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10% OFF SITEWIDE at Dick Smith Electronics Until Midnight 11/3


Similar to previous deals, DSE is doing a further 10% off everything on their site for today only.
(Though this time you have up to 23.5 hours to work out what to buy)

Will update as super bargains are found:

1) Puts this 70" HITACHI down to $1511.10

2) Puts our favourite 51" Samsung Plasma down to $717.30

Only 1 (one) discount per transaction per customer is permitted.

Excludes Apple and Kindle products, Gift Cards and Gaming Consoles, Software and Accessories. Dick Smith standard terms and conditions apply.

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    Excludes Apple and Amazon Kindle branded products, Gift Cards and Gaming Consoles, Software and Accessories. Dick Smith standard terms and conditions apply.

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    Oh no didn't work for me … Checked the T&C : Excludes Apple and Amazon Kindle branded products, Gift Cards and Gaming Consoles, Software and Accessories.
    Ah well … no idea why they call it sitewide when it excludes items …

    • sitewide could mean all other branches, not all products.

    • SITEWIDE is completely misleading when it contains so many exclusions.

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  • opz… i wish i saw ur post before i saw SAMSUNG NX 50-200mm IS Lens….
    just miss the chance to get extra 10%off….

    • Just ordered one, $134.09 delivered. Bargain!

      • And $50 cashback from Samsung!!

  • Swann DVR4-400 for $359.10
    I just posted that as a deal before seeing this deal, whoops.

  • Does anyone have any reviews of this TV? Seems cheap for Panasonic..


    Edit: Just saw that discount doesn't apply for click and collect so no cheaper for this one anyway.

  • LG G2 Unlocked White 32GB Unlocked can be bought with for $510.30 with the 10% off code. Currently it's on sale with $90 off. So effectively it's saving you total of 90+56.70= $146.70
    Pretty good deal to me as I bought it last year for $565.
    Stock seems to be low in Hurstville area.

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      Seems the code only applies to the 'Home Delivery' side of the order, which the LG G2 can't be done with. Any way around this?

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    This dual screen laptop tablet thing seems to be pretty cheap at $899.10 with the discount, considering everywhere else sells it for $1100 +

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      Looks cool but doesn't seem too practical.

  • recharge voucher works! 10% is not much but always better than paying full price!

    • even better when you're loaded with discounted giftcards

    • It's a damn shame they don't sell the $125 Vodafone recharge voucher anymore - that would have been a helluva discount!

  • ACER A3-A10 32G 10" Tablet White after 10% off is $295.20
    Not bad for the quad core android pad.

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      Also Nexus 10 - down to $314~ (old tech, but still good price)

    • excludes acer

      • I was able to get 10% off on their website when checking out.

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    Any decent budget laptop? Can't find anything to compete with prices from other stores even after discount. Something like i3/i5 with decent build quality around $500ish, maybe $600 tops.

    There is an i7 for $760 before discount, which could have been pretty good combined with acer cashback, but there is a million models and none of the ones I check seems to qualify for any cashback.

    • There is an i7 for $760 before discount, which could have been pretty good combined with acer cashback, but there is a million models and none of the ones I check seems to qualify for any cashback.

      I looked at laptops also, unfortunately the 10% offer excludes Acer anyway.

  • Guys 10% + 5% staff + ING 5% everyone remember. Nice savings for all.

    Does anyone know if the Blaupunkt Soundbar With Bluetooth & Wireless Sub BPS004BTS $99 normally $299 compared to the Phillips soundbar with sub for $139 normally $199 is better?

    • Or 5% wish giftcard. I can't get the staff discount.

      But is this online only?

    • When i put the discount code and my staff discount in, it only lets one through. Not both.

      And staff discount gets you 7.5% off btw.

      • Do you have to work at DSE to get the staff discount, or is DSE part of some other group like Woolies?

        • Nah, woolies chain workers get staff discount at DSE for the time being. I used my Big W one.

        • I heard not anymore from now on

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    Looks like it is, can op or mod edit the heading online only sale, cheers.

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      It says site wide not store wide :)

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    Not as good as the Dec 29 sale. Too many exclusions this time around.

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    All IPADs are being shown out of stock.

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    With 10% I got that sound bar on special for $89.10 with free shipping.Speakers on my old TV are starting to sound dodgy so this is well timed.


    • tempted to buy it but can't find any review at all!

      • Yeah, definitely not expecting quality but my TV speakers are humming and unclear so this has to be better fingers crossed

        • Just ordered the Blaupunkt soundbar as well - hopefully it is decent.
          I guess I can console least it has bluetooth :)

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    Any battery offers?

  • Seagate Expansion 2TB Desktop Hard Drive USB 3.0 for $89.10 Delivered + try officeworks price match/beat for $84.65 same price as posted by yours truly expired deal www.ozbargain.com.au/node/135614

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    Kindles are coming up as 10% off. Paperwhite is $161. I'm taking this to Officeworks for their 5% price beat guarantee. Should get it for $150 or so. Paper whites have barely moved in price since their release over a year ago. Will report back if i'm successful

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      this worked. Got it for $152.95.

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    LG G2 32gb "temporarily out of stock"…. That figures

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    Each to their own, but personally, I'm sick of these so called DSE deals. They say 10% off. Great. They neglect to mention their base price for most products is way dearer than the competition.

    Example, I got my galaxy 8" tablet on sale from binglee delivered for about $250 and this was in December. DSE sale price is $328 less 10%. Whoopee !!!

  • They have removed the i5 spec acer aspire s7 which was onsale yesterday night when i checked for 1614, shifty bastards..

    • Oh no, is that why its not there :/
      A laptop I was looking at buying today, and its disappeared from the website, now I know why.

  • Is Officeworks typically acknowledging this "coupon" offer? Their terms say no coupon offers.

  • I will wait for their envelopes to arrive first.

    • envelopes??

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        Don't worry, its in the mail.

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    • Devastasted. Bought this for $697!

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        Me too. We should start our own little support group :)

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    • Got one. Thanks for the head's up.

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    Lots of temporarily out of stock items. Prices are pretty meh if you ask me

  • I need a second TV. Couldnt find a Dick Smith one cheap. Anyone got one?

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    Epson WF3520 - http://www.dicksmith.com.au/inkjet-printers/epson-workforce-…

    $84 after discount and cashback - not bad value imo.

    • Awesome - grabbed this for my parents.

    • +1

      Cashback not available when purchased from DSE? https://www.clubepson.com.au/competitions/data/2013_800416/p…

      "Purchase a selected new Epson Printer or Scanner from selected Australian Epson resellers, (Excludes: Dick Smith, Tandy, JB Hi-Fi, Big W, Officeworks, Australia Post, Bing Lee, Costco, Woolworths, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne or Domayne stores)"

      • Oh Well :( $135 is still ok, wirecutter.com says it is the best MFP for that price.

        • Sorry mate, I didn't fully read the T&C's. If you are chasing a better deal you could return it then grab it from MSY ($148 -> $98)

  • SAMSUNG 51" (130cm) Full HD Plasma TV PS51F5000 comes down to $717.30 - not bad price!


    Same as this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/131623

    Although it did get down to $647.11 here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/133032

    • bought the Lcd version for 610 and the plasma version was for 611.. chose the lcd because my room isnt very dark =)

  • Oh sweet i can buy a PS4 for $490. Here we goooo, yaya wooh.

    Misleading (profanity) DickSmith, thanks anyway OP.

    • Can you get the discount off the ps4? I can't, not even on the Xbox one?

      Just seen its not on consoles when I went to the full site. Apologies.

  • Any thoughts about the Canon 1100D? Comes to $385.20 which seems to be cheaper than everyone else with the single lens kit.

  • Which TV is better between the two mentioned above? The panasonic or the samsung?

    • Loaded question…..depends on what you want it for (gaming, movies etc) and the environment (ambient light etc) for me who watches mainly TV, movies and sport like AFL in the evening can't go past the plasma…..but I'm not getting into one of those Plasma Vs LCD arguments here lol

      • Thanks - I'd do a little bit of gaming, and then mainly it's for Hulu Plus and Netflix. Some footy but not that much.

        I'm pretty indifferent to both but read a few positive reviews here particularly about the Panasonic.

  • I used this to deal to buy a Note 10.1 from Bing lee for $420.00 (also will get the $50 cash-back later)

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    Just watch out you don't have any problems from DSE. There on-line customer service department is the worst I have ever dealt with

    • Totally agree. Everytime i've had to call them in the past, they've lied to me about when they would ship my items.

    • Agreed - they are terrible. Phoning the dse online customer "care" line was my longest on hold wait for 2013…

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