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Chromecast $39 Delivered from DSE


Good price for this streaming media player with free delivery too :)

Chromecast is the easy way to enjoy online video and music on your TV. It’s a thumb-sized media streaming device that plugs into the HDMI® port on your TV. Set it up with a simple mobile app, then send your favourite online shows, films, music and more to your TV using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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  • +6

    Bargain! Just got my first Chromecast yesterday (late adopter :) and played around with it for 7+ hours last night. It's 98% perfect for my needs as it completely replaces my aging Media Player and plays MKVs direct off my NAS without needing any media servers running to assist it. Needs AAC audio though so you may need to convert your MKVs however I assume Google will release an update to deal with this sooner or later.

    Still early days for us Aussies but I can't recommend them enough! Will buy at least another one now :)

    • I am thinking to do you do.

      So you NAS is linked to router? I assume?

      Mind to share your set up at all?

      • Yes, basic setup… NAS connected to Router etc. however see my reply below as you need a specific App plus you need MKVs with specific audio (at this point in time at least).

        • Can it bitstream surround to amp?

          This is the main concern before I buy it.

        • @superforever:
          Not sure as I'm only bouncing good ol' analogue audio out of the TV into my SONOS in the Living Room. I'll use this 2nd Chromecast in another area with digital surround so I'll be able to test this next week.

    • Yes, please share your setup. I'm having problems streaming from my NAS. TIA

      • +7

        OK. Apparently the only App available that allows you to browse files stored literally anywhere and send to Chromecast at this stage is 'Solid Explorer' with its associated casting plug-In. It's free and is very similar to ES File Explorer so download it, install its casting plug-in, open a new SMB connection, click 'scan' and your NAS and its shares should just appear like magic and you'll be casting your MKVs (with AAC audio only) to your Chromecast in Full-HD in no time.

        Solid Explorer worked so seamlessly with this I actually bought it and promptly uninstalled ES :)

        • +2

          Plex also works great

        • +2

          Yep, I've heard that too however I wanted to stream direct from my FreeNAS without any servers acting as a 'middle-man'.

        • +1


          Can act as a controller to send files from various source (NAS included) to your Chromecast, without taking part itself.

          You end up needing to buy the licence mind.

        • pled might also do, but not as easily.

        • @IVI:

          What's Pled? If you're referring to Plex then yes, it is very easy. Even shows TV show/Movie info, adds artwork etc.

        • Have you tried AllCast

        • @SteveAndBelle:

          But PMS is included as a plugin for FreeNAS.. works fantastically… We can access all the media on our FreeNAS box via PC, Smart TV, Android tablets and now with one of these any non smart TV. Provide a much better UI than just browsing files via an explorer.

        • @sarakoth:
          Excellent! I'll give it a go, cheers sarakoth!

        • @IVI: My bad (or Android's spellchecker's… 'meant Plex
          (written using Win 7 on netbook ;-)

        • @IVI: Note the only 1st dongle gets you a $10 discount from DSE.

      • im not into NAS and have no idea about it lol
        all i do is have my external 2tb hard drive plugged into my desktop and plex running
        and use my android smartphone with the plex app as a remote control i browse all my tv shows and movies from my phone in the louge room.

        • i browse all my tv shows and movies from my phone in the louge room

          I guess if you hold this up really close to your face it would appear to be a big screen!!!

        • -3

          @Snoop: what?
          i use plex dude to view my entire movie collection thats stored on my hard drive in my bedroom connected to my desktop.

          are you a little slow?

    • +2

      Can't you use plex? Just wondering.

      • +3

        Not everyone wants Plex Media Server running on their NAS. SMB is probably adequate for most. Although I love my Plex running on my Samsung Smart TV. Keen to see how the Chromecast Plex runs, might grab one for my second (non-smart) TV.

        • +2

          Plex is awesome. Can't recommend it enough.

        • really good, shows and movies come up on the phone and can rewind by 15 secs iirc. Works better than the plex app on my samsung TV

    • +2

      If you want multi-format support a Chromecast clone will do a lot more for $23, look at something like:

      • +2

        Yes and there are many to choose from too however the two I've purchased over the last couple of months have been so bad they're currently on their way to a landfill site! Glitchy as hell! No saying they're all like that but be warned!

        For $39 the Chromecast is literally Plug & Play perfection. It just works!

      • So, my "Kobo arc 10HD" tab has a Miracast function.

        Does this mean it just need a TV or even an AOC All-In-One (Android device + monitor function, with HDMI input) to receive its casts?

        • Any decent Android device should allow you to install any manner of casting software available and it should work fine with the Chromecast dongle. I tried a generic casting App last night from my SGS4 and it worked fine but as there are so many variables with all the different releases of hardware & software available you're not going to know if it works on your particular gear until you try it!

      • ThevA2W needs phone, etc. to have an "HDCP TX / RX" certificate.

        • -1

          "The A2W" was meant, above…

    • DSE's web app is silly here:

      1. choose Click & Collect
      2. apply voucher (while they lasted)
      3. Deliver column shows - $10
        …but Pick-up column shows $49 to be paid!

      I like DSE's slow transition towards
      [more] lower-cost online sales
      (like the -terrific- ING Direct bank
      ie: "the [almost] ZERO walk-in branch"
      Internet bank), but DSE has a way to go.

      The best model might be the US's
      "walk-in show-room, with NO purchasable-stock on floor"
      (They want you to order & p'up order from conveyor belt;
      next phase should be: get online entered order shipped"

      They'd all win cost savings via lower "shrinkage"
      & lower sales-staff costs; instead investing in
      warehouse droids… ie, until robots can replace 'em ;-)

  • +1

    Thanks ShamelessBargains! Bought.

    • Hang on… I just tried but when I click redeem it's telling me: "Coupon code "SUPER10" is not valid."

      You may have just used the last $10 Off voucher :(

      • nope, its working fine here.

      • Works for me…

      • +3

        Only for Free Home Delivery not for Click & Collect.

      • +3

        Ahh, it was recognising that I had already used a '$10 off' voucher from the last purchase and removed the discount after logging in! Everything worked fine when I continued without logging in so yeah I just got one for $39 delivered too :) Trick for young players!

        To be honest these are well worth it even at $49 or more but hey I'm an OzBargainer for a reason :p

        • Yeah I had to play around to get it to deduct the $10 after logging in but got there in the end.

  • +1

    Thanks! Been keen to try one out and that's just about the best price around.

    • +3

      Been in 2 minds about this device myself, but the price finally tipped me over the edge.
      Bought at this price.

  • Bought Thanks

  • Can you use external HDD 3TB and over plugged into this (and have it's full capacity available)? Just found out my TV won't read my new 3tb HDD unless I change format and only 2tb is available…

    • +2

      It's a 'Wifi only' device sorry Wilko. No USB port allowing external HDDs to be connected natively however I've heard people have varied success with powered OTG adaptors etc. but that's a pretty messy way to get the job done.

    • +2

      I had this problem with my LG TV. Split the 3TB into two smaller partitions and the TV should be able to see both as separate drives.

    • Rather than plugging it directly into the TV if you have a decent wifi modem/router with USB sharing, you could plug it into there and share it to any networked device in your house.

  • +3

    Perfect! Just in time for screen mirroring update

    • I excitedly downloaded the APK for this last night and it installed perfectly on my SGS4 however I can't see the 'Cast Screen' option in the menu. Meh, no biggie as I'm sure it'll work soon.

      • +1

        Got the v1.7.4 update of the app today and it has the Cast Screen Option.
        Alternatively, try under Settings > Display > Cast Screen [Works for Nexus 5]

        • Ahh, I think I found it. I think it's added 'Screen Mirroring' in 'Setting', 'Connections' then 'Connect & Share' right down the bottom of the list… unless that was always there?! I'll try it when I get home…

        • @SteveAndBelle That would be for Samsung's mirracast/allshare cast.

          I have a Galaxy Note 3, I had to purposely download the Chromecast 1.7.4 APK from android police as in the play store I still see v1.5.5… After installing the latest chromecast app, there is a cast screen option from within the app… Screen casting works extremely well, surprisingly smooth.

          Edit: meant for this to be a reply to SteveAndBelle not ajithav :)… Pretty sure the nexus devices are the only ones to have chromecast screen mirroring from within the display menu.

        • @AlmightyGaz:
          Yep, I too got the 1.7.4 APK last night but the option doesn't display in the App. The 'Learn' option appeared so at least I know something's different from the older version. I'll look into it tonight/over the weekend…

      • Hey all,

        Screen casting for chromecast ONLY works from OS 4.4.2 and up. Sucks if your carrier drags their feet with software updates.

  • Grabbed one, thanks OP!

  • Well, decided to finally hop on and try one out.

  • +1

    bought, thanks OP. good thing i didn't press the buy button yesterday night

  • +1

    I have a WD media player which is abit slow sometimes… would spending 39 on this be a smart move?

    • Depends on you wifi router and the range to the television.

      • I stream everything so wifi range is no issue,, whats off putting atm is that chrome cast seems abit complicated in order to view downloaded content. I.e. avi's and mkv's. Which currently can be streamed very easily on WD player just by shared content in my local network.

        • Yeah, in the same boat with a pair of WDs streaming direct from a WD Cloud HD (via router). But the WDs have been a little buggy lately with the Media Library. I've had to clear and set it up a couple of times to display all folders correctly! But I like the fact that they play everything first time, every time!

        • If you run a plex server like I do. And download the plex app, should be no dramas.

    • The WD would still be the 'easiest' option at this point in time however for $39 these are pretty amazing little devices so just get one ASAP!

      Refer to my reply above (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/152351#comment-2108819) regarding the direct streaming of shared network content. Few simple hoops to jump through but I'm sure those hoops wont exist after a few more updates.

  • Thanks OP, bought one!

  • Iam just wondering can I connect any video from any website to the tv with it ? Or just the ones purchased from google ?

    • You can do lots of crazy things with these including mirroring your Windows Desktop via a Chrome browser plugin however it's still early days and that plug-in is still Beta. I tried it last night and it worked pretty well in 480p mode (selectable within the plugin) but not good enough in higher resolutions.

      YouTube is fully setup for Chromecast and works absolutely perfectly plus 'RedBull TV' (which I didn't even know existed, duh!) was working seamlessly for me last night too!

      I recommend jumping on the bandwagon and getting one now as it's so close to being perfect I'm sure it wont take long for them to do everything anyone ever wants.

      • can you mirror the browser from your desktop to the tv?

        • Yes but it's a Beta plugin for Chrome. It allows you to mirror the browser window by itself OR the entire Windows desktop… and with audio too!

          Still Beta and still a long way to go before it's 'perfect' but you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdTr3ho0X-A

        • Yes, you can mirror either a tab or entire screen

  • -3

    shame no mirroring for iOS or blackberry..

    • +17

      Hang on… what are they?! :p

    • +3

      For iOS get an Apple TV

    • You can now side load Android apps on BB since update 10.3 i think.. so there may be hope

  • +1

    Better offer than the other day, sold!

  • Bought. But their website is just as not as friendly as it could be.

    1. Kept trying to login before I noticed "we upgraded our systems recently and your password may have been reset". Couldn't "upgrade" without resetting user passwords?

    2. After putting in your email, clicking the reset password requires you to put your email again.

    3. When you click the reset password link in your email, it splashes a big panel up suggesting you sign up… On a rest password page?!

    4. After reset your password, you have to put hour email in again and login.

  • Is this useful for iOS? Advantage over htpc?

  • Couldn't decide on this or a Roku, at this price I couldn't resist, ordered one.

    • Me too, only I decided on the Roku last week. Now I have both.. Sadly Im still waiting for both to arrive.

  • +4

    Expect your order to arrive 2+ weeks after ordering (if at all). I've done 2 orders so far with these clowns, the first I had to ring them up and the guy had to follow it up and actually make them send me the item out because apparently there is no system whatsoever to fulfil orders. I'm now 2 weeks into my second online order (from the recent 20% off eBay deals) with zero communication from them including ignored emails. I've never met such a shoddy establishment. What's that saying? Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. Never again DICK.

    • +1

      My friend ordered a router from those eBay 20% off deals and received it only few days later. Dick Smith too so perhaps just a stocking issue for your case

      • +1

        Even if that is the case, it's a piss poor effort not to communicate that to your customer asap, the fact that I had to find that out 2 weeks after the fact is not acceptable practice.

    • +2

      I've ordered about half a dozen stuff from them, including a TV and never had any issues with the longest taking a little over a week. Most were just a few days. I'm just wondering what did you order, and where do you live? Those may be contributing factors… and the eBay team is probably different from the guys that normally run the website.

  • +3

    Do you still need it if you have a smart TV?

    • +1

      Very good question. My scenario… I've been waiting to replace our 50" TV with a UHD Smart TV literally in a few months time once the prices dropped a bit more however now that I have this I'm thinking of putting that off further as I can't really justify replacing a perfectly good TV just for UHD goodness now.

      I suppose it's all about your expectations but the Chromecast does everything I need it to right now and promises to be incredible within 6-12 months with Aussie Netflix and Amazon 'hassle-free' & legal content becoming available.

      • +3

        Fair enough, i think the lack of content in 4K is not worth grabbing an overpriced unit at this stage. Probably next Christmas. Having a smart TV and a Plastation connected to it does not justify having a chromecast. I pass even though it is an awesome price.

        • +2

          Don't forget the limitations of the human eye, for a 60" 4K tv you would have to sit less than 2.5m away from it to actually notice any difference between 1080 and 4k.

        • +2

          Very good point and I agree however that doesn't stop the masses (myself included) from being convinced that it's betterer even when fact & logic prove otherwise ;) Just like in audio land… there are many out there who still buy speakers capable of reaching frequencies well above what our ears can even detect and the $1000 omni directional cables to go with them!

          'Snake Oil' still sells well it seems ;) Gotta get me some of that action!

        • @OnlinePred: 60inch at this price, i'd buy it. ;-)

      • Netflix is coming to Australia? That will save me some money on unblock-us :)

      • Are you referring to Amazon Instant Video coming to Australia?

    • +2

      Yes because it is a bargain :-)

      I am pretty sure you don't need if you have a smart TV. I don't have a smart TV hence getting this one.

  • +5

    Great device at a fantastic price. I love mine, it's replacing a dead cheap chinese Android stick that never worked quite right.

    Get on it!

  • +1

    Sweet. I got one a couple of weeks ago on discount but with shipping. This is even better so getting another.

    • +1

      Haha - thanks to Ozbargain Im now getting my second as well! That w
      ill inspire me to go and plug in my first one now…

  • +1

    Just stopped the misses buying one yesterday: "we don't need it urgently, wait for the right price"

    Which this is. thanks OP!

  • Best deal in a long time. Thanks OP

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