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Virgin Mobile. Extra 1GB Data with $20 BYO Plan


Virgin Mobile added 1GB to select plans a few months back but this didn't include the $20 BYO plan. Now it does!

$20 per month nets you $200 of calls (roll over included) and 1.2GB data (4G) counted per kb.
BYO plans have no contract, and the usual Virgin to Virgin freeness applies.

This same deal was on late 2013, but for those who missed out, here it is again. Good choice for a low cost plan on a fairly well known carrier.

Expires 6th April 2014.

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  • +4 votes

    Been with Virgin years but have found the data connectivity useless. (Sydney CBD with S2). I thought the extra data was a bit of a laugh as doesn't work, may as well give me 100GB free if I couldn't use it.
    Is it just me, if so I can review?

    • Maybe upgrade to 4G …check your settings … but there will be lots of dead spots (even in the CBD depending on the buildings around you).

    • +2 votes

      4G definitely works a lot better…

      Optus still have too many blackspots in the inner suburbs of Melbourne though…
      Their maps show coverage, but in reality there is not.

      • Is your phone fully compatible with Optus' network? I don't really have an issue unless I'm at uni due to congestion.

      • Tell me about it, East Melbourne here (spring st) end of CBD, I am lucky to get any signal in my apartment, and 1 bar outside my front door.

    • I use Virgin and get 4G in most areas of Perth (definitely in the city). Previously was using Vodafone 3G and I am finding Virgin 4G SO much faster.

      • +18 votes

        yeah 4G tends to be faster than 3G

      • That kinda makes sense, how about Vodafone 4G compared to Virgin 4G? I know Vodafone is the fastest in Melbourne and Sydney (based on readily available tests/Vodafone advertising) but not sure about other cities.

    • Try fixing your APN settings- with Crazy Johns mine didn't work until updating it.

  • Not a bad deal … I am with the old TPG 1$ plan …(but spend around 8$/month and restrict my data usage a bit). Might be time for an upgrade … 20$ for 1.2GB (4G) and 200$ (at 28cents TXT/$2.38 2min call) sounds fair - free voicemail - international and 1300 numbers included in cap). Charged per KB. And includes 4G (not that my phone would be able to handle that yet). I like the credit rollover as I have very variable usage.

    18 numbers not included (as usual)
    20.5cents per excess MB (usual charge … but can get expensive when you don't monitor your usage)

    • maintain - don't cancel - that $1 tpg plan - wish i had signed up when still available but only did the $10 and $18 plans :(

      • Yeah … I like it too … but I would love to use the net a bit more (1GB would costs me also 20$ … not that I use it … + phone and text messages usage). So I levelled out at 8$ / month over the last 3 years … saved lots of money. But no 4G … and you are a little bit more flexible with the Virgin 20$ plan. No need to be really strict with mobile data …

        So a tough decision for me …

        • Keep the sim with the plan still going, its ridiculously cheap….

        • definitely - that's what i meant :)

          if you want virgin then get a new number if you can't transfer one on to the $1 tpg plan

        • Would need to keep my number … otherwise more costs in changing business cards and other stuff … :-). Ah well lets wait a bit … still some time until this deal ends.

        • I signed up with TPG about 5 months ago and got in on their BYO $19.99 Med cap plan (not sure if it still exists) but this gave me $500 included talk and text and 1 GB of downloads per month. Their coverage seems to be quite good and I don't have any issues with their data download speeds.

    • Does anyone aware that there is a flag fall charge or connection fee for mobile to mobile call? It is only free for virgin to virgin. The flag fall cost is $0.40 every time a call is made. The money do add up in long term.

    • Virgin: 28cents TXT/$2.38 2min call
      TPG $1 PAYG: 9.9cent TXT/$0.298 2min call

      You probably want to keep the TPG $1 PAYG plan. Voice call wise, you really only have around $25 worth of value from Virgin's $200. I really hate the Telcos using the dollar value to mislead the customers.

      • Very true … :-) Call wise there would be not much difference. All comes down to usage … would love to be a little more flexible with txt and data … I restrict myself a lot to reach the 8$/ month (which is sometimes no fun). My usage would go up with the Virgin plan … but it's also more expensive. Still … I think a good deal … compared to what's out there …

  • ok… so how good / reliable is their network? I'm interested in their $30/$40 plan.
    And data - is it reliable? I use more data than calls.

    • so how good / reliable is their network?

      That depends where you use it most. I find their network has a lot of black spots. Where you do get coverage, it generally works well.

      I remember back when the iPhone 5 first got released, I went into a Telstra shop in the city and compared a new iPhone 5 on Telstra, to my 3GS on Virgin. Both had full coverage and my 3GS browsed faster on Safari.

      • Thanks JV.
        I've been with telstra prepaid for the last 7 years or so.
        I hate paying $20/700mb… but I haven't found an alternative that is convincing to switch networks.

        • +1 vote

          If I didn't care about cost, I'd stick with Telstra, but in terms of value, Virgin have some of the best value plans on 4G

        • If your happy with Telstra and reliability is important stick with them. Telstra has black spots too but overall they OWN any other network.

      • I have a nexus4, so don't know if I can benefit from a 4G network.

  • Their 3G sucks. Been using them for 7 years now, only reason I stay with them because their call credits includes international calls.
    Tried to order pizza on my phone the other day at Point Cook and it kept loading for at least 15 minutes. Ended up using my friend's Telstra mobile to order.

  • +1 vote

    $20 per month nets you $200 of calls (roll over included) and 1.2GB data (4G) counted per kb.

    If you add a data pack for an extra $10 per month (on a 2y contract) you get another 2GB.

    So for $30 a month, you get $200 in calls and 3.2GB data, not too bad…

    • I am with Liveconnected for last 4 years, before pricewise, great, now, they are cheating to their own customers, all prices are gone up, not trust worthy provider, I am changing to Virgin in this month.

      • Ah, over the last year or so all the providers have been pushing their prices up. Have a look at what telco share prices have been doing lately. Every telco customer is getting bent over at the moment…

        Woo for price rises with 4G as the excuse =\

        • Yeah i think its because some of their competitors have been removed - Aldi mobile and Kogan, and potentially woolworths. All this leads to increased prices

  • Good deal.

    Coverage is good for me, I travel from NW into the city. There is a black spot near homebush station, but since switching to 4G on my lumia 1020 the coverage is really good in and around the city.

  • Their network is exactly the same as Optus. If you're having trouble with 4G, you may have to call them to enable it.

  • Been waiting for something like this, just changed from my $49 plan to $20. Saving a bit of cash now (never used over 1 gig of data a month anyway or $200 worth of calls).


    Edit: yes, I agree with the general sentiment that 3G sucks in Sydney on Virgin (on my nexus galaxy) but ever since I changed to a Nexus 5 and 4G I have no complaints, so much better.

  • Oh wow, I can't believe how different the value is now compared to when I got on my old plan a few years ago. The old plan I'm currently on is the Big Plan $19 BYO which includes $450 calls and 200mb of data. But when I signed up, there was a 2GB bonus so I'm still on $19 for $450/2.2GB.

    • u were very lucky and dont ever change ur plan!!

      i saw those plans but i was too new to virgin to take the plunge, believing new plans would be better.

      put that into the Lessons Learnt Bucket!! :-|

    • Me too! So good. I upgrade my phones outright and save money in the end.

    • Same here…also got the missus to switch at the same time.

      The data network, (both still using 3G handsets), is pretty poor though.


      Me too. And happy with Bris CBD reception.

  • How does Virgin compare to Vodafone? I'm currently with Vodafone's $30/month FlexiCap, comes with $450 worth of credit and 500mb data but the credit doesn't rollover. Keen to change to Virgin but having a HTC Desire HD, can only access 3G. Is Virgin's 3G coverage really that bad?

  • yes my vote totalyl goes to telechoice! So much better speed in metro compared to virgin. And yes, i use both Virgin and telehoice at the same time.

  • The discontinued TPG $17.99 500/1.5GB/international incl. in cap ($14.99 with internet plan) is still the best value. But this is pretty good too when compared to current available offers.

  • I wouldn't mind using the bonus data for VOIP. That way I'd never need to spend credit. Anyone know if VOIP works with Virgin 4G?

  • Is $200 enough if none of my friend use virgin?

  • Thanks for the heads up OP!

  • Site's broken when I try to buy?

    Due to system error we were unable to process your request.
    We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Please do try again later.

  • how does this compare to vaya's power plan 20?

  • Don't forget to add your Velocity number to get 3 points per dollar.

  • Holding on to my legacy Woolworths, and Favourties Voda fone, in an environment favoring regressive changes. Oh & well 1.00 buys0.06 gb. . always happy to shun that 'deal.

  • My Vodafone contract ending in 1 month. Do I need just sign up for this Virgin plan or I need to inform Vodafone?

  • how does this plan compare to Amaysim flexi plan?

  • I prefer TELSTRA 3G coverage and a short 12 month contract, this link still works for TELECHOICE http://www.telechoice.com.au/kogan-offers

    $20 gives you $500 credit, unlimited SMS, free TC>TC and 1gb (per 10kb) on a 12 month contract. Its over twice the talk time than the VIRGIN offer posted and SMS dont come out of your CR as they are free… And telstra coverage rocks!

    DSE have the Nokia 520 or andriod Y300 for $99 (posted on OZB) whicj work a treat on T$… +1 the 520 from nokia, windows mobile rocks with updates applied!

    • Hmmm this all looks very tempting! I was considering switching back to Telstra (for their network coverage) but was still on the fence due to their high pricing. The above deal seems like a steal!

      Can you port your existing number to this service?

      • If you are happy with spending $30 a month then the prepaid encore is not a bad deal (considering that you are getting a network which is second to none).
        What comes with it:-

        Calling cap credit $220
        Data: 400MB

        The encore plan also gives you $30 Recharge credit that you can use to buy data packs or more talk time.
        I use the $20 to get additional 700MB (on top of the 400MB caped data)

        Between 6PM - 6AM I can call and text anyone (unlimited) on their landline and mobile.

        The remaining $10 roll over to next month that allows me to buy more data and more talk time when I need them.

        • Thanks smarter_fool. I think I'm a bit confused though - what's the logistics of the above for someone starting out?

          My understanding would be that I sign up with a $30 pre-pad starter kit, spend $20 of the recharge credit on data (or text or voice or a combination depending on what suits me), and then when the initial credit expires, buy another $30 recharge and spend the $20 on data / whatever again?

          Do you have to buy / activate your next recharge on the last day of expiry, or the day before?

        • Hi dirtycarrot your assessment is correct. You can start this by getting a discounted starter pack when it becomes available.

          In order for your unused recharge credits to roll over you must charge before the credit expires. So recharge must be before the date and time of your current expiry. You can check the expiry date and time on the telstra app that I would recommend you download to track your usage

        • Thanks for the tips!

    • but it is only 3g network.

    • wow, besides the 12 months contract it seems like a better deal than virgin

    • /promos/kogan/KM%20$20%20CIS%20Global%20Liberty%20Starter%2020%20-%2012M.pdf

      • Excess data usage is billed in 10kB increments at $0.25 per Megabyte (MB)
      • Unused included call value and data allocation each month is forfeited
      • Value included 13, 1300 and 1800
      • standard national 2 minute duration, you could make 213 calls.


      • If you exceed your data allowance, excess data will be charged at 20.5¢/ MB, billed per KB.
      • Any plan credit you don’t use in a given month will roll over to the following month only
      • Calls and messages not included in your plan credit 18 + 1800 numbers 33¢/min (billed per sec)
      • standard national 2 minute duration, you could make 84 calls.

      On face value there would seem not much to favour of risk in the latter.

      • Be VERY careful to avoid going even SLIGHTLY over your data allowance if you go with either Telechoice or Virgin.

        Even worse, I believe, on some Telstra plans, but 25c/MB and 20.5c/MB data excess are still potentially dire.

        Go just a measly 100MB over and that's $25 and $20.50 respectively.
        Really lose track of where you are with your pack on Telechoice… 1GB for $250 anyone?

        I'm presuming - like other providers - that they have email and text pack-usage updates, but you wouldn't want to miss them…

  • data charges in kb or mb?

  • successfully upgraded 2 prepaid sim's to these $20 postpaid ones, primarily due to the 1.2GB offering at that price point. virgin also agreed to move across my remaining real-$ remaining as credit to the new plans. bonus!

  • I'm thinking of signing up with a 2gb data pack (24 month commitment). I see Virgin are also offering a $35 referral bonus. Anyone wanna be my referral?


    italic When your friend joins Virgin Mobile on a 24-month plan, you'll both score $35 bonus credit*. You'll also get unlimited mobile calls and text to one another within Australia. Talk about friends with benefits!

  • Any one needs a $35 referral bonus, can PM me. Cheers

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