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[Woolworths Online] Spend over $50 to Receive $10 off


wws $50 -$20 off coupon
choose weekend to get free delivery
8E4906 (50-10)
8DDC7G (40-10)

Apply both codes to receive the full $20 off your order

codes are redeemable three times

Edit: Everyday Rewards Card number may be required for both codes to work.
Edit 2: Or call the customer service when you get an error message and ask them to manually apply the $20 credit to your order.
Edit 3: $20 disc still works on mobile devices
Edit 4: Some orders are getting cancelled.

Note: Free Delivery (any day) only applies to the first 3 Orders per account

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  • -3

    coupon codes can not to be used anymore but you can always call them to give you credit.

    I rang them this morning ,15 mins later i got new code for 10 credit.

  • -1

    So wrapped! Received 2/3 orders this morning for 8-11am delivery.I placed the orders on the 19&20. Hoping I receive the 3rd tomorrow morning.

  • if order is cancelled, check the coupon you received in the email.
    it will appear as store credit when you use it online.

    sub total $42.00
    delivery fee $11.00
    less delivery fee discount -$11.00
    TOTAL (including GST) $42.00
    store credit to apply - $31.75 <——————-

    • +3

      No coupon in the email. Just a cancellation. Bastards !

  • +2

    This DEAL is getting stale - posted 33 hours ago (19/06/2014 - 15:25). As with many OB deals, late comers may miss out :-(

    Those who ordered early, have mainly received their order. People who ordered late (last night) seem to be receiving cancellations.

    To process an order, you need to click to agree to Woolies t&c - their automatic out when things go wrong. Woolworths may cancel a coupon promotion at any time without notice Hence the cancellations.

    And now the unnecessary negs start coming, "30 minutes of my life has been wasted" (so I'll use more complaining), we've lost our money (you'll get it back - it's Woolies not shonky site selling Viagra), etc - like happens with so many other great OzBargain deals.

    This was a great OB DEAL, you just needed to be early as usual.

    • +3

      My order was 5.41 pm Thursday after spending an hour getting error after error so rubbish about late comers. I only made one order for just over $30 after $20 discount. Of course all those who have to make 3 orders are spoiling it for every one else. It was inevitable that trying to take maximum advantage would lead to this and it happens all the time such a deal is discovered.

      • Strange you had not received your order already. (It was always going to be a time-limited 40% off offer stacking 2 vouchers that would normally not be available together on a $50 order. So delaying delivery or not using free collection was always a risky choice. It's not the first time a popular deal has been cancelled on OB! The possibility of cancellations was discussed early in this deal.)

        Reports of cancellations started 20 hours after deal was posted. You posted 10 hours back it was cancelled but did not mention you ordered early in this deal. When was your order cancelled? Your cancellation may be related to the errors when placing the order.

        I placed an order long after yours & was delivered yesterday. (Tip: Having a spare EDR card, applying for one online, or re-registering it with new email address gives 3 free deliveries as a new customer.)

        Got to go, a Woolies van just arrived with an order from 20th ;-)

    • +2

      Well said Bruce!
      I actually placed my order quite late last night as everyone was talking about codes not working, and some orders being cancelled. I thought might as well just give it a go, nothing to lose really.
      My order went through with $20 off, eventhough there was a message that popped up to say only one code was accepted. Then heaps more people were talking about their cancelled orders on Ozbargain. I braced myself and waited for that dreaded cancellation email. All through today I didn't get any phone calls or emails from Woolies. Good sign!!!! Then surprisingly, the Woolies truck turned up half an hour ago with my order. yay!!!

  • +2

    3 orders the 2 for beer (corona) just delivered the 1 I placed for 8 pairs of explorer socks canceled. So fun nights with cold feet ahead for me

    • Drink up & you won't notice the Adelaide cold :-)
      But poor Queenslanders can order the socks (which we don't really need) but not alcohol :-( Consider a trade?

  • -1

    All 3 corona orders received. A big plus from me. Thanks OP.

  • They are working backwards to cancel orders in my opinon

  • Got my order delivered the morning :)
    Thank you OP!!

    2 separate orders made Thursday at 6pm-ish

  • +1

    went to pick up in store..2 orders..different accounts..both ordered yesterday…am and pm…they just came with one order…i was like where is my booze..the lady went back and came back with the booze too…all good…thanks OP

  • Are they cancelling the orders on the weekend too?

    • Yes

  • +1

    Got my 2 orders this morning. Also got someone else's order (seems like an Ozbargain order) of Wiltshire baking trays. Driver came back a few minutes later and collected back the wrong order which was his next delivery!! Happy baking whoever it is who lives oh so close to me.

    • +1

      Aww my Wiltshire baking trays got cancelled. No happy baking for me.

      • me too

  • Wow it's unfortunate some got cancelled! I had 4 orders did yesterday and picked up this morning! Click and collect.

  • -1

    Log a complain with ACCC. Hope everyone else do the same. Not going to shop from them ever again.

    • Everyone whose order got cancellee should lodge complaint with ACCC- wont take more than 5 min

      • On what grounds - that you were disappointed?

        Any complaint needs to be based on fact, not hearsay. You can't just point at OzBargain posting to prove this deal even existed. The original offer would have stayed it's own t&c - but who has an original copy of those?

        You agreed to Woolies t&c when ordering which states coupon offers can be withdrawn at any time (which means after ordering, especially if a notice popped up stating you could not use the 2 offers etc).

        ACCC is losing 200 staff in Budget cuts, and you want them to spend time on this?

        • +3

          Based on misleading and deceptive information in email where they have stated we (consumers) initiated the cancellation.

          Whatever I agree to in T&Cs does not revoke my rights to receive correct information and give woolies authority to mislead customers.

          One of tbe ACCC's responsibility is to deal with deceptive conduct by business and if they dont want to handle these matters anymore based on low staff, they should take this responsbility off their agenda and change Consumer Act to reflect the same.

          I dont care about $20 but I must have received correct information in cancellation email.

        • -1

          That line in a stock standard cancellation email is no basis of complaint to ACCC.
          (You've never received an email that was written for the general rather than your specific issue?)

          That does not constitute misleading and deceptive conduct under any Act I know. It is a general communication between a trader to a customer, not advertising etc. Some report Woolies have given out vouchers to make up for it, and you will get your money back,

          As you would expect most cancellations are actioned by the customer, so that "you cancelled" response is preprogrammed into Woolies system.

          Next you will want the Woolies CEO to come to your place to personally apologise.

          Their response is not aimed at you personally. At most, a complaint may mean Woolies could have an alternative response prepared. They just don't have the OZBARGAINED cancellation email in their system (yet) ;-)

          You may be unhappy, but your basis of complaint would be laughed out of any proceedings. (I set a precident after winning a consumer legal case against a large business.)

      • +4

        For trying to exploit an offer that was only intended to be used once by a limited number of people. Please!

    • +2

      Yeah sure. And when Coles knocks back your heavily discounted deal in the future, never going to shop there… & so on until you starve?
      See you next Woolies super discount deal ;-)

  • For those getting orders cancelled was this the first time placing an order online. I'm interested to know whether they are cancelling orders of existing customers who have ordered many times in the past.

    • We have ordered online before and only placed one order yesterday which got cancelled at 3:36am this morning.

    • I placed 2 orders having ordered before and one was cancelled yesterday evening, I assumed it was because I ordered a 6 pack of beer with the other household essentials.

    • Done many online shopping orders with them.

    • I'm a new online customer and no cancellation email yet. Delivery is scheduled for Sunday morning.

  • I did 3 on 1 account on thursday night, to be delivered saturday. No cancel yet, should be here any minute hopefully… First time order, 2 codes. Let you know if they come.

  • +6

    I rang up after my order was cancelled and they issued a $20 store credit so I could place the order again and be no worse off

    • Good on you! for being proactive. :)

    • so are the cancellations a mistake?

    • They're emailing me a $10 'voucher' for one of my orders (apparently not allowed to use 2 codes, according to my CSR). So I'm ringing them again now for my next cancelled order to see if a different CSR gives me a different story and a better credit :-)

      Edit: CSR for cancelled order #2 is also emailing me a $10 'goodwill voucher' (same story: not allowed to use 2 codes, there was a system glitch)…. so that's $20 credit for me so far, see how I go with the next CSR for cancelled order #3… :-P

      Sounds like they're happy to send out $10 goodwill vouchers folks - give 1800 000 610 a call and give them your order number.

      • They offered me an explanation that one coupon was meant to be used one week and the other coupon the next, that was it (no voucher offered).

        Very poor after-sales service on their behalf imo.

  • Hmm I have an order due to be picked up in an hour and a half and no cancellation email either. Here's hoping I don't turn up and find out it's cancelled on the spot.

  • Only placed 1 order, delivered this morning.

  • Got both my orders, was going to be greedy and order more but codes wouldn't let me. Either way grateful to save a few dollars. Thx op

  • Got an out of stock cancelation email but the order still got delivered!

  • +2

    2 orders of mine have been cancelled - both orders had boths codes applied. The third order I placed hasn't been cancelled - I only used 1 code on the third order. So it looks like all those orders made using both codes are being cancelled and those orders with one code applied are still going through

  • Wow is this the most comments on a deal ever? Glad i picked up my 3 orders via click and collect yesterday. Then again 2 of those orders were for nappies so not sure if it would have been cancelled

  • +1

    Send your complaints to the Supermarket ombudsman (email) and ACCC (online form). Links below

    • +2

      Once again, I can understand disappointment in missing this deal many many others got, but I can't see any legal basis for complaint as you recommend.

      You did not personally receive the codes from Woolworths. There were t&c with those codes you may not have abided by. In ordering, you agreed to Woolworths t&c which states they can withdraw coupons at any time.

      Woolworths are refunding payments & some have got bonus coupon to make up.

      • +2

        but after they accept money the transaction is completed is it not ? don't they have a legal obligation to provide the goods that the customer has ordered ? sure they can withdraw the coupons at any time BEFORE the transaction is completed but i don't see how they have any legal rights to withdraw the coupon AFTER the transaction has been completed.

        at any rate they need to find a solution for the future otherwise they shouldn't allow coupons to be used at all

        • I commend your understanding.

          Unfortunately, store discounts are an agreement between the store & whomever they decide to provide them to. Contract law is unlikely to be of help, and we were not directly given the discount codes from Woolworths. So it's their call.

          Their t&c state they can withdraw the offers - anytime. If the offer is withdrawn at the time you ordered (many reports of notice of this popping up after second code entered) or even potentially after order is completed, there would be insufficient payment, rendering the order incomplete & hence cancelled.

          The law of Contract would apply if the order had been fully paid (no discounts used) & later cancelled. Woolworths would contend this was not the case. (I won a consumer legal case against a large business, so know a little of this area.) Discount offers are between you & Woolworths. Good luck fighting them!

        • i understand what your saying.

          if its true that the order is considered incomplete then the emails that they are sending out should explain this.

          they letters are saying thank you for contacting us and your order is cancelled.

          i have no problem with them cancelling the order as long as they say they have cancelled the order due to them making a mistake with the coupons.

          this isn't doing their image any good at all. hasn't been a good week for the company after all the negative publicity they got from the farmers over the Jamie Oliver levy thing lol

        • +1

          The response is Woolworths generic cancellation email sent automatically by the computer. The computer is just instructed to cancel certain orders, not why.

          You want an explanation that probably never will be given. Asking staff is pretty useless, as they probably will never be told.

          Management acted to protect Woolworths profits, probably rescinding the coupon codes or multiple code use at a certain time. But the codes probably had a maximum total use set, like most discounts. They pulled the plug.

          There is an old maxim in business which is basically never explain, never apologize (otherwise you might get sued).

        • As you say "i have no problem with them cancelling the order", just why and they must admit fault.

          There's more important things than worry (over wording of an email or why orders were cancelled) over something that has happened & you can't change easily if at all. You might miss out on the next great deal, or just enjoy your life.

  • I got a out of stock notification on the following items below then in The list below it shows no items what so ever. I'm just going to go in during that time to see wat happens

  • +1

    So when did the OP "zoe" get changed to DisabledUser and did the member do this or did the mods do it.

    • +1

      Mmmmmmm…. the plot thickens!

    • +4

      oh yeah, conspiracy theory might suggest zoeylee was from Coles, now erasing any sign of their tracks ;)

  • I just received mine today , think they are cancelling the ones made more than once by the comments ( I only ordered once ) . Thanks op!

    • Nope

  • i bought $100 of goods online during the week (without coupon!)…..delivered this morning no issues

    i placed two seperate orders thursday night each $51 using the $20 off costing $31x2 = $62

    apparently everything on both of those two orders is out of stock!!!! received nothing except a promise to refund the $62

    • That's why I suggested leaving substitution selected - otherwise they can just say not in stock & refund. Got $6 product instead of $4 (out of stock) in my order.

  • Guys i think it may be more area specific. Post your suburbs if you order has been cancelled. I think orders got allocated to different stores or warehouses maybe and they are the one cancelling them. Some are and some aren't

  • Ordered Friday arvo (only 1 coupon worked). Delivered just now.

  • Getting sick of suspense, been sitting here waiting for 2 hours…

    • +1

      You can track your order

  • Anyone noticed OP has become a disabled user??

  • Got both of my orders delivered just now.

    Not sure how are they selecting the orders to cancel?

  • +2

    I did a click and collect for all 3 separate orders and picked up today. Only 1 item was out of stock worth $14 and promised to be refunded.

    Store: WW Prospect NSW
    Total discount: $60

  • -2

    Who placed mosy no of orders and got them as well me 5

    • +1


  • Order from yesterday cancelled at 3.26am, congrats to all who scored the bargain! According to support there was some "misleading information provided by EDR" on the coupons

  • 2 bottles of bourbon delivered last night!

  • +1

    ALL 3 Orders CANCELLED… 2 Delivered made online & 1 Click and Collect made on app

  • +2

    Knew the orders could get cancelled so I choose to get my 3 orders delivered at the earliest time possible which was Friday night for me and I recieved all my orders last night. Thanks to the OP.

    • -1

      Oh great Guru of the bargains, you were wise. It was on the cards. I followed your sage advice. Now who will win the World Cup?

      • -1

        Hey, I was being serious, not sarcastic. I also predicted tears for some.

  • I called them up today complaining that the coupon codes I received in my email were not working and they emailed me through $20 of codes to use on my order!

    • Did u really get these codes emailed to you? or did u just say u did? Would they be able to tell by using ur EDR card number if they sent them to you? I wonder…

      • I didn't, I just saw them on here and started complaining that they weren't working for me, and they sent through a $20 voucher!

  • +2

    Just had my order of meat and fish delivered, no problems. Only substitution was my $5.50 beef mince was substituted for a $12 premium mince. Can't complain about that.

    • +1

      Another winning substitution ;-)

      • +1

        That's why I don't understand why people were unticking "Substitutions accepted", it's much, much easier for Woolies to say "sorry out of stock, refunded" than give you a better product ;) Kind of a no brainer for me!

  • +1

    Guys, let us report this to A Current Affair and Today Tonight!!!

    • +3

      "That's a bloody outrage, it is! I want to take this all the way to the Prime Minister."
      "Hey! Mr. Prime Minister! Andy!" http://i.imgur.com/tYqLSBM.png

    • +1

      Depends who is paying for the advertising. If it's Woolies, the slant on the story will be nerd cyber attack on proud Aussie business. OzBargain will get negative publicity. Could even be calls to close us down!! With the media, it's always the advertiser's story. Don't risk it.

      • +1

        Sad thing is, this is so true.
        The "Current Affairs" programs just take one opinion and spin, spin, spin away…

    • +1

      LOL Woolies scammed by Ozbargain Professionals!

  • My order still hasn't been cancelled but I keep checking my emails waiting for the cancellation email. Maybe mine hasn't been cancelled because I am a new customer and this was my first ever order with Woolworths online (mind you I did use both coupons and got $20.00 off)

    • I am the same and got delivery of 3 orders in Vic, but driver was late so you prob be alright.

      • It's good that your orders were delivered! For my order I picked the latest delivery time I could (so next week) so they will probably cancel it the day before the delivery date

  • Just had my order cancelled

    • Did they give reasons/explanation?

    • When was your order due to be delivered?

  • 3 orders delivered, all there except frozen items which is pain, have to call them. Driver was confused why I did 3 orders… expected me to have to pay 3 delivery fees… said other ppl he delivered today had paid. Just said it's a coupon. And they charged me $7 for on special $3 socks… have to go through a bit sometimes to get a bargain I guess…

  • +1

    Anyone noticed OP has become a disabled user??


    Possible scenario
    Woolies got pissed off with OB… (or OB concerned it will)
    OB takes down user…
    Possibly no more Woolies discount codes allowed on OzBargain :-(

    • +1

      You can disable your account yourself in user setting. Possibly OP was concerned he would get sued ?

      • Good point. Another fact I didn't know about OzBargain.
        Just hope the popularity of this deal doesn't affect OB.

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