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[Vodafone] Unlimited Mobile Data Usage Weekend (FREE) from Midnight (AEST) Friday 20 June to 3am Monday 23 June


Not sure if this was allowed, however I do believe people need to know about this because not everyone would have experienced the issues (i.e. half of Sydney). Thus even if this gets moved to the forums hopefully it reaches enough people so that they know to DESTROY THE VODAFONE NETWORK!

Absolutely unlimited mobile data usage FREE OF CHARGE, EHRMAGHERD!

Seriously, if you are on Vodafone. Take advantage and just download whatever you want, watch Youtube, just absolutely demolish it especially if you guys use smartphones. Just use Personal Hotspot / Tethering (Same Thing), and just KILL DAT DATA!

Enjoy you OzBargainers!

From a Store Rep of Vodafone jimbobaus:

It will work for all numbers which were active on the Vodafone network between the hours of 1pm and 5pm Thursday June 19th 2014 (AEST)

Thus buying a $2 SIM will NOT work for this offer. Sorry, unlucky.
Mixed messages, and different sources of information concede different viewpoints. We'll have to wait and see if purchasing a SIM tomorrow will enable users to take advantage of this offer.

From some mad kid:


Pocket Wifi has seem to be approved for use 3G + 4G.

(Starting Friday Night/Saturday Morning)

Note: NEVER seen Optus or Telstra do ANYTHING like this before.
Note: I like this offer. Period.

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  • from midnight (AEST) Friday 20 June to 3am (AEST) Monday 23 June 2014.

    • Leg-It, I just put it up as you posted this…

    • Added to title.. for people who lack reading skills: Please do not start your downloading spree yet, or you'll get bill shock.

    • I wish they had written something like 00:01 Sat. Then no boundary confusion.

    • Is this for both prepaid and postpaid?

      It will work for all numbers which were active on the Vodafone network between the hours of 1pm and 5pm Thursday June 19th 2014 (AEST)

      I guess if validity was till Thursday midnight of vodafone prepaid then it would not work?

  • "NEVER seen Optus or Telstra do ANYTHING like this before"
    They don't tend to go down nation wide for hours in one day ;)

    Great to know Voda did something to pay back for the downtime, this will truly test their data packs,

  • quite conveniently timed, about to switch to another carrier and plan ends on Monday.

    • Nice! You get free mobile data + a better plan by Monday!

      • yep, Vodafone refused to give me a better plan so i had to switch. Thanks for posting by the way.

        • Fair enough, usually Vodafone calls you up like every 6 months offering a "newer better" plan. Well that's what it was like for me back in the day, but now i'm Telstra so I have no clue whatsoever.

        • Just curious, what plan did you switch to?

        • usually Vodafone calls you up like every 6 months offering a "newer better" plan.

          For me, newer, yes, but definitely not better! They keep wanting me to switch away from the old 'original' Infinite Plan! Unlimited calls to any mobile number, unlimited calls to fixed lines in Australia, unlimited SMS and MMS to any mobile worldwide, 1Gb data and $45 worth of extra credit to cover exclusions like 1300 etc.!!!

        • Yeah, I know. Thus the quotation marks ahahaha. They seem to do this to people that snagged really good deals from the past which have only limited amounts of people but they can't break their clauses and force you onto a different plan.

        • For 9 years before that I had a company phone and didn't want to get rid of my awesome mobile number, so I stayed on VFs No Plan deal. It was nice of them to keep my number and service alive that whole time for a return of about $10!!!

        • +2 votes

          If you have been told you have to give up your plan you have been mislead.
          You can keep your old plan as long as you like, however there is little to no sibsidy for a handset in that plan so if you would rather pay for the phone you can keep the old plan.

          But the newer unlimited plans are better when you do the math:
          for example:
          $65 plan vs $45 plan

          Unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles : Both Plans
          Unlimited calls to Voicemail: 65 plan only (45 comes from $45 credit)
          unlimited SMS to anyone in world : both plans
          Unlimited MMS to OZ numbers; 45 plan only (but changing on july 2)
          Data: 45 Plan 1Gb or 500mb depending on when u signed up
          65 Plan 3Gb Data

          4G: 45 Plan does not get 4g access

          iphone 5S as an example: on 45 plan roughly $27 per month (give or take a few bucks)
          on 65 plan $5 per month

          yeah you are right they keep trying to get you to change plans, but how can going somewhere else be better, you wont get unlimited for $45 and if you end up on a unlimited $60 at optus then add a phone u will pay more than switching to the 65 with voda.


        • justsaying

          Promoting, Promoting, Promoting!

          It's 1:27AM in Sydney at the moment. Maybe you need some sleep, as do I.

        • +4 votes

          Nah, no work tomorrow i am happy to promote voda… i am on their network and the other half works for them and i am happier than i ever was at telstra (always too expensive)

        • I still manage to hold on to a version of an old 3 plan with Vodafone - $20 "talk and text" with another mobile attached to it for an additional $10 "talk and text" plan (has less free V to V calls and text) on my one account. With the $20 talk and text plan I have 300 OnNet minutes (free Vodafone to Vodafone calls), 150 included text and 750mb data (enough for emails). Call rate to landlines (which comes out of that $20 first is 22c per under 10 minute calls). Cheaper than using a landline for me, especially if I hang up just under 10 mins and call people back.

          Wonders how many others out there hanging on to this old "3" $20 post paid plan.

          Most of my family and some friends with Vodafone so the free 300 minutes gets used up quick, then cheaper for me to ring their (other telco) landlines (or see below re son's prepaid account). Yes, always good offers to change plans but cheaper for me just to take offers to upgrade my mobiles (or pay in instalments).

          My son is on a prepaid plan $20 "international" which has unlimited Vodafone to Vodafone calls each month (which I take advantage of …) but not much data there. So, I pay $50 minimum for 3 mobiles each month at the moment. I could just top up son's prepaid by $10 in lieu of $20 each month but would lose the free V to V calls.

          I am not in a hurry to change plans or carrier (Vodafone) - I have never had any problems with them at all. Just switched our wifi broadband to Vodafone 4G too 12GB recently - bit more expensive than Virgin (who has great customer service by the way, but regrettably my area is too 3G congested so slow).

          Would not be happy if my plan was cancelled or upgraded in some way as it appears cheaper than others out there. I try to compare other plans out there but it seems a nightmare to do this; wonders how others cope in such a maze.

        • @Michael I'm still shopping around, but I'm looking at Vaya or something like that.

  • watch the network melt on the weekend.

    Glad ive no VF services

    • Indeed. Good luck to whoever on Vodafone this weekend.

      • I'm just saying, the new upgrades seem promising, I don't personally believe that there will be a meltdown of sorts. But this deal doesn't even apply to me anyways, so we'll just have to wait and see!

      • We didn't have any problems with our 3 mobiles or 4G wifi broadband at all (never have actually). Will be interesting to see how the system copes though over the weekend. Will certainly be put to the test.

    • +3 votes

      Given Vodafone's network has more bandwidth (20mhz per tower vs 10mhz on optus and telstra) i doubt it will melt down

      i would rather be on vodafone 8 lane highway than optus and telstras 4 lane highway when it comes to data

      and YES my mrs works for them.. hence the store rep tag… so yeah i am bias

      • … so your tower's have "more bandwidth" but what do they back down onto?

        I have a dual band N router that's awesome quick for getting my data from the laptop to the AP, but if you have DialUp from the AP to the world, well then you are in a v̶o̶d̶a̶p̶h̶o̶n̶e̶y̶ bad situation..

        I would rather be on a 4 lane highway, than an 8 lane highway merging into a four lane highway

      • Yeah but the company managing the Networking has no idea how to fix or maintain it.

    • Funny you should say that.

      I've seen 3 friends with Facebook posts this morning saying they can't send sms or calls on the Vodafone network.

      • Did you check when they actually posted these comments? Because FB is ridiculous for showing 'most recent' posts from 2 days ago!!!

  • Does this include MVNOs on the Vodafone network?

    • No sorry, it's specifically for Vodafone ONLY I believe.

      • Why is that? MVNOs are using the Vodafone network, hence they were negatively impacted as well. As the point of this deal is to "give back to those who were affected by Vodafone Network Failure", targeting specifically to Vodafone customer rather than Vodafone Network seems a bit unfair to me.

        • No, looks like MVNOs are included:

          "ser #183008 202 posts
          [email protected]
          Vodafone Australia
          Service Provider

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          Oh Yeah writes…
          Would you be able to tell us if people who are contracted with Crazy John's are able to use this deal.

          You can! You're a part of our family too so we've included you guys in our goodwill offer.

          As for some of the other questions:

          Yes, Prepaid services will need available credit to take advantage of the offer.
          It's for all active Vodafone services, including tablet and MBB customers.
          You won't see your data decrease across the weekend regardless of how much you use.
          And no we don't mind if you tether, we will mind if you send us a list of things and ask if it's ok to download that much. It's ok, download whatever you like for the weekend on us.

        • MVNOs are included, at least lebara is. got an sms about it last night.

    • I'm on Redbull mobile. Mind you redbull is now defunct, at present my 365 day account credit expired in May, I didn't change to any new carriers as I will use my work phone for a while until I make a choice of carriers.

      While out today I left my data on my phone "on" after the outage on Thursday, noticed my phone getting emails and so it looks like this extends to Redbull customers also who have not ported over to a new carrier while their account credit has expired.

  • Pfffffft! after the HUGE [email protected] outage today , they come up with this???

    PFFFFFFT! nah! no thanks!

    • This is the apology, and it's better than any other company i've seen. Just switch to Telstra for the coverage if you're so adamant about it.

  • Torrents woop

    Can I buy a prepaid Sim and have this? :o

  • Too bad I will never touch Vodafoney

  • "12AM Friday", is that in a couple of hours' time or the next day? Always confuses me :S

    • wondering the same thing lol

    • It's Saturday Morning. EARLY EARLY EARLY Morning.

    • 12am Friday would ordinarily mean 0000 20 June. But according to this it would be late friday night/saturday morning. Essentially the weekend only.

      • Exactly, they really need to change the wording correctly. 12AM Friday is 00:00 or midnight. They should have said 12AM Saturday.

        • Exactly, my god that's misleading. Midnight on a Friday is first thing Friday. If it was last thing Friday it would be first thing Saturday morning because the moment it hits 12AM, 24 hours are up and it is the next day. It would only be a Friday if it was 11:59:59PM.

          I wouldn't be surprised if a decent amount of people are getting some nasty surprises in their next bill. However, they'd then learn to read comments and not just the title.

        • Well, I don't think so because the description states that it's Friday Night/Saturday Morning. That has been there since the post of this offer. If you guys missed that, than I can't really say much without being insulting.

        • No, I didn't miss that and I'm sure some others didn't either. It was two pieces of conflicting information. Hence the confusion.

    • I'll make it easier 11.59pm/midnight Friday

  • Im on redbull, do I also get the data since its an MNVO?

    • No sorry, as @cynix asked, it is currently ONLY FOR VODAFONE, no MVNOs because they did not experience the "full brunt" of the issue and were apparently using some other system at the time so it's not on offer. However I will keep this post updated so will post as to whether MVNOs will be added to the list for this freebie.

      • i'm on hello mobile which is a vodafone mvno and i had sporadic outages throughout the day

        • I will keeping this post updated to check in the case that MVNOs will be offered the same thing. But as it stands, the information provided only states for Vodafone specific SIM carriers. Hope that helps.

        • cheers!

          i don't really need the unlimited data but it grates me if they (vodafone) are denying mvnos weren't affected

      • +1 vote

        Crazy Johns and MNVO customers such as Hello and Red Bull do not get unlimited data on the weeknd.
        while they use the Vodafone network they are managed separately

        • Vodafone probably compensated Redbull and Hello but they have just pocketed the money for themselves.

        • according to their facebook, crazy johns is included

        • I'm on Redbull mobile, my account balance ended in May this year, haven't moved over and waiting until the 90 day grace period is up. While out in shops away from my home Wi-Fi today I left my data on my phone "on" after the outage on Thursday, noticed my phone getting emails and so tried a website and started working, it looks like this extends to Redbull customers also who have not ported over to a new carrier, obviously for those who their account credit has expired.

  • So after a recent failure of an already sketchy network, we're going to load test it? Seems like a great idea

    • The only issue was to the reception for outgoing and incoming calls. The 4G and 3G Network System as well as texting was still available and usable. It has got nothing to do with the mobile data logistics.

  • I just called Vodafone, and the answer is not within a couple of hours.

    • Sorry, I don't quite understand.

      • I have just called Vodafone about the free data, and they have stated that it does not start within a couple of hours. It will start on Saturday or 25 hours-ish later from the time of this post.

        • Yeah, we've plastered it all over this. But thanks for taking the time to confirm I guess.

  • time to use that data stick i bought last year

    • Sorry, this is only available to people that are on Vodafone SIM. As the issue was that people couldn't receive or make calls. Limited to only sims however is AVA for pre-paid AND plan users. If you really want, you can buy a $2 Sim, activate it on Friday and it'll be usable by that afternoon and you can use the unlimited data that way.

      • Do you work for Vodafone?

      • +4 votes

        Number has to have been active on Voda during the outage.
        My mrs works for vodafone and they were advised to ensure customers were aware when buying sims on friday that they have implemented a system that will continue to count data on sims activated after the incident was resolved

  • Can I just ask, is it just me or is that photo that is for the link absolutely irrelevant…?

  • Awesome. But wishing they had this last month when my home wifi went crap

  • Edit: nevermind. Got confused with OP wording

    • SORRY!

      • I just thought the wording needed changing. Midnight = 00:00 = 12 AM = the start of the day. Friday midnight therefore was last night, so to speak.

        What they really should have said was this was starting Saturday midnight instead of Friday midnight/Saturday morning.

        • No that would just shift the confusion to Sun. What they should have written is 00:01 Sat. One minute less isn't the end of the world.

        • I'm sure it's confusing for most people either which way but what they've said is incorrect. At least saying midnight Saturday is correct.

          I agree 00:01 would have been a bit easier to understand for everyone.

  • Really really tempting to grab a prepaid iPad sim on the way home tomorrow…

  • +3 votes

    It's gonna be slow as hell

  • +4 votes

    Just so everyone knows it starts on Saturday morning (Friday midnight is a bit confusing :)

  • Hmm I have few $2 Voda sims lying around.

    • Have they been active? Because after approximately 9 months of inactivity I believe they are removed from the Vodafone system and set back to be resold.

      • Yeah they are quick to bump you off but I meant I have a couple of unused ones from my/wifes G526.

      • Damn dude does your friend tutor you with vodaphone quizzes or something?

        • Ahahaha, nah man. I actually have only been on Vodafone for less than 2 months which was back BEFORE they bought 3. I have no idea why I know any of this. But processing data and information seems interesting to me. Plus trying to increase my typing/keystroke speed.