This was posted 7 years 8 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Getflix $23.52 for 12 Months ($1.96/Month) - Pay by Credit Card + Facebook Like


Getflix allows users from all over the world to easily access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and many other streaming services¹. Getflix uses Smart DNS technology to bypass the blocking and open up this amazing world of entertainment.

Normal pricing is $2.95/mth -> $2.45 by liking them on Facebook -> $1.96 by paying for a year.

Got this email from them:
Annual Payments
This has been one of the most requested features and we're pleased to announce that we now accept annual payments (with a 20% discount) via credit card directly on our website. We also offer 3 and 6 month payment options (also with discounts).

To take advantage of the annual payment option, existing customers will first need to cancel their PayPal subscription before we can accept credit card payments. Any new purchases will be added to the end of your current billing cycle, so you won't lose any days by cancelling your PayPal subscription and switching to credit card payments.

To manage your subscription, login to your Getflix account and navigate to the Subscription page.

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    Getflix allows users from all over the world to easily access Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime, BBC iPlayer and many other streaming services¹. Getflix uses Smart DNS technology to bypass the blocking and open up this amazing world of entertainment.

    Now people actually know what this deal is for…

    • LOL good point! Added to the start of the post

    • With Hulu now actively blocking these services, I personally think you'd be insane to pre-purchase a year subscription to a service that may suddenly stop working.

      • I don't think they are trying too hard… just seen to be trying (could be wrong)

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    Where do people get discounted netflix, hulu plus etc… subscriptions from? (If possible - have to ask as an ozbargainer)

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      Don't think you can get discounted subs on these. Also, Netflix is putting up their subscription cost by $1 but existing members are protected for the next 2 years.

      • Ah, thanks for the reply. Do you find Netflix worth it for the movie services as in do they keep up to date well?

        • yes and no. It's a great stock of movies and TV, but not necessarily up-to-date. I supplement with other methods of acquiring such content. One trick is to change your view to 'UK' via the smart DNS provider. apparently they get more new stuff.

          I watch netflix more than regular TV though, that's for sure. At least 1 hour a day.

        • are there any / many Bollywood movies? :-). we love em!

        • They don't come up as recommendations / lists, so I don't think so. There's heaps of bollywood on Navi-X via XBMC (where you can watch your legally acquired movies via streaming)

        • Plenty on the UK version of Netflix

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      I bought hulu plus for 12 months $29.95US here:

      It says instant delivery but it took 24hrs but the code worked fine and extended my hulu by 12 months no problems.

      • Sweet. Thanks for the link.

      • Awesome, I will look into Hulu and netflix tonight :) thanks!

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          Careful with these ebay sellers. Many of the gift cards get purchased with stolen credit cards, then it all gets reversed later and you get banned.
          There are several genuine ones, obviously look at their feedback closely. NEVER use those with none to little feedback.

        • Alright, thanks for the heads up. Any idea what my options are for streaming sports?

        • +5

          like kayaking you mean?

        • On that note I would like to do Kayaking sometime, however in this instance I mean watching live sports (Soccer, Basketball mainly)

      • I've been scared off by tales of subs being purchased through stolen credit cards, and getting cancelled. I've never seen Netflix/Hulu discount, so how are these sellers getting them cheap?

        I did buy a 3 month sub when Google were giving them with a Chromecast purchase, but that's only 1 per account.

        • This guys oldest feedback for Hulu is 1st April and he has been selling spotify gift cards since March 2013. If he is using stolen credit cards I would think he would have been banned by now but who knows really. Its the risk you take…

          Hulu plus is normally 7.99 a month so your getting 12 months for the price of 4. I don't think hulu would ban you (a paying customer) at worse they would take away the 12 months sub.

        • I got an email a few months after the code worked saying they want to know where I got it from and that my account was being cancelled.

          I replied with all the information they asked for and they didn't ban me. I'd never bother with these eBay sellers again.

      • Almost Gone
        4 sold in 1 hour

        The guy should give me a commission!

        • No more for sale from him! I was keen to get one! :(

        • If he is buying these codes with stolen credit cards he shouldn't have any problems getting more.

        • It's back on sale,

          I'm going to take the plunge.

        • Yeah me too, he has been selling them for so long I'm keen to risk it, always could try and fight for a refund through paypal if things turn shitty.

    • some say BBC iPlayer is free… can someone co firm?

      • Sure is! Works similar to ABC's iView

      • +1

        There is an internationally accessible BBC service that you pay for but BBC iplayer accessed via DNS things like above is 100% free. It has lots of content but it doesn't last long

      • 4oD works with Getflix too. They have an amazing collection of programs

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    There's a further discount if you have more than one account!

    • I saw that but couldn't think of a reason why I'd need 2 accounts… Then ding group buy!

      • I subscribe for 2 households, but I spose you could marry up family accounts. But hell it's already so cheap anyway!

  • Awesome, I was the intial subscription of $1.95 per month, now its just $18.72 for a year :D, $1.5 just a month now :D

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    Can't you access it for free via Hola?

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      Sure, but this is DNS-based as some genius pointed out earlier. :p

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      DNS also means you can use netflix on other devices that you cant run hola on. ie. Roku, ios, etc.

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      I didn't end up using Hola as my ISP is Telstra and they double-dip (charge for uploads). Hola is based on a peer-to-peer type system, and they're evasive about how much they add to your upload traffic by running it.

  • Coming from a complete Noob with these sort of things, can I ask the knowledgable people in here two quick questions:
    1) What's the realistic longevity of a company/site like this? Wouldn't it just be deemed as illegal, shut down and all money lost?
    2) What's the catch? It seems remarkably cheap for what it is offering - surely there'd be continuos dropouts, no connections etc?
    *Bonus question - Is it worth the risk?!

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      1. nothing illegal about providing dns redirection afaik
      2. tunlr was free and it cost them $1000/yr to run the service. source :
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      Is this legal?
      This is the most commonly asked question.
      Consumer group CHOICE believes consumers who circumvent measures used to protect copyrightedcontent should be exempt from what could be construed as a breach of copyright simply because they’re accessing products and services that are being provided knowingly and willingly by the copyright holder.
      In addition, a spokesperson for Attorney-General Robert McClelland told The Australian "In relation to the use of VPNs by Australians to access services such as Hulu and Netflix, on the limited information provided there does not appear to be an infringement of copyright law in Australia." - see more here.
      With that in mind, you will almost certainly be breaking the Netflix and/or Hulu Terms of Use, so your Netflix/Hulu account may be suspended or cancelled without warning.

      2) Haven't used it but haven't heard any bad stories either…

      *)It's not like its $500 or something, and there's a 2 week free trial so risk is as low as it gets.

      • Its stuff like this that i might as well torrent

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      I've been using GetFlix for a couple of months. I use it with HuluPlus. 95% of the time the streaming has been perfect but occasionally there is buffering however I'm not sure if that is my route to the Hulu servers, the servers themselves or Getflix. They aren't doing anything illegal. Doubtful you'll lose your money and its max of what $23?

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        These DNS based only route traffic by their servers for the initial login.
        After that, it's a direct connection between you & Hulu, so the issue will be the conection between your device & Hulu…if you're using Wifi, trying a wired connection. if you're on ADSL, then it's probably just slow connection speed. If you're on Cable, then everyone in the neighbourhood is hogging the shared bandwidth. It could also be your ISP throttling bandwidth to Hulu….

        anyway it won't be getflix fault.

        • It's probably Hulu then. Mostly happens when the ads are played. Not sure why the ad servers are separate from the Hulu ones.

          I'm on a 100/40 NBN connection so don't think it's my side. :)

        • I've heard this before but I found with unblock us Netflix had become almost unwatchable, but since switching to getflix it's been fine. I wonder if the location of the dns provider affects which Netflix server you connect to?

      • I find Netflix streaming is the most responsive compared to Hulu. I've found Hulu pausing too often, it may or may not have something to do with their ad delivery.

    • +3

      1) The service is completely legal. It merely circumvents geo-blocking of content (which is a commercial decision of the content owner/publisher) that is intended for specific geographical locations. There are no laws being broken doing this. In fact, I believe it is in spirit of the open internet ideal.

      2) The quality of the streaming is entirely dependant on your internet service and the streaming site's service. Simply put, Getflix merely introduces you to the server as a US (or UK, or Mexico etc etc) based user and after that it is a direct connection between the service and your router.

      Is it worth the risk? I think they offer a 2 week trial, as does Netflix and Hulu etc. So there's no harm in trialing it for this period and judging for yourself. They are all legitimate, above-board companies, so your credit card details (if required at any stage of the sign up) are safe. If you're not happy with it, cancel your subscription. No harm, no foul.

      I've been a very happy customer of Getflix for the past 6 or so months. Never had an issue, and they keep improving the features so I thoroughly recommend them to all OzBargainers.

  • I used $1.88 for a year. Can anyone please list all know stream services other than hulu and Netflix?

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    I've used getflix for a couple of months and it's a great service. I've got a Roku box streaming netflix and it's worked flawlessly so far. Recommended.

    To answer a question above, the way the service works (in a simplified way) is by redirecting DNS requests for specific sites (like netflix, hulu etc) to a US (or other region) DNS server (for geolocation reasons) and passing through all other DNS requests to an Australian DNS server. This way your traffic isn't all routed through the US (or other region) (like a VPN) and you don't take a speed or latency hit.

  • As side question, will any online tv services be showing the world cup in June?

    Also post this question in the forums:

    • I know SBS has snapped up the rights to everything in Australia, tv, radio, online, not sure what online means..maybe replays? But they are showing all 64 matches live which is awesome! I've never tried myself but some of the betting websites usually buy rights as well could try those.

      • +4

        SBS is streaming all games live this year :D

  • Does anyone have any experience of this service AND Unblock-US? Any differentiation, or is this one just cheaper?

    I'm a long-term Unblock-US user.

    • +1

      Essentially the same service. Unblock-US provides more Netflix regions at the moment, but Getflix are playing catch-up quite quickly. I switched to Getflix because I was having terrible buffering issues with Unblock-US and, since switching, I haven't experienced any.

    • +1

      I was on Unblock-Us for around 6 months and then made the switch to Getflix around 6 months(ish) back, when they did the first FB discount rate, and have had absolutely no issues and am happy to recommend them!

    • +1

      I ran them in parallel during the Getflix trial period, didn't notice any difference/issues so switched. Lower cost, stability of paying in AUD, paying on my regular card instead of 28 Degrees (woohoo… 35 FF points!), and my money's gone to an Aussie.

      I do have the problem of having signed up for a Disney Anywhere account ( on unblock-us, not claiming the free movie and being unable to access it with Getflix. But meh.

      • Alrighty sounds like I should do it. Thanks.

  • Awesome. I've been using this for the past couple of months at $2.45/month and it's a stellar service. There's nothing stopping you from using this on multiple computers either, as far as I can tell. The girl and I are sharing this and a Netflix account - great value!

    • Restricted to one Public IP address though. (ie you can't share one account across multiple dwellings

      • That's strange. I've certainly been able to use it on a different computer, at a different house.

        • Have you been using the same account in 2 different houses at the same time?
          If so, that's a massive loophole and I wouldn't expect them to allow it for much longer.

          Many people have Dynamic Public IP addresses provided my their ISP, so the fact you can log in at home and then again at your friends house (when you're not using it at home) doesn't surprise me.

        • um, this 'may' actually work for two hypothetical households for almost two years now.

        • Sorry, ignore me, I was referring to a Netflix subscription, not this service

        • Yes, Netflix allows 2 simultaneous connections per account.

        • I set the DNS settings on my home PC, and my girlfriend's laptop. I can't say that we've both used it at the same time, but it was certainly working for me while her DNS settings were set to Getflix's. I haven't strenuously tested it so I can't really give you much more info than that.

  • +1

    I saw a deal posted recently for £1 Per Year Offer recently.

    Does Getflix do the same thing?

    I want to use Hulu and Netflix on a WDTV.

    • VPN & DNS are different methods of rerouting traffic. Correct me if Im wrong but DNS modifies your IP from your modem & VPN actually tunnels/ cloaks you into the exchange you are looking to emulate? DNS is faster and useful when streaming I believe.

      Can anyone tell me if you have to open ports on your router for getflix like most DNS methods?

      • Just change the DNS servers on your router or computer. No need to open ports or fiddle with anything else.

        Just an FYI, if you have a Chromecast, you will need to assign a static route as Chromecast uses Google DNS servers by default. Fairly straightforward process.

        • Aren't the Google servers hardcoded into the Chromecast? I always thought you needed to root the Chromecast (not possible except with very old models) to watch things like Netflix.

        • +3

          They are, but a static route rule in your modem/router that redirects requests to and to GetFlix fools the Chromecast without requiring root.
          It's how I've made my Chromecast useful!

  • i have a billion 7800nxl, does anyone know where you put the dns setting, i tried Configuration/Lan and putting the info in the Primary and secondary DNS server settings and also Advanced setup/DNS and 'Use the folowing static dns ip address', but getflix keeps saying my dns is not configured

    • I have a 7800N. I switch to 'Advanced' and go something like Configuration > WAN Profile > Change primary and secondary DNS > Click 'Save' > Click 'Apply' > Restart.

      The last steps I'm not 100% sure of, but there are multiple confirmations (apply, save) that you need to click for it to take hold. It's a slight pain.

      I do recall it being more difficult in 'simple' mode for some reason.

    • Sounds like your devices connecting to the router are overiding the router settings.

      • Agree with Diji1
        Try changing the DNS settings on your devices to 'Auto' so they follow the router settings
        Go in thru network settings

  • Getflix are quite good and I've been happy with their service. The only negative is the less regions and other options such as steaming the nrl via livesteam etc. Now that I have a fast enough connection to take advantage of steaming nrl I'll be moving on.

    • No need to move on. Getflix supports NRL via Livestream. I've used it on my PC, and via the Livestream app on iPad and Nexus 7.

  • Nice. Sky Go Catchup actually works with this service, with Unblock-Us only the live stream ever worked… also better choice for WDTV than Unblock-Us…

  • ok another dumb question for a noob. Once I set this 'getflix' up do I need to subscribe to 'netflix' and 'hulu plus' ?

    • If you want to use them then you'll have to separately sign up to whatever service you want to access.

      • Ahh, ok great thanks. Now to wait for some decent offers from Netflex/ Hulu+ !

        • +2

          I'm not sure that Netflix ever does deals. In fact, they are about to increase the cost of their subscription from $7.99USD to $8.99USD - you'd better get in quick!

    • You don't need to subscribe to those services, its up to you. I like netflix and hulu+ is alright except that it has ads. I usually use hulu+ when I can get a 2 month free trial.

  • Can I use hbo go with getflix?

    • You need a HBO cable subscription in the US to access HBO Go..
      Is it Geoblocked at all?

      • I am using it currently through unotelly. I have access to a friends hbo account. I wanted to know if getflix supports hbo go. Thanks.

  • How do I pay for the entire year? My subscription is only Monthly.
    [edit] never mind…saw it in the Credit Card option.

    • Read the email. You have to cancel your monthly sub.

      • And you have to chose the credit card payment method - they don't allow PayPal for anything other than a month subscription.

  • is this similar to using proxy?

    There is TVB (hong kong TV) online that you can watch, does this allow to bypass the IP checks?

    • +1

      If they do cover that service, yes, that's exactly what it would do, without some of the disadvantages of using a proxy. Check their site to see if they cover that service or not. In future, when gets out of beta, it will allow you to set up your own profiles for any site, i.e. > Australia, netflix > USA, etc. So if getflix does not provide access to TVB, keep an eye on netprotect.

  • My main issue with this service is if netflix one day decided to check the destination IPs of the video stream - then this DNS method would stop working?

    • My guess is that they already do this. It's not hard to change IP addresses though, and these services have the resources to do so. Roku recently forced a firmware update that committed the Roku DNS to Google's DNS service - this was a huge blow to usability of the Roku solution, but easily bypassed by more informed users. I don't think Netflix has an easy way of blocking these services; they might be better off cutting off the credit card payments for non-us banks. Even then, there are ways.

      • It would be easy for netflix to do it (they already do it for sign up), otoh netflix probably doesnt care its the copyright holders who would care the most. getflix wouldnt be cheap anymore if they had to tunnel the video streams.

        • Already block non-US CC you mean? My 28 degrees has no issues. Just needed to pretend my city was in good ol' Alabama.

  • Apols if this is covered elsewhere in the thread, but is Getflix any better/different to Unblock-Us?

    I use Unblock-US for my Netflix access, and works just fine.

    • Same type of service, just less than half the price!

  • Can this service be used to connect to Foxtel Go on holidays, using the Singapore server?

    • What's the advantage of that? Doesn't Foxtel Go georestrict you from accessing it outside of Australia?

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