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Free $40 Gift Card for Rebel Sport with $1 Subscription to Herald Sun (& News Ltd Newspapers)


original offer now currently only available via phone as per https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/135207?page=3#comment-1864397

Herald Sun have come to their senses and changed the T&C of the deal, stating you must remain signed up for 12 weeks to receive the $40 gift card.

Page with the deal offered: http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/19935/21341/giftcard.jp…
Thanks to h4lcyon, full page print screen with T&C: http://i.imgur.com/2aaxCJC.jpg

Original Deal:
UPDATE - CLARIFICATION OF $40 GIFT CARD: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/entertainment/competitions/subsc…
Taken from that page: "All features described below are valid for those who subscribe to any of the four Herald Sun subscription packages on offer, which start from just $1 for the first 28 days.

This offer is open to new subscribers only and ends on March 31.

The offer includes:

You’ll get $40 to spend on whatever you like at Rebel, including AFL team gear, at any Australian store or online at www.rebelsport.com.au "

I know Herald Sun has had the $1 for 28 days subscription for a while now, but until 31st March 2014 you can also get a $40 gift card to spend on whatever you like at Rebel in store or online. The gift card is sent to you within 14 days of subscription, giving you plenty of time to cancel. If you dont cancel, it then reverts to $4.00 per week.
You can also get the Sunday paper delivered in the $1 subscription too, but that reverts to $4.50 after the promotional period, which I think is pretty good value anyway

FULL Subscription features
Unlimited mobile and web access
Unlimited Taste, Body+Soul, Escape & more
Unlimited Confidential, Best Weekend & more
Unlimited Lifestyle special features
Fox Sports Match News Videos
Fox Sports News 24/7 Live Streaming
Expert opinion & video content
SuperCoach Gold - AFL
The Herald Sun Digital Print Edition
The Herald Sun iPad app

From itsmemeow's comment:
You can select any of the 4 subscriptions, which start at $1 - this includes the digital only bundle. You will receive a $40 Rebel Sports gift card

Based on the terms and conditions on the subscribe page - the rebel gift card will be sent out within 14 days, so presumably you could not cancel your subscription before then if you intend to.

You only pay $1 now via credit card or PayPal. Your subscription will renew in approx. 3 weeks. Based on registering today, my renewal is March 23rd and I would be charged $16 based on the plan I selected.

According to their FAQ's (once registered), their cancellation policy is as follows:

How much notice do I need to give to cancel my subscription?
Your digital access will be cancelled within 5 business days, but home delivery may continue for up to a further 5 business days (those of you in WA should allow up to 10 business days for deliveries to cease).
Oh, and we won’t charge you a cancellation fee.

Terms and Conditions

Renewals occur unless cancelled.
Payment in advance by credit/debit card or Paypal only.
Offer only available where regular home delivery exists for VIC residents and where no additional freight is charged.
Offer available for limited time only.
New subscribers only.
Rebel $40 Gift Card To take up the Rebel Gift Card offer you must subscribe to a News + Digital or Digital Bundle subscription.

NSW/ACT: The Daily Telegraph
SA: The Adveriser
WA: Sunday Times
QLD: The Courier Mail
VIC: Herald Sun

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  • can I cancel it online?

    • VV

  • How easy is it to cancel a subscription? Do they make you post a letter or something?

    • The only way it seems you can cancel it is by calling the number or using the contact form which has cancelling the subscription as an option… Think i'll cancel mine on the 15th of March… that should give them about 10 business days to send out the gift card (if they're going to) and allows about 5 business days to cancel the renewal… and you can bet there's gonna be a lot of cancellations!

    • Very easy. I've done the $1 deal before. Actually forgot to cancel in time before the new subscription started - contacted them that I didn't want to continue and they refunded me the money. Can't say it'll be the same for everyone though especially if people start to abuse it.

  • We're entitled to a prorata'd refund if we cancel anyway, which could be anther dollar Max if we waited until gift cards arrived

  • -1

    Signed up for the $1 Advertiser (SA paper) one. Didn't see anything about the giftcard though…are we sure it applies to all these papers or only HS?

    Cheers! Great deal.

    edit: Hrm. *Based on 4 weeks subscription to Digital + 7 day delivery.

    • I think they changed the terms because I also have that *Based on 4 weeks subscription to Digital + 7 day delivery. And that subscription is $10 for the first 28 days..


      • No, there are two. * and ^. The star leads to the tees and cees and the ^ is for the saving.

        • How about this is in the T&C:

          Offer only available where regular home delivery exists for VIC residents and where no additional freight is charged. Full offer terms and conditions apply - see Herald Sun website for full details.

          So if I paid for the Digital only News+ package and I live in SA, does that mean I won't get the Gift Card?

        • Should be fine

  • +1

    Thanks OP.

  • +1

    Still works fine. Couldn't resist and signed up again today. This link seemed to work from my mobile


    And here is the screen showing the $40 rebel card included


    This offer is open to new subscribers only and ends on March 31. The offer includes:


    You’ll get $40 to spend on whatever you like at Rebel, including AFL team gear, at any Australian store or online at www.rebelsport.com.au

    I'm sure on Monday morning it will change to: due to overwhelming demand this offer is now closed.

    • "This offer is open to new subscribers only and ends on March 31."

      If "new subscribers" excludes anyone who has subscribed previously then I can't imagine multiple sign ups resulting in multiple gift cards.

      Also makes me wonder if "new subscribers" excludes anyone who has accepted a previous subscription offer, like any of the previous free trial offers.

      • I wonder what the new subscription means. So I get 7 daily newspaper delivered anyways, will that affect this? (I signed up to this thru wifey's name)

  • +1

    The is additional value to this offer:


    New subscribers will go into our draw for a chance to win a VIP footy experience, with two lucky fans set to win four tickets to a catered box at the MCG for an AFL match, valued at more than $1500.

  • +1

    Even if you cancel after payment is taken out ($16 or $18 depending on what $1 deal you went for) you still get $40 card for 50%

  • getting page not found. oh well rebel is usually $40 overpriced anyway ;)

  • Do we get some form of confirmation of the rebel gift card after signing up?

    • I sure didn't. Only signed up for digital offer though, maybe the digital + delivery has a different confirmation email. We'll just have to wait and see.

      • +2

        I didn't, only 2 emails : Your news+ account and suscribtion confirmation

  • Thanks OP!

  • Looking forward to my voucher. Thanks OP and the rest.

  • This link still works and shows the $40 rebel gift card:

  • Just subscribed to the 7 day edition. I don't think I've bought a newspaper for 5 plus years.
    Will be enjoying the paper with my coffee every morning for the next 28 days.

    Does anyone buy the paper regularly these days? Did anyone go for the 10 days?


  • For those of you subscribing to multiple papers on digital only, In the T&C (after you click through the "Try it Now" button) it says…

    news+ Full Access Subscription Terms and Conditions

    news+ Full Access Subscription provides you access via a secure login to view unlimited content on the following News >Sites and msites (news+ Full Media):


    as well as access to certain content on
    foxsports.com.au (also part of news+ Full Media) excluding certain live sports packages

    as well as the following iPad only applications:

    The Daily and The Sunday Telegraph
    Herald Sun
    The Courier-Mail/The Sunday Mail
    The Advertiser & Sunday Mail

    So does that mean you are actually only subscribing to the same digital only subscription?

  • broken?

  • +1
  • +6

    Email received confirming gift card sent! Woohoo :) Thanks OP!

    Hey David, as promised, as part of your new subscription to PerthNow, we're giving you a $40 Rebel Gift Card. You don't have to do a thing. We've sent it to your subscription billing address and you should get it within 14 days. If it doesn't arrive by then, please call 1800 850 516. 

    • how long ago did you sign up?

      • +1

        24hrs ago or so

        • +2

          neat only an hour and 14mins away for mine.
          Wonder if those who signed up for 5 "different" newspaper accounts will receive 5 emails? Those who signed up 5 times did you get 5 confirmation emails upon signup?

        • 10 mins remaining for me hopefully

        • +4

          hmm 24 hours and 10mins no email yet.

        • +1

          Same -_-

        • hmm Over day and a half.. Anyone who signed up for the $1 digital only option anywhere receive a GC confirmation?

        • I signed up before I posted the deal, and I have not had confirmation yet. The persons confirmation was from PerthNow, so hopefully Herald Sun can sift their way through the thousands of subscribers and send us a confirmation. Haven't seen any confirmation for Herald Sun on here, maybe someone can post if they have?

    • NICE!

    • +2

      mind asking which package you subscribed? the $1 basic one ($4 a week one after promotion)?

      • +3

        $1 with the weekend paper. Bear in mind that wa may have fewer people to go thru

        • Good point went with the Herald in VIC but live in NSW soooo we'll see I suppose.

    • -1

      Which plan did you get? The $1 one?

      • See two posts above yours

  • Any working links left?
    Can't get past the landing page.

  • Wow, if I get an email confirming my gift card I'll be cancelling subscription a lot earlier.

  • I haven't got my GC confirmation yet, and I signed up 27 hours ago !
    Should I be worried?

    • which package did u signed up with?

      • The $1 online only /28 days
        Signed up thru Adelaide Link since im in Adelaideb

        • ah ok, I signed up with the same thing but daily telegraph…

          No email yet….

  • +1

    does this apply to SMH.com.au?

    • that's fairfax not news ltd :(

  • Guise, this add appeared in the Adelaide Sunday Mail today. http://files.ozbargain.com.au/upload/92970/21314/screenshot_…
    (if you want to see it for yourself thru online reader, page 55 in sport)

  • +1

    I'm surprised no one has got an email yet!

    • You may have to divide your $40 card with 8759 people

  • They took down the subscription offer page for Courier Mail! Did anyone take a screenshot?

  • +1

    What's got me baffled is this New Customers business. Now I've got a 7 day HOME PAPER delivery without online access, so does that mean I'm a new customer?

  • Hope they have a truckload of gift cards. I suspect the Briscoe Group who own Rebel are going broke and this is a desperate attempt to get some turnover. No way News Ltd would have paid anywhere near $40 for these vouchers. If you do get a voucher, spend it quick.

  • +4

    I just called 1800 262 374 and signed up with a lady there. She confirmed the Rebel gift card was still available and would be sent out within 2 weeks.

  • +5

    I love the OzBargain spirit…the ad gets taken down from the website, but people still go the extra mile to call up and sign up over the phone for the gift card!

    • +1

      I'm a sucker for a freebie.

  • +3

    OK, so I just rang the Herald Sun myself, as I still had not received confirmation of gift card. My subscription did not show on their system as being eligible for the $40 gift card for some reason. He cancelled it on the phone and put through a new subscription and confirmed it was for the Ultimate Footy Package, and I was eligible for the gift card. The new subscription he did for me also did not send me a confirmation I would receive a gift card, but he says their system shows that's what I am signed up for. So if you haven't received confirmation of the gift card, I think it is pretty normal.

    • Cheers Johnno!
      So should we ring up?

      • I was stupid and used an email I had already setup for news+ for supercoach, so maybe that's why mine stuffed up. I imagine if you signed up fresh you should be ok. If you dont get the gift card within 3 weeks I would ring them as the offer is still valid (apparently until the end of March but we will see) and is on their system. It just doesn't show up online anymore

    • except you said you originally didnt show up on their system…
      some one previously didnt get a gift card confirmation email untill 24 hours later, so i dont feel it is pretty normal to not recieve the gift card confirmation at all…
      but thanks for the heads up i guess ill call them

  • If you signed up over the phone, could you pay via PayPal?

    • +1

      Paid credit card, but you can go into my account and change funds

  • I just called up and subscribed. Will get gift card in two weeks by mail.
    All good!

  • -8

    The fine print says to be eligible for Rebel gift card, one must take out digital+delivery or digital bundle. So I guess $1 digital only subscription does not qualify for this gift card

    • +5

      The $1 is called News+ digital, which is specifically mentioned as eligible.

      • +2

        Reading is hard for some people.

        • -4

          those people are called Australians!

  • Rang and signed up, is the gift card confirmation only after 24 hours? Didn't get any confirmation regarding the card at all!

    • I got told NO confirmation, ring up paper if u don't get card in 14 days

  • well i got a second email after order confirmation. they didn't wait for me to cancel, they cancelled it! no reason why

    *Your news+ Full Access package has been cancelled.

    Your credit card may be refunded with an amount to reflect the unused portion of your subscription – please allow 48-hours for this to process*

    ready torches & pitchforks, aim, FIRE!

    • What the hell, I'm going to get my $1200 worth of rebel vouchers or shits going down. Time to call in the ACC and /b/ ddos vilgantes.

      • +3

        are you just angry now that you bragged about making 30 accounts earlier?
        thats going to be a pain to cancel all those accounts, so if they cancel them for you then you should be thankful. after all you were trying to exploit them quite heavily.

        • +4

          I can't wait to see the delivery guy come around to your street and deliver 30 papers to you every day. I'm guessing that at least one is gonna break your window or damage your car !

        • That would be karma, but I think they would deliver a bulk amount rather than throw 30 papers out of a car at his place.

    • +1

      Call up and ask why. I'm curious to hear what happened.

      • +8

        I can't wait to hear about him calling up 30 different times with 30 different accents!

  • on the phone now, seems good if u signed up online thru $1 digital only!"if u dont get it in 14 days plz ring up"the shelia says: dis is the adelaide advertiser

    • EDIT: Ignore above


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