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[Woolworths Online] Spend over $50 to Receive $10 off


wws $50 -$20 off coupon
choose weekend to get free delivery
8E4906 (50-10)
8DDC7G (40-10)

Apply both codes to receive the full $20 off your order

codes are redeemable three times

Edit: Everyday Rewards Card number may be required for both codes to work.
Edit 2: Or call the customer service when you get an error message and ask them to manually apply the $20 credit to your order.
Edit 3: $20 disc still works on mobile devices
Edit 4: Some orders are getting cancelled.

Note: Free Delivery (any day) only applies to the first 3 Orders per account

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  • +1

    A cryptic deal.
    Are you saying to use both codes to get $20 off $50 purchase?

    • I put in a few items (around $100 worth), and after putting in the codes received a $20 off promotion. I've updated the deal to reflect my findings.

      As for the OP's post, probably done on mobile.

      • ? I always post on mobile. Doesn't mean you can't explain deal. Updated now.

    • Yes. Use both of them, and get $20 OFF…

      • +3

        I used it twice and saved 40 dollars!!!
        Made two separate transactions and it worked
        Split your shopping if you are spending over 100
        Thanks OP and maybe worth updating this info

  • did not work me

    • So not working in Brissle? May be region specific deal.

      • +2

        Works in Brisbane, tried it myself. I placed $100+ worth of items into my cart about 10 minutes ago. Either everyone isn't putting in enough items to accommodate for the quota or the coupon between now and then has expired.

      • +1

        Works for me in Brissie :-)

    • Same here, did not work either at Canberra

  • When do these discounts expire?

  • +1

    Not working here either.

    "Sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance."

    • +1

      I got the same when I had only $50 worth of stuff but when I made it $100 I could apply both codes to get a total of $20 off.

      I then dropped the number of items back down to just above $50 and the $20 discount still applied.

      Please note that you also have to have an EDR number registered to the purchase.

      As noted above, if you select a delivery date of the weekend, the $11 delivery fee gets reversed.

    • remember to have your everyday rewards number entered.

  • Worked for me. You ripper! 2 boxes of nappies for $18/box delivered. Thanks OP!

    • same here. Too many nappies for the girl now.

    • Is it Huggies or another brand?

      • +1

        It's huggies.
        2 jumbo boxes of newborn nappies for $56
        With codes comes down to $36 for 2.
        1 is normally $35.48 so it's a bargain!!!

        • Thanks. Tho I don't think we have this special in WA :(

        • Yes we do but I think you need to be a member of the baby and toddlers club.

        • I'm a member but can't see the deal. Please assist. Thanks.

        • its not shown ,it just happens when you add two boxes to your cart and you are logged in

        • Not shown for mine - even I am member and logged on - showing as $70 for 2 boxes

  • +1

    One more: 79FEMQ over $30 get $5 off

    • Anyone have any luck stacking all three? i can only stack two

      • You get this message:

        "You cannot enter any more than 2 coupon numbers here per order.The following coupons have been applied to this order: 8DDC7G,8E4906"

    • Says "You cannot enter any more than 2 coupon numbers here per order."

    • Thanks, I placed a 2nd order with this code.

  • Thanks OP this worked a treat!!!

  • +1

    worked for me in SA. thanks

  • Thanks OP! Where are you getting these codes from??

    • EMAIL…

    • Seems to be sourced from an asian bbs. OP directly copy-pasted everything from there.

      So, no. Wasn't via mobile. OP was just very, very slack. Bad OP! Bad!

      What came first, the chicken or the egg?

      • So what are the chances they will cancel my order? The codes obviously work but are they legit and who were they targetted at (so I know if they ring)

      • The egg came first at 12:17. The chicken didn't hatch until almost 3 hours later.
        Either way, I got in 2 orders, so I'm pretty happy :)

  • Edit: Works after I put in my everyday reward card number.

  • thanks worked for me :)

  • Thanks, worked foe me $20 off my $78.35 order which already had $62.65 in savings!

  • +1

    Wow guys, I have been able to use the code more than once!!!

    Moreso the 8DDC7G and 79FEMQ ones as my totals (Glen Moray 12yo on special) is $45 only.

    I've done two orders, and tested a 3rd order and it's accepting the codes still. Happy days!!!

    • How many orders you trying by now ? :x

      • lol I've made 3 orders now… Last one was using 8E4906 / 8DDC7G for a $50 order bringing it down to $30. That's enough alchy for me for now lol. Need to leave for other fellow OzB'ners, in case WWO catch on and revoke the codes!!!

        • Tempted to order once more but maybe it will lead to cancel both orders :x … And as paying with a gift card not sure how will that work out … Lol

        • Are you ordering the booze from the woolworths.com.au site?

          I can't see any booze?

        • Yeah, that's because QLD liquor laws suck.

        • http://www2.woolworthsonline.com.au/#url=/Shop/BrowseSpecial…

          I'm in Vic, so not sure if yours is the same if you're in another state?

  • +11

    A couple of gotchas for those having problems.

    Remember to have your cart filled with at least $50.

    Remember to apply coupons in the correct order.
    First apply; 8E4906
    Second apply; 8DDC7G

    Finally remember to have your everyday rewards number entered.

    • Dont forget to make the delivery date a time on the weekend to get the free delivery offer. Otherwise at least $11.

  • Great post. Thanks OP.

  • -1

    No good in Tassie. :(

    • I could only get the 2nd code to work in TAS

  • Worked for me in sydney , thanks op !

  • It worked! I just bought a 700ml Jack Daniel Gentleman for $ 32!!! I couldn't apply the 3rd code though. Cheers OP!

  • Shouldn't the title read $20 off $100? Seems you can't stack both for $50 - has to be $50 each according to some folks?

    • Nope…

      E.g. Corona Extra International Premium 24x355ml (come at me bro!!!) @ $50

      Used the 8E4906 / 8DDC7G codes = $30

      Happy days ^_^

      • Cool. Got it to work!

      • Darn! No Spirits in WA…

  • +2

    I also noticed that the site is slower, and occasionly get errors whilst going through the ordering process…

    I guess it's currently getting OzB'd?

    • Yeah, I had a few failures when I went to pay for it on my AmEx. After a few tries it managed to get through and process.

  • +1


    $31.20 for a $51.20 order is pretty good!

    Getting delivered tomorrow, awesome.

  • +1

    thanks OP!!!!! works fine for me. I don't even choose weekend for the delivery and still got free delivery!

    • +1

      Could have been because this was your first order? This is probably my 5th online order so I saw the $11 delivery cost.

      • Nope this is my second order.
        However I also have staff card so perhaps that's why

        • 2nd order for me and got free Saturday morning delivery :)

        • +2

          First 3 free, I think.

  • +1

    Awesome deal, thanks heaps OP. Only picked out specials (plus a couple of cans of heinz baked beans and bacon because they are amazing!) and paid just over $31 for most of the shopping I needed, I'll head to Aldi for cheap fruit and veg.

  • It Worked for me

  • Same here no need to select weekend delivery its free all days + both coupons worked.. great work OP.. +++++

  • +1

    Worked for me!

    They have the Huggies Refil 240pk (baby wipes) already on sale for $10 (Usually $15).

    Chucked 5 in the cart and stacked these 2 coupons - no problems. Even got Free Delivery tomorrow morning.

    5 packs deliverd for $30 = Crazy savings!

    Much appreciated!

    • Good tip, did the same on my second order. Thanks.

  • can it work for gift cards?

    • Nah i've tried to do this before.

    • The targeted offers these codes were originally from had gift cards excluded in the terms and condtions.

    • Yes you can it worked for me

      • Oh wait I am wrong I thought you meant payment with gift card not buying then which iam sure you can't lol

  • -5

    Made 8 orders, thanks OP.

    • Seriously ? Wow !

    • +1

      Good for you, and good for me … since i know who to blame when i come home tonight and find out it expired.

    • wow really?? I tried second order and it does not allow me. do you use the same login? or you have 8 diff login?

  • sorry, you are not eligible for this coupon promotion. Please call our Customer Service Team on 1800 000 610 for assistance

    • +1

      keep trying

      • i entered my rewards card and went through. that waas the problem

  • +2

    I had a few errors but it worked finally

    SA Based

    Needed Everyday Rewards number plugged in

    Stocked up on some essentials and saved $20 - thanks OP :)

  • +1

    Just FYI to everyone tough, from my experience in the past, Woolworths was so bad at delivery time . chose 7-10pm window and got it delivered at midnight.

    • Mine are usually 1-2 hours late, but they've never been that bad (NSW)

    • Yes, with a sudden influx of orders from this deal it will happen again. Probably plenty out of stocks too.

  • Thanks OP!

  • Not working in Brissy

  • Paid $30 for $50. Had to add/remove items to apply both codes.

  • Yeah failed for me :/

  • +1

    Wow the online prices are ripoff and inflated in many instances

    171 pages of specials i dont know what to order

    • +2

      As usual, buy specials or Homebrand like milk at same price as store.

      • Not all homebrand stuff is the same as instore. Look for the specific ones which are classified as "everyday low" or something like that.

      • +1

        and don't forget the meat/veggies trick - although I must say they are getting much better at that now

        • and that trick is?

        • +1

          It all depends on how much you order in the fresh section, meat, vege, fruit and deli and probably other types of goods. Lets say you order 500gm of meat. You are charged for 500gm at the time you place your order. If WW don't have exactly 500gm in the type of meat you want then the personal shopper has to give you more than you ordered rather than less. It is hard to predict how much extra you will get. It will vary from product to product.

          I've purchased deli meat and the staff have been really careful to just give me what I've ordered. I usually get less than 50gms more than what I've ordered.

  • No good in WA.

    • +1

      I'm in WA and worked for me - just had to try submitting a few times lol

      • Thanks for the tip, it worked few hours later.

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