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Sharp LC70LE650X 70"(177cm) FHD LED LCD 100Hz TV @TGG $2,115


Cheapest ever for a 70" TV?

Plus Delivery is only $30 to 4113.

I believe this TV does not have any fancy features (no 3d, not smart). I reckon it's actually better. It means you don't pay premium price for things that you don't use very often. For as little as $100, you can get an Apple TV.

Screen Size 70"
Smart TV No
3D TV No
Screen Definition Full High Definition
Hertz 100Hz
HDMI Input 3
Energy Rating 4.5 Star
Additional Connections USB Input x 1
Warranty 3 Year
Width (mm) 1590
Height (mm) 970
Depth (mm) 360

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    I would have to get a bigger theatre room just to sit far enough away from this to be able to use it.

    That is a damn big TV
    And from the Sharp site: Display with stand: 48.5 kg
    RRP $3599

    • Yeah I bought this to replace our projector. We sit about 5 metres away and had to buy a new stand for it.

  • +2

    That's $15 more than I paid 1 year ago, however I also got the additional warranty thrown in for free… giving me 5 years. It is a great TV.

    • Logical, where did you buy yours from? You able to share receipt?

      • Good Guys @ Mt Gravatt

        • Man.. I rang this store this afternoon about this tv.. Haha

    • That doesn't sound logical to me… This TV is about one year old. Are you saying you got it for cheaper we it was first launched? Plus free warranty?

      Seems to good to be true.

      • na it's older than 1 year. I saw some whirlpool post on it from 2012 (maybe)

        • Seems like a good buy will try to price match for a better deal though

    • Additional warranty holds no value in Australia anymore, thanks to ACL

      • It still does but not as much as before.

        Additional Warranty is similar to how insurance works. Basically you are paying somebody to fight your battles for you. If anything goes wrong, you just get somebody else to do all the work in getting it fixed.

        Where as ACL does do the same thing, however you need to fight all the battles, e.g you will need to chase them up, and if they do not action it, then you need to take them to small claims courts, which cost money (around $50 for a hearing) then waste a few hours and finally get the result you wanted.

        Just by having ACL doesn't mean companies will follow it willingly, they will get you to go through all the hoops to get the government bodies to enforce it on them… which means some money spent on your behalf, and then heaps of time spent which equates to more money!

  • edit: just noticed this only has 3 hdmi so it appears to be the model below mine.
    still an amazing tv with phenomenal picture quality

  • thanks. just hope they dont (profanity) me over like the last time i bought some TVs

  • +1

    I have the LC60LE640x, and it is the best television I've owned - the picture is fantastic, even for standard definition. High Definition stuff is superb. I reckon Sharp tellys are underrated.

    • Agreed, we bought one of the LED backlit models, and I've been so impressed with it. Absolutely sips power, too, even for an lcd.

    • +1

      Sharp are one of the pioneers of LCD technology. Back around the year 2000, the quality of LCD screens in their laptops was unmatched. This was when laptops were made in Japan.

  • Very good price for this TV, although not cheapest 70"

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/140618 $1,499
    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/136356 $1,679

    • Thanks. was not in the market for a huge tv at that time

      • +2

        Hitachi isn't a worthy comparison to this Sharp one.

        Hitachi is no longer the company you think it is. It is now a wholesale crappy products, then stick their badge on it. Similar to other companies like Soniq, TEAC, Dicksmith etc.

        REAL Hitachi withdrew from the Australian market around 5 years ago, then it resurfaced recently with rebranded crap.

        • Agreed - Id take a Sharp over Hitachi any day - I was not making a comparison of brands.

          I was referring to the OP's comment/question "Cheapest ever for a 70" TV?"

  • +1

    Sharp holds the latest LED Panel Technology. Of course, it's the best.

  • I bought this TV from JB about 3 months ago. Great picture, but glitches every now and then.

  • 6 series is low end model, I saw 640 at 2699 1.5 years ago. 9 series is high end model as better panel /200 hz and much more expensive

  • +1

    I bought a sharp LC60LE640X and it is a complete disaster!! image is very juddery (turned off aquosmotion and film mode) sharp are giving me the run around i might end up at fair trading!!

    • +1

      Nickl1986, I too had a poor post sales service with Sharp. Just before the 3 year warranty elapsed, our Sharp TV decided to kick the bucket. The service guy attempted to fix it three times but it was essentially broken beyond repair. Next, Sharp tried to reimburse us, but a depreciated amount (about a third of the purchase price). We said No, as that couldn't buy a replacement of similar specs. Finally we settled on a refurbished model. It wasn't an ideal solution, but 3-4 months had already elapsed since the original broke down. After that ordeal, it's probably the last time I would consider buying a Sharp TV.

    • Sharps are juddery but some people like it that way. A lot of people hate the frame adding of the other sets and turn the feature off.

      • is there any way to fix it??? i have turned off film mode and aquosmotion but movement is still not perfect

        • No they dont have the software like Motionflow of Sony or True motion of Lg. They actually replicate what you see in the movies wich is juddery as well. The image appears to bend ( or some descrive a cartoony feel ) with the software of others and thats why some turn it off.

        • @ugoagogo:
          aquos motion is suppose to do that but it is a disaster (of tommy wiseau proportion)! i am currently waiting to her back from upper management (already taking over a week)

  • How to convince the wife we need one…would be a nice little upgrade from a 47" 2008 Bravia.

    • someone mentioned last time that they used some alcoholic wipes or some other strong detergent to 'clean' their TV screen…. this damaged it for good, and so there was no other option but to buy new and bigger.

  • There's one problem with this TV though - it's not 71".

  • Whilst I'm a fan of Sharp and this is a great price, this model is ~2 years old and they're still trying to get rid of this old stock. It has a significantly worst picture than the lastest sony and samsung models. The LED edge lighting is poor and very distracting when watching in a pitch black room. Has bad banding/blooming on white or grey.

    If you must have bigger than 60" (which is without a doubt best bang for buck) I'd recommend the samsung 65" at ~$2400 sony 70/ samsung 75 at ~$3000

    • aww wish saw this earlier. o well

    • I have had mine for a year and have no issues with edge lighting and the picture quality is A1. The EPG is A1, the menus and internet access eg Youtube etc is all A1 quality. I have a media room setup with wall and ceiling speakers, massive sub etc and enjoy watching movies on the big screen. Would highly recommend.

  • that is one damn big koala

  • "Hitachi isn't a worthy comparison to this Sharp one."

    lol you think Sharp is a major player anymore either? Research a little & see they aint no better when it comes to quality than soniq, teac etc. And if (when) something does go wrong, good luck with the warranty….

  • Do your reckon the below is worth the $595 when it comes to picture quality? Not really interested in the smart or 3d features.


    • you are getting wifi (I have cat6 running to the ethernet port on my Sharp 70") and "Peak Sound Enhancing Design with Long Duct Speakers". … for picture quality you will need to go to the store and convince yourself, however, be prepared to spend time in playing around with the screen settings. Dynamic,cinema, contrast, colour etc, etc so many settings that it will be hard to compare :-) Anyhow, in a couple of years you will upgrade to Ultra HD screen, so save yourself $595 for the future upgrade?

    • yes better picture and colour quality. go for the Sony or the Samsung

  • +2

    The Sony 70" is one of the best pictures you can buy. Fantastic black levels. Great detail. Good motionflow. Even the settings out of the box are fairly good for those who don't like to/not sure how to calibrate their TVs

    UltraHD at the moment offers you nothing. Maybe in 5 years when there is stuff to watch on it. There is no guarantee what the next physical format will be anyways. Digital distribution will increase but with this NBN crap most won't have access to speeds than 4k will need.

  • Hi all,

    So i got this TV. the Blacks look fine to me. Colour, brightness and sharpness good too.

    One thing though… when there are sweeping shots with whites and darks, it seems to stutter a bit. I suspect that is a combination of refresh rate and blooming?

    Could also be my ps3 spinning the disk slow so a bit of a stutter/delay.

    Mind you it's only very minor, overall happy with the purchase for the price. Also gotta learn how to adjust settings so if anyone's got any tips, please send me some links. Otherwise google is my frnd

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