Air Asia. There's a stack of dates available in May, June & July at these prices.

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  • That $544 actually comes to $643 with taxes and baggage. Still good though. Pity they don't depart from Brisbane.

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      $544 is the full price, which includes all taxes. If you want luggage included, it's an extra $99.

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      Hoping for the Jetstar Japan sales this week, if it follows a similar pattern to the $480 return deals they had at the same time last year.

  • $600 base fare from OOL to HKG.

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    Think I would want to take more luggage when I leave the country. As phreakuency says still good price though :) I will have to tell my brother. Thanks TA

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      Dammnit meant to + that!!

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        I gave a positive to offset your unintended negative :)

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    In reality its probably better to wait for a jetstar deal for the Tokyo flight, when you factor in the flight time via KL on AirAsia, its a looooong trip and will the savings be worth it.

    For other flights it maybe a good deal, but that trip isnt

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      If you are flexible with dates that is good advice. Jetstar usually have a sale in February for travel in May. Pretty good prices if you only had set dates to travel on and didn't want to risk it.

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    Tempted to go again to Japan…. but sadly they never do deals for December…. sigh.

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    Brilliant deals from Perth too!

    Perth - Osaka $418 return, minimal transit time at KUL each way (3 hr outbound, 90 min inbound). Tokyo slightly more, but I prefer the Kansai region anyway.

    If any uni student wants to go on a 7 day trip between semesters, 1 Jul - 8 Jul is currently at $418.

    • Thanks! I've updated the title.

    • Dammnit meant to + that!!

    • not sure who -NEG you, but I've + you back :-)

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        Not sure who negged YOU but I've + you back :)

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    Bear in mind that's Summer time in Beijing and Japan. It will be hot and humid.

    • That's true. Hot and humid. :(

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        Having lived in Japan, May is fine, June is ok but wet and July is not much fun. But its never really hot (usually under 30C), just can be very humid. No worse than Nth Australia and better than Singapore at that time. August is terrible…

        • I moved from Melbourne to Tokyo in June. worst climate adjustment of my life.

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    Thanks TightArse. I think I will push the button on this.

    much appreciated.

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      Have you heard of voting positive for the deal? thats a good way to show thanks

  • Just checked Mel Bangkok return 3rd to 13th May, Air Asia AU $651 includes $86 for baggage but still without food, seating costs.

    You need to compare this with Royal Brunei in Dreamliner,all inclusive is AU$733. guess it depends how much you want to save money. JoyV

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    I just went to Tokyo with Air Asia….and its an 8 HOUR transit!!!!!!!!!! In the Low Cost Carrier Terminal….which would be their equivalent of Avalon….actually probably like Melb's Tullamarine! Its a killer wait! Not long enough to go to the city and back without rushing. Supposedly the Air Asia terminal is moving to the international Airport….but keeps getting delayed.

    Even with premium upgrades….its such a waste of time. I would never fly Air Asia to Japan again. Malaysia and Singapore for sure.

    • Do you mean because of the stopover in KUL? :/

      What was your travel route?

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        The AirAsiaX flight leaves Melbourne at 1.25AM, and arrives at Tokyo at 10:30PM which includes a 10hour stopover in KL (22hours). Jetstar is 13-14hrs with Sydney stopover - 10hrs flight time.

        As sammyboy says thats a long time to wait in a terminal which isnt of any decent standard. You have to have used it to fully understand. Plus you leave at a very early time and arrive at a very late time, not the best connections.

        But if you really want to save money go ahead

        Note like my original comment and his, its not a reflection or AirAsia, its just that the connections make it a tough trip if your destination is Tokyo

        Like flying Emirates to the LAX, which is via Europe, not the best way, 29hrs inc 6 hour stop over. No reflection on Emirates service, just a long way to go

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          I booked my tickets via Nagoya a few weeks ago, the stop over in KL for that flight is only a couple of hours.

          It's a much better option, especially if you're going to travel around Japan anyway.

        • see my post here re current jetstar option/price for Syd- Osaka $600 RT


      • KUL airport is basically a warehouse, not a great place by any standard but not bad if you're not fussy. 8 hours would be a long time there though.

        But $400-600 return depending on where you're coming from… that's bloody cheap for Japan.

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      Airasia and the other low cost carriers are moving to The brand new KLIA2 which is almost complete.

      It is going to be much, much, much better than the LCCT - you can't even remotely compare. Look it up in google images. KLIA2 is going to make AirAsia even more of a force to be reckoned with than they are now. Only disadvantage will be no airside transfer between KLIA and KLIA2 - you will still need to enter Malaysia and catch a train between the two terminals if you want to change between Malaysia airlines and Airasia.

      Malaysia airports authority is actually going to charge the same fees to Airasia as they do for the current LCCT. It just shows how airports are now longer about landing planes but about retail opportunities. The expanded retail in KLIA2 is going to pay for the shiny, shiny new terminal.

    • Speaking of crazy stopover times…when I was looking for cheap flights to South America 2 years ago the cheapest flights shown on Skyscanner were with Emirates. The catch was that you had to fly to the Middle East first and put up with a lengthy stopover, making the entire trip 60 hours! Luckily I customised my own cheaper way via New Zealand where I spent the money saved in New Zealand on an extended holiday.

    • when you make the booking, are you aware of the 8 HOURS transit?

      or they make you wait 8 HOURS because there's a delay or something?

  • What's ex mean?

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      What's ex mean?

      The 'ex' means the price applies to packages departing from that airport. For example, the price 'ex Melb' would be the price departing from Melbourne.

    • flying from

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      From the latin "exeunt" perhaps?

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    I got $481.24 SYD-Osaka Return.

    Dates in screenshot if you're interested


    • Thanks. I've update title to reflect.

  • How much are normal prices for the Mel-Tok return when not on sale?

    • It varies wildly but normally $700-$900.

  • Can I ask, has anyone managed to get the $418 price for Perth? I can't seem to find the dates for that?

    Plus, anyone know any good deals/good places to stay in Tokyo?

    Thanks have a nice day :)

  • I had a horrific 11 layover (arriving at KL at 2am so no point in going to the city). Next time, I'm planning on pre booking a tune hotel stay for a shower and a nap. Air Asia was signifigently cheaper than any other airline for that destination so I'll continue using them.

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