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This morning we pushed out a new user-submitted referral changes. This is an update to the previous attempt in 2012. Problem with the previous one is that it's difficult to add new stores that support referral benefits, and the feature ended up only supporting GreenManGaming and not being used much by our users here. What happened afterwards were wiki pages created for each online shop. Yes it's an interesting use of the wiki pages, but

  • Not a good idea to let any member to be able to edit everyone's code.
  • Free-form might not be the most ideal format, and hard to police everyone to edit in the same format.
  • The list is ordered rather than randomised.

What we have done now is having a single place for you to put in all your referral codes. Go to your Settings page and click on the referrals tab. You should be presented with a list of "stores" that we currently have referral support. For the comprehensive list of stores / products supported, please go to the referral wiki page.

New ones should be easily added as well if the method of referral is via a referral link (i.e. unique URL per referrer). Feel free to submit new ones in the comments. I need

  • The URL format for the referral link
  • Instructions to get the referral link
  • Benefit for the referrers and referees.

Another reminder that Affiliate Links and Referral Links are different and we do not allow affiliate links here on OzBargain.

Once a referral system has been set up for that domain, for every deal posted to that domain, a grey box will appear below the content and above the Share buttons containing a randomised referral link AND OP's referral link (if OP has submitted one for that domain and the deal has hit the front page vote minimum - updated 9/5/16). The benefits for the referrers and referees are also shown so people know what they (and you) are getting. For example this Amaysim offer I submitted. In this case including your own referral link and link to wiki becomes redundant.

Yes this is still in beta and needs improvement. Some potential issues / possible improvements:

  • Since you do not really need to put referral link in your content, you can submit deals with your link in the referral box without the deal being marked as "referral post". This might lead to abuse of people posting excessive deals from the stores offering referral. I shall look at ways to prevent it. I don't want to mark them as referral post at the moment because previously submitter can pick and choose whether to include his/her referral link. Now it's always included. 9/5/16 Update: Your deal must hit the front page vote minimum (currently 30) to show. This was previously 5, before being changed to the front page vote minimum.

  • Referral-code / coupon-code type referrals are not yet supported. For example Budget Direct, Rabobank, etc. We can potentially generate a popup containing the code when people click on "OP" or "random".

  • A good idea to let people pick and choose? For example some people might not want to use OP's referral link, not a random one either but from a list of friends.

So here it is. Give it a try guys! I will start removing some of the wiki pages later today. Meanwhile, please leave feedback in the comments.

If your comment is automatically unpublished due to the referral link, do not worry, moderators can still see it and will republish it before replying.


    • What's the code at the end?

      • /cAFAHxEyz?CPID=999999537

        When i enter into the section, it says its wrong format

        • See the instructions there:

          Please only enter referral information against the card that you own and not other Amex products.

          Your referral link may look like

          You only need to enter 'myC0De' and nothing else - don't include anything after the '?'

  • Could we please get Honey added? I use it as a Chrome and Safari extension.

    You get 500 Gold for every friend you refer, and you redeem your Gold points for gift cards at some of the most popular stores.

    • What do the links look like?

      BTW, OzBargain has a Chrome and Safari extension that does a similar thing.

      • The referral links?

        • OK that's been added. Honey

  • Referral for has been added

    Referral credit for both users is $8, paid out after referee makes their first order, and the referral credit has an expiry of 15 days.

  • Can we add referral for Brand House Direct - below is the email I received from them promoting referrals…

    Spread the word about your favorite shoes and enjoy great discounts for you and your friends.

    For every friend that makes a purchase (they must click on the referral link below), you will receive a $10 OFF coupon to redeem at
    Your friends will recieve a 10% OFF coupon.
    And remember, sharing is caring!

    My referral link looks like this: where "xxxxxx" is my 6 letters unique code

  • GoGet carshare is now only $25 each for referrer and referee

    • Thanks, updated.

  • Any chance to add Chordify referral? URL is

    Instructions for the referral link - login to your account and go to

    For every invited friend that creates a Free Chordify Account they give you both a 10% discount on your Premium Subscription up to 50% off.

    • That's been added. Chordify.

    • Chordify has been disabled as there is no one in the referral system.

  • Can we get Scooti on the list?

    It has recently launched in Sydney (after a few months in Melbourne?) and today they sent me an email with referral code.

    When referees sign up using referral code, the referees get $10 off their second trip (because their first trip is already free).

    The referers will get $10 on their account after the referees completed their first trip.

    There doesn’t seem to be a unique referral URL, but just a referral code. This is what I get when trying to share the invites via SMS (please feel free to redact if necessary): Sign up with the referral code RP0A85A4 and earn 10.00

    • That's been added. Scooti

  • -1

    Hi Ozb Team,

    Can we add Smile Direct Club. They have an offer for referral where you get a $150 prepaid MasterCard and the person who you referred gets $150 off the price of aligners.

    The website referral page is:

    To get the referral code you simply sign in with the email you used to purchase the aligners. You can send an email or facebook and if your friend uses your code they get the credit and you get the card.

    My referral link looks like this ————————-

  • Would you consider adding

    Refer friends & Earn up to A$30 Wish Cash!
    Receive A$3 Wish Cash for each referral after their first order ships. Earn up to A$30.

    A$30Wish Cash - Give your friend up to 50% off when they sign up and use your code for their first purchase.

    (no URL, just 7-digit code)

    • Wish is currently banned due to numerous deals with counterfeit products. While the site is banned, we won't be adding them to the referral system.

  • They have clearance section but not ever posted on ozbargin.

    Not sure if this is the spot I know its not a deal because its been going for awhile

    Evolve has a new skateboard coming out and you can refer a friend.
    See below

    We'd love it if you told your friends about us. While you're at it, get a $50 Evolve voucher for each referral. Your friends get a free Serfas front light and vertical board rack (valued at $75) when buying a board!

  • I noticed you have Hotelquickly listed. You may like to remove it as this company ceased operation end of last year.

    • Appreciate you letting us know, it's disabled now.

  • Warp VPN referral please:[code]

  • Can we add Chatime referral, please?

    Refer a friend: they get half-price Chatime and you get 100 points.

    Referral link:
    xxxxxxx is the referral code

    Users can go on "… More" on Chatime app —> Refer a friend, then select either Email or SMS to find the code.


    • That's been added. Chatime

      • Hi neil, how do we add our referral code for Chatime? In referrals there’s just a URL with no field to enter

        • All good, it didn't show up properly on mobile site 🤷🏽‍♂️

        • Yes, the URL template is quite long and doesn't fit on the mobile version of OzBargain. I'll see if there is anything we can do.

  • Mods, I found the info regarding adding my Amex PE referal code confusing. Do we include the question mark or not?

    Also, I then went to look for the referral link itself to see what others had done. Found it real hard to find. Accidentally touched my screen on the DJ Amex referal page and literally found it by accident.

    Can you make a more generic refer page? As it looks like just a DJ referal page to me.

    Perhaps it's own link on the 'pages' tab -> Referal codes.

    • Mods, I found the info regarding adding my Amex PE referal code confusing. Do we include the question mark or not?

      The instructions on all of OzBargain's Amex referral pages state:

      Please only enter referral information against the card that you own and not other Amex products.

      Your referral link may look like
      You only need to enter 'myC0De' and nothing else - don't include anything after the '?'

      Perhaps we should amend that to:

      don't include anything after the code including the '?'

      Can you make a more generic refer page? As it looks like just a DJ referal page to me.

      As they are all needed to show for American Express deals, the current view is way to show the referrals without taking up a lot of vertical space showing every card, thus dominating the focus of the deal. It's not an ideal situation but quite hard to cater to. Happy to hear any suggestions to make it easier to use.

      Perhaps it's own link on the 'pages' tab -> Referal codes.

      Won't be adding the American Express referral page or any others to the pages menu as the pages menu is meant for events and or buying pages (Pizza, Phones etc.)

      • Yep, as I included the question mark. Now how do I fix it?

        • The code you entered 30/9 doesn't include a question mark.

          You can see all your referrals in My Account - Edit - Referrals.

          • @neil: Ok, cheers Neil. Actually just went to the My Account tab. No edit - referal ?

            *Edit. After I make a choice in my account (and it doesn't matter what- let's say posts), then I get the menu you are referring to.

  • Refferals are available for WAG ( selling natural dog treats

    Invite your friends to buy treats using the referral link and they’ll get $10 off their first spend with WAG. You’ll get $5 off your next order after your friend uses your link to spend.

    Link format is

    • That's been added. WAG

    • WAG referral links seem to not be working. I have switched them off pending new information. Can you confirm that the Wag referral system is still active? I can see it mentioned on their page.

  • How about threadless, recently bought a heap of shirst and now can see they have a referral credit system

    Both get a $10USD credit (terms)


  • Could we please add a referral link for
    Link format is where “TOBIO5” is the unique link.

    Both referred and the referee get $5.00 each.

    Spriggy is a prepaid debit/visa for children under 17 and provides a convenient way for parents to manage pocket money and supporting financial literacy for their kids.

  • Click Energy should have a clarification saying it's the customer number used as the username to log in.

    The link to Click Circle doesn't give any URL like[code].

    It only gives a link like:[code]. seems to be a 3rd party referral site, so there's a risk of people putting in codes that aren't from Click Energy.[customer number] works fine. You should also clarify this is different from the account number. I believe customer number is per person/account and account number is per address/service.

    • I've updated the referral instructions now as such. Let us know if any further changes are required.


  • Can we have referrals for
    It's a $50 bonus for both parties

    • Are they referral links or codes?

    • It's been added now, see below

  • Can Ecostainable be listed?

    Sharon is changing the world, one home at a time and thinks you would be interested in receiving a 10% off coupon to use on your first purchase at Ecostainable. Just use the following link:[referral]

  • Can you add to the list please. It is a monthly yarn subscription service that is offering one month of Knitcrate yarn subscription for $5 USD, usually $24.99 with free worldwide shipping. Valid until 31/12/2019. Includes 2 skeins of yarn and knitting and crochet patterns. Use this code For every referral made, the link gives me a coupon for a free crate.

  • Why there’s no Aussie Broadband?

  • Hi Mods,

    Skrill money transfer referral description in ozbargain currently states "Referrer and referee get $40 off next transfer after referee's 1st transfer over $100."

    but actually $40 is off on the 1st transfer and not the next transfer.

    • Hi Reina,

      Thanks, updated the description now.

  • Re: - "Our referral programme will shut down on 15 Oct 2019…If your friend makes a booking with your link on or after 15 Oct 2019, 00:00, their booking will be valid but no reward will be issued for you or them."

    • Hi mdsh,

      Thanks, I've deactivated referrals.

  • Update to Uber referral

    With the instructions on where to find your referral code, instead of

    Click "Invite Friends"

    it's now

    Click "Free Rides"

    • Hi foundit,

      Thanks, I've just updated that one.

  • Just FYI, I made a change to a bunch of stores from codes/URL's never expiring to 365 days. So likely you would have had a bunch of notifications this morning. We're trying to keep referrals as fresh as possible so the 1 year expiry window should ensure that.

    Every time we add a store to the system we check some existing stores to ensure everything is still working. Hopefully all of these things will make the referral system more reliable.

    • That’s annoying, seems like the notification is on the web only and can be easily missed. Notification should be via email.

      • Bunch of notifications showed on on mobile site for me?

        • Yes but it would be better to get notification of referral expiry via email.

  • Vinomofo Invite Friends: Click on any of the sharing links to retrieve the referral ID.

    Referral ID is more easily seen in and copied from Vinomofo's My Account page.

    • Thanks, updated.

  • Can we please add Just Wines?

    • Instarem was banned for SPAM however there does seem to be some interest in it so I've removed the ban. Does the link still look like this?

      • Yes that's correct Neil.

    • The T & Cs you have linked to said the referral program has expired October 31. Perhaps we'll follow this up in a few weeks to see if they'v reactivated the program.

  • The Pet Circle referral link on ozbargain doesn't work right now.
    Pet Circle give you a referral code, but it needs to be manually entered at checkout as a voucher.
    When users click on the random ozbargain link, it needs to show them the code to use, rather than redirect them to a 404 bad-page on

    • That's been changed to coupon code. Thanks.

  • Zenni Optical no longer generates URLs for referrals. They use bitly now.

    The URL format for the referral link:
    Instructions to get the referral link: Visit to obtain your link.
    Benefit for the referrers and referees: "Introduce a friend to Zenni and you’ll both get $5 off when they order their first pair of glasses."

    • No worries. That's been updated, all codes removed and all users notified.

  • Please add:

    Benefit: $25 account credit for both new member and referring member (Currently double, $50 until the end of November 2019)
    Program Details:
    Customer Number Location (Previous Invoice or checking your account details online:

    How to use: During signup simply enter the account number of your referrer (Cxxxxxxx) into the Promo Code box (More details on link above)
    EG: Promo Code: Cxxxxxxx

  • Can we add a referral system for spaceship voyager? They have just relaunched their referral program ($5 give/get)

    • That's been added due to this deal posted. Note that the previous codes are different than the current ones so it's a whole new system.

  • Can you please add American Express® Gold Credit Card to the list, has the same referrer format as the other amex cards

    • What does the referrer and referee get?

      • Copied form amex website

        Referrer can receive
        Membership Rewards points for each friend approved using your referral link. While you cannot refer your Card, your friend can choose from any of the available American Express Cards.

        Referee will receive

        Membership Rewards points if they are approved for an American Express Essential® Credit Card and meet the $750 minimum spend criteria. (T&Cs apply). That's 10,000 more points than they would regularly receive.

  • Would it be possible to add Overleaf? ( and

    "for each friend that signs up, you’ll both get 100MB bonus space!" and extra collaborators.

    • Is it a referral link, code etc?

      • Referal link.

        • And the link looks like?

  • the fork
    Referrer gets 500 yums
    Referee gets 1000 yums

    yums can be cashed in for $20 per 1000 or $50 per 2000

    referral code is under earn yums! on the app
    e.g. Enjoy a $10 discount on your next booking! Book using the code 7E935DBD on TheFork.

    • That's been added. The Fork

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